Devastated by Your Lover

When you’ve loved so deeply and survived the most chaotic and destructive relationship leaving you feeling helpless, lost, and potentially suicidal, thank God for being devastated by your lover because you are being prepared for the best love ever. When a love has all but destroyed you, your greatest love is very near and is yours to embrace, if you do not turn away from it.

Devastated by Your Lover

Love is a process of growth. If you were open, vulnerable, and loved so deeply that you could be reduced to a smoldering pile of ash in the wake of a relationship’s end, the truest, greatest love of your life is not far off, though you must move from where you are to where your highest and best love is. If you stay where you are, there will be another tragic love waiting for you to continue your preparation process.

How often will you have to repeat this cycle until you realize that your path to true love is in a different direction from where you’re currently headed. Continuing to traverse in the direction you’re currently going, will only yield more of the same because you’re on Love’s Train Wreck Road.

When you’re face-down in the rubble of a relationship where you have been devastated by your lover, hopefully, you start looking for a way to get off LTW Road.

Granted, you’re feeling unwell, and can barely move, and maybe all you can do is to roll your body off of the road and into the ditch, where you can gather yourself and figure out a way to get off this road.

If someone drives by and offers you a ride to the hospital, this sounds like a good thing when you’ve been beaten and bruised, lying in the ditch. You overlook your rescuer’s rugged appearance, and otherwise repulsive characteristics because in this moment, you feel as though this person is an angel of God.

So, you get into his (or her) truck and you get taken to a cabin in the woods, not a hospital. Still, on Love’s Train Wreck Road, your feeling of relief is interrupted by the idea that this is starting to look more like a horror film, instead of a romantic movie.

You can see (or feel) a blinking yellow light on the dashboard, “Service Engine Soon,” and this is that still small voice speaking directly to your heart.

Stop the insanity, get off this road and find your own way to service your love engine.

The fact that your love relationships are not working out right is a clear indication that you are not doing it right. You must find a way to get off the road you are on and do it differently if you want different results.

I know you’ve heard this before,

The Greatest and Truest Love Starts with You

You are quick to disregard such a trite statement with, “Yeah, I know that. I love myself. Leave me alone. I got this.”

(Uh oh, the three words that cut off the source of all future awareness: “I know that.”)

Do you?

Clearly, you do not.

Finding the wellspring of love within yourself is not as easy as it sounds, because it is such a powerful treasure trove of energetic power, that tapping into it not only changes your life, but the world.

7 Phases of Love

You have been programmed to disregard this powerful source of love energy, which not only causes your heart to beat and your mind to think, but also holds the stars in space, and you have a direct connection to this power within yourself.

That’s the purpose of my Awaken to True Love Workshop. It’s helping people plug into the love source of all life and everything. (There are many paths to awaken to true love, this workshop is just one of them.)

Once you tap into this source, honor and love yourself deeply, your life and the whole universe shifts, and love, true love is the life you live.

Then, you do not find your love in another person, but a person who is perfectly matched to you (along with his or her imperfections) appears, willing and able to reflect this new love energy back to you.

Together, the flame of your love experience influences and warms the hearts of others, affecting and changing the vibratory state of your community and makes the world a better place.

And you’ll never find yourself devastated by your lover again because you will never find yourself on LTW Road again.

If you decide to do it differently.

Are to ready to Awaken to True Love?

See you at the Soulmate Wizardry event.

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