Ready to Meet Aliens from Outer Space?

I come across a lot of first-hand information from clients, some of which may be hard to believe, yet I get access to information that is so much bigger than I can believe. I cannot reveal information that couldn’t be obtained any other way due to the penitent privilege, which means that I must maintain the highest degree of confidence due to my clerical vows.

I can tell you this: When a client discloses an unbelievable story as they are conveying an intimate experience, I do not challenge them. I simply respond to them just as if every word they have spoken as truth, because I must assume this experience must have seemed very real to my client. My function is not to judge whether anything is true or not. My job is to help this person deal with the issues of their life that haunt them in an effort to regain control of their lives and get back on track.

After my work is done, I must admit that I query the big G (google) just to see if anyone has a similar story. You can only guess at the results – and you’re probably right – if the thought occurred to you that more often than not I am able to uncover corroborating data.

In some cases, I have been distracted from my mission by entertaining the compulsion to research some of these topics, and this has led me to ask the question, “Am I ready to meet aliens from outer space?” I also wonder if you are

Ready to Meet Aliens from Outer Space?

Even though I am unable to disclose specific information, I can confirm some of the craziest-sounding stories and theories that can be found on the Internet may not be falsified or a collection of rantings by less-than-sane individuals, though I am not taking a specific position on the matter. I am the first to admit that I do not know anything to be true or not true, because I am regularly instantly sobered by having access to new information, causing me to take time to reconsider my view on what is possible.

IF the information I have been privy to is accurate (note I am conceding a huge IF, because I am not an expert, nor do I feel compelled in any way to seek out this information personally, as this subject is contrary to my personal calling and message), it might be a good idea not to completely disregard the idea of there being aliens from outer space, and to consider that there is life on other planets.

A friend of mine, who has since passed, proposed,

“If there’s life on other planets, then I’m sure that He must know. And He’s been there once already and has died to save their souls.” ~ Larry Norman

Some people insist that solely based on mathematics, other life is highly probable within our galaxy. Intelligent life, similar to those of us who make up earth’s human population, is less likely within the Milky Way. On the other hand, when you factor in all the other galaxies, the existence of intelligent life is not only probably, it is a mathematical certainty.

Of all those other intelligent life forms existing elsewhere, is there a more advanced civilization who may have mastered the idea of interstellar travel? Probably.

If you were able to remove all the limitations that have been all but hard-wired into your mind, conditioning you think the idea of intelligent alien life is nothing short of science fiction and were able to process the information, like a computer (which was not inhibited by being pre-programmed with similar limitations), you would conclude,

1. There is life on other planets.
2. One or more advanced life forms outside our galaxy have mastered interstellar travel.
3. Aliens visited planet earth prior to our appearance.
4. Aliens have visited our planet periodically since our arrival.
5. While we may well be the most advanced life forms in the Milky Way, we are primitive in comparison to other more advanced life forms outside our galaxy.

The question remains, are we

Ready to Meet Aliens from Outer Space?

I am not totally committed to any belief one way or the other. My position is simply

It is what it is.

Regardless of whether there is life on other planets or not, it does not concern me. I don’t need t believe one way or the other and I do not feel compelled to rationalize any conclusion either way.

If it turns out that I am able to meet aliens from outer space (or if it turns out that I already have), I will process the data as it becomes available.

In the meantime, if there is going to be an space alien introduction, I will be hoping the result will be peaceful and enlightening.

I am okay either way.

How about you?

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