Third-party Threat to Your Relationship

Your partner’s attention is beginning to fade away. You feel the withdrawal with little or no idea about what is going on. Your partner may not be having a full-on affair or actively engaged in infidelity, but he or she might be being led away by a third-party threat to your relationship.

What is happening is that your partner is engaging in another type of relationship with a “friend” which is appearing to increase in value as this friendship deepens. The third-party may actually be innocent enough but is far more often intentionally “grooming” your partner to serve their intimate and possibly even evil desires.

Grooming is a process used by sexual predators, psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, and other toxic individuals to lure victims away from their primary relationship and they create an emotional bond with the victim which grows until it takes precedence over your relationship, then the predator exerts whatever plan they have carefully prepared for.

It starts off so apparently innocently, as the predator will exploit any potential topic of interest which is meaningful to your partner, their next potential victim. The key is to gradually become your partner’s most beloved friend, to slowly over time cause your partner to trust the predator more than you.

They will use any variety of ways to attach themselves to their prospective victim. Opportunities might be to offer support in your partner’s interests, especially if he or she can find one that you may not be expressing a great deal of interest in. They create common ground to form the foundation of the relationship which is the basis of this seemingly innocent relationship which will be increasingly exploitative unbeknownst to the victim as they are slowly enveloped and entrapped, not unlike quicksand.

Exclusivity is an important component of this predatory relationship. They will build confidence with the victim insisting that they share sensitive information that would be not shared with any other human being.

After the foundation has been laid, the predator insists that the relationship be regarded as highly sophisticated and allowed to flourish under an umbrella of secrecy, as “normal” people may not understand the innocent nature of this relationship, and might think that there may be a sexual component which there is clearly not (at least not yet).

Then the predator establishes “importance” above any other existing relationships in the victim’s life, for no one, not his/her husband/wife, friends, family, coworkers, mentor, or priest can be trusted as much as this snake in the grass, and in time the natural cognition of the victim can be worn-down, until they feel this connection deep inside, in the most sensitive areas of their being.

Later, the predator will attempt to exploit the victim’s inner circle, like showing up and work, or “running into them by accident” when the potential victim is out with friends and/or family. As they get to get exposed to these people, using misdirection, this person will begin to cause the victim to question the trustworthiness of these individuals who may be seeking to exploit him or her.

Clues to your partner’s being manipulated by such a third-party snake might include

You don’t know why it feels like your connection to your partner is fading away, he or she seems to admire you less, and is beginning to criticize you more.

Your notice your partner talking more and more about a new friend or reconnecting with an old friend and recounts comments or observations which appear to be meaningful.

Unusual technology behaviors like increased security measures regarding telephone, computer, and other communications devices may indicate the preservation of “secret” communications.

Your partner may be developing new interest in activities and/or projects which may require time away from home.

Your partner may be staying late at work, or you notice he or she is making more time to spend with “the boys” before coming home, may be spending weekends on special assignments, training, or taking classes.

Once you become aware of this it is time to open a line of communication with your partner about what might be distracting him or her from your relationship. It is perfectly fine for you to express concerns about your feeling that your connection is fading away. Just make sure that you do not become accusatory. Just express your feelings and allow your partner to respond.

Be prepared for your partner to respond with how innocent this relationship is, becoming defensive, insisting that “nothing is going on,” and accusing you of accusing him or her of having an affair and insinuating that there is sexual infidelity (which you have been careful to avoid). Simply and calmly re-state your assertion that you are not accusing anyone of anything, just noticing changes and seeking to reconnect with your partner in love.

Keep the line of communication open and non-threatening.

This is the beginning. If you have caught it in time, you may be able to rekindle your relationship and foil the plans of the person who is trying to set your partner free from your relationship.

A qualified relationship coach can help you and your partner work through the issues and identify and deal with the third-party threat to your relationship.

