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This class is extended and will be running free online while we are under the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Here’s what you can expect:

Free teaching certificate awarded to attendees of the Free Teacher Certification Program which includes discovering and monetizing your purpose, message, passion, and mission in life. In this one-day intensive seminar you will learn how to start teaching others using your unique skills and abilities, and training you’ve received from the university of life to help and train others as no one else can. Squash your inner critic, help and lead people who need to hear from you, empowered by this free trainer certification. Learn how to train others by attending this free instructor certification event. Credits earned via St. Paul’s Free University.


You might be surprised to discover at this event that you are more qualified than an ivy league graduate to teach. Discover why you are so qualified and learn what sets you apart from other classically-trained instructors, and come to realize that this, your accepting your call to train and help others may be a part of your life’s journey, and could be a part, if not the main reason, for you’re being here, your purpose in this life. If so, your life will not make sense until you embrace your teaching mission.


Quite the contrary. No formal training necessary. You’ve received your training from a higher source. You’ve been in the trenches. You know what it’s like to look the devil in the eye and find a way to survive in spite of the odds that may have been stacked against you. Experience is necessary. In fact it is your unique experience and perspective which is invaluable and cannot be taught in any school.


In this event, we are going to help you discover and embrace your message, and honor the life which has pre-qualified you for this sacred work. We believe that you have come here to this earth with a special message, unique unto you, and we are here to help you begin to understand how to interpret all the details that have helped train you for this type of work.


We are here to certify that you are uniquely qualified to share your message and to help others through your teaching, training, and understanding of material which is about you, the life you’ve lived, and the blessing you can bring to others. You will realize that what looked like chaos, tragedy, and trauma, in the past was all divinely orchestrated to bring you here, to this time and place, where you start supporting others, your community, and the world, as only you can.


Being intuitive is becoming more accepted than before. It no longer carries with it the stigma of being “out there” or seen as pure hogwash of the superstitious and flighty personas. Instead, it’s seen as a valuable asset that helps, protects, and guides us. Learn how to harness your intuition and how it can improve all areas of your life!


Learn from a top mystical instructor how you can monetize your special gifts and abilities and teach others, empowering them to take your message to the masses. Learn how she discovered her gifts and abilities, and took charge of her life, and offer assistance and healing to others in need. Duplicate yourself by multiplying your efforts, and make the world a better place.


Understanding student’s learning styles helps tailor your teaching so that students can get it. As you learn about the different intelligences and the many models of learning styles, you will be able to cater to each student’s individual needs, as you go.


At St. Paul’s Free University, we specialize in making you master your story, your life, and your message by making you an expert in your field. We will give you the tools to become an expert in your field. Get the Be an Expert in Your Field Blueprint. Following this event, you will have everything you need to be recognized as an expert in your field.


St. Paul’s Free University is looking for new instructors, like you. At this event, you can meet the team and let us know if you would like to join the team.

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Your Instructors for this Teachers Wanted Free Teacher Certification Program

Amy Elmore, Lolo Lesser, Rosa M Luna, David M Masters

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Wrapping up the month of March, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Sending Love to the World COVID-19 Start Your New Career Today Your 2 Dot Coms
2 Quick Stories About You When Are You in Your Power? What is Your Teaching Message?
Teach No Experience Necessary You Are Qualified to Teach Free Teacher Certification Online Coronavirus Quarantine
There’s a Pill for That Lab Mice






Sending Love to the World COVID-19

I know, we usually only run the Sending Love to the World call out during the holiday season due to the increase of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation at that time of year, but now is the time to be sending love to the world COVID-19 style.


Only a few days into state-wide and nation-wide lockdowns, there is an increased rate of those suffering from depression. Some people are barely on the edge of self-destruction and something like the coronavirus and its associated social distancing could be enough to push someone over the edge.

Many people who are barely getting by have been sent home. Likewise, marginal businesses who supported local families and were the only source of survival for their families are being shut down and may not be able to survive the length of time necessary to reopen when allowed by the government and its agencies.

