How to Deal with Energy Vampires

Ever find yourself drained of all your vital energy when a certain someone is around? An Energy Vampire is a particular type of toxic person, probably somewhat narcissistic, who may have no malicious intent but still sucks the life out of you when he or she is around, leaving you wondering how to deal with energy vampires?

Try to keep in mind that while they are self-absorbed and unconcerned about you, these energy vampires need energy the derive from others to live. Just like you cannot keep an ordinary bloodsucker from parasitically draining the blood from other living beings, there is no way you can rescue, save, cure, or heal an energy vampire. Nonetheless, unless you’re dealing with a sociopath or psychopathic predator, energy vampires are not evil.

Regardless, a person can only take so much, and someone has to take care of you. If no one else is going to look after you, the responsibility lies solely with you. If you intrinsically a very nice person, and you’ve developed a relationship with (albeit somewhat dysfunctional and toxic), you might have second thoughts about abandoning someone that you care about.

How to Deal with Energy Vampires

You can start protecting yourself by limiting your exposure to the energy vampire. Limit the time you spend in his or her presence, fill your life with other pursuits that build your energy rather than draining it, making you less available for exploitation or allowing the energy vampire to continue to suck the life out of you.

Avoid letting the energy vampire draw you into his or her drama. They will tell their tales of always being the victim, they will weave fantastic stories of woe, pain and suffering. And anytime you try to reach out to them, they spin anything you have to say back to their own drama, as you feel the energy drain.

When you are exposed to them, do what you can to remain unemotionally attached to their stories. Don’t let them see you react, as you remain stoic. Any reaction (positive or negative) will supply them with the energy they crave.

If being in the presence of the energy vampire is unavoidable, like at work, or a family affair, if it is a family member, then invite others to participate in the exposure who are not emotional parasites. This will help to stave off the effects of the vampiric influence.

Another effective tactic is to interrupt any negative assertion of the energy vampire with a hugely positive or funny interruption and laugh at your own punchlines. Be strong and do everything you can to keep the energy vibration high. Happiness is the anti-venom of the energy vampire and disarms them every time.

After a while, they will realize that you’ve become bulletproof.

If you’re still unable to mitigate the damages due to the drain of an energy vampire, then it may be time to sever your ties altogether.

Occasionally, in life, we have to make difficult and hard decisions to affect our self-preservation. You might have to cut off any further contact with the energy vampire and make better choices about what people you will surround yourself with.

Cutting off contact with your emotional vampire could be more problematic than you might think. It’s common to develop an empathetic or psychic connection and severing these cords can be uncomfortable and painful. Expect there to be some potential symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Sometimes you gotta cut the cords and do what you gotta do to live a better life.

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