Be aware that even if this is only an emotional affair and there has been no sexual component, you may agree with so many who have lost someone they love to such a predator, that the damage to your relationship and your heart is far more severe than had it just been a sexual affair. Note that your partner will also feel the same way when he or she awakens to the fact that they have been duped, exploited, and victimized.

Why Would My Partner Lie to Me?

It happened again. You caught your partner telling another lie, and you ask, “Why would my partner lie to me?” Basically, your partner will only lie to you for one of two reasons: (1) To deceive you (2) Because your partner loves you.

As in any crime in criminal court, intent plays a huge part in sentence determination. It doesn’t erase the crime but may mitigate the damages by considering a lesser sentence or exonerate the offender.

If your partner is lying to you with the intent to deceive or defraud, then you may have an unhealthy partner who may be a psychopath, sociopath, narcissist, or at the very least a toxic person who may be a pathological liar (which means they could not tell the truth if they tried or even if their life depended on it).

But if your partner lied to you because he or she loves you so much, then that is a completely different deal. Right? It doesn’t excuse the fact that your partner lied, but there should be some credit offered for intention or motivation.

In its simplest form, your partner might ask you how this new hairdo looks? Because you love your partner loves you, knows you’ve invested a lot of time and money on this new hairstyle, he or she is compassionate, cares about you, and wants to be supportive, might respond, “Oh, it looks so good!” but you really didn’t like it. You know you lied, but you did so with the best intentions.

Beyond that, it gets much more complicated.

What if you’re at an event with your partner and you run into someone your partner knew and you were introduced to this person who you’ve never met and your partner introduces him or her as an old friend, classmate, or coworker. Then you later discover that this was actually an old boyfriend or girlfriend.

Your lie radar sounds, a huge red flag pops up, and you start to panic, and you start to recoil from the idea that your partner has lied to you.

If you follow the linear path of your emotions, you might come to the conclusion that your partner cannot be trusted at all, because if he or she lied about this, what else is your partner lying about?

This can send you on a downward never-ending spiral that could be unhealthy and subject you to wild imaginations which will affect not only your relationship but your emotional and physical health as well.

Your best course of action is to talk about the lie as soon as possible, not to accuse, but to determine the intent or motive.

When you are talking (not confronting) to your partner about the lie, try not to accuse and remember the purpose of this conversation is to determine the motive.

In the case of your being lied to about the nature of the previous relationship with the person you were introduced to, you may find that the “lie” was told out of love. The introduction and the time spent in what could have been a tremendously awkward situation was side-stepped by telling what your partner determined was a “little white lie.” (I know, it doesn’t feel as insignificant as your partner thought it was.)

You could determine that your partner was looking out for your best interests and did not want to induce undue suspicion. Also, he or she may have thought that the relationship was so insignificant that it was almost as if there was nothing to tell (nothing good anyway).

Still the breach of trust happened, you will have talked it out, and you can deal with the outcome in the best way that is appropriate for you.

If it turns out it was deliberate deceit and an effort to cover up character flaws that could affect you and your relationship, then this partner may not be as well-suited for you as you might have thought. I’m not saying to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

What I’m saying is, talk it out, and be more attentive and aware. You could accumulate enough data to find out that this person is toxic to your life and not a good match for you. You might be the next person who is introduced as an old friend, classmate, or coworker.

Repeated deception to exploit you is better cut off sooner rather than later.

Is Your Partner Being Unfaithful?

What if your spouse or partner is sneaking around behind your back and not being forthcoming with details? Is your partner being unfaithful? Does it mean he or she is having an affair?

When you notice that your beloved’s behavior does not seem to be congruent with the intensity of the relationship that you think the two of you share, definitely something is going on. Is your partner cheating on you?

It’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions at the first sight of inconsistencies in your relationship. But when you notice things are not as they appear, or you’re feeling like something’s wrong, it is time to start paying more attention to what is going on.