People who initially looked forward to a little recreational time off, are now starting to get a bit of cabin fever, feeling cut off from family, friends, coworkers, and aren’t finding much relief from social media. People need people to survive.

It is for these reasons that we are campaigning for those who are so inclined to join us in sending love to the world throughout these difficult and challenging times.

Sending love to the world only takes a few minutes and can be done as often or as little as you like. Know that every time you find yourself sending love to the world that it does make a difference and may be that love-energy boost that will help someone to see the light, at least the silver lining, of this looming dark cloud of isolation.

The process is simple, all you need to do is to center yourself into a meditative, love-filled state, and send love to others, as you do so, this will also make you feel better because as you flow energetic thoughts of love from yourself to others, that flow infuses your cells with love as well. And you can feel the effects of doing so.

My name is David M Masters, and I discovered this method of sending love to the world when I was suicidal during the holidays. It helped me, and it helped others as well. I feel like I am here, today, because of my sending love to the world.

This is to say that you do not have to feel like you have any hope or love to give. You can feel as though this would be your last act in life, like I did, and you can help others, and receive the healing from the process, like I did.

This pandemic can be brutal as we go forward through the process.

Here is a simple guided meditation I’ve provided if it will help, but it is not necessary.


You can use any method which feels right for you for sending love to the world.

My heart goes out to those who have contracted the COVID-19 virus, those who have it now and don’t know it, and those who have yet to get it. I am sending love to them.


I am sending love to all those who continue to serve, willingly putting themselves at risk, in an effort to keep the rest of us safe.

I am also sending love to those who do not have the virus but are suffering just as much, if not possibly more, from being shut down or locked down and isolated from their support system. They, also, are in need of receiving love right now.

So, I hope you will join me, and others, in sending love to the world throughout the COVID-19 epidemic.

God bless you for all that you do,

Sending Love to the World


Start Your New Career Today

I know it’s hard being celled-in or locked down amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but this might just be the opportunity to start your new career today, thanks to COVID-19.

A lot of us have no jobs, have been laid off, many of us will have no jobs to go back to, when we’re finally allowed to live life again, not having to be restricted to social distancing, house arrest, or shelter in place.

Maybe now is the time to take advantage of this downtime to start your new career today. So, when we go back to business as usual, you will have a whole new set of skills on board, and lots of opportunities waiting for you.

At St. Paul’s Free University, we specialize in making you the master your story, your life, and your message by making you an expert in your field. Not only do we give you the tools to become an expert in your field, but if you become a part of our team, we also provide a power platform for you to be able to help others exponentially, and be remunerated for your efforts handsomely.

You are under no obligation to work with us, this event is our gift to you, because the world needs you, now more than ever. But if we’re a match, and you want to help us help you and others achieve their highest and best, then by all means, don’t let anything stand between us, here, today.

Today, you have everything you need to get started teaching while embracing your gifts, skills, and special abilities as only you can as an expert in your field.

Be sure to send an email to and give us your full name, the way you would like it to appear on your certificate, and your mailing address. We will send you your teacher certification to verify your attendance here today, and to empower you to step out, share your message, and live out your life’s purpose.

If you would like to start a new career as a instructor at St, Paul’s Free University, taking an active part in all the latest emerging technologies, while singing your song, as only you can, with the support of all of us lifting you up and supporting your efforts with everything that we have, then you want to take our Instructors Master Class, which will launch your new career into orbit in a powerful way.

Now, the masterclass is not free. It’s $5,000 for the ten-week course, but because you’re here with us today, and we’re all in this together… I mean, here we are amidst this coronavirus crisis. We’re all in the same boat. We’re celled in and may find ourselves sheltered in place at any moment.

So, here’s what we’re going to do today. If you decide to join us today and enroll in our Instructor’s Masterclass, we’re going to let you attend the classes for $1,000. That’s $100 per week, and you can pay as you go, and attend all the classes online.

