Conscious Confidence

As you start to awaken (after the first shock of understanding that things are rarely as they appear to be or how you believed them to be) a sense of calm washes over you and you begin to build a conscious confidence which is not dependent on external validation.

Prior to your awakening you had the need to feel deserving enough to be accepted by peers, hoped you could be worthy enough to have value and had a strong desire to prove to yourself and others that you were worth tolerating through personal achievement of some kind.

You long to feel loved, and so you long to hear the words, “I love you,” from anyone because you can’t seem to find the vast ocean of love which resides within you as it has been hidden from the view of your conscious mind by the very principalities, powers, and people you desired to receive love from.

You attach certain expectations and outcomes to your associations with others, your thoughts, and actions, and are disappointed when things do not work out the way you had intended them to. No wonder it’s so hard to feel self-confident or find any peace of mind amidst such a journey.

If things appear to not be going well, and your attention is drawn to what’s not going right in your life, or the world and your feelings reflect this state of unwellness. You feel bad as your energy begins to drain, your attitude declines, and so does your immune system.

As you awaken, you discover your divinity. You begin to understand you’re coming to this planet was accompanied with a greater calling than just being good, doing what you’re told, paying bills, trying to survive the best you can on what little you have for retirement, and find freedom in the idea of death.

You become aware of the layers of social engineering which is the biggest, and most covered up, conspiracy of all, which has kept the human race beat down, limited, and unable to grasp the idea that you were entitled to a better life, your best life, leading to a bright future, with all the self-confidence, love and joy you could imagine surrounding you, and you can find it wherever you look.

Of course, it’s hard to see at first because you’ve been socially programmed for a sense of unworthiness. Your parents judged you as being either good or bad based on their pre-programmed assessment. You were unjustly accused and judged by the people you loved, trusted, and thought had your best interests at heart.

Then, you went to school, where you learned that the value of a person was based on their ability to fall in line, to think and respond as expected. You learned that people were judged based on their performance. Good students (or people) were “A students.” C students were average (complacent), and students who got Ds and Fs were degenerates and failures.

And on it goes, as we are programmed to fear never being good enough, as this thought system is strengthened and promoted throughout your life.

Once you are able to let go of your attachment to all these layers of programming, a sense of calm well-being begins to rise from within as you realize you are a child of God, with all the rights and privileges that come with being royalty.

As you do the work of uncovering the false beliefs, fear, and negative feelings associated with the patterns of abusive scenarios which were associated with your social programming, feelings of wellness, happiness, and love begin to bubble up that were always there, replacing feelings of any sense of undeservedness, inadequacy, unjustness, or lack.

You step into a state of being which is self-aware and confident that a brighter future is waiting for you, and indeed it is.

Once the veil is lifted, you can see that you were imprisoned by the idea that your life was “normal,” that your lot in life was to struggle, stress, strain, and sacrifice until you simply cease to be.

From outside the prison walls, you can see that the prison was an illusion, and what you thought were silly, nonsensical ideas, were actually the urging of the holy spirit to let your higher-self emerge and live the life which has always been your birthright.

From here, the most amazing and exciting life lays before you.

Being in the Now

The idea of being in the now is gaining in universal consciousness thanks to expansion explorers like Eckhart Tolle (see: Power of Now), and others. There is a growing awareness that being in the now brings human beings to a powerful emotional state no longer haunted by the past or fearful of the future.

Being in the now welcomes infinite possibilities.

You don’t just wake up one day and discover you are being in the now (well, really you do), usually you have done some work in preparation of your awakening to your being in the now.

You have been subjected to a great deal of social programming which prevents you from embracing the idea of being in the now. The goal of social engineers is to keep you in a weakened and fearful state of mind so that you can be manipulated and controlled more easily. Not knowing any better, we and our parents who went before us and their parents, all fell for the same brainwashing techniques, though their methods have become more advanced in present days.

