Living in the Now

How magnificent might it be if we could live every day fresh and new, free from the darkness of our past? Our memories and the vibrations of the thoughts of our past set the tone for the life we live. But what if we could break free from the past and live each day as a new day? How glorious could it be? How much better could every new day be? If it were possible, this would be living in the now.

If it were possible to truly live in the now, what might it take to start living a life free from the past? If you could suspend disbelief for a moment and ponder such a possibility, here are some of the processes to consider if you were to dare to begin living in the now.

Be Aware

If you are living in the now, you are very cognizant about your surroundings. You see things as they are, uninfluenced by the history of your past. This perspective honors life as it is in the moment.


Forgiveness is not something you seek from someone else. The only forgiveness you can ever truly experience is the forgiveness you administer. Forgiving yourself and others for anything that has happened previous to this moment in time enables you to live in the now. Forgiveness clears the slate for new information uninhibited by previous thought processes, previously accumulated data, judgments and negative influences.

Especially if you’re carrying around wounds inside, it’s time to forgive, let it go and step into this moment, free from the past: Now.

Take Out the Trash

Living in the now requires removing all the things from your life that pull you back into the past. If you really want to live in the now, you must get rid of all the baggage and things around you connected to your past, that could drag you down. It’s time for some serious house-cleaning and throwing out the garbage of the past, making way for truly living in the now.

Edify Yourself

If you are living in the new, there is no need for self deprecation. Every day you wake to a new day, you are a new person, fresh and innocent as a new born. There is no need to punish, abuse yourself or feel bad about anything in your past. The past is gone. It doesn’t exist. You are happy and confident to enjoy the new you in this new day. You only celebrate your strengths, abilities, goodness and worthiness now.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

If you’re living in the now, there is no need to worry. You can rest assured that everything you could ever need has been provided for you and this day in your journey. You’re already free from the past, now there is no need to waste any time fretting about what tomorrow might be. You’re happy in knowing you are and have forgiven and moving forward in joy and happiness. You enthusiastically embrace each new day, come what may.

Dream Forward

Set your attention and intentions on your new, best life ever. Using your imagination, empower your dreams to create an image of your new life going into the future. How much better can each new day be? What if you could have anything you want, fully enjoying your heart’s desires? What would it look like, feel like, taste, smell and sound like?

Here’s where you interrupt, saying, “That’s not the ‘Now,’ it’s the future.” Good point. Let me ask you this,

Can you change the past?
Can you change the future?

Okay, stay with me. You can have everything you’ve ever wanted if you take action (wait for it…) in the now.

Take Action

Living in the now enables you to take action (albeit as miniscule or gigantic) in this very moment that moves you closer to achieving your dreams. The desires of your heart were fulfilled in the moment you thought about it and are waiting for you, now in the future. Dreams do not come true by magic, they are realized by moving from where you are to where you want to be and removing whatever stands between you and what you want.

Think about it.

What if you can start living in the now in the now?

Now is no better time to start living in the now

If you dare

How to Find Your Purpose

You’re awakening to the idea that there must be more to this life, and there is. The life you’ve been living up ‘til now may be a constant denial of the idea that your life has meaning and purpose. You came to this planet with a unique set of skills, special abilities and a song to sing (message to share) with others. It might be time to find out how to find your purpose.

It’s no wonder your life lacks a sense of meaning, if you’re not embracing the real you. And you’re not alone. We’re all pretty much in the same boat. We’ve all been programmed to be sheep, easily herded in a society desperately trying to control us all by creating factions of conformity. It is much easier to manage groups of like-minded people than it is to try to influence 7 billion people. So, our individuality is stifled as we are programmed by our parents to accept the mediocrity of conformity, just as their parents and the parents before them did, as far back as anyone can remember and/or document.

More and more every day a growing number of us are awakening from our everyday trance of life to the idea that we might have a purpose and we do, we all do. So, it’s no surprise if one day you ask, What is my life’s purpose?

How do I find my life’s purpose?

While I spend a great deal of time working with clients to find and embrace their calling or purpose, what most people fail to realize it that their life leaves clues as to their purpose sprinkled everywhere. You can find your life’s calling by following your passion’s trail of crumbs leading the way to your purpose.

Your purpose glistens beneath the surface of your daily activities and can be found shining through as you perform your functions at work and likely even more passionately in your recreational activities.

There are some good methods you could employ to get a sense of your life’s purpose. Start by taking note of those activities where you shine, have exemplary performance that is noticed by coworkers or onlookers. What turns you on? What are the activities that bring you joy, provide a sense of satisfaction, contentment, relaxation or peace?

Make a list of the things you do, that when you do them, make you feel good.

If you’re still feeling uncertain about your life’s purpose, here are some more ideas… jot down your results.

