Attitude Adjustment and Vibration

Thankfully, I find myself mostly surrounded by like-minded people throughout my day who are able to keep me “in check” when it comes to managing my vibration.

As much as I try to stay focused in high frequencies, every once and a while I slip into lower vibrations.

attitude adjustment and vibration interuption law of attraction loa

Yesterday, on two different occasions, I began to rant…

If you know me, you know I don’t succumb to this negative vibration very often as I am a very tolerant person. Nonetheless, there I was complaining about this (medications that make us sick) and going off about that (politics).

Luckily, someone was listening in who was able to bring my attitude to my awareness, just by saying, “I don’t usually hear you go off, like that.”

It was as if those were the magic words triggering my being knocked out of a trance.

I was, like, “You’re right. How did I get all riled up, like that?”

So, I retraced my steps.

It shouldn’t have surprised me that the catalyst for engaging my lower self was media – not via the radio or TV, mind you – sources I sought out myself (or was force-fed). The culprits: Google and Facebook.

It’s the same ol’ thing: You’re looking for one thing, and you get distracted by a bazillion other things tugging at your lower emotional states. If you give in, this lowers your vibration which begins to attract other influences and circumstances to match your new level of vibration. If left unchecked for long, the next thing you know, you’re feeling bad and you’re bombarded with a downward spiral of more negative thoughts, attracting more negative people, circumstances and bad luck.

This is one of the basics of the Law of Attraction (LOA).

I am so grateful that someone who knew me well enough was able to get my attention mid-rant (twice in the same day), else the rest of my day might have spun out of control. Especially, since this was early on in the day. I mean, how effective can I be in helping people achieve their highest and best, if I’m unable to maintain my own state of peak performance?

Left unchecked, I would have stayed distracted by the media and become a distraction, myself, distracting anyone around me and potentially reducing their vibration also.

Granted, I cannot place blame solely on Google and Facebook. Clearly, I was already predisposed to allowing the disruption of the negative information that triggered me, like a Manchurian agent. There have been many occasions, when I have been exposed to the same type of information, and was able to breeze by it without a hitch. But yesterday, they got me and I feel somewhat ashamed of myself for falling for it.

I am usually more aware of my state of mind and presence, yet, there I was, caught off-guard and up in the negative whirlpool.

I know better than this.

I’m fairly adept at taking responsibility for maintaining my personal vibration. I couldn’t help but think about others, who may not even be aware of how important vibration is to sustaining a high quality of life, how much more difficult for them must it be to resist the barrage of negative vibration onslaught of information?

It’s no wonder so many people think Life Sucks.

How do you raise your vibration?

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