In this “normal” state of being you walk a pre-programmed path (designed for you by social engineering) which leads to performing your assigned tasks as a cog in the machine of life, after which you are awarded the end of life. No more struggling to get by or fit in, just the welcomed release of it all.

In preparation of embracing the nowness of life, you will most likely find yourself in a process of tending to the deep work of inner healing from emotional wounds, recognizing and disarming the minefield (mind-field) of social programming which does not serve you, and discovering ways to let go of the shadows from your past which haunt you.

Without having to fight the demons of your past in a weakened state of suffering from emotional wounds and social engineering, you are free to be.

Being in the Now

Armed with being in a state of mind which is free from the past and fearful expectations of your future, you are able to be open to the infinite possibilities which are available to you as you are open to new ideas and potentialities.

Every breath is a new moment, a new life, with unlimited possibility in the now. Anything could happen, and you are at peace with “what is.” This is living in the now.

Nothing can really prepare you for this moment, because once you’ve made it to now, you are in new, unfamiliar, territory. It’s like waking up in a town in a distant country with no idea where you are and unable to speak the language. There is no need to panic, just acclimate the best you can, try to blend in, and find your own way.

In this new state of being in the now you can continue to grow, expand, and evolve into the higher version of yourself and everything around you, the whole world and the universe, changes and evolves with you. Prepare yourself nor only for a new, awakened state of being, but be also prepared to see everything differently.

In the now, you become your own teacher accompanied by your guides and higher self to embark on a journey that is highly unlike the path to death which you may have walked prior to awakening to the now.

Now, you are free to live a life unencumbered by social programming and each breath you take in the now represents a new life of infinite possibility.

As you do so, you can rely more on your intuition, your inner guidance system, check with your higher self, and let your feelings guide you to new life and the evolving into empowered human potential.

Now that you are being in the now, you are awakened and aware, able to see things as they are with more clarity than ever before.

You can settle into your divine purpose, your original calling, and everything looks, feels, and is better, even amazing as you take each breath and step in this new life of love, peace, and harmony.

In this moment, you are you. The “you” you were destined to be.

Celebrate this new you, empowered to go forth into the world, with your newfound awareness and divinity intact.

Helping someone who hasn’t asked for it

I know you like to help people. You see someone struggling and you want to lend a hand to offer them support so they can have a better life. This is all good and shows you have a servant’s heart.

It’s a tough row to hoe when you’re helping someone who hasn’t asked for it.

The key is to be gentle when dealing with someone who hasn’t really asked for your help. You cannot assume where they are in their life’s journey and you cannot know what’s going on inside someone else’s head or heart.

You cannot want something more for someone else than they want it for themselves.

Just be humble and offer him or her a choice. As you are encouraging others, try to remain empathetic and let them know you’d like to have them as a part of your circle of friends, and let them opt in or out. Let it be their choice.

You can’t really help someone who doesn’t want your help.

Letting your inner love-guidance system lead you, invite them to play with you in your world. You could invite them to share a meal or attend an event with you, and see how they do.

You hear many stories of personal metamorphosis which started with someone taking notice of them and inviting them along to experience something new. All they need was that little nudge to engage more fully in the spectrum of life.

A person might reject your initial invitation because they have low-self esteem or is not feeling up-to-par or lacking in self-confidence. So, it might be a good idea to walk away after the first rejection but give him or her another opportunity or two.

If you can find out why they don’t want to join you, maybe you can address that issue, then move on. Otherwise, don’t make them feel as though you are pressuring them.

You can help them by offering helpful comments about your observations of their social interactions if they are open to it, remembering to be gentle and kind as you do so.

The best way to give someone advice is to model the behavior yourself, like, “Watch me. See how I do it.” Let them observe you, then encourage them, “Now, you try it.”

In social situations, you can do the heavy lifting by setting up introductions for them, like,”Hey, this is my friend Jason. He’s an expert in repurposing technology. He’s amazing at taking old tech and turning it into something amazing. Don’t you have some old technology collecting dust?” Then, let them take it from there, as you continue to mingle elsewhere.

