When Are You in Your Power?

Welcome back. Let’s talk about your power. You have power within you which expresses itself every so often. So, when are you in your power?

You are in your power when you are involved in an activity that you are passionate about. When you’re engaged in doing anything where you just sort of lose track of time. You know, those times when you’re doing something, and time just flies by.

Everyone has some kind of activity which is a perfect vibrational frequency that matches who you are, and when you’re there, you know it. In sports vernacular, they refer to this as “being in the zone,” when you’re vibrating at your highest frequency and you’re feeling powerful and even invincible.

Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top of the left-hand column, title this


Start writing down all the activities, that when you are engaged in them, the time just slips away, and you know you are operating in your power.

When you’re operating in your power, everything is in alignment. Your physiology starts working at peak performance, your brain chemistry is in sync with the subject at hand, your intuitive resources kick in, and you are focused and present, in the moment.

Take a few more minutes to write them down.

Okay, at the top of the right column, title it


In this column, you’re going to list all the things that you do that come easily to you. This is you will write down your gifts and special abilities.

Now, they might seem like they’re no big deal to you, but to others who’ve seen you in action, those who have witnessed your results, to them you are amazing when you do that thing that you do.

It might be baking a cake, or like my friend Kelly, she makes the best fudge on the planet. Maybe you’re a chef, and people think the meals you create are pure magic.

Maybe you’re a prayer warrior, a healer, or someone who has a keen intuitive spider-sense that lets you know that something unpleasant could be coming, and because of your heightened awareness, you can avoid some of the bad things that happen to other people.

Maybe you have a knack for scientific research, a thirst for knowledge, maybe you’re a Dr. Doolittle or dog whisperer.

You might be a number person, who loves crunching numbers and evaluating statistics all day long.

How are you with kids? Are you especially gifting in interacting with children and encouraging them to do their best?

Do people come to you for advice? Are you a good coach, consultant, or counselor?

Do you have natural abilities and extensive knowledge about herbs, spices, natural scents, and homemade remedies?

What was the last time that someone praised you and said, “That was amazing, what you did right there.” What was that thing?

Are you into alternative energy? A freedom fighter?

Do you find it easy to make a stand or reach out to help the underdog?

Does your compassion for others have you volunteering to help those who are suffering or may not have the resources to take care of themselves?

Are you an animal trainer? Interior decorator? Designer? Event organizer?

Are you a lover? A matchmaker?

Do your gifts and abilities include hobbies, like, weaving, woodworking, painting, photography, playing a musical instrument. Writing poetry, songs and/or music? Are you a good dancer?

Are you comfortable in front of a camera or a live audience? Possibly a potential model, actor, or public speaker?

Are you amazing at solving or putting together puzzles, working word games, or solving brain teasers?

Your gifts and abilities could include sports. Have you ever received a certificate signifying your award-winning competency?

Write it down.

Once you have this inventory of power, gifts, and abilities, you can see that you are far more qualified at so many things than so many other people.

We are here to certify that you are uniquely qualified to share your message and to help others through your teaching, training, and understanding of the material which is about you, the life you’ve lived, and the blessing you can bring to others.



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