And keep in mind that all affairs are not equal. Keep in mind that infidelity is not just sexual, as there are many types of infidelity, and your partner may be having an emotional affair, not necessarily a sexual affair.

So, what are some of the signs that might cause blips on your radar of suspicion?


Anything that looks or feels like secrecy, specifically things that go on in your partner’s life that you are intentionally made unaware of. What is he or she hiding? And why?

It makes any normal person wonder, what’s up?

Does there seem to be some secrecy surrounding the phone? Is there a regular practice of deleting texts, caller ID numbers, or emails?

Is there regular and lengthy telephonic, electronic, or face-to-face communication with “a friend” taking place in your absence?

This is almost always an indication that something’s going on behind the scenes, especially when you feel like this activity is going on behind your back. At the very least, this is indicative of an emotional affair.

At the very least, you can be certain that trust is eroding rapidly, or may no longer exist.

If your partner is reluctant to put a stop to the extracurricular conversation and relationship, this is a good indicator that your relationship is in trouble. You already know that if he or she seems to accommodate your wishes to no longer contact but then takes it to another deeper level of secrecy, you’re in real trouble.

If your partner refuses to cutoff an outside relationship that may be causing conflict in your relationship, you know that this person has more value to your partner than you do.

Do Not Accuse

Your first response to becoming suspicious or aware of inconsistencies in your relationship is not to accuse or respond negatively to your partner. Don’t start stalking or going through their personal belongings looking for clues of an affair. Just don’t do it. If you get caught trying to catch your mate sneaking around – and nothing’s going on – and you get caught doing so, it will not reflect well on you. Nothing good could come from that.

Do Share

Your relationship is about sharing your lives one with the other, it is totally appropriate to share your feelings, being certain to begin your statements, not with, “You,” but rather with, “I feel…”

Admit that your feelings are causing you to draw conclusions which may be wrong, and invite him or her to explain.

You are allowed to have feelings. Also be aware that your feelings may mislead you or cause you to come to conclusions that are less than rational. This usually heavily influenced by your past and may have little or nothing to do with this relationship. Nonetheless, you are still entitled to have feelings.

If you are accusatory and your accusations are unfound, then you can do some inner work to see what is there under your skin that might be making you feel suspicious about your partner.

Note your partner’s response. If he or she responds in a respectful, caring and concerned response, there is hope and your fears may have been unfounded. On the other hand, if your partner laughs at you, makes fun about how ridiculous your feelings are, and especially, if your partner counters with accusing you of having an affair (which means he or she probably is)…  There is not much for you to work with. You could do far better, regardless if there’s an affair going on or not.

If your partner admits that he or she was pursuing someone else’s attention, this kind of open transparency, honesty, is the best possible outcome, and can open the relationship to another level of intimacy.

I Want to Change But I Don’t Know How

Change is inevitable. No matter how hard you try to manage and control your world, it is constantly in a stage of metamorphosis. Life, our planet, the universe is ever-changing. So, what will you do about it? Will you resist the change or choose to change? Many people want to change, but do not know how to go about changing their life. They say,

I want to change but I don’t know how.

Of course, there are the vast majority of people who accept life as it is, and they find comfort in the sameness in life, staying as they are, and accepting whatever comes their way as inevitable. Most, if not all of us, are programmed from birth to adopt this (or some similar) world view.

We keep our heads down, keep moving along, and doing the best we can not to make waves or draw attention to ourselves. Things could be better, but

I’m okay.

Even so, among those who prefer to stay under the radar, many of them desire to have a better life. For those who desire to have a better life than their neighbors, social mechanisms have been put in place to make them feel like they can have some control over their destiny, while still remaining as part of the structured herd.

They can increase their efficacy via personal or professional growth, go to school to learn a trade, get a fancy degree to join the ranks others who have highfalutin college degrees, if they will let you into their “club.” It’s a lot more convoluted than you might think.