If you notice him or her struggling, don’t rush to their rescue. Just make a note of it for review later, in private. You are not coddling anybody, just giving him or her an opportunity to find their own way.

Be careful not to criticize but offer support humbly. You can lightheartedly mention that maybe next time, he check for toilet paper attached to his shoe before he leaves the restroom, without intimidating.

If you’re going to confront them on a bigger issue, like, let’s say she is a Debbie Downer, you might have to do a little more coaching on the many ways they can have more positive interactions with others in social settings.

Always remember, no one is broken or wrong. Everyone is just doing the best they can with what they have. You can offer assistance if they are willing to do their part along the way.

If they are not willing to participate with you in kind, then bless them as they make their own way. You may not be the best match to assist them or maybe this is just not a good time for them.

God bless you for reaching out, the world is a better place because of you.

Truth Continuum

The Truth Continuum encompasses the entire range of all truth in its many forms. All truths are included such as those in this third-dimension reality’s present tense, as well as past, and future truths, and any truths known or unknown to exist in other dimensions. In the Truth Continuum, all thoughts are true in one respect or another.

truth continuum
In the Truth Continuum, everything is true… No judgment or separation

At least a primal understanding of the Truth Continuum is necessary when working with people who have a variety of troubles which mostly revolve around truth in varying stages from within the Truth Continuum.
The client or patient believes something, and while everything he or she believes exists in the Truth Continuum, not everything he or she believes serves him or her in the achievement of his or her highest and best.

This applies even to you as a coach, consultant, or counselor. You will have certain beliefs which serve you at this present moment in time, and even the things which you hold tightly to are subject to change due to new emerging data and your own personal evolution.

The first agreement of true communication in the work of helping others is to compassionately empathize with your patient or client. Allowing your patient or client to believe whatever they believe with 100% accuracy wherever they may be in their life’s journey.

For everything that has ever been thought of has been, is, or will be, verifiable as truth in this or any other time and/or dimension.

It is your responsibility to understand and allow all possibilities of truth to be as you work with the people you are helping without judgment. Even if something doesn’t appear to be true to you, you allow the person you’re trying to help to fully believe whatever it is that he or she believes.

Many have found relief in adopting the idea that the truth of any peoples, believed at any time, all exist within the Truth Continuum, and it is all allowed to be without judgment.

A sense of peace and harmony falls over all subscribers to the Truth Continuum, as others are allowed to believe whatever truth resonates with them at any time, and also allows people to change their minds, to grow and change their truths as they see appropriate at any time. All this without judgment or ridicule.

Subscribing to the Truth Continuum is not only reserved for professionals and is not for the weak of heart because it takes a lot of wherewithal and courage to allow everything to be true, including whatever you believe and all possibilities of all things.

We have been programmed by society not to believe in the Truth Continuum in an effort to keep us at odds with each other by the invisible self-imposed walls of beliefs which are not unlike unseen prison walls. Inside these walls, we have a false sense of security, beyond them the fear of the unknown prevails.

It’s up to you, will you add the Truth Continuum to your practice to improve your efficacy exponentially, or stay rigid in your black, white, and gray training. To do so, increases the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment, allowing people to be whoever they are, wherever they are, believing anything they believe without judgment.

For those who are part of the current evolution of the human being, understanding and allowance of the Truth Continuum is an integral part of this expansion and growth.

Hospital Inside You

While you have been programmed to seek health care from outside yourself there exists hidden within yourself the most powerful health maintenance and healing hospital inside you.

In the sense of physiological health, there is the work that is executed on the body from external sources, such as topical applications, substances which are ingested including natural and pharmacological, and forces such as exercise in its many forms.

There is an underground holistic approach to health care which is gaining momentum, making its way into mainstream medical practice as its effects on the health of the human body are staggering.

Just as these methods affect the body’s ability to heal, cope, and sustain life here on planet Earth, there are many hospitals and health centers hidden inside your body which are proving to be far more effective in promoting physical health, wellness, increased quality of life, and longevity.

