Every Thought Is Real

Every thought you think is real. Even your wildest imaginings have already happened somewhere, sometime. Your original thoughts are like memories from vastness of all that was, has been and ever will be.

Think about this: Every thought, hope, dream or fear, anything you have or could ever possibly imagine is not a fantasy but has happened or will happen and you are only tapping into the consciousness of it because you and I, all of us, are connected to the matrix which holds all information of the past, the present and the future, all without the limitation of our minds or time and space.

When we experience what might seem like a random thought, it is a memory from this massive matrix construct which is not limited by time and space. Often in our efforts to rationalize the thought, we color it, shape it, look at it from different angles, and use our imagination to fill in the blanks, such as faces and places that seem familiar to us.

Sometimes something appears in our thoughts to be so real, yet is simply an image from the vast matrix of everything that has been, is or will be and some of us are most sensitive to the thoughts and images that appear from the matrix.

What do Moses, John the Baptist, Muhammad, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Gene Roddenberry have in common? They all shared a sensitivity to the unlimited resources provided via the matrix and were able to interpret the information with a certain degree of accuracy.

Invariably, someone will raise their hand at this moment and ask, “What about Stephen King?” As strange as it may sound, if you follow this train of thought, all those horrible images, monsters and stories, were, are or will be real, somewhere.

What about fairies, unicorns and fairy tales? All real.

Also following this idea is the concept of other galaxies and dimensions which are also connected to the same grid. So someone who sees something that is so far removed from any concept we might have restricted to our timeline and proximity of our planet, could be completely feasible and accurate in another dimension, planet, or time period in the future.

Yet, we are all connected to this intergalactic grid and can access all its knowledge if we only allow ourselves to entertain such an idea and access these unlimited resources using the power of our imagination.

Then, if all of this wasn’t already as fascinating as thoughtfully possible, quantum mechanics throws alternate timelines, worlds and universes into the mix. We have Schrödinger’s cat to thank for it’s not both alive and dead when not observed, but rather one version of it ceases to exist, while another lives on in an alternative timeline.

Any event which could have two or more outcomes could cause such a splinter in time and space.

For instance, a year ago, I potentially was part of a fatal single auto accident. One version of me died last February while the version of me writing these words was spared the accident altogether.

All these realities and alternate realities and multi-verses are all connected via an unfathomable array of possibilities where anything and everything exists simultaneously and some of us tap into these alternate realities and see a vision of such in our mind’s eye.

Not only is anything possible… everything is.

Of course, many of us, disregard such possibilities as science fiction, yet there is no doubt that some individuals have left their mark in this very plane of existence in the timeline you are experiencing right now, who have clearly seen things that were preposterous at the time, which now we know to be true.

How could they have so accurately depicted these things?

Sure, it could have been due to fanciful imagination, fairy tales, hypothesis, or logical projection, but could it also have been a tapping into the infinite matrix?

What if you create your world?

Unforgiveness or Forgiveness

What do you have the tendency to hold inside, a state of unforgiveness or forgiveness?

What if someone assaulted you either physically, verbally or emotionally? What if someone you trusted betrayed you? What if someone stole something that belonged to you or otherwise wronged you in some way? What do you do?

Unforgiveness or forgiveness? Which side of the bars are you on?

Forgive them

The idea of forgiving someone for doing something to hurt us, our feelings, or otherwise negatively impact our lives sounds ludicrous. We have been programmed to do anything but forgive. When we have been wronged, we want revenge or justice, and we want it now. Not dissimilar to Alice in Wonderland’s Red Queen asserting, “Off with is head!”

We get all righteous and indignant insisting that our basic moral code reads, “An eye for an eye,” indicating that retaliation is warranted and honorable.

When you have suffered an injustice you have one of two things you can do, either harbor unforgiveness, or to embrace the idea of forgiveness and let it go.

The idea of forgiveness is crazy-making for most of us, because retribution seems much more satisfying. If someone does something to harm someone else, they must be severely punished. It is this positioning that has our prisons filled to maximum capacity.

As we pass more and more laws to penalize more and more Americans the rate of incarceration increases exponentially. In fact, is we keep creating new laws and arresting more and more wrongdoers, in the next three decades you will either be imprisoned or work for the judicial system.

And where does all this incarceration get us? It fills us with negative emotions, keeps us in a virtual state of fear and causes us to harbor hatred. Think about how much you hold onto negative emotions about being victimized by someone else. You can hold a grudge for a lifetime, and feel as though it’s warranted and justified.

