Living in the Now

How magnificent might it be if we could live every day fresh and new, free from the darkness of our past? Our memories and the vibrations of the thoughts of our past set the tone for the life we live. But what if we could break free from the past and live each day as a new day? How glorious could it be? How much better could every new day be? If it were possible, this would be living in the now.

If it were possible to truly live in the now, what might it take to start living a life free from the past? If you could suspend disbelief for a moment and ponder such a possibility, here are some of the processes to consider if you were to dare to begin living in the now.

Be Aware

If you are living in the now, you are very cognizant about your surroundings. You see things as they are, uninfluenced by the history of your past. This perspective honors life as it is in the moment.


Forgiveness is not something you seek from someone else. The only forgiveness you can ever truly experience is the forgiveness you administer. Forgiving yourself and others for anything that has happened previous to this moment in time enables you to live in the now. Forgiveness clears the slate for new information uninhibited by previous thought processes, previously accumulated data, judgments and negative influences.

Especially if you’re carrying around wounds inside, it’s time to forgive, let it go and step into this moment, free from the past: Now.

Take Out the Trash

Living in the now requires removing all the things from your life that pull you back into the past. If you really want to live in the now, you must get rid of all the baggage and things around you connected to your past, that could drag you down. It’s time for some serious house-cleaning and throwing out the garbage of the past, making way for truly living in the now.

Edify Yourself

If you are living in the new, there is no need for self deprecation. Every day you wake to a new day, you are a new person, fresh and innocent as a new born. There is no need to punish, abuse yourself or feel bad about anything in your past. The past is gone. It doesn’t exist. You are happy and confident to enjoy the new you in this new day. You only celebrate your strengths, abilities, goodness and worthiness now.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

If you’re living in the now, there is no need to worry. You can rest assured that everything you could ever need has been provided for you and this day in your journey. You’re already free from the past, now there is no need to waste any time fretting about what tomorrow might be. You’re happy in knowing you are and have forgiven and moving forward in joy and happiness. You enthusiastically embrace each new day, come what may.

Dream Forward

Set your attention and intentions on your new, best life ever. Using your imagination, empower your dreams to create an image of your new life going into the future. How much better can each new day be? What if you could have anything you want, fully enjoying your heart’s desires? What would it look like, feel like, taste, smell and sound like?

Here’s where you interrupt, saying, “That’s not the ‘Now,’ it’s the future.” Good point. Let me ask you this,

Can you change the past?
Can you change the future?

Okay, stay with me. You can have everything you’ve ever wanted if you take action (wait for it…) in the now.

Take Action

Living in the now enables you to take action (albeit as miniscule or gigantic) in this very moment that moves you closer to achieving your dreams. The desires of your heart were fulfilled in the moment you thought about it and are waiting for you, now in the future. Dreams do not come true by magic, they are realized by moving from where you are to where you want to be and removing whatever stands between you and what you want.

Think about it.

What if you can start living in the now in the now?

Now is no better time to start living in the now

If you dare

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