My Life is Going Nowhere

Ever look around you and say, “My life is going nowhere?” It seems like every day is the same ol’ thing over and over again? You’re feeling like you’re missing something in life, or something’s missing you. Life’s not bad. In fact, it’s quite good, but where’s the sense of meaning in it all?

My Life is Going Nowhere

There was a time when you felt like you were at the top of your game. Now, you’re still in pretty good shape, but you’re wondering what all the fuss is about? You felt like life was a competition and you felt like you were a contender. Now, you’re wondering what you were competing for or against?

You thought maybe this is your time to settle into life and relax. Then you look around and can see that all the other people “relaxing” are content not to contribute as they slowly relax into never-ending slumber.

“Don’t let me hear you say life’s taking you nowhere, (angel).”*

Not you. You know

It’s time to shake things up!

You know that first time you went to Cabo? (Or insert any exiting place you visited for the first time.) Everything was new, exciting, and you knew that you didn’t know what unexpected pleasure would come next? A sense of wonder and excitement was in the air, everywhere you looked.

You can break up the monotony in your life just by getting out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to go to some far away place to go on an adventure. You can venture outside your neighborhood, or some town nearby and explore guided by nothing but your instincts. Have no agenda, no using your phone to guide you (or interrupt you), just meander and wonder.

Find ways to break yourself out of the routine of your life, and if you dare to really change your life,

You can change the whole world by changing your thoughts.

The most significant thing you can do to change your life and the world is to realign your thoughts with your heart. Living your life in an attitude of gratitude, allowing everyone else to just “be” without judgment, and loving unconditionally, while you hold your most precious thoughts to yourself (without having to be validated by anyone else) helps to connect the deepest part of you with your highest self. This changes not only your life but the whole world around you.

If you feel negative dialogue taking place within you, Stop it. Reverse it, and speak a loving affirmation to yourself about yourself. The more you speak lovingly about yourself, the more lovingly you encounter all the things life brings to you.

Tapping into the energy of love will greater enable you to be more intuitive. If you check in with your sensory receptors, you will find them coming to life in a new empowered way.

The world comes to life before your very eyes, in a way you’ve never experienced before. Everything will take on a new texture, things will “feel” completely new and exciting, colors become more vibrant, even breathing takes on a new exhilaration.

You’re able to enjoy all the fresh fragrances of life and feel them interact with your body. In stillness, you can hear life growing and expanding all around you while you feel your own heart beating inside you with a new sense of vitality.

As much as you might feel as though you are disconnected from others, do not be afraid to reach out and invite others to share your journey with you. There are other people in your world, just like you, who are at a similar juncture in their lives. Join up and explore the new world which is evolving before you, even if only for a while.

Humanity and the world are amidst the most significant evolutionary period of all time and you’re smack-dab in the middle of it.

If for one second you don’t believe God is calling you forth into this new and exciting life, just look around. God is leaving a trail of sacred breadcrumbs all around you to follow.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that when you think of someone, they are also thinking of you?

What are the words that jump out at you from signage, lyrics from a song, or conversations which you’ve eavesdropped on?

When you dream, in an awakened state or at night, where do your thoughts take you? What are the hidden messages, and what about those which are clearly not hidden?

Even when you feel like these things could have little or nothing to do with you, what is the Holy Spirit trying to say to you?

It’s saying

Now is your time to break free

Free from a life less-lived and stopping into your fresh, new life, of love and exploration, as you continue to grow, expand, and evolve.

And with every new breath of life that you breathe, the world around you evolves too.

May you be blessed as you breathe forward into new life.

* line from Golden Years by David Bowie

Fear is Impatient

When you make decisions and take action out of fear, you are blocking the best things in life, and settling for a lackluster life of mediocrity. You’ve subjected yourself to this lifestyle over and over again, yet God is merciful enough to shake it up a bit to give you another chance to try something different, to do something better, for you, your love, your life.

What will you do? Will you follow the fear pattern which seems so familiar, to jump at the next opportunity which arises because it’s better than the absence of anything in that area of your life, or will you invest the time and energy it takes to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy the full blessings that come with achieving your highest and best potential in all areas of your life?

Fear represents itself as safety and security and what you get is settling for a life that is mildly acceptable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what we’ve been programmed to accept, more so for women than men, as mothers have encouraged their daughters to settle for the sake of survival, even in this present-day world, which we’d like to think is so above such ideals.

In this fast-paced consumer-driven world, society, itself, is against the taking the time and energy it takes to allow the planets to align for you to be at the right place at the right to have your wildest, most successful life options to appear in all their glory.

When we have a dream of having something amazing, God moves everything from changing the raindrops to altering the flow of landscapes, wildlife, waterways, roads, economic conditions, industrial and corporate giants, even influencing health care providers, lawmakers, news and media outlets to bring the desires of your heart to you. And this takes time.