What does holding fast to these negative emotions do to you? It causes you to spin a whirlpool of negative emotions, causing premature aging and deterioration of all of you; your mind, body and soul.

What good is it to seek revenge, when you could just let it go and live a better, happier life? You could let someone’s negative words of deeds overpower you and cause you to wither away and ultimately put you in an early grave, or live a better life, you best life and make the world a better place. How? By


Many people would state, “I cannot forgive,” him or her because what he or she, “did was unforgiveable.”

What you fail to understand is every moment you hold tight to your lack of forgiveness, you bolster the very thing that hurt you or caused you harm, and you allow someone else (the person who committed the action against you) to have power over you. Every minute you ruminate about this person or what they did to disrespect or otherwise harm you, you reward them with control over you. How much more power does this individual need to have over you?

We take it personal because we feel someone has done something to us, when in fact the thing that happened to you to hurt you or your feelings actually had little or nothing to do with you. You were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time because if it didn’t happen to you, it would have happened to someone else.

If you think about it, God selected you to be the recipient of the wrongdoing because you could handle it (‘ere the phrase, “God will not give you anything you can’t handle). Which implies, Yes. God thinks you are a superhero because no one else was uniquely qualified to deal with this injustice.

Unforgiveness is your own prison. Your only hope for escape is to enact your prison break with forgiveness.

Remember, forgiveness is not for the wrongdoer. Forgiveness is for you. Forgiveness does not condone any sin against you, it simply releases you from your prison, allowing karma, God, the local jurisdictions, state or federal agencies to deal with the offender in any what they choose.

If you’ve forgiven, you walk away, retaining the education you received from this incident or circumstance as you keep moving forward. You needn’t forget the incident, but you must find a way to forgive in such a manner as to be able to think or talk about the event without experiencing any emotional distress.

After all, the best revenge is to live a successful life filled with happiness and abundance in spite of any transgression that has visited you.

Let’s Get Married

Today, I will be participating in my friend’s wedding ceremony. This time, I will not be officiating the ceremony. I will be in the wedding party.

When you participate in important events, like this, you can’t help spending time inside your head and your heart, reviewing your feelings about love and marriage, and what meaning it has for you.

I have officiated many weddings, and of those relationships, about half of them survived the matrimony. There’s a part of me that thought they would all work out, and the bride and groom would live happily ever after.

I have been married before, and when I made those promises on the altar, I meant every word, but it takes two. And it’s not all about integrity. I used to think that if the bride or groom could not keep their promises made on that day, in the presence of family and friends, then either one, or both, of them simply lacked integrity.

But I realize, now, that things are not always as they seem, and we (all of us, people residing on planet earth) are only doing the best we can with what we have.

When we look around at the people we know and care about who have been married and subsequently divorced, it can’t help but make an impact on you. Some of my friends have vowed never to marry because of the tragic effect it has on the couple as well as the damages suffered by family and friends.

If we haven’t been through it in the first person, we all can relate to having seen others go through this tragedy, maybe even being directly affected by our proximity to the failed relationship.

But, if you have witnessed a failed marriage or relationship that ended poorly, does that mean you should not try.

Having been divorced, I often feared that my children might struggle with the idea of going the chapel and tying the knot, but, thankfully, they all were able to grasp the idea and they are all happily married. This endears my heart, because I am the hopeless romantic.

I believe in love. I believe it to be the most powerful force in the world. Yes, I believe love conquers all, if you only allow it to grow freely, uninhibited by what I think I might know.

Those who know me well, know that I have a propensity to study a particular topic with a scientific veracity that is more than one might expect from the guy next door (unless you’re living next door to a quantum physicist). So, it will be no surprise to you that prior to my marrying someone, I might expend a great deal of time in research, inner work, and meditation in an effort to ensure the most positive result.

Hey, I’m not the only one. I have a couple of friends who do the same thing, and all of us make the same face when our perspective mate tells us that he or she doesn’t have the same level of compulsion to investigate and study this idea of getting married, what it means, and what it might take to have a successful (hopefully lifelong) marriage. And in that moment, we all wonder if the other person is taking this whole thing seriously? Nonetheless, we do the best we can and move forward in the relationship.

What’s the answer? Many books have been written about love, romance and marriage and you can find them being written from every possible perspective.