Others like the idea of change but see it as something to be avoided due to increased risk. They could put life as they know it at risk. By deciding to change, you may alienate friends who would rather stay the same and never change, except when change is forced upon them.

The idea of change makes us somewhat fearful because we all have some degree of

Fear of the unknown

and we feel safe in our little cocoons of life, swaddling ourselves in as snuggly as possible.

The world outside of ourselves can be a frightening place.

Then there are those who find themselves in the offices of my contemporaries who are coaches, consultants, and counselors. These are those who want to change their lives in a dramatic way.

Like you, they are dissatisfied with the same ol’ same ol’ and they have a yearning for more from this life.

You want to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place, even if

You don’t know how

Maybe you tried to change before, and it didn’t stick, or you just couldn’t get from Pont A to Point B. You may have been unable to achieve the results you desired. Don’t let this get you down or keep you from moving forward.

Knowing how to change your life is not necessary. The desire to change your life is the most important place to start, for without the desire to change, you are unlikely to have the fortitude necessary to sustain the transformative process and make it to the other side of your personal metamorphosis.

If your desire is strong enough, you can endure the expansive evolutionary opportunities which are often accompanied by challenges that will be encountered along your path of growth and change.


What Are the Odds?

A wise man does his due diligence when looking to expand or considering a change of direction, a new path in life. To take the time to ask yourself, “What are the odds?” prior to any given endeavor is prudent. Conducting a bit of scientific method or at the very least creating a T-Chart of pros and cons prior to jumping-in to any new project puts you miles ahead of the less vigilant populace.

Under normal circumstances, you will not find yourself waking up in the middle of a process or project and asking yourself, “How did I get here?” It is highly likely that you are fully responsible for getting yourself into any scenario, and while things may not have turned out as you expected, you exercised caution and were as aware of your surroundings and considered the risks prior to taking action.

No matter what you do, it is impossible to know all of the intricate details of everything and anything could change in a moment, but if your senses are attuned and you are somewhat intuitive, you will be alert enough to collect clues regarding the reality of things as you move through the process.

For years you thought the shortest distance between two points was a straight line, so you had no problem taking the Tacoma Narrows bridge until it collapsed. After that, you decided that taking the long way was a much safer idea.

The way we travel changed immensely following the tragic events of 911, and the way we live and conduct business after COVID-19 has shifted dramatically, and life may look very different from this point forward. Natural disasters catch us off guard, and if they don’t take us out completely, we find ways to go on. We change with our environment. Our survival depends on our ability to adapt to change.

In these examples, you had no way of knowing that these events would change the way things are. They were unexpected and for most of us, nearly impossible to anticipate nor be adequately prepared to appropriately respond when they were taking place.

Wounds from any life event can change how you go about your business every day. Things that you took for granted, like being able to buy food, water, or toilet paper can change drastically once you have suffered the effects of being deprived of these items.

If your project includes other people besides just yourself, you already know you can’t tell what’s going on inside someone else’s head, you’ve suffered wounds of betrayal before and you know that even someone you thought you could trust could be plotting you’re being stabbed in the back.

No one would blame you for possessing fear of the unseen. We all are somewhat fearful of the unknown, yet those who desire to live their best life and make the world a better place find ways to avoid the illusions of fear presented to our awareness by our unconscious mind, which seeks only to protect us from suffering.

Knowing that your subconscious is a scaredy-cat and will do anything keep you from doing anything that is considered “safe” from its perspective also gives you an edge because most people do not realize this. And those that do, are able to accomplish far more in this life.

Life comes with a certain degree of risk, but the highly successful people are more apt to take calculated risks by doing research, evaluating the data, and asking themselves, “what are the odds?” than their more complacent peers.


Fear of the Unseen

Everyone has a bit of fear of the unseen or of the unknown. Fear of the unseen can paralyze a normal person from moving forward in their life. You get to a certain place in your life where you feel comfortable with a certain degree of safety and security. Of course, this level of personal comfort is a sliding scale depending on the life of each individual.