But fear is impatient. It doesn’t want to wait around for your highest and best, for while you are waiting and waiting… what if nothing comes? Then where will you be? Your well-programmed ego coaches you, persuading you to decide to take what’s before you, right now, rather than wait for God to present you with the desires of your heart.

This fear is prevalent in all areas of your life including education, career, health, wellness, family, relationships, spirituality, love, and romance, etc. There is no segment of life that is exempt from the fear factor, and beware that fear disguises itself very well, and it may look like anything but fear, yet fear is what it is; an every present force which limits your ability to have everything you want and to be all that you could be.

Fear keeps you in your hometown, or present location for too long, or causes you to leave the place where God is vectoring-in what you’ve been waiting for, preventing you from being able to seize opportunities that are waiting to be revealed to you.

Fear keeps you from being aligned to go to the right school, have the perfect job, to rise above your current economic condition, enjoy better health and longevity. Fear tells you that there is not enough time, that you don’t have the connections, or expertise to have better things for your family, amazing friends and partners, or a highly fulfilling life.

Fear will cause you to make decisions which will have you in the wrong place at the wrong time every time, and sometimes you will be able to have a glimpse of what might have been because if you are not ready to receive what God has prepared for you, it will go to someone else. (And unfortunately, you might even witness it on occasion.)

You will see the opportunities come to you when you are in a place in your life when there exists no opportunity to receive your dream or you will see your hopes and dreams being bestowed upon someone else. This was yours, you know it was. It was everything you ever wanted down to the most minute detail.

This proves the lengths God will go through to give you the desires of your heart, but will you be patient enough to allow the universe to give you what you want, or will you settle for something less, then find yourself to not be in the mode of receptivity when everything you’ve asked for arrives or is given to someone else.

‘Tis better to be patient and make your decision in the power of love, instead of fear.

It will take persistence and patience to choose love over fear, allowing God to change the universe to align you with your highest and best of everything there is.

What’s Important to You?

As you’re trying to pace yourself through life without succumbing to the rigorous stress associated with the rate race or endless running like a gerbil running on its wheel, that than subject yourself to just being another rodent in the maze of life, it can be helpful to determine what’s important to you.

Having a working knowledge of what’s important to you will help you sort out your priorities. Any time you are faced with a decision to do this or that, a quick scan of your priorities can save you from being distracted by those things in life that do not serve your best interests.

In this way, you get back behind the wheel enabling you to be the master of your fate rather than a victim of this life.

How do you know what’s important to you?

The first and easiest place to look for a detailed list of what’s important to you is to review your bank account. Here you will find how you spend your money, which is often a microcosm of what is important to you in life. It doesn’t take much to extrapolate those things which are meaningful to you after taking a look at how you spend your hard-earned dollars.


Are there many extraneous and needless expenditures which indicate you might be taking shopping sprees as therapy? Maybe it is time to reevaluate your spending to be a better representation of what’s important to you.

It may be helpful to find out what kind or money person you are. These are “valuable” monetary clues to who you are, based on how you handle your finances which probably indicates how you deal with life in general.


If you didn’t feel like it was the next step, well, I’m sure you knew that where you spend your time should be the next item up for review. Time is your most precious treasure because while money feel like it’s more important (especially if you’re feeling like there’s a lack of it), time is far more valuable than money.

With money, you always have another chance, can make another go of it, or try to do better the next time, but with every tick of the clock, you’ve lost time which can never be regained. So, how you spend your time is a clear demonstration of what’s important to you as well.

Again, as you review how you are spending your time, you might feel that it is not an accurate representation of what’s important to you. Maybe you’re wasting your valuable time on things that have little substance or do not add significance or value to your life, like you’d like to. Now’s a good time to think about scheduling time in your life for the things that bring you joy or a sense of purpose to your life.

As you get to better know yourself, it’s easy to see that time and money both indicate these things which you give your attention to. These are the priorities in your life.


Where do your thoughts go, when there is time to let your mind wander? More attention… are your idle thoughts serving you in a way that is honorable and meaningful?

Maybe there are opportunities that are passing you by.

What if you had only one week to live? How would you spend those last few days of your life? Wouldn’t this to do list represent things that are important to you? Maybe you should start making these things priorities in your life.

You don’t care?

As important as getting to grips with what’s important to you is also taking a look at those things which have little or no importance to you. What are the things that you do not give your attention, time, or money to?

You might be shocked or surprised to realize that the areas you neglect the most are those that have little meaning for you. Maybe they once did, but they have lost their luster, and are no longer important to you.