But if you ask me, my response would go something, like this:

Love yourself first. Love everything about who you are and find comfort in your own company. Then, if someone appears on your horizon that loves his/her self and is comfortable in his/her skin and you achieve a certain vibrational harmony. Take a chance, and let your love overflow out of you, allowing it to spill over onto him/her. If he/she can return their love overflow in kind, then this is relationship bliss.

Will it mean that everything goes smoothly? Probably not – because life is complicated – it is impossible to be prepared for anything that might present itself while the two of you forge forward hand in hand.

Can relationships survive the marriage event? Yes. Many do survive. Though I wouldn’t go rushing to them for advice, because I believe in a higher degree of possibility and love than the stories the people who have managed to stay together after marriage can tell.

If they are honest, they relate stories, in many cases, that describe a sacrificial state that is anything short of martyrdom. I believe there is a higher plane of marital existence that is possible to attain.

Have I done it? Not yet. But still I believe.

Is it a fanciful fairy tale image that I hold dear? In some ways, yes – in some ways, no – I believe that if I wait for someone who is travelling on their own similar life path, headed in the same direction, which has a healthy degree of self-love, has integrity and a desire to see what the future holds with all its possibilities for growth and expansion, then maybe.

In any case, nothing makes me happier than seeing two people take the plunge, disregarding all the horror stories that prevail in our society and throw the dice, come what may. This is a courageous leap of faith and love which is by far, the best anyone could hope for.

I am blessed, having friends who believe, and wish for them all the best this life has to offer as the let their love light shine. And shine, it does.

Love, love, love. Love is all there is.


Stockholm Syndrome

Ever attach yourself to some idea, person, place or thing that is clearly not in your best interest? We see it every day, in all sorts of life circumstances, in business and romance. You might witness or experience someone’s dedication and commitment to something or someone which seems inconsistent with what logic might dictate. When someone feels so attached to something, when it is clearly not serving the person involved, may even be abusive or life-threatening, still the victim has such an affinity for the idea or person, that they defend it, maybe even willing to lay down their life in an effort to preserve the very thing that is causing them deterioration or grief.

We refer to this kind of behavior as Stockholm syndrome.

While we often hear about Stockholm syndrome, it’s a good idea to review where the idea came from. The idea of Stockholm syndrome came from an incident that took place in Stockholm, Sweden in the early seventies, when machine-gun-blazing criminals overtook a bank and took four people hostage; one man and three women. The hostages were restrained and adorned with explosives as they feared for their lives for over five days. A harrowing experience one could hardly imagine.

Following the rescue, the media reported news of the captors’ behavior that would seem inconsistent with being held captive and fearing for their lives for 131 hours. It became apparent the hostages had sided with their captors, viewed their rescue as an act of violence, feared the outcome that might result from the incident for the bank robbers, actively defending the perpetrators and bonding with them. As a result one of the victims spearheaded a legal campaign in their defense and another became engaged to marry one of the criminals.

While the scenario played out in the news and media the idea was nothing new to the professional psychological community. This otherwise odd behavior came to be referred to as Stockholm syndrome after the location of the event.

We see Stockholm syndrome playing out every day all around us, and we might even be suffering from it ourselves. It is commonly referred to as describing partners in abusive romantic relationships, where a wife who is in an abusive relationship refuses to seek help and defends her husband often insisting to the people who might be able to help her escape the abuse that they simply do not understand the relationship and pledges her undying love and affection for her husband. Even though maintaining the relationship might be not only counter-productive, but possibly life-threatening.

We also see this behavior exemplified in all kinds of relationships among military personnel, religious affiliations, abused children, women who are battered or abused as well as politicians, public servants. protesters, employees, citizenry, prisoners and hostages.

When someone is suffering from Stockholm syndrome, they display an inability (or refusal) to see things they way they are, and cling to the idea that their undying love for the very thing that is clearly destructive is justified, as they insist on only seeing the good attributes of it.

In order to make sense of their support, victims often create vast justifications in their minds following a pattern of faux logic which doesn’t make sense to anyone else, and they are willing to take extreme measures to defend their abusers.

Business owners can also find themselves victims of Stockholm syndrome throwing good money after bad and exerting all their efforts, sleepless nights and malnutrition rise as their health deteriorates and they continue to fight the good fight in an effort to defend their failing business.