There are many ways to tap into these inner health and healing resources, such as Reiki, meditation, neurological feedback methodologies, relaxation, deep breathing exercises, subliminal programming, aromatherapy, and many other ways to center yourself and access these powerful hidden treasures.

Your body is an amazing machine, fully equipped for healthy perseverance and healing itself with the unlimited power of love and life.

In order for your body to conduct all this natural innate work, it must have the raw materials it needs to apply to whatever ails you.

Deep mind/spirit states help to empower your inner hospital to conduct its work throughout your body, and just like the Emergency Department at your hospital on the street has a Charge Nurse, so does the hospital inside you.

God, your higher power, is your inner Charge Nurse and knows you and your body more intimately than any physician on Earth. This is the ultimate source of healing which can diagnose and treat any disease, even incurable or life-threatening diseases as they are known to man or the medical community.

Nothing is impossible with the hospital inside you.

Even though your internal health center does much of the work of keeping you healthy when you are unaware of it’s doing so, it’s up to you to keep the body working with your inner hospital in good communication and working order.

You can consciously take an active part in your healthcare management by maintaining a positive connection between you, your outer world, and your healthcare center within for optimum health, wellness, youth maintenance, and longevity.

There are those well-versed in the practice of meditation who are able to regulate all of their body functions without third-party intervention. According to the experts, this mindful body regulation is the key to the greatest health potential of the human body, enabling it to fully heal and maintain itself, while increasing human potential and evolution.

Anyone of us (all of us come equipped to do so) can take full charge of our own body’s maintenance, self-healing, and health care.

If you are overwhelmed with stress, it will be difficult for you to maintain a strong bond between your external life and your internal health care system. The first order of business for you, if you are overcome by stress, is to find ways to minimize the stress and/or its effects on you, so that you have the bandwidth available to connect to your inner healing center.

Then you can utilize meditation or other “spiritual” practices to center yourself and take control of your life, as is your divine birthright.

As you embark upon this journey of self-awareness, health maintenance, and healing, you will find yourself more aware of your position in life, your community, and the world at large. You will be able to find more relaxation and peace in maintaining a positive mind/body/spirit balance in life.

You will be less likely to be stressed out often, as you learn to relax your mind, allow “what is” to simply be, and let your inner health care system do the heavy lifting in raising your expectations for good health and living a better high-quality lifestyle that comes from peace of mind that passes all understanding.

Of course, you have other natural options that can assist you in healing your inner wounds. This includes doing the deep work of healing your inner self. When the hospital inside you is empowered, it can assist you with curing your mind and your body without having any negative side effects at all.

Having no negative side effects from your health maintenance and your self-healing managed by the hospital inside you is of enormous benefit. Unlike prescription medications which come with all types of negative side effects, when God is your primary healing physician, there are no harmful side effects. None.

While there may be side effects, they are healthful, positive, necessary, and life-charging as being a part of your ultimate healing and health maintenance strategies.

When you feel yourself reacting to circumstances or situations negatively, feeling increased levels of stress, or feel like you’re leaning toward blaming others for things not going the way you might like, this is the emotional frequency which is the breeding ground for unwellness and/or disease.

Whenever you’re feeling off-balance seek out methods to center you with yourself holistically. You can meditate, pray, practice Reiki, use biofeedback, self-hypnosis, aromatherapy, wiggle your toes in beach sand, treat yourself to a massage, or spa treatment, whatever works for you.

In essence, find ways to consciously break away from the things of this world and find peaceful methods of centering yourself, increasing the connection between you and your higher self, which works best for you.

How Dare You Disrespect Me

You know what I’m talking about. It happens every day in the lunchroom, on the court, in the office, in person, on the phone, or on social media, like Facebook, someone says, texts, or posts something that instantly takes you to fight-or-flight. Hurt or anger wells up inside you and you either say or shout,

“How dare you disrespect me!”

