Competitive Spirit

A competitive spirit can be good and exhilarating, a high-quality fuel which helps you to excel as you present yourself and express your talents and skills in a masterful way, but it also has a dark side. A competitive spirit has you comparing yourself to others and can lead you to a place which places you in opposition of those to whom you are comparing yourself to.

To create positive momentum, the more of us who are headed in the same general direction in concert with each other is far more effective than anyone of us is pushing out ahead without regard of others, or even thinking that someone is not as deserving as you.

When you’re in a footrace with your friend, of course, you want to win. There can be a point, if your skills are well-matched, that you can send out a thought (which is a powerful signal) that your competitor lose balance, momentum, trip, fall, or otherwise, fail.

But if you’re in a race with a friend and a hungry bear, your survival instincts may overshadow your cooperative spirit, when you decide that you do not have to run faster than the bear, only to outrun your friend.

The spirit of competition can come from a fellow believer, non-believers, a thought group, a coworker, family members, unseen influences, and/or even one’s self.

The distinction between cooperation and opposition is extremely important in achieving positive momentum.

Comparing yourself to others can be counterproductive. Admiration is a far superior vantage point than comparison. If you can look at others and truly admire their talents, abilities, growth, success, beauty, and bliss without comparing their state to your own, you are expressing love’s vibration, seeing through the eyes of love.

When you compare someone’s attributes to your own, this can be destructive, creating friction within yourself and leading to self-degradation. It causes you to question yourself and you can find yourself in a state of self-sabotage. When you start to compare and question your own worthiness, your doubt can become realized as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Try to keep on the positive side of the competition spectrum, being supportive of others, and not beating yourself up for comparing yourself to others, or finding egoic superiority when making comparisons. Refrain from judging yourself or others negatively. After all, we are all doing the best we can with what we have. Right?

Even if you are confronted with a highly competitive person or force, view the circumstance with a gleeful heart. Seeing humor in the absurdness of it (without sharing it with your competitor) can take you to the positive end of the spectrum, and find ways to extract all the compassionate joy you can from the scenario, without giving in to the temptation to feel any degree of superiority.

There really is no comparison, because we are all on our own individual paths, each finding our own way to fulfill our life’s purpose, and there is no right way, and there is no wrong way, only each of us having our own experiences along the way.

Often people exert a competitive spirit because of their feelings of not feeling good enough, lack, unworthiness, or suffering from emotional wounds. When you see someone acting out in this way, respond compassionately. See them in their wounded state and bless them. Pray for their healing.

See this as an opportunity to look within. Can you see any similarities between their pain and some latent pain that may be hidden within yourself? You may be surprised what you find hidden within.

Noticing the contrast in someone else can introduce an opportunity for your own personal growth.

It is never about them; it is always about you. Where will you focus your attention?

Focus on you, your metamorphosis, evolution, and expansion.

Seek to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

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