Tell you what, I will make it even better for you. If you pay upfront for all ten weeks, you’ll get $100 off.

And if you’re enthusiastic about working with us and know other people who might like to join us, we will give you a $100 credit toward your own course for every person that you bring online, so you could get your classes for free, just by inviting your friends.

And if this is your calling and you’re at a place where it’s just not possible to afford this powerful Instructor’s Master Class, scholarships are available as well, just let one of us know, and we’ll get you started on that path.

If you haven’t taken one of our classes you may have no idea what’s ahead, but this thing I know, you will be amazing and your will have all our resources for you to use in support of your Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission.

This is a no-fail proposition. St. Paul’s Free University is not like other learning institutions where you pay a lot of money to sit in class and learn from a professor who is just coasting along in life because they’ve paid their dues, or have a sense of entitlement.

You are not going to just walk away with a degree and left to your own devices to figure out what to do with it. You are becoming a part of our team and we are becoming a part of yours, but there will be work.

There are no fraternity parties, though there will be fun, and you will learn valuable tools and techniques in new and different ways that you would not have access to anywhere else.

So if you really want to take the next step to start that new chapter in your life, then sign up today, save some money and empower yourself to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

I’m David M Masters with St. Paul’s Free University, and I hope you will join me for our next Instructors Master Class. If you would like to know more, you contact any of our instructors, here today, or you can get ahold of me at

Go forth with all your gifts and special abilities and help those who are in desperate need of what you have to offer and make the world a better place.


Your 2 Dot Coms

If you really want to make an impact when lightning strikes, you need to have your 2 dot coms online to achieve maximum exposure when you find yourself expectedly or unexpectedly in the spotlight.

You’re probably wondering what I’m up to here, why I have you moving through these processes, and those of you who have taken my Branding Masters course, you know exactly what’s going on.

I want you to be ready, at that moment when lightning strikes, for you to become a worldwide phenomenon when you get your 15 minutes of fame. For you online, if we were live, we’d take a few minutes to go around the room and listen to sob stories when students could have had access to a huge media event, but they were not prepared. From this point in time forward, you will be ready.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about that moment in time when you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and you hear alarms and see a bank robbery in progress, just as the news vans roll up.

The talent and cameraman are going to jump out of the van, spot you, with the intent of asking you about the event. You’ll get a microphone shoved in your face and they will ask you, “What’s your name?” Then they will ask, “What do you do?” Then they will ask you what you saw.

And starting at that exact time, and continuing for at least the next 72 hours, people will be Googling your name and what you do. This is the world we live in.

Those of you who are joining us onling tonight, when that happens to you, you will be ready, if you have the answers to these two questions. And trust me, you think you might have the answers, but you don’t, unless you’ve taken my class before.

Let’s take a look at the first one: Your name.

There’s a pretty good chance that your name, the name you go by now is never going to work for you. Why? Because you do not own your-name-dot-com.

Why do you think I introduce myself as David M Masters? Why don’t I just use the name David Masters, without the M? Because wasn’t available. Someone else already had that. So, I had to get because it was available. If it wouldn’t have been, I would have tried, and if that wasn’t available, I would have gotten some other variation like Davidario Masters, if I could get and I would have changed my name to that.

So, your assignment is to search for available dot coms and acquire a name that you can live with for the rest of your life. And if you’re one of the lucky ones, like there’s always at least one, usually a few more, who can get their name dot com on the first try. If so, good for you.

How about your answer to, “What do you do?

It’s not going to be as easy to answer as you might think. Why? Let me give you a hint. We just talked about it. Now, you got it. You gotta get the dot-com that says what you do. And of course, a whole world of people have beat you to the punch on that one, so you’re going to have get even more creative to find a something-dot-com that will represent what you do.