What activities cause time to disappear when you’re engaging in them?

What activities give you a sense of accomplishment (or would if you did them)?

What people or ideas or things inspire or move you (may even tempt a tear)?

What kind of topics do people ask you for advice about?

What comes naturally to you? (Special abilities, skills and/or gifts)

What is the most important thing in life to you?

What challenges in life have you encountered and successfully overcome?

What are your most tightly regarded beliefs?

If you could teach a class about anything, what might interest you?

If you could deliver one brief message to the world, what would it be?

Is there anything in life you feel you could not live without?

Imagine you on your death bed; is there anything you might have regretted not doing?


With your list of results in hand (which you could sort in order of importance, rated on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the least amount of satisfaction and 10 the most), ask yourself this question:

Considering my skills, talents, abilities, passions and things that bring me joy, how could I best serve my self, family, friends, community or the world at large in a way that would make me feel as though I have made an impact, served or done my part for the greater good?

The answer to this question is your mission.

Once you start engaging in fulfilling your life’s mission, nothing makes you feel better or gives you a better feeling of accomplishment. This is how you know that you know you are purposefully on track to living a better life, your best life and make the world a better place.

You Are a Mentor

More often than not, when I am working with a client who is an excellent match to me and my work, they end up being attracted to and thriving as a mentor helping others. You might be surprised to find that you are a mentor as well.

My clients and friends have gone through challenging circumstances and once they learn how to deal with their issues, extracting and embracing the hidden treasures in their life experiences and overcoming obstacles that may have otherwise thrown them off track, they discover are heroes.

They embrace the idea of being the hero of their own story. Once they are empowered to take control of the writing instrument, they are able to write and rewrite their story as necessary to ensure a magnificent story is unfolding. They understand what a blessing it is to be playing the leading role in the story of their life.

They may (most certainly do) write a book, create a support group, start a consulting or brick and mortar business and/or offer their expertise in the areas that others are facing as tragic challenges in their lives. These stories of successfully maneuvering life’s greatest challenges and thriving on the other side of despair give others great hope and inspiration to those struggling with similar issues and circumstances.

In this manner those most tragic and desperate moments are transformed from the darkest night to the most precious treasure, maybe even the brightest beacon of light emanating from your heart. You become the lighthouse, lighting the way for others to successfully navigate life’s most treacherous waters.

It is common for my clients and friends to feel a tug on their hearts to reach out in support of others who are struggling with the same issues they once faced and thought were insurmountable. In their darkest moments, many of these people contemplated (and some attempted) taking their own lives. Why suicide? Because in that moment they felt like the permanent sleep might be the only way to end the pain they were experiencing at the time. Thank God, they held on long enough to push through.

Just as you know in your heart of hearts there are others out there struggling in the same way and no one knows better than you do that there is hope and an incredibly satisfying life waiting just on the other side. How could you not reach out and help others, after overcoming and enjoying the light of new life with a renewed vigor, enthusiastic joy and happiness?

There is a sense that mentoring others is a calling, and answering the call makes sense of all the madness and suffering by helping those less fortunate. You know whereof you speak when you utter the words, “I know what it’s like.”

Either we come to this earth with an innate set of skills, abilities and message to share (song to sing) or life prepares us for what will be our greatest work. Either way, the wisdom and ability to share and serve the greater community along with all the necessary tools and other help that you may need to fully embrace this work will come to you in the right time as you take the steps necessary to achieve your highest and best.

Self-doubt immediately will rear its ugly head and try to dissuade you from embracing your calling but you’re not falling for it – not this time. And, as you do reach out to help others, you receive additional benefits of growth and healing by answering the higher calling.

As a mentor, the structure of the mentor/protégé relationship is less strict and more personal than a formal tutor or school-based classroom educational learning environment. This is a highly customized intimate learning process where both the mentor and the protégé (mentee) learn from each other as they continue to grow in their field(s) of study.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Stay tuned for more information, or drop me a line.

Angels Among Us

Angels are all around you, whether you acknowledge their existence or not. You don’t have to be religious (because they are not) or believe in them but they are always there. And if you think about it, you have probably had an interaction with angels, particularly your guardian angel, already.

Not to be confused with ghosts who have possessed bodies, like us, previously, angels have never lived life on this planet and have never suffered death. They exist in a higher dimension, can see and interact with us cross-dimensionally and we cannot see into their dimension under normal circumstances. Though there are reports of those rare circumstances, when one of us is invited to see into their world.

Occasionally, our guardian angel(s) will make themselves apparent by various signs, may even appear before us in a visible form, and certainly their presence can be felt.

Remember that time you almost crossed paths with the Grim Reaper? You were “this close” to being in the wrong place at the wrong time and “Bam!” in that instant your life could have come to an untimely end. But it wasn’t your time, and your guardian angel intervened in a split second to see that your life was not interrupted.

