Carmen is Safe and Secure

Try to imagine what it must be like for Carmen…

She has wrapped herself up as if swaddled and for the moment she feels safe. The life that is teaming all around her is going on, everyone doing his or her own thing but she is safe and secure.

She hears laughter but she also hears fighting, arguing and feels a potential sense of impending danger outside of her snug cocoon. “Safely I’ll remain, here inside,” she assures herself, better than having to deal with the potential threats that she can hear.

Time passes, sometimes she can hear – and even feel – compassion, love and tenderness, only to be interrupted by the stark contrast of selfishness, hate and cruelty. Almost tempted to exit this safest of places, thankful that she decided to wait for an, “All clear,” the sign that never seems to come… yet she waits.

Carmen is safe and secure Who is Carmen
Carmen is safe and secure. Who is Carmen?

“Water,” she thinks, considering a short escapade to risk exposure for a drink. Then, she thinks about the water; how it’s not the authentic water that she’d heard so much about. The water that quenches one’s thirst and satisfies; clean and pure. She realizes that she has no access to that level of hydration because the water has so many additives and toxins. Even thought it is somewhat palatable, it is actually quite toxic. Rejecting the idea of running the risk of certain death, she assures herself that her body has enough moisture to carry her through this time of withdrawal.

She hears the news of hate crimes and wars; can even make out the sounds of sirens, gunfire, warring aircraft and bombs exploding in the distance. Snuggling her swaddling around her even more tightly, she is safe and this level of solace and safety is far more pleasant than being exposed to the cruel world outside.

Continuing to wait, Carmen considers her need for nourishment. She thinks about what food may be available; she knows it’s not good. What with all the food originating from sources with faces, full of hormones, additives, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), with bacteria running rampant and potential exposure to radiation; Carmen reasons she’s better off spending her own natural reserves while she waits… and remains safe. Besides, there is so much starvation throughout the world, her portion would better serve someone else embroiled in the ensuing battle.

Carmen hears a familiar voice, a warm, calm voice that makes her feel even more safe and secure. Maybe it’s time to consider coming out, risking what the future may hold… she pauses… listens intently… hears only silence… What could it mean?

Suddenly the silence is breached with sound of mayhem and the strongest feelings that she is better of here, secluded, than exposed to possibly the end of the world, as we know it.

Carmen is feeling tired, weak and sleepy, as if the very life were passing from her… Never knowing if and when her current concern of thought might be her last…

If there is another life after this one, it must be better than this; Carmen considers this to be a better option as she feels the life slipping away… Clinging to her cocoon, she senses this is her end, as she feels compelled to embrace the light calling to her from within and/or beyond…

Carmen is safe and secure.

Who is Carmen?

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