So, what are you afraid of?

Some people are content, just to have the basics, food, shelter, and clothing, covered. If you’ve experienced abuse in your past, you might find yourself settling for a life condition where you suffer no abuse and that is good enough to keep you from seeking a better life, because you know it could be worse.

There is fear of unseen struggle or crisis associated with trying anything new, and this is the reason why most people are more apt to settle for mediocrity because it is familiar and when “anything” could happen, it’s safer to avoid any unexpected possibilities because the unknown is frightening and potentially dangerous.

Then there are potentially dangerous stories that frighten you. Maybe you haven’t had first-hand experience with potential pitfalls, but you’ve heard stories of others who have taken risks to change their circumstances and ended up in even worse circumstances or suffered dire consequences, possibly even paid the ultimate sacrifice of losing their life altogether.

Today, you are overwhelmed with fearful third-party stories from movies and television programs you have seen since you can remember, and the Internet is an exploitative form of media where anyone from anywhere with twisted minds or agendas can create fear from any vantage point, based on factual experiences of others or purely fabricated fantasy for fun and profit.

Many agendas are promoted, new methods to control mass consciousness, and various forms of cash flow and profiteering are generated by exploiting the fear factor of an unsuspecting public. Conspiracy theories and misinformation abound among those who base potential threats based on the fear of the unseen.

When you and I are unable to verify data first-hand, then the responsibility for generating fear falls on the deliverer’s ability to tell a compelling story of potential risk or danger.

When you hear a fear-generating story, you may ask yourself, “Is this for real?” You do tend to get an initial inner reaction which is telling you that something’s up, but if the storyteller is committed to asserting his or her agenda, the persistence could override your sense of reason.

Fear of the unseen could include anything you are unable to verify yourself, such as various political agendas, including climate change or 24/7 government surveillance, or anything from starting a business of your own to a potentially dangerous virus.

The reaction of the general public to something unseen, undesirable, or unknown, could lead to irrational behavior from an otherwise safe and sane group of people, such as “burning witches” at the stake.

Fear of the seen or experienced, such as a car crash or physical assault and may include a failed attempt at starting a business endeavor, is a different thing altogether. It is understandable that this may create a knee-jerk fearful reaction to things unseen.

No one would blame you for not wanting to get back on a horse that knocked you off, as you might say, “I tried that before and it didn’t work.” Even with the best efforts to prevent potential pitfalls, there are times when things don’t work out as planned.

These fearful reactions follow us around for life unless we do the deep work of uncovering the root fear, bringing it out into the light, and eliminating its hold over you.

Overcoming fear is the doorway to personal growth, living a better life, your best life, and making the world a better place.

The best method of disempowering fear of the unseen is to

  1. Embrace the fear
  2. Ritualize the death and cessation of the fear
  3. Memorialize it
  4. Then let it go and move on in your newfound freedom

Do Dream Then Do

If you do dream then do what is necessary to bring your dream to fruition, it is yours. Having a dream, an illusionary desire or goal that inspires you, makes you feel good when you focus your thoughts upon them is the basis of readying yourself to receive your heart’s desire. If not followed by inspired action, your dream may just remain a fantasy.

Walt Disney taught us all to dream, and the Law of Attraction took us to the next level of transforming a dream to reality, but in general, there was more of an emphasis on the act of dreaming and less on the doing, and currently, there is a wave of thought that promotes the idea that the act of “doing” is counterproductive to manifesting one’s dreams.

Let me ask you this,

If you dream and do nothing,
can your dream come true?


This does happen occasionally, and we have all heard the stories of this happening. When this occurs, it is miraculous, and it affirms our belief in miracles.

If you look at the numbers, miracle manifestation accounts for less than one-tenth of one percent of all dreams that do come true. Just examining the statistics reveals that all the other dreams that come true are followed by generous portions of doingness.