We can use me as an example again because I eat my own cooking. I am a Transfiguration Specialist. Any idea why I am a transfiguration specialist? You got it. I could get transfigurationspecialist-dot-com and since I see have the ability to see people at their highest and the map to get them from here to there, it’s the perfect name for what I do. Plus, I am the only Transfiguration Specialist out there, unless I’ve trained you to be one, too, which is a whole other topic about branding yourself and multiplying your gifts and abilities by duplicating your efforts and training others to do the work that you do.

You get those two dot coms, who you are and what you do, and when lightning strikes, you will be ready, even if you have only rudimentary web sites there.

Here’s another tip for owning what you do dot come from one of my students. He called-in to a national talk radio show to comment on a topic. They asked him two questions, “What’s your name?” and “What do you do?”

Only on the show, they only introduced him by his first name, as that was their policy, but then they announced what he did. He talked for a few minutes, and as soon as he finished his talk, his phone started ringing, and it kept on ringing for the next 72 hours. He could not have paid enough money for that kind of promotion.

You get the idea.


2 Quick Stories About You

It is hugely beneficial to your success to have these 2 quick stories about you locked and loaded and ready to fire at any given time. These two stories are invaluable when your growing, expanding and readying yourself for your ministry, that thing that you do, as you are discovering and developing your own individual brand.

You are starting to wrap your mind and your heart around the idea that you were meant for something greater than you had previously allowed yourself to be.

You don’t need to know it all or have all the answers but what you do need is the experience. We’ve already established you’ve got that.

You need to be able to want to help others so that they could have a chance to increase their quality of life.

You need to be willing to take inspired action, to do the work, to set yourself up as a valuable resource, an expert in your field. And we’re going to help you do that today.

Remember, you don’t have to know it all. Let’s say you faced some tragic unfortunate ordeal in your life and were able to make it to the other side. For example, maybe your home went into foreclosure and your family was at risk of being thrown out into the street, but you were able to turn that situation around, and you made it.

There are people out there, right now, who are losing their homes and are at risk of being thrown out. Do they need you? Could you help them?  Hell, yes.

You don’t need to know more than anyone else about your topic, you just need to know more than the people who need what you have to offer.

If you’ve been following along, you have some lists.

You have lists of drama, trauma and positive outcomes, experiences where it clearly was not easy for you. You struggled. You made a stand against adversity. You persisted against the odds, and you’ve lived to tell about it.

And your lists of power and special abilities, including activities which settle you into your power, and an inventory of your special gifts and abilities. You could teach someone else on any of these topics.

You do not have to be the top expert in your field or know all the answers to have a massive impact on the world and make a lot of money teaching in your field of expertise. But you do need to know

1. Who you are

2. Why you are here

3. What you have to offer

4. And to whom


Basically, I want you to reduce your life story down to a minute-and-a-half monologue. You have 90 seconds to tell your story. Ready? Go.

I already know, I’m looking out at a sea of deer-in-the-headlight looks (except for a few of you who have already been through this process) so, I’ll tell you what, I’ll go first. Let’s say we’re talking about branding me, today. So, somebody time me…

Who am I?

I don’t know. Many years ago, I was born premature and was lucky enough to be one of the ones who survived, but I had a laundry list of learning disabilities and social dysfunction. But I was blessed to encounter so many challenges and obstacles in my life, and I had no other choice but to stand up and fight against the odds because my family depended on me. I was forced to become courageous.

Life was never easy for me.

Over time, I learned that my disabilities were actually my special abilities, and they helped me to see opportunities and to seize them passionately. So, I have experienced a life rich in adversity, growth, change, and have lived a life with more amazing experiences than most people.

I was gifted with the ability to see people at their highest and best, when no one else, not even they could see the possibilities, but I could see it all, and a map to get from here to there. And so, I started my journey of helping others achieve their highest and best.

I use my gifts and abilities to help people, like you, to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

This is my life’s mission.