Not only is this just one of the miraculous benefits of having a guardian angel, but it is a clear indication that you have work to do, some significant contribution to bequeath to this world before you leave it and transition to the hereafter.

I’ve heard so many stories of near-death experiences, about fatal car accidents which were avoided by people who have a feeling – a powerful knowing – that had it not been for angelic intervention, they would have been killed in that accident. Usually, this feeling is followed by sense of knowing that it was not their time accompanied by awareness that their life had some unfulfilled purpose.

A recollection and review of the incidents that led to interruptions or delays that prevented you from being involved in the accident further supports intervention by one’s guardian angel. One recurring story that could be told –and could even be yours – might go something, like this: even though you’ve regularly travelled the same section of roadway at the same time of day, this day in particular, something insignificant (but unusual) delayed your travel, such as a phone call prior to leaving home (though no one was on the phone). While this could easily be explained away as coincidence, it was far from that. In my case, a flat tire prevented my being involved in an Interstate pile up in 2014.

Your guardian angel is always watching over you, loving, caring and protecting you (whether you like it or not) assuring if it’s not your time, you’re not going anywhere, indicating you still have something to do.

Ever find yourself sinking into the depths of despair, a dark depressive state? You’ve reached out to friends, which has helped in the past, but has left you feeling empty. Sought counseling, and just can’t seem to find a way to break through? In these moments (regardless of your beliefs) you find yourself reaching out to a higher power?

Your angel is there, waiting to love and comfort you. There is no other more empathetic force than your guardian angel who feels all your feelings, hears your thoughts, shares your pain and cries your tears. No human could possibly love or understand you, like your guardian angel who has been there with you through each and every moment of your life.

In those darkest moments – when no one else is around – if you find yourself in loving repose, you have let your defenses down long enough to feel your angel’s loving embrace. When just moments ago, all was lost, you find the strength and courage to take another breath, another step, and are able to move forward, against all odds.

Even though your angels are always around you, you can call on them and interact with them, if you so choose. Do you need to believe angels are real? Not really, nor any other supporting believe in particular, except for to suspend disbelief long enough to allow the interaction.

Once you’ve made a connection with your angel (you might have more than one angel, many people do), you may become more aware of your angel’s presence and find them only a thought away.

New Year New You

Join the evolution and celebrate the new you by adopting attributes of the next generation of evolving sui generis earthlings. You don’t need to jump all in, simply try adding one or more of the following states to your awareness. Try ‘em on for size and see how they fit.


Are aware of who they are— strengths, weaknesses, personality, values, etc. They know that the most important (and interesting) thing to know about is “self.”

Past Master

Reflect on and learn from past experiences, finding out what works and what doesn’t, and then adjusts their course of action as needed. They think about things before jumping in, and also take the time after-the-fact to actively reflect to fully understand what happened or didn’t happen.


Listen to and follow their intuition. They know how intuitions and insights come to them and are tuned-in internally to make wise decisions.

Think Outside the Box

Are open to different perspectives and see possibilities where most people don’t. They are comfortable with paradoxes and can relate to numerous sides of an issue or opinion.


Can easily entertain innovative ideas, thoughts, and ways of doing things. They long for progressive and forward thinking information, concepts, and people. They often come up with new and radical ideas on a regular basis.


The evolutionary individual practices tolerance, marches to his/her own beat and allows others to march to theirs, without judgment or competition. Simply being and allowing others to be, find and make their own way.

Take Action

Recognize and respond quickly to opportunities and people. They act and react fast, and take care of what needs to be taken care-of, well ahead of schedule. These are the doers.


Don’t have to know it all, but they do know where to go to get whatever information, resources, training, education that they need. They are well networked and have people to call on for resource referrals.


Think for themselves. They do not blindly believe things so-called “experts” say, in fact, they ask deep questions to discover their own truth.

Lifelong Learner

Are committed to being a lifelong learner. They continuously learn new things, and stay current with their skills, attitudes, and beliefs.

Embrace Change

The sui generis being is ever changing, expanding and growing in all ways possible, including mind, body and spiritual growth in an evolutionary metamorphosis.

High Aspirations

They are not satisfied with mediocrity or the status quo. They aspire to continue their evolution in all areas of life including abundance and prosperity to increase their ability to give, contribute and enjoy the best this life has to offer.

Sense of Humor

Do not take themselves or life too seriously. They recognize the importance of finding the fun in the irony and the comedy of everyday life.

Contribute to a Better World

They not only desire to see the world be a better place but offer their strengths, abilities, talents and resources to help make the world a better place for us and future generations.

… Just to name a few.

Hop on board, take the New Year by the reigns and make today the first day of the best of your life.