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Wrapping up the month of May, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Story of my life how to write a bookStory of My Life How to Write a Book Spiritual connection between people known and unknownConnection 5 senses to success attraction attenuation prosperityThe 5 Senses of Laser Focused Concentration
Am I too shy to be massively successfulAm I Too Shy to be Massively Successful? Preserving the servants heart self respect healthy boundariesPreserving the Servant’s Heart Personal SWOT Analysis strength weakness opportunity threatPersonal SWOT Analysis
Toxic relationships toxic people just say noToxic Relationships How to Deal With Toxic People Holistic entrepreneurs heart centered business higher productivity numbers upHolistic Entrepreneurs will work for foodWill Work for Food
Thought leaders dont fit in like a stranger in a strange landStranger in a Strange Land Syndrome Spiritual growth businesses spirit led entrepreneursSpiritual Growth and Business What is your marketing budget average 10 to 40 percentBusiness Last Ditch Effort
Love Mick Jagger You Can Get What You Want photographed by Gered Mankowitz 1966You Can Get What You Want Your friends are against reconciliation like an angry mobNot Just the Two of Us When your ex- comes knockin' do you send him a-walkin'?Second Chances
broken heart when someone breaks your heartBroken Heart Ultimate pet rescue matching at risk dogs and cats with pet parents in needUltimate Pet Rescue Childhood friends can form meaningful deep friendship for lifeConnecting with Friends
I found my soul mateI Found My Soul Mate! Dont quitQuit Now Don’t Quit What you see is what you get see the best feel goodWhat You See is What You Get
Free full length youtube video 2 hours you are the star best movie everFree Full Length YouTube Video Vive la resistance resist the resistance and continue to evolveVive la Resistance Loving Mothers every day mothers are the gateway to lifeMothers Are the Gateway to Life
spiritual abuseAre You a Victim of Spiritual Abuse? Sui Generis collective evolution of body mind and spirit individuallyYou Are Sui Generis Fear of failureFear of Failure
Thank you for letting us do this life together you are not aloneYou Are Never Alone Carmen is safe and secure Who is CarmenCarmen is Safe and Secure Stress free top 10 stress free life hacksLiving Your New Stress-free Life
Stress freeStress-free

May 2016 wrap up images

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