Your ego is riled up and in full force, posting up ready to fight, defending your honor over words that someone has uttered or typed which have offended you and possibly cut you so deep that you are crippled by the assault.

Whatever the reason, someone had the unmitigated gall to bully you, spewing at you their hurtful words. When words hurt you, the effects can be very real, as if you’ve been punched in the gut, hit it the face with a board, instantly suffered a knife wound from being stabbed in the back, or shot through the heart.

While people might accidentally step on a nerve or unintentionally say something that might offend you, believe it or not, there are actually people who might try to hurt you on purpose. This leaves you wanting to confront them and say, “You hurt me.”

They might suffer from deep, dark inner wounds, far hidden from visible or conscious view. This causes them to unconsciously project their fears onto people around them.

There is also a more conscious version of projection which projects their conscious inadequacies, things they know are problems in their own lives, but rather than deal with the issues themselves, they project them onto the people around them. This act offers them relief from feeling inadequate if they can convince themselves that someone (or everyone) else is worse than they are.

Then there are those who have to maintain a sense of superiority over others to make themselves feel better about themselves. If they do have a superiority complex, there’s a good chance they’re a little more adept at putting other people down and hurting their feelings than other individuals.

The stealthier verbal attackers are the ones who are passive-aggressive. They have the ability to disrespect or insult most anyone, without actually using specific words that can be addressed as being abusive, assaultive, or rude.

In these cases, the passive-aggressive might say something in a way that hurts your feelings, and when you respond negatively they reply with, “What?” Insisting they did not say anything (specific words that by themselves would not be assaultive) to hurt your feelings.

Someone with low self-esteem might be jealous of you and what you have. Someone who is jealous of you, your skills, talents, special abilities, station in life, or happiness, might like to strike out at you to hurt your feelings or even falsely accuse you of something to bring you down a peg or two. This offers him or her a bit of relief regarding their own life circumstances.

Everyone is just doing the best they can just to get through another day. There is so much struggle to have a good feeling about one’s self, that some of us (if not most of us) might get some sense of satisfaction by putting someone else down.

For some reason, our psyches are just set up that way. Either directly or indirectly disrespecting someone else for anything that would otherwise make us feel bad seems to be effective when we are very young and left unchecked it carries over into adulthood.

Then, of course, there is the psychopath who seeks to wreak havoc and leave a wake of emotional destruction wherever they go, but that’s a horse of a different color. In this case, see: How to Deal with a Psychopath.

Treatment-Resistant Depression

You’re depressed. You’ve been trying to find your way out of this dark tunnel, and try as you might, you just can’t seem to let any light into your darkness. You might be suffering from Treatment Resistant Depression (TBD) also known as refractory depression.

While most people suffering depression are able to find relief from prescription medications or a combination of the right prescription medications and therapy, there are those who after consulting with their doctor and therapist, still cannot seem to get on the other side of their depression.

As much as it might feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel for you, if you are suffering from treatment-resistant depression, know there are other options for you to find a place of peace and joy in your life, but you must be open to the idea of trying new things.

People who have depression and are treatment-resistant are able to find a reason to live, happiness, and a fulfilling life, but will find relief, not in medications or traditional therapy. Instead, they find new life in creative alternative approaches to dealing with their depression.

You do not have to resign yourself to a life of never-ending depression.

You have an internal activation system which can heal your body from the inside out. All of us have this and all you need to do is to find out the best way to activate it. Since we are all different (which is exemplified by those who suffer from treatment-resistant depression) you need to be proactive.

Be your own detective and discover what helps to feel better. Experiment and take action to treat yourself. If you find something that works for you, do more of that, until you are feeling better and better, possibly even annihilating your depression single-handedly.

You must be open to other alternatives, try them for yourself, and see how they work for you.


Many people who are depressed and treatment-resistant find relief in many different ways, like exercise and diet. A little aerobic exercise can go a long way in gaining ground in the battle of treatment-resistant depression.

