Benefits of Laughing

If you want to start living your best life, you best start finding ways to enjoy it. They say laughter is the best medicine, and there is no doubt about the therapeutic effects of a good laugh.


Decreases Stress

One of the best drug-free stress reducers is a good laugh, the combination of serotonin and endorphins makes you feel more at ease or peaceful and can make you feel better, even raise self-confidence and love-ability factors.

Gives Good Sleep

Staying up and watching something humorous before going to sleep is sound advice for insomniacs. If you’re having trouble sleeping, find ways to yuck it up before calling it a night.

Natural Pain Killer

Laughing releases endorphins that act as natural pain killers. Want to ramp up your health and wellness? Laughing boosts T cells and your immune system, increasing your ability to ward off sickness and disease.

Improves Breathing

A good laugh will have significant positive impact on your respiratory system and revitalizes the lungs while increasing the flow of oxygen throughout your body.

Helps You Lose Weight

Laughing is like a mini aerobic workout where you’re burning the same amount of calories as you would if you were walking at a moderate pace and helps to burn fat.

Makes You Look Young

Laughing is good exercise for facial muscles and increases blood flow to the face which results in a healthier, younger looking smile. People who laugh regularly can look ten years young than those who don’t.

Reduces Heart Disease

If you have high blood pressure, a good laugh will cause it to drop dramatically. People who laugh more often are less likely to suffer from strokes or heart attacks. Laughter is good exercise for your heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

There’s no reason not to laugh

Fortunately, as a grandparent, there is the benefit of having grandchildren and many family members to celebrate life and enjoy all this life has to offer.


Nothing gives me greater joy than laughing, sharing life and frolicking with the whole Masters Family Crew.



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