Your act of doing added to your active dreaming greatly enhances your manifestations. Any movement via inspired action moves you closer to your dream, and all steps that you make toward your dream are cumulative.

Every action you take, no matter how small, moves you closer to what you want.

And for those who are in the habit of making their dreams come true repeatedly, they take massive amounts of action steps toward what they want.

These masters of manifestation may look like workaholics to the average fan of the Law of Attraction, but when all this effort may look like hard work to you (some of it is uncomfortable, difficult, or “hard”) to the master of manifestation, it is fun because this work is performed enthusiastically, powered by the passion of seeing one’s dream come to life.

This is the sweet spot of manifestation, and it is where the majority of all dreams that come true happens.

So, by all means, do dream, then do whatever you can to move yourself toward what you want.

You could start by submerging yourself in the vibration of what you want. Like if you want to manifest a yacht you should join a yacht club and start hanging around people to have yachts.

If you want a Mercedes, start collecting Mercedes merch, display it prominently, wear the pin on formal occasions and the T-shirt informally, and hang out with people who already own Mercedes and as you do, you will be moving closer to having one to call your own.

When the club that represents what it is that you want sponsors a fundraiser, volunteer to assist in any way you can. When you are hob-knobbing and rubbing elbows with the people who are actively plugged-in to the things your heart desires, you will be able to take advantage of rare opportunities to manifest even more.

Make opportunities to hang with the people who are already in the full vibrational flow of what you want to have or where you want to be, and you will increase your rate of manifestation exponentially. This is all a part of the inspired doing that you could be accomplishing to get what you want.


Live in a Perfect World and Have Everything You Want?

In a perfect world, if you want something, something that would fill your heart with joy, you could have it, no matter what it is. Right?

Guess what? We live in a perfect world. Maybe you can’t see it from where you are right now, but ask yourself this:

Are there people who can have whatever they want?

Do you know that there are people on this planet who can have whatever they want? Maybe the things they dream of do not appear instantly, as if by magic, but they are able to put all the necessary components into motion to manifest their heart’s desires.

These people live in a perfect world. Even though they may be surrounded by a planet infested with confusion, chaos, and poverty, they live in a world that is in harmony with the good things in life.

In no way am I suggesting that these people do not experience challenges or hardship. They must navigate the world through relationships with other people, which is often a root cause of conflict, which must be resolved on one way or another to maintain one’s positive momentum.

If there are people who can have whatever they want and live in a perfect world, could you agree that if you could change places with them, you too, could enjoy the life of living in a perfect world, regardless of the confusion that surrounds you.

From the vantage point of the most powerful people on our planet, you could see how there is a supreme order in all things, that you have the ability to influence the world, and that ultimately, all things work out for a better future world.

If that is true, then you live in a perfect world, one where you can influence the way things go and can have the desires of your heart.

But you protest,

That’s not me!

Agreed. But ask yourself,

Aren’t you made of the same trillions of cells mostly composed of generally the same amounts of raw elements which include hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus of those other people?

Yeah, but…

There are no yeah-buts about it. You are no different, and you do live in the same world, though admittedly, you are not in the same shared vibration. These people maintain a vibrational frequency which matches the “world” they live in, while you are more a vibrational match for the world you recognize and experience every day.

The good news is that you can change your vibration.

Start dreaming of the things you want, and making those dreams come true.

Start small and work your way up from there. I mean, you can start really small, like with a bag of Jelly Belly’s or a cup of Dutch Bros.

This is not rocket science, but this is science. Some refer to it as Quantum Science, but regardless, the results are verifiable though much of what these unknown elements that comprise the universal power that keeps us in perfectly balanced motion are yet to be identified.

Even so, those who possess the ability and knowledge of how to use this power, are the most powerful people, and you can be one of them. Because,

If one of us can do it, any of us could do it

and that means you could do it, too.


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Wrapping up the month of August, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

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Transform From Victim to Mastery



The Path of Least Resistance

We all have choices to make every day and this ability to make daily decisions gives us a sense of freedom or control over our lives.