Giving your body the raw materials it needs to effectively treat and balance itself can go a long way to defeating TRD. There are 90 nutrients your body needs for optimal performance and self-maintenance including minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids.

Balancing your biological system nutritionally can give you a huge advantage and will likely decrease the need for pharmacological intervention.

Other treatment alternatives including supplementation also can have a huge impact on treatment-resistant depression, such as ginkgo, ginseng, magnesium, omega-3, and St John’s wort, among others.

Many people who are treatment resistant find relief from massage therapy once or twice a week which may be connected to detoxification and increasing the body’s natural flow of energy. Treatment-resistant individuals increasingly are responding amazingly well to other energy healing therapies, such as Reiki and Healing Touch. Magnetics are also being recognized in having a positive effect on depression.


Dealing with the issues of the mind and/or reconciling the issues of one’s life is very important for those who might be medically treatment resistant. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), or seeking out a coach, counselor, or consultant can be very effective tools for dealing with the issues associated with balancing one’s life and mind.

For a more holistic approach, those who are treatment resistant find it impactful to integrate a form of spirituality in their personal treatment regiment, for if we are a unique combination of body, mind, and spirit, it just makes sense to include your spirit or soul as part of your treatment regimen.


The power of prayer is undeniable in the treatment of depression though is not popular among the medical treatment professionals, due to the negative press and social attitudes of the highly educated. Nonetheless, the statistics are staggering.

Let it be known that you need have no religious affiliation to enjoy the benefits of prayer and meditation. Regardless of popular belief, God and angles are no respecters of religion, race, or political perspective. This unlimited power is available to anyone. All you need to do is to be open to receive, ask, and it is given to you.

Meet the New You

Following any episode in life, you do not revert to your previous normal state. Every episode brings with it a new understanding, so you find your way to what we call your New Normal, which is more enlightened than the normal which you were more familiar with before this episode.

In this new normal life, you become a better person. Many people who successfully emerge from treatment-resistant depression do so with a new lease on life with a vim and vigor which enables them to transform into an entirely new person altogether.

If this applies to you, you might be surprised to find yourself enthusiastically pondering living a more fulfilling life, achieving your highest and best, discovering and using more of your innate gifts, talents, and special abilities.

By getting in touch with your individual purpose, message, passion(s), and mission you may find yourself living a better life, your best life, and motivated to do your part to contribute more to your local community and make the world a better place.

Allow Unto Others

Everyone remembers the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12) but I would like to see it upgraded to the Diamond Rule rewritten to say, “Allow unto others as you would have them allow unto you.”

That is to say that you allow everyone else the same respect and courtesy that you would like to receive from them. Not to hard to imagine how this diamond rule could be a huge improvement on the simply doing of things, which is great, but to simply allow someone to be, as you would like to be allowed to be, is a far superior concept.

The precepts for the diamond rule are that all of us are equal, we are all in the process of being, we are all in different stages of growth and change, no one is better than anyone else, we are all individual, yet one and the same.

Some of the ways we can prepare our mindsets to appreciate others in this way would be to honor our differences. Realizing that we are all uniquely different, seeing and celebrating our differences instead of putting others down for being different.

Not being afraid about getting to know someone who is different and might have potentially hugely differing points of views on things, may have an accent, might look and act different, maybe even have a sense of wonder about what it might to be like that person.

You might be able to develop a genuine curiosity about other people, how they go here, their history, heritage, and details about the place that they came from. No need to be timid shy about asking someone about their lives if its non-threatening and tempered with compassion, sharing, and caring.

If something someone says generates a negative feeling inside you, do not lash out at the person who is sharing. Instead, think about looking inside of yourself and ask yourself why you might have responded in that manner to his or her words?

There’s a good chance that you have some hidden (or maybe not so hidden) negative programming at work which might have made you feel that way. Might be an indicator that some deep inner work is necessary for you to continue your own growth and evolution.

