Reclaim Your Power

Sometimes in life, you find yourself entertaining people in your inner circle who are disrespectful, sneaky, underhanded or toxic. Dealing with people like this can drain you of your precious energy. You already know that if you identify an energy loss, you should put forth the effort to take it back.

When your energy loss is due to people in your circle of influence, there are steps that you can take to preserve your energy and take your power back, if you have let someone usurp their energy drain over your desire to preserve your own energy to enable you to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

Out of your own self-respect, without having to judge the person or people who are draining your energy, set boundaries to protect yourself. If someone keeps introducing drama into your life or dragging you into their emotional storms, draw the line there. Sure, if a friend is going through a tough time, you want to be compassionate and caring, but you must not allow them to drag you down, and steal your joy.

When you feel like someone is drawing you into their whirlpool of negative energy, excuse and remove yourself from the undertow and find a safe place to be. In real life, you might not be able to excuse yourself from your drama queen in the moment that you recognize you’re being swept away (for example, if you’re at work, etc.) then interrupt their state by asking them what he or she is going to do about it?

It’s likely that this question will catch them off-guard and interrupt the swell of negative energy. If the challenge is too much for them to handle, they are likely to change the subject, rather than accept the idea of concentrating on a solution. In this way, you can create space without having to remove yourself from the physical space. Changing the subject to a more positive one may be another way to distract them from their negative roll.

Take the high road when you find yourself in a negative entanglement with another person. I know, in the moment, you might fire off a negative comment or disrespectful accusation in defense of yourself. The more integrous response might be a kind, supportive, or understanding word, after a brief pause. Taking a few seconds (like the count of ten) to center yourself first, will give you a chance to have a thoughtful, heart-centered response, rather than an emotional defensive outburst.

If you find yourself focusing on a negative subject, stop it, and as soon are you’re able to refocus your attention on something joyful, or if the negativity is overwhelmingly pulling on your heart-strings, refocus your attention and intention on a solution to that which is causing you concern. You can use the negativity as fuel to relaunch your attention on a solution, the positive antithesis of the problem.

Let go of any expectation you might have about pleasing others. This is just too much burden for anyone to bear, and it will always leave you empty-handed by exerting your energy in trying to get any sense of feeling good about yourself by what others think or say about you.
The most powerful people in the world, are those who are tapped into their purpose, message, passion, and mission (PMPM) and focus their attention and energy within. People with less personal power are likely to focus outside of themselves seeking to blame anyone and anything for whatever it is they lack or don’t feel good about in their lives.

You, as a positive and powerful person, focus within. Everything that approaches you as a negative, makes you look at a positive, look for a different perspective, or seek a solution, while the negative person, just feels victimized by life.

If you care about someone who is stuck in a rut that is counter-productive to your energetic wellbeing, release them to follow their own path with your blessing. As much as you might care for someone, you cannot change them or fix the way they think or experience their life. It is not your responsibility, and you couldn’t do it if you wanted to. Only he or she can make the changes necessary to live a better life. Love them, but let them go.

Yes, they may find their own way to living a better life, and you can celebrate their victory with them, but this is something they can only do for themselves.

I know, you want to help other people, especially those of us who are in the help-industries. Let them do their own work. You cannot do it for them, nor would you ever be expected to. Empower them? Yes. Do it for them? No.

You realize that you are responsible for your own, health, wellness, love-filled life of joy and happiness.

Do not let others slow your roll.


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