I Know That You Already Know

When I am working with a client, sometimes I find myself in the presence of a know-it-all. You really cannot help someone who has no room for coaching. If this is the default natural state of the client, I am likely to refer him or her to another coach, counselor or consultant, someone who “specializes” in whatever the client is seeking. When you say, “I know that” you already know all there is to know, you’re disconnected, shut down and unable to receive.

I prefer to work with individuals who are movers and shakers in the process of taking massive action, who are open and eager to look at things from another perspective, available to receive new ideas, and have the wherewithal to execute what we have learned. (I intentionally said, “we have learned,” because in most cases through this process we both attain new perspectives and knowledge.)

When you have an opportunity to attain a different perspective, grow, expand or learn something new and you say to the person you are working with, “I know that” alternatively, “I knew that already,” or any variation of, “I already knew that,” you have shut the door on attaining something valuable or have stated that your cup is already full and there is no room for you to grow.

I know that ~ You already know

It’s like the Asian tale of the student who seeks out the master, who upon making his acquaintance, insists on telling the master how great he is, how full of knowledge he is, in an effort to impress the master. Waiting to get a word in edgewise, while the student pauses, the master asks if the student might like some tea. The master hands the student a cup and begins pouring tea into the cup, but does not stop when the cup is full. The student protests, “Hey, old man, what’s wrong with you? You’re spilling tea everywhere!” Still pouring the tea, the master says, “You are like this cup. You are already full and there is no room for more.”

This is what you’re saying, when you say, “I know.”

The best students are the ones who come into any potential learning situation having first created a sacred space for new information. The best way to discover something new, or to see something from a different perspective, is to approach any opportunity as if you know nothing, as if you were a blank slate.

Yes, you may sit through a seminar, or an entire course, and you may have already studied the subject intensely (may even know more about the subject than the teacher) but you are open, looking at this opportunity with new eyes, as if you knew nothing previously.

Why? Because, who knows? If you are open and there is room in your cup, there may be that one drop of precious tea that is the game changer. You may take away something priceless, even if it’s only a drop, the drop that makes all the difference in your quest for knowledge. And, if you are open and have space set aside, you are likely to get so much more than a drop, maybe more, possibly an entire cup.

Whenever I meet someone who is proficient or an expert in my field, I am more likely to play down my part, to be humble and respectful, honoring the other person. I am more likely to ask them questions about their practice or expertise, listening to every word… for that one priceless drop of sacred tea.

Let’s face it, you can’t know everything, but if you do, more power to you.

If I’ve learned anything throughout my life’s journey, it’s that,

I may know a lot.

More than everything I know,

I know that I know nothing.

So, I am always open.

How about you?

What Are Type A Personalities Hiding?

You know those Type A over-the-top powerhouse performers? I shouldn’t really say this due to confidentiality (so I won’t use names or personally specific information) nonetheless most, if not all, of these amazing demonstrative people on the outside, are harboring deep emotional wounds on the inside.

I’m not passing any judgment, or encouraging you to judge or challenge these kinds of people in any way. I’m just trying to point out that even the people who we might look up to, those who are the superheroes in our organizations and communities, are commonly acting out these magnificent feats as a sort of self-medication, or to keep up such a pace so as not to give them much time to face the issues that remain hidden under the skin.

We all do this to some degree, but these folks seem to have the market cornered on their deep unresolved personal issues. In my work, I often find myself working through a lot of surface issues before ever even getting close the deep work these people need. When we get there, though, the work is always highly rewarding and freeing.

And here’s the interesting part: In most cases, the super-human demonstrations of wildly enthusiastic workaholism tends to fade as they migrate to a more calm and peaceful state of mind. They still retain all their talents, strengths and super abilities, but find more cause and time for relaxation, stopping to smell the roses, and generally experiencing the joy life on another level.

Most of this work is related to issues that have crept into the psyches at an early age, and that little boy or girl who got his or her feelings hurt is still alive and well inside of you. You might be surprised at how much of who you are and how the world perceives you are attributable to the child inside of you.

The most successful people, to whom we look up to, are amazing, it’s true. Even so, they lack a sense of happiness or fulfillment if their excellence is due to their dull out exertion in an effort to cover up, disregard, or deny the need to address their own deep inner work.

If they have a tendency to express rage (at sometimes inopportune moments) the good news is, they will live longer, because this kind of lifestyle is terribly incongruent and causes a great deal of turmoil within. Releasing the tension helps to mitigate the damages. If they forever hold it inside, the body and its internal chemistry begins to breakdown.

