December Image Directory

Wrapping up the month of December, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Bullies and Their Victims 7 Steps to Overcoming Shyness Organic Conversation
10 Questions for a Better Life Love Lies Why Lovers Lie Live Healthy Exercise and Eat
You Are the Best Self Destruct Left Behind
Raise Your Love Vibration How to Heal a Broken Heart Map It Out and Do It
Make a T Chart Write the Greatest Love Story Ever Save Your Business Ship

Time to Do Your Own Thing?

Love Balloon Therapy Personality Disorders and Diagnosis
Personal Adventurers 10 Seconds to Trustworthiness What  a Man Wants
7 Simple Steps to Create Your Elevator Pitch What Should I Do with My Life? sending love to the world 2016Sending Love to the World
How to Get What You Want


Veteran Suicides
What Does Your Phone Use Say About You? Alternative Energy Sources Victims of Psychopathic Relationships

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