As you get to know someone else’s world, continue to grow in your own sense of self, and what you believe. The more self-confident and secure you are in yourself you are, the less defensive you will have to be. If you are very secure about you, there is no need to be threatened by a differing viewpoint, and you can honor someone else’s point of view, like you would want them to honor yours.

Don’t be afraid about using your imagination to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What might it be like for that person, having lived the life they lived until now? Even in the most difficult circumstances, if someone is disrespectful or expresses anger, instead of posting up to fight back, why not try to understand why he or she might be responding that way?

Chances are, if you’d lived that person’s life, step by step, having endured everything in life that led up to that point, you would have reacted the same way.

When someone’s reaction surprises you or seems to be out of character, you may become curious and wonder why? They might even want to talk about it if you’re non-threatening and genuinely concerned and can have this conversation compassionately without pride or judgment.

Just remember that deep down, we’re all the same. In fact, just to put your mind at ease, even with all our differences, we are 98.2% exactly the same.

So, maybe – just maybe – the next time you think about judging someone or feeling different, you might think about my diamond rule and, “Allow unto others as you would have them allow unto you.”

It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, allowing someone else the same respect and courtesy that you would like to be treated with.

What an excellent way to be different, by allowing others to be different, too, while feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that we are all in this together.

And if you are very brave, you can let the diamond rule flow over into all areas of life where you feel separation or negative feelings about other people, places, or things.

Cosmic Speakeasy

On the other side, where you go after you die, there is much more going on than you know. It’s not only the place you go after you’ve lived your life, but there also exists the place you are before you are born. In-between lives you may find your way to your own cosmic speakeasy.

The vastness of dimensions, existences, and experiences which await you on the other side of life is nearly incomprehensible from this side of life. Many people have had glimpses into what can be experienced on the other life by near-death experiences (NDE) or via other methods.

The documentation of these experiences which have resulted from these glimpses vary widely and are highly disregarded by the mainstream of society as fanciful folly.

If you’ve known someone intimately (possibly even residing within your own skin) who has had one of these glimpses, it is likely that their/your experience, while it seemed very real at the time, was held back and hidden from other so as not to be the subject of attack or ridicule.

There is a great deal of concern about what takes place on the other side and many people and/or groups of people who subscribe to a particular experience, claim that it is the only possibility, believe in it profusely, and are willing to defend it with their very lives. These people are offended by the thought that another possibility might exist.

You might think that I believe in reincarnation. While I honor the idea of reincarnation and feel it is a valid part of what happens, I think the idea is an oversimplification and its concept is too narrow to embrace the vastness of possibilities which are also very real.

Let it be known, almost all possibilities exist, and if someone has thought of it or has had a glimpse of it, there is a good chance that this is a real part of what exists on the other side of life. While we honor all peoples and their beliefs, to think there is only one eventuality following or in-between life is silly.

There is a good chance at some point you may find yourself in your very own cosmic speakeasy on the other side.

Cosmic Speakeasy

Some of us on the other side find these little hideaways where we gather with other souls whom we travel through lives in tandem.

Following a life journey (which seems like it takes only a few days from the other side) some of us gather at our little cosmic speakeasy with our friends to talk and share our experiences of the last life, compare it to other lives, plot and prepare for the next journey.

These groups of intimate souls on the other side could be a group of any number of souls, say from 10 to 100, more or less.

In-between lives, these groups of souls plot and conspire about the experiences they would like to have on their next lives’ journey. You may have played the victim is your last life and might like to play the victor in the next, or you might agree to play the villain in someone else’s life story.

The conspiring to live the next life in the cosmic speakeasy is not unlike a grand writers room, where souls who are deeply connected to each other gather to in effect write scripts and assign parts to play in the next life’s screenplay.

When you are launched into your next life’s episode, most (if not all) of your memory is wiped of any prior lives or any time spent in-between lives.

Even so, if you are part of the evolving human being who is becoming more aware than your pre-evolutionary contemporaries, you may begin to recognize your soul mates from your cosmic speakeasy on the other side.