But it’s not for everyone. I only help others who are passionate about what they want to accomplish in this life. Let’s say you wanted to work with me. Then you would have to be able to see you, like I am able to see you, at your highest and best. And if you’re willing and able to do the work, then we can work together, step for step, and help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

That’s what I do.

What do you want out of this life?

Now, I don’t know how long that was, but it’s somewhere around 90 seconds.

Get your notetaking equipment out and write out your 90-second script. Ready, Go!

Who Are You?

Why Are You Here?

What Do You Have to Offer?

And Who Needs You, or Is a Good Match for Your Service(s)?

You don’t have to complete this right now, but you do need to do this before you can effectively be a teacher or offer your assistance to others.


Once you have your 90-second life story, you can whittle it down to what we call an elevator pitch which is 20 to 30 seconds in length.

Pretend like you’ve just stepped into an elevator and you have 20 to 30 seconds to give your spiel.

Like, I might trim mine down to go something, like this:

Hi, I’m David M Masters. I’m a Transfiguration Specialist. I help people to envision and achieve their highest and best. I do this using innate special gifts and abilities combined with a lifetime of vast experiences, both which I’ve gone through personally, as well as from a lifetime of doing this work with others. In doing so, I help people, like you, transform into that higher version of yourself, enabling you to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

Okay, now it’s on you.

Take some time to refine what you do for others, your area of expertise, down to a 20 to 30-second speech.


When Are You in Your Power?

Welcome back. Let’s talk about your power. You have power within you which expresses itself every so often. So, when are you in your power?

You are in your power when you are involved in an activity that you are passionate about. When you’re engaged in doing anything where you just sort of lose track of time. You know, those times when you’re doing something, and time just flies by.

Everyone has some kind of activity which is a perfect vibrational frequency that matches who you are, and when you’re there, you know it. In sports vernacular, they refer to this as “being in the zone,” when you’re vibrating at your highest frequency and you’re feeling powerful and even invincible.

Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top of the left-hand column, title this


Start writing down all the activities, that when you are engaged in them, the time just slips away, and you know you are operating in your power.

When you’re operating in your power, everything is in alignment. Your physiology starts working at peak performance, your brain chemistry is in sync with the subject at hand, your intuitive resources kick in, and you are focused and present, in the moment.

Take a few more minutes to write them down.

Okay, at the top of the right column, title it


In this column, you’re going to list all the things that you do that come easily to you. This is you will write down your gifts and special abilities.

Now, they might seem like they’re no big deal to you, but to others who’ve seen you in action, those who have witnessed your results, to them you are amazing when you do that thing that you do.

It might be baking a cake, or like my friend Kelly, she makes the best fudge on the planet. Maybe you’re a chef, and people think the meals you create are pure magic.

Maybe you’re a prayer warrior, a healer, or someone who has a keen intuitive spider-sense that lets you know that something unpleasant could be coming, and because of your heightened awareness, you can avoid some of the bad things that happen to other people.

Maybe you have a knack for scientific research, a thirst for knowledge, maybe you’re a Dr. Doolittle or dog whisperer.

You might be a number person, who loves crunching numbers and evaluating statistics all day long.

How are you with kids? Are you especially gifting in interacting with children and encouraging them to do their best?

Do people come to you for advice? Are you a good coach, consultant, or counselor?

Do you have natural abilities and extensive knowledge about herbs, spices, natural scents, and homemade remedies?

What was the last time that someone praised you and said, “That was amazing, what you did right there.” What was that thing?

Are you into alternative energy? A freedom fighter?

Do you find it easy to make a stand or reach out to help the underdog?

Does your compassion for others have you volunteering to help those who are suffering or may not have the resources to take care of themselves?

Are you an animal trainer? Interior decorator? Designer? Event organizer?

Are you a lover? A matchmaker?

Do your gifts and abilities include hobbies, like, weaving, woodworking, painting, photography, playing a musical instrument. Writing poetry, songs and/or music? Are you a good dancer?

Are you comfortable in front of a camera or a live audience? Possibly a potential model, actor, or public speaker?

