What an Awesome Life

I love my life so much… If I were to write a book about my life it would be nearly impossible because it would take so many books. I do refer to segments of my life when I write, so I write… and reveal stories, if appropriate and applicable.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

Sometimes life goes the way I expect, other times I am surprised and shocked. I find that my life’s journey is accompanied by joyous tears of gratitude and sometimes sadness making me love it even more.

Onlookers who love and care about me express deep concern when witnessing my experience facing life events that would appear to be insurmountable for someone else. They might try to console or counsel me, encouraging me to consider living a life more mediocre.

Mediocrity is not an option in my life. I am enjoying living my life full on and all in. Granted, this leaves me more vulnerable to disappointment or heartache but it also means that I enjoy and achieve more than someone afraid of taking the risk of living a wildly fulfilling life.

Life is like Walt Disney World. Some people are content looking at the view from their Orlando hotel with a WDW-facing view, that’s good enough for them. Others might enjoy getting a day pass ticket, actually go in, buy some food and souvenirs, walk around, take some pictures and buy a tee-shirt to prove they’ve been there. Then, there are the adventurers who have to do it all.

I’m the adventurer who wants to feel the thrill of the ride, wondering for a moment if my next breath will eb my last, to feel the exhilaration that comes from discovering that the ride continues. “Whew, made it past that,” just to be surprised by what comes next. And don’t forget, I want to be crying my eyes out to Jiminy Cricket and the Wishes fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom before I call it a night.

In my humble opinion,

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

I am living my life as though I had a chance to select it from the universe’s largest catalogs of life, like picking a movie from all the movies ever made, and after reading the synopsis for this one I said, “That’s the one,” and booyah, did I get my money’s worth!

I realize that this approach to living a better life where anything is possible may be too much for most people to handle, and that’s okay. I don’t judge, and honor your life’s journey and your choice to live it out any way that brings you the most satisfaction, especially if you’re loving your life as much as I’m loving mine.

For me and my life, I’m lovin’ every minute of it. If you are not…

Well, maybe you just wanted to breeze through life without any surprises, or maybe you wanted to know what it would be like to live a life full of fear with impending suffering and danger… and if you are, consider this:

Is it possible that you chose to live a life that started out with lots of challenges only to make the happy ending that much more amazing?

Consider starting the most amazing part of your life today.

How much better does it get?

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