Are You Spiritual or An Ass?

Think about what your definition of spiritual is. Is it someone who is connected to a higher source of love and light (in its most general terms. No disrespect, here)? Or does your ideal of being spiritual refer to someone who is proud about how much they know and sees others as lesser in some way because they are not as spiritually advanced as you?

When people around you are looking for your spiritual appearance, they are looking for one common indicator: Love. How is your expression of love showing up?

Based on their observation of how it appears that you love, they will either believe that you are either a spiritual person or an ass. Think about how others see the demonstration of your faith in terms of love, how might they see you based on what they can see?

Are You Spiritual or An Ass?

No one knows how you feel on the inside, in your heart, about those things that are the most important to you, but you can’t blame them by assuming that you are either spiritual or an ass based on the things you do or say, the way that you act out in the 3D world.

I know a lot of people who are very spiritual, extremely faithfully inspired and living a life dedicated to something that is so divine in nature, but they work their faith in a mechanism which is based in the flesh. If this is you, then you have a somewhat militant perspective of your faith, and your exercising of it looks like it is based on discipline and submission, instead of love and acceptance.

So, it doesn’t really matter what you say about what you believe to others if what they witness in your expression of your faith is anything but love.

Now, keep in mind, your heart may be full of love and your intentions pure, but if your representation is not perceived as love, then your expression, message, or presentation will be received by others as being anything but love, and therefore you may be considered to be an ass rather than someone who is deeply spiritual.

No one is saying that you are actually an ass, only that your expression of your faith is being received that way.

Hate Groups

We know there are a lot of hate groups running rampant in the world today. Look at the things they have in common; they are exclusive. That is to say, they exclude people who are not fully in alignment with their beliefs, and are disrespectful of outsiders, shunning them, or even worse.

Likewise, if your spiritual relationship is expressed as,

“I am right and anything else is wrong,”

You’ve just disconnected yourself from the rest of the population, whom you will rarely, if ever, potentially have a greater connection with. At the very least, your faith would be better served by dropping the exclusivity and militancy.

If those attributes represent a hate group, then a love group must be the opposite.

If you want to have others open to your message, mission, and feel the love you have inside, you need to find ways to express your faith that is more likened to a love group, not a hate group.

Trade exclusivity and militancy for inclusion and expressions of acceptance, now you can be more easily considered as a person who is a purveyor of love.

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

It will take some work, but it will take a conscious effort to see that the outward expression of your spirituality is in alignment with what you really believe.

So, love like it’s the only thing that matters

Because it is.


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