Are you amazing at solving or putting together puzzles, working word games, or solving brain teasers?

Your gifts and abilities could include sports. Have you ever received a certificate signifying your award-winning competency?

Write it down.

Once you have this inventory of power, gifts, and abilities, you can see that you are far more qualified at so many things than so many other people.

We are here to certify that you are uniquely qualified to share your message and to help others through your teaching, training, and understanding of the material which is about you, the life you’ve lived, and the blessing you can bring to others.



What is Your Teaching Message?

You’ve heard me talk about your “message” as if there was some divine assignment, which was bestowed upon you by God to fulfill here on Earth, and “the system” is doing everything it can to keep you from sharing that message with the rest of the word. And it’s been so effective that you probably cannot even conceive of what your message might be, right now.

Let me tell you, it is likely there was a time when you knew exactly who you were. When you were very young, you knew who you were and that you had a purpose to fulfill to make the world a better place. But by the time you were six or seven, our sociological system beat it out of you. And by now, you can barely recognize your calling, if at all.

Well, today is the day that you take your life back, the life that is your birthright. The life you’ve come here to live. Today you start fulfilling your life’s purpose and sharing your message to help others and make the world a better place.

Today, you are going to honor your sacred call and start delivering your message, doing the work which you are uniquely qualified to do, and you are going to be making a difference in the world.

But what is your message?

Now, if you already know your message and are in sync with your purpose, then hang on for a minute while we bring the rest of the class up to speed.

For those of you who are having trouble understanding more about your message and your purpose, let’s take a few moments to get you synced up with your life’s mission.

First of all, you have spent your life training in the battlefield of life. So, right here, right now, take out a piece of paper and a writing instrument, and those of you who are using tablets or computers, you can use them, but note that the preference is to hand-write the following list.

Draw a line down the middle of the page, and on the left-hand side of the page, make a list of all the drama and trauma episodes in your life that still leave a sore spot in the center of your stomach when you think of them. And for those of you who have already done this work, just go along through this process with us. You might be surprised to find that you uncover something new, since the last time you performed this inventory.

Write down life situations where you endured challenges and today, you find yourself, if not completely, for the most part, on the other side of the issue,

Did someone make a promise to you? You trusted and believed them, then they stabbed you in the back?

Write it down.

Have you ever been victimized by someone who exerted power over you, intimidated you, or abused you?

Write it down.

Have you ever struggled with anything which you fell victim to, maybe substance abuse, or self-sabotage? Has there been a time in life where you make have been your own worst enemy? What was that about? Write it down.

Has there ever been a time when you felt like your whole world depended on your doing this one thing, and you dropped the ball? Write it down,

Have you ever felt like you’ve been a victim of injustice? In the legal system? Have you been let down by your government? Have you ever felt like you’ve been betrayed by an organization or religious order? Write it down.

Life is a battlefield, and you’ve spent all this time training, fighting the battle, and if you think about it? You’re surprised that you’ve made it this far. I mean, anyone else who would have lived the life that you have lived may not have made it this far.

Why do you think that is?

Could it be that you were divinely selected to help others who may be facing similar challenges in their life, right now?

Now, on the right-hand side of the page, across from your list of drama and trauma, create a positive affirmation about that episode.

An example might be, in the left column it says, something like, “I was a victim of sexual pressure from my boss.” In the right-hand column, you might put something like, “I survived and now possess knowledge and skills I didn’t have before.”

Another example might be, “I trusted by Rabbi, Priest, Pastor, who lied to me, betrayed me, victimized me.” The right-hand column might say something like, “I now have a method to protect myself from abusive religious authority.”

You get the idea.

And even if you haven’t made it all the way to the other side?

Consider what Richard Bach has to say,

“You teach best what you most need to learn.”

That is to say, “Hey, I don’t have all the answers, but I will step out in faith, answer the call, and share what I have learned and continue to share new findings and learn from others while I am doing the work of recovering and helping others in the process.”