Doing the deep inner work helps to resolve these issues that are warring against each other inside of you. All of us have degrees of inner turmoil that is the result of childhood inconsistencies, hurt feelings, trauma, abuse or other issues that leave us feeling unworthy of love, have low self-esteem, fearful of being victimized or having a lack of control. We create magnificent personas, wearing masks and costumes and acting the part of someone else so that others would not think we have this wildly conflicting inner pain.

In an effort to cover up, these folks exert a great deal of energy to take on attributes that do not come naturally, while their innate skills may be repressed because the inner child keeps them locked away. By resolving these issues, work that used to be difficult may come much easier, while others are outsourced to others whose talents make them better suited to complete certain tasks. In this way, the lone wolf becomes the orchestrator and valuable teammate.

We are all WIPs (works in progress) and we all need to do the deep inner work to resolve our inconsistencies, enabling us to fin our natural frequency of flow. This will allow our lives to align and prepare our DNA to change and evolve into the greater version of ourselves that is yearning to emerge.

Your true purpose awaits your seamless union and a better life and world is welcoming your participation. Watch you and your world open like a beautiful flower as you learn to enjoy life, seeing what you have been too busy to notice and realizing that all of this is for you.

Pain Is A Gift

Life is fraught with pain. We will all experience pain in this life, but you get to choose whether the pain you experience will be long term suffering or healing pain.

You may be taken aback by the idea of choosing how you experience pain, if you are unfamiliar with the discipline of choice. You’re in good company because most people cannot wrap their head around the idea of choosing their pain.

Most people resign themselves to play the part of the victim and allow the forces around them to dictate when to be happy or sad, when to feel love or hate, when to feel good or bad.

If pain is inevitable (I don’t know if there’s any way to avoid pain) could you consider, if only for a moment, that you could make a conscious choice to have a perspective of fear which plays out as long term suffering, or from a perspective of love which uses the pain to heal, promote personal growth and the nurtures the advancement of your human potential.

When you assume the role of the victim, you allow something or someone else to have control over you and your emotions, and you can continue to give them this power over you over a prolonged term, even a lifetime, making you a slave to the pain.

Or, you can change your perspective by taking full responsibility for the pain (thus disarming the person or thing that was causing the pain) and look for the blessing.

While it may be hard to consider the idea that your pain can have blessing attached to it, this is an immutable reality.

All Pain Is a Gift

Better said, everything painful that you experience has within it a gift, a blessing. Something good and wonderful is waiting for you to discover it hidden within and masked by the pain. But you must diligently look for it to find it.

Pain is God’s way of saying, “Trust Me.”

If you surrender to the pain and focus on the circumstances outside, the landscape will be so cluttered that it would be impossible to see the forest for the trees.

But if you can take responsibility, possession, and ownership of the pain, you can gain the perspective necessary to find the hidden gift. And in many cases, once you are able to do this, you will find the pain may have kept you safe from something far worse,  possibly even saved your life.

You could spend a lifetime, punishing yourself, or someone or something else for some injustice. You see it all around you, people who are ever masking their pain, parading as a victim or self-medicating to mitigate the damages of being wronged. This is not only acceptable in the society which we live, but promoted as our slavery to pain enslaves us into addictions for profit.

The worse we feel about being victimized, the more we focus on abusing ourselves with alcohol, drugs, work, sex, hatred, anything that will give us a momentary sense of relief. Yet, try as we may, when the smoke clears, the lights go on, or the next day dawns, the pain remains. Unless you take action.

At the very least, do a search on YouTube for “Emotional Freedom Technique” (EFT). This is an effective method of breaking the neurological connection between the thought of the source of your pain and the physiological manifestation of the pain in your body.

You could visit an EFT practitioner to do the deep work, but you can easily find relief just by spending a few moments perusing YouTube, or if you have time, investigate via Google search.

This one simple technique is quick, easy and painless, freeing you from the evil grip the pain has on you. This can give you enough space to catch your breath, regain your equilibrium and exert your cognitive skills enough to start looking for the gift that is waiting to be uncovered.

Vow to never be enslaved by pain again. You are beginning to evolve into the more advanced form of yourself. Taking this action causes your life – even your DNA – to change.