Maybe following this review, you will notice things which aren’t important to you, should be. If your attention, time, and money are not being spent on things you think might be important, like family, marriage, and other relationships, now might be the time to make some adjustments in your priorities of life now.

What do you think your priorities should be?

How do people see you, and how might you like them to see you? Are they similar?

I’m not saying that you should let others dictate the kind of person you should be, but I am saying that they should be able to see the kind of person you would like to be known as. This represents your authenticity, people being able to recognize you for who you are. Who are you known as?

Maybe it’s time to make some noticeable changes that will be noticed by friends, acquaintances, and passers-by which depict the real you who is experiencing this life through your body.

This leads to what may even be more significant: How will you be remembered?

When your valuable time is up, and your journey has come to an end, what will you have left behind? You are more than just your will. There are other wills, such as, will you have made a contribution? Will people remember you as the person you are? Will you leave a legacy? Will you have made the world a better place in your own special way?

While there is still breath in your lungs and your heart beats with the energy of unconditional love and life, think about those things that bring you a sense of purpose, meaning, and joy. Focus your attention, time, and money on these things and make your life an accurate representation of who you really are.

It’s Not Real!

It’s not real!
Or is it?

When you’re deeply buried in the third dimension, it’s so hard to believe that there is anything else “out there.” As much as you try to tell yourself, “this is all there is,” still you get glimpses of things which don’t make sense in the 3D reality or are unexplainable. Or are they?

You go about your regular 3D day, and you see shadows in your peripheral vision which garner your attention. When you’re feeling down, you find pennies or feathers just ahead on the path you are walking. You have nightmares and dreams, which seem to be warnings or excite you about possibilities. You may have received messages from beyond or even been visited by those from the “other side.”

And these glimpses persist in various shapes and forms, they go on and on, insisting you take notice of there being the existence of more going on all around you 24/7, yet you continue to disregard them as nonsensical.

Of course, all of this is just your imagination, and you tell yourself, “It’s not real!”

As Scientists continue to delve into the mysteries of life in this universe, one thing becomes perfectly clear. With as brilliantly intelligent as we (the human race) has become with all of its efforts to scientifically discover and document all the secrets of life, to determine what is true and what is not truth, the truth is: We cannot truly know anything to be exclusively true.

When you come down to it, you almost have to either believe that nothing is true, or that everything is. The advantage of seeing from the perspective of everything being true is that it opens the gates to infinite possibility. To any normal person, the idea of infinite possibilities is frightening, to say the least. It challenges every thought you’ve ever had, anything you’ve ever been told or believed.

While it may be easier to keep yourself safe and secure in the third dimension, the neighboring dimensions (4th and 5th dimensions) are increasingly becoming more accessible to those of us who are in the third dimension because our planet and the galaxy we reside in is expanding and amidst an evolutionary process.

All the things that could easily be explained away as science fiction or “woo woo” are becoming part of our reality and the people who are open to the idea of being limitless are harnessing the powers which are accessible from other dimensions, and the vast energy of all life.

Humanity is evolving from smart-animated-meat to something higher, a spiritual/human hybrid. Even though this evolution has been in process for thousands of years, it has been hidden from view and even hindered at any cost of those who profit from keeping humans in their underdeveloped states.

With all their efforts, the powers that be can no longer keep this evolutionary process from happening for those who are embracing this evolutionary process, they are awakening to the unlimited possibilities.

You, who are evolving, whether you like it or not, are in the process of becoming a multi-dimensional being. Who knows what excitement lays ahead in the uncharted territories of multidimensionality in a world of infinite possibilities?

Things that were not even thinkable are being thought, becoming more plausible, and proven to be within the truth continuum, making even the impossible possible.

This is the world we are moving into, and it cannot be stopped, though there are those who will use every trick in the book to keep you from this evolution. Life as we knew it is fading into our primitive, barbarian historic past.

You can feel it.

Get ready for your limitless expansion, it is happening now.

When Do You Get Programmed?

They only have 21-years to turn you into the person they want you to be. The programming starts from the day your born and continues throughout whatever age they can fully monetize. So, when do you get programmed and how?

Proctor and Gamble know that they must capture the mind of consumers as early as possible. They must develop brand recognition and connect with the child during the parental imprint years. “If you don’t have them by age six,” it will be much more expensive to convert them to your branding later in life. This is their “cradle to grave” philosophy.

The corporations who dictate human behavior own and use media and technology to program the minds of contemporary humanity: You. They have been programming you since you were born, and they’ve programmed society, your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and pretty much everyone else to enforce their control tactics.

The systems have developed over time, engineering how schools educate and program, to news, music, and video, and they do have you from the cradle, certainly by six years old ‘til the day you die, and they can no longer profit from you.