This is the beauty of organizations, like the anonymouses. They’re not just for alcoholics, they serve people with challenges with drugs, sex, food, money issues, gambling, love-seekers, low self-esteem, mental health issues, dysfunctional families, prescription meds, workaholics, obsessive behaviors, anger issues, cult members, and the list goes on and on…

And all of these, are people helping people, to the best of their abilities, without judgment. People who have been there, and hold a torch for others to find their way out of the darkness to the best of their abilities.

It takes someone, like you, to start the work, and your work will grow as you reach out and help others in a way that you are uniquely qualified to do so.

For you, according to this list that you have just made, are an expert in these fields of life study.

No one’s saying that you have all the answers, right now, but you can offer hope to those who are wondering if they can make it one more day under the same type of pressure that you endured.

You are the hero of your story and you can be an inspiration for others who are going down a path that is somewhat similar to yours, and if you can spread your message, in essence, sing your song, you will find others humming along, as you give them hope, that maybe one day, they too, can be on the other side of this issue.

Now, you are starting to realize that what looked like chaos, tragedy, and trauma, in the past, was all divinely orchestrated to bring you here, to this time and place, where you start supporting others, your community, and the world, as only you can.

You are amazing!


Teach No Experience Necessary

No experience necessary? Okay, let’s say you’ve gone to college and received your degree which authorizes you to teach a college course, you ARE authorized to teach students anything you know nothing about, anything you have no experience with, personally, using the textbook(s) selected by the college you are working for.

Don’t get me wrong, I have huge respect for academics and academia, I mean no disrespect here. I am just saying that I, taking responsibility for my own education, if given the option, I would rather take a course or a class from someone with real experience with the topic at hand.

I have such a thirst for knowledge that you might just find me studying the same topic with two different instructors so that I can get a full spectrum understanding of the topic, if I am truly intrigued by the topic, or feeling somewhat passionate about the subject.

So, you might not need the experience to teach, and thank God we have teachers that are capable and willing to teach subjects they have no experience with because we, those who want and need to access data and information that we would not otherwise have access to, can learn about these things. So, if you’re a formally trained educator, God bless you.

Today, we are talking about a different kind of teacher, those who are qualified either by experience or sacred calling who may not have been formally trained to teach others.

In this respect, experience is absolutely necessary and qualifies you in ways that no one else could possibly learn from a textbook or college course.

This is for you. I am talking to you, right now. You have experience in a particular topic that no one would have unless they had lived the life that you lived and experienced what you have, and there’s very little chance of that.

At this moment in time, you do not have a certificate from a University authorizing you to teach the subject which you are clearly an expert on. And you’re not having this single piece of paper is preventing you from going forth and sharing your message with the world. And if you decided to forgo the certificate and answer your calling anyway?

OMG, here comes everyone you know, trying to dissuade you from answering the call. “You’re not qualified! You’re not a teacher! You didn’t go to school! You’re not worthy!”

For over a thousand years, the university has been used as a method to separate academia from the working class, and no one will be more enthusiastic about using this method to determine the difference between these two classes of people than the academics.

They will be the first ones who will attempt to disregard anything you might have to offer with a snide remark such as, “Who are you?” or, “Where did you go to school?” You’re nobody. You have no right to speak to this or anyone. “While I, on the other hand, have…” then they reveal a laundry list or qualifications, degrees, and certifications, which I guess, are supposed to imbue them with the ability to put you down, or kick you to the curb, for they are superior, and you? Well, you are nothing.

It’s up to you, whether you will decide to let them intimidate you, and keep you from answering your call. Fulfilling your Purpose, sharing your Message, with Passion, and accomplishing your Mission. It is up to you. And your path to fulfilling your sacred mission may include putting off going forth with your message until you’ve accomplished your formal training.

While University was previously thought of as an institution for young minds, now many people are deciding to take on the task of getting their credentials later in life, and they do so in an effort to feel as though they could be counted among those who are worthy to speak, teach, or share. At the very least, having formal training does quell the objection that you might be uneducated or unworthy.