You are awakening the new you trying to emerge, and all you have to do is to be open and proactive, allowing the transformation to take place naturally.


Raise Your Money Vibration

If you find yourself working very hard and barely getting by, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not doing it right.

You have every right to work hard and be compensated appropriately for your efforts. If your income to outgo ratio is out of balance this is an indication there are other imbalances in your life. The good news is, with some adjustments, you can correct these imbalances. Once corrected, you will find yourself in a greater financial flow.

The first place to look is your budget, in many cases a budget analysis can expose areas in your spending habits that may not be in your best interests. With a few tweaks here and there, you can find yourself with more money than bills at the end of the month.

The other thing you can do is to raise your financial vibration. Everything is energy, including money, and your income matches the frequency of your money vibration. By raising the frequency of your money vibration, your income adjusts itself to match.

Of course, changing your frequency, or the channel you are tuned into, will take more than the casual flip of the switch. You will have to make adjustments in your life to accommodate and maintain the frequency shift to make it work. While a temporary shift will give you relief in the moment, if the essential adjustments are not made and maintained, your windfall will be short-lived and you will return to your substandard frequency.

This is why lottery winners are usually broke in a few years, because while they had fun when the money was there, they did not do the work of raising their money vibration, so it was not long until they returned to their previous frequency.

In m work with business people, often they are not getting paid what they are worth. Maybe they are not serving in a marketplace that is better suited for their abilities, and they are undercharging for their services.

The imbalance is likely found in the balancing of how one is charging for their services, and how value is represented in the marketplace.

One of the biggest adjustments to make is to how you charge for your services. You will never be remunerated for your true value if your charging by the hour. To say it another way would be, “If you are charging by the hour, you will never get paid what you are worth. Never.”

So, just get over any idea(s) that you might have about charging by the hour because that’s they way you’ve always done it, or it’s how everyone else does it, or whatever. The amount you charge by the hour is your frequency set point. It’s not unlike setting the thermostat on your heater, only in this case, it’s freezing outside and it’s no surprise you’re uncomfortable if the thermostat is set to 35 degrees. And simply charging more per hour, is not going to do it.


You need to be thinking more in terms of value rather than exchanging dollars for time. The dollars for time scenario might offer you an ability to pay the rent and get by, but it will never lead you to abundance.

Stop charging for your time and start charging for your value. It’s like, if you are working with a client and have helped them increase their business ten-fold, how much was your assistance worth? You might think easily $10,000. Any one would pay $10,000 to increase their business ten times its current volume. What if if only took your making three phone calls in 20 minutes.

Well, let’s see; if you charged by the hour – even if there was a one-hour minimum, or even if you charged for a full day, you can see the only person you did a disservice to is yourself. Definitely the client received their benefit, but there is a huge imbalance in your compensation for the results provided.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to solve your client’s problems or provide your service. What matters is the client getting what he/she needs and wants. If you’re creating value and you’re giving them value, they’ll pay you for that value.

Now it’s time to figure out what your real value is.

Ask yourself the following questions:

• What are the results of your efforts?
• What services do you offer and how does your involvement provide solutions? How does your client benefit from your services? Do your services make a difference?
• What is important to your client? Why? What level of importance?
• Have they paid for similar services in the past? If so, what were the results? Why? What was that experience like?
• Why do you think your client was attracted to you and/or your sevices?
• What are your client’s expectations? How will your client know you’re efforts are successful? What would that look like?

By getting the answers to these questions – not guessing what the client will say, but actually getting the client to answer these questions – you will have the information you need to create VALUE in the mind of the client.

If your work is perceived to have value, they will be delighted to pay you. If they do not perceive your value, they will not pay you, no matter how low you go on the pricing scale.

Deep Inner Work

Doing the deeper, inner work is the most rewarding work that you can do, yielding the greatest results allowing your personal evolution to take place changing your quality of life, affecting the lives around you, even changing your DNA and the DNA of those whom you are close to.

While some people read a paragraph, like the previous one, rolling their eyes and expressing how ridiculous it might sound, you either know, or have a sense of knowingness, this deep inner work is the most rewarding work.

I absolutely love (sometimes its fun and amazing and other times its dreadful and draining) doing my deeper work for the benefit I receive on the other side, and when I am blessed enough to assist someone else achieve a breakthrough in their inner work, there is no greater blessing and honor.