When initially running onto a cosmic speakeasy soul mate, you might ask, “Have we met somewhere before?” and indeed you may have.

Not everyone is a part of a cosmic speakeasy as there are a great many things going on, on the other side of life, but many of us are.

And who knows? Maybe you are a member of my soul group which gathers at our cosmic speakeasy.

If so, I will see you there.


Rejecting Love

Some people just have no capacity for love. It’s not that they have no love in them because every one of us comes pre-filled with unlimited love, yet still, there are those who cannot accept love or even receive love because they have, to varying degrees, limited their inner love center or shut it down completely.

You recognize these people building virtual walls around themselves to keep people from getting in. They are highly guarded, defensive about love, keepers of secrets, and avoid connection through social interaction. Even a simple compliment is quickly discounted by these otherwise well-meaning people, who may be quick to respond aggressively or in anger as they reject the idea of being complimented.

At one moment, he or she can seem perfectly normal and suddenly they transform into someone else in a sort of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde safety maneuver.

Our earliest experiences in life often dictate how you will respond to love throughout your life. It is highly likely that a person who rejects love did not grow up around a healthy love model in his or her young life.

In their tender, early years, those who reject love probably equated love with disappointment, rejection, and a barrage of other negative feelings which causes emotional pain and trauma triggered by even the thought of being vulnerable enough to give or receive love.

That’s why someone who has childhood trauma associated with love might react negatively or with hostility when approached with the idea of being loved as he or she sees love as a threat and may feel those same emotions tied to their unconscious childhood memories welling up inside them causing them to defensively reject an otherwise innocent loving gesture.

Those who are closest to them may find themselves being rejected, blamed for the way they are feeling or expressing themselves, accused of some imposed offense, or potential victims of abusive behavior when all they did was to offer caring love and support.

If you are one of those unfortunate recipients of an emotional upheaval, be aware that it has nothing to do with you. Only someone who is in a lot of suppressed emotional pain would respond to your love and affection that way.

Often these people are reacting to their life-long attempts to bury their negative feelings from childhood of loneliness, neglect, fear of abandonment, or abuse.

Their survival instinct kicks in as they subconsciously try to keep themselves from being hurt again, like they were in their youth, when someone they depended on, loved and trusted made them feel safe, loved and protected, only to found out that the people they love will let them down, betray, or hurt them.

There is also a conscious disconnect if someone feels as though they are unlovable, unworthy of being loved, or associates pain with love when someone else extends love to them. It’s like a short circuit happens in their brain, which challenges everything they “know” about life and their place in our society.

This feeling that being a victim of all the negative things which could happen when he or she is loved is triggered and this type of victimhood is very difficult to break-through.

A sense of mortality can present a problem with accepting love if they are obsessed with the idea of impending death. This can be triggered early in life when a loved one or a pet that was deeply loved suddenly dies. It could also happen later in life when an adult loses a loved-one unexpectedly.

These are the people who enter into a contract with their being to never love again so as to avoid the painful loss. They feel better about keeping close relationships at arm’s length or seeking a secluded life in isolation.

There are many other reasons which might find you face-to-face with someone who avoids or rejects love. In any case, those who are able to move on beyond their inclination to reject love are able to make a break-through by working with a coach, consultant, or counselor who can help them deal with the issues which threaten their ability to love and be loved.

And just as effectively, a love rejector can find their way by working through these issues and meet their inner child all on their own.

Even so, most importantly, when someone acts as though they are rejecting your love, know it is not about you, even if they blame you for their reaction. It is your responsibility to be compassionate and love them no matter what.

Do not try to fix them. Do not accuse them of being wrong or broken because they are not.

The object of your affection is only doing the best that he or she can with what they have.

Find new ways to love and support them which do not trigger his or her defense systems and love them unconditionally, if you dare.

God willing, one day he or she will awaken to true love and find a better way to love and be loved.

Love is all there is, everything else is an illusion.