But you don’t have to do that today.

You don’t need to spend the next four to ten years at University to make you feel better about sharing your message. You’ve received your training from a higher source. The highest source, which far surpasses academia. You have spent your whole life, up to this point in time, training, like a master student. You’ve been in the trenches.

You know what it’s like to look the devil in the eye and find a way to survive, in spite of the odds that may have been stacked against you.

Experience is necessary. In fact, it is your unique experience and perspective which is invaluable and cannot be taught in any school.


You Are Qualified to Teach

You are qualified to teach even if you think you’re not. This should be exciting news for you. Regardless of what others have told you, if they haven’t resonated with what I am about to tell you, consider not listening to others who might not have your best interests at heart.

You might be surprised to discover that you may be more qualified than a college graduate to teach.

That’s right. Today you are going to discover why you are so qualified and learn what sets you apart from other classically-trained instructors, and come to realize that this, your accepting your call to train and help others, may be a part of your life’s journey, and could be not only a part, but possibly the main reason, for you’re being here. Helping and teaching others may be your purpose in this life.

See, everyone that comes to this planet comes with a unique Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission in life. When you embrace the idea that you have come here with sacred purpose, you can approach life differently, take a more active roll in your life, having huge impact in the way your life unfolds for you, and live a better life, your best life, and make the word a better place.

If you search within yourself, you have an inner knowing that there are some things that when you do them, that they come easily to you, and they may not come easily to others. You will also find that people are attracted to you to ask your advice on certain things. These are not just clues.

They are your higher self, that part of you that knows you have a mission, attracting your sacred work to you, which is your calling. Regardless of what life you’ve lived, or didn’t get to live, and in spite of the drama and trauma you’ve endured, your calling still remains, and this part of you is yearning for release.

Then there’s those things that turn you on and light you up brighter than the sun. These are the things that you are supremely passionate about.

Some activities that you engage in are actually fun. In fact, time just seems not to exist when you are doing things that resonate with you, as well as those things that you are passionate about. You achieve the greatest degrees of personal satisfaction in the doing of these things.

All of this indicates that you have huge potential, that is, if you can line yourself up with your calling.

That’s what we’re doing here, today.

Not only will you achieve a greater sense of doing the right or thing feeling satisfied that you are being true to yourself, even if you’ve second-guessed yourself – as so many of us do – but you can enjoy financial rewards by following the call and achieving your highest and best.

Today, we’re putting the naysayers on notice, including those voices inside you that are keeping you from rising to achieve your highest and best.

There are those who secretly do not want to see you succeed. And they will whine, complain, and try to tell you that you are not worthy, do not have what it takes, you’re underserving, don’t have an expensive education, or a family name that commands respect everywhere you go. So, you’re not good enough.

And what you’re hearing when people try to block your special gifts and abilities, is not even about you. It’s about the social programming which they and their parents have been exposed to since birth. You can’t blame them for that, because the rich and successful people don’t want you encroaching on their quality of life.

They see you as servants, put here on this Earth to do their bidding, and most of us fall for it, every time. But, you, you are awakening, and even if only for a moment, you will start to see that things are not always as they appear.

Inside you is a teacher who longs to reach out and help others, and who better to help them than someone, like you, who’s actually been there? You did not get your education out of a book. No, you know what works and what doesn’t work the hard way.

Think about it. Who would you rather learn from? Someone who is leading you through course material to get a pay check? Or someone who knows the material better than anyone from the inside out?

I know what you mean. I took a college business class from a math teacher. That was brutal. Not that the math teacher wasn’t qualified. He had impressive degrees and tenure, but he had no real experience in the field of business. From that point on, I knew it made a difference, so I sought only to take classes from teachers who were the most qualified. And the most qualified does not always mean the most educated.

If so, your life will not make sense until you embrace your teaching mission.