It’s all about love. Love is the highest vibration. For everything that troubles you or makes you feel bad is based in the lowest vibration: Fear. Every emotional state – and whatever it represents – consists of varying degrees of love or fear and carries with it a particular vibrational frequency.

When we tune into this frequency, we attract life circumstances that match the channel we are tuned into. If you are tuned into a negative emotion, you actually attract and transmit (adding power to) that particular negative frequency. You actually become a negative power cell, even though it is the furthest thing from y0ur intention.

Drilling down and doing your deep, inner work, can help you to remove the power from these negative anchors which trigger your negative downward spiral into lower frequencies or emotional states.

You are doing the work, you are taking back the power over your life which is your birthright and you are helping to make the world a better place by becoming a positive powerhouse, welcoming in the next phase of human evolution, starting with you.

It all starts here, with you, the one evolving cell, empowered to multiply.

Doing your deep inner work allows you to discard the things in life that are holding you back or keeping you down, so that you can rise to your potential and watch the world around you change for the better.

Find out what really matters and see these areas of your life flourish without being squelched by negative frequencies.

Will this work be easy? No. But it will be worth it. Especially when you begin living the life you were born to live, feeling all the love your soul can bear while travelling your new journey to experience the metamorphosis from the way things were to the new life that waits ahead.

Sure, there will be obstacles and challenges along the way, and those who scoffed at that first paragraph, will try to pull you back into the mundane pit, they’ve become so accustomed to. For it would be far more convenient for them to be able to prove to you that the idea of life outside the pit is ridiculous, if not dangerous.

But as they witness your escape, and see that over time you did not return… They will start to question whether there really is a better life outside.

It is not your job to tell them anything about your new journey, as it is your journey and yours alone. As much as you might want to have your friends follow you, that would be not be good.

While you may encourage people to follow you on your journey, it is yours, not theirs. You are doing them a disservice if you do not encourage then to find their own way.

Love to the doers of the deep inner work.


There Is Hope

Regardless of what challenges appearing before you, the demons you may be facing, or when you feel you just can’t go on because you’ve reached the end of your rope, there is hope.

When you realize for every negative there is a positive, like the idea of Chinese philosophy’s yin and yang combined with the Newtonian third law, which states For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action, it all leads you to the conclusion that all things are in always in a state of perfect balance.

Even so, you may find yourself in a particular state of imbalance. No matter how desperate things may seem, in the same time and space where you are feeling so out of sorts, or even desperate, exists everything you need to access to experience the polar opposite emotional state.

Though it is common to be unable to see the forest for the trees. You find yourself so embroiled in a certain experience that the landscape and alternate methods of escape or salvation cannot be seen or even imagined due to the overwhelming state of affairs.

In these times it is imperative that you persevere and have hope. This hope will keep you looking outside yourself or aware that options abound, if only you could access it. This is why we are drawn to the stories of others who have faced seemingly insurmountable odds and survived, even thrived following an inexplicable or impossible life event.

This gives us hope. The common thread among those who have survived was the hope or belief that there must be a way… a way to mitigate the damages, a way to find a sense of peace, a way to survive, or a way to escape… This alerts the central nervous system to find connections to energy sources otherwise unavailable to the conscious mind to entertain the idea that other options are all around, if only they could be accessed.

We hear stories of fire-walking, telekinesis, spontaneous remission of advanced cancer, 110 pound mothers with the ability to lift a 3,000 pound car off their child, out-of-body experiences, contact with alternative realities, and an endless supply of stories and experiences of others who have encountered unbelievable circumstances and emerged to share their stories with us.

Whether the stories are true or not is irrelevant, because we know that truth changes over time, resulting from new information. In any case, the stories do give us hope. Hope that could be enough to enable you to access resources otherwise unavailable to you.

The existence of unlimited resources and alternatives is ever present, only the limitation of our mind through constant programming by societal constraints makes impossibility a reality, though nothing is impossible. Nothing.

We know that to be true, because in the last 100 years, we have seen the impossible become possible before our very eyes. So if nothing is impossible, the antithesis is also true, everything is possible.

Everything Is Possible

This is the hope, that we embrace. Unlimited resources, unlimited possibilities, if only we can find a way to allow our minds to be free enough from the limitations imposed on our ideals and beliefs to allow them to appear before us.

In your time of need, everything you could possibly need to counter any obstacle or injustice is there, if only you could let go of your self-imposed limitations, knowing anything is possible… Everything is.