You get to a stoplight and you get to decide, “Do I take the short cut or the scenic route?” Most days you put your underpants on first, but if you wanted to take a step on the wild side, you could put your socks on first. You get to decide what television programming you’d like to watch, and what political party you most align yourself with.

Most of us get to decide what clothes to wear (and if you’re like me, this can be a crippling decision when you look at a closet full of clothes and can’t find anything to wear).

When our decision-making accountability grows, and the stakes run higher our choices come with challenges and consequences. In times, like these we often lean to the path of least resistance.

When you hear your inner voice calling out to you, reminding you that you were meant for so much more in this life, you know that if you were to listen to it and action on it, there is a very good chance that you would face unknown challenges, requiring more of an investment from you, than would be expected from working your “normal” job.

To not answer the call is safe, the path of least resistance, and you have nothing to lose because you have not put yourself at risk.

You don’t have to worry about your friends telling you that you’re foolish to chase after your dreams, and to do so would be ridiculous, because you’re not worthy. And if you were to proceed to live the life you were destined to live, the naysayers are waiting in the wings, withing for any misstep you might make, ready to say, “I love you, man, but I told you so. You better get out now, before it gets any worse.”

There is a lot of fear which keeps people just like me and you, from attempting to fully embrace my or your highest and best.

So, you keep your nose down, moving forward, going through the motions, while denying your own divinity and having the life you were meant to live.

Still, something within you resonates and you know, regardless of what other people might say, that you can live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

You have heard people say, just find happiness in what you have, give all you can in service to others, don’t expect too much in return, and if you can do that, you can get your reward in the afterlife.

What do you think about the idea that every moment you do not make a stand for your own divine independence, you deny the sanctity of your sacred birthright?

Every moment you do not make a stand for your own divine independence, you deny the sanctity of your sacred birthright.

Your birthright consists of your coming to this planet with talents, skills, and special abilities to help to make the world a better place. You have a unique calling, purpose, and message, a message that is unique to you and your life experience. You have been chosen to deliver this message.

Your birthright includes living an excellent life, enjoying all the good things this life has to offer joyously in all its fullness. So, think on these things, and go forth in insured action to make your dreams come true because your dreams would never have occurred to you if they were to be withheld from you by any set of circumstance, anyone, or anything.

The battle is on for your soul. Society would like to dictate that you settle for mediocrity, that you succumb to a life of servitude to the machine from which the chosen few profit immensely, while the rest of the world’s inhabitants wrestle in the mud over the spoils.

And every day that you give in to those who would take advantage of you, the ones that use and abuse you, those who give you empty words of encouragement to get you to perform like a circus monkey for their amusement and profit, every precious moment you live in compromise, your dream fades.

To win the battle for your soul, you must stop settling for this life of slavery and imprisonment is a system that profits from your life, while you get so extraordinarily little in return for your efforts.

You can turn the scales.

You already know that your life is the result of the choices you make. One look at the life all around you will substantiate this so clearly.

To change your world, you must start making decisions that have impact on your life. Start making hard choices that are not considered as the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance leads to complacency, a dispassionate life, a boat-load of regrets, and an early grave.

Don’t get me wrong, going with the flow is great, if the flow of your stream is headed to the land of plenty, but if it is headed some dark elsewhere, you must exert the effort necessary to change your destination.

Stop letting others dictate your destiny. You need to get behind the wheel of your life. It means taking the wheel from whoever’s doing the driving now, whether it be your parents, teachers, boss, or overbearing spouse. These people have no right to minimize your right to choose for yourself.

Avoid the path of least resistance. Make the difficult choices and take full responsibility for your quality of life.

It’s time for you to take your life back if you are willing and able to step up your game and take full responsibility for your future, your future home, your financial outlook, all the things your heart desires, and your ability to give back and make the world a better place.