The social engineers, the ones who have placed these social control mechanisms into place, use an enormous number of varied methods to assist the government in controlling the minds of the people (specifically, you), making them (you) more easily manageable, and to amass enormous profit potential.


They use any media possible and have hypnotized your parents (or caregivers) into doing their bidding during the imprinting years from birth to age seven.


By the time you’ve reached age seven, they’ve preprogrammed your siblings, friends, teachers, and see to it that you have created a psychic bond to a character (either real or fictitious) who will in a sense be your “hero.” You may have multiple heroes with whom you will identify, all the better for their efforts to program and control your mind.


Throughout your young adult years, ages 14 to 21, they are exercising their greatest efforts in the fight to solidify the intricacies of your most intimate relationships. These are the years they break down familial relationships, cement your belief systems, and demand your independence (and your dependence on the government and consumerism).

This is the time they dictate how you will feel about certain things, what your social relationships will look like, determine what is valuable to you and what is not, in a last-ditch effort to forever monetize you as a faithful servant and consumer.

We have Massey to thank for delineating the Development Periods timeline, making it easier for us (them) to understand when we are best programmed, manipulated and how.

Now that you know how you have been brainwashed, controlled, and profited from your whole life, what will you do about it?

Good question.

Will you choose to continue to be a subservient money machine, or will you exercise true liberty and independence, exiting the socially engineered steel cage trap which has placed inside your mind and body?

While your mind can be programmed by society, there exists a part of you which cannot be touched by all their effort to control your mind. It is the highest part of you, your soul and spirit which resides in the area of your heart.

As you may know, those in charge of controlling everything about you know about this part of you, and they are doing everything they can to suppress this part of you or kill it, because they know this divine spark which lives within you can thwart all their efforts to control you in a heartbeat.

If you are recognizing your victimization for profit for the first time, and you are somewhat shocked by the realization of it, then you are having a moment of clarity, which is part of the process of your awakening.

You will start to notice things going on all around you which you were previously blind to.

As those of us awaken, if we cannot solve the predicament of social programming for the world, we can start with ourselves, our family, our home.

If you have children, you should at least be as aware as Proctor and Gamble, who know

If you haven’t got them by six-years-old, you’ve lost them.

Edify Others

If you really want the good things in life to come to you then make it a priority to edify others. In this life you get what you give, if you are building others up you will be raised up and find yourself in harmony with being receptive to all the good things in life.

If you are disrespectful and put others down, you can still have some good stuff, but you will work hard to get it and it will be less satisfying once you do get some of the good stuff.

Not tearing others down and simply edifying or lifting them up, being supportive and lighthearted is a much better approach and pays you back for your sincere effort in increased joy, satisfaction, greater manifestation ability, and sense of contribution.

Plus, isn’t that what you want?

Don’t you want to be respected and honored for all you think, say, or do?

If you think about it, it takes a great deal of effort just to make it through a normal day. Think of all the things you do, all the decisions you make every day (you make about 35,000 of them each and every day), even on days when you’re not working. It’s exhausting just to think about it.

And what do you get for it?

Nothing. Little or nothing. Maybe earn a few dollars for your efforts on workdays, but let’s face it, you’re worth far more than the few bucks you get from working for the right to live. Right?

Would it be so hard for someone to stop, even if just for a few seconds, and notice your efforts, the sacrifices you make every day, day in, day out. And if it weren’t too much to ask, wouldn’t it be nice if someone complimented you for something? Anything?

Imagine you’re being that person. The person who does take the few seconds required to notice something about someone else and compliments them. You don’t have to fawn over them, and it can be something as little as, “Oh, I love your shoes,” that makes someone’s day just a little bit better.

You’d be surprised at how little it takes to change someone’s day, or make life a little more worth living (unless you think about how much you appreciate being appreciated, even if in the smallest of ways).

The universe repays you for your efforts energetically by raising your vibration, and before too long, you find yourself in the higher frequency of open receptivity for an easier life. Suddenly things are requiring less effort, and the good things in life start finding their way to you, instead of you’re having to work so hard for the good stuff.

All because you were willing to make a small contribution to the world around you.

The more you edify others, the more you receive. But don’t think you’ll be getting edification in kind.

There are those whose gift and ministry it is to edify others. They sometimes give up and break down because they’re surrounded by an ungrateful, selfish society. With all their efforts to take the time to notice others and build them up, no one recognizes the edifier for their contribution, and this can leave them feeling unappreciated. This can make them feel less inclined to do the work, falling into the same trap as the rest of society, as their vibrational frequency sinks.

It’s good to keep your intentions in check. If your intention in edifying others is simply to receive, this will work, but by lifting others up simply out of honest love and respect, increases your energetic return even more. You are rewarded for all you do with the best intentions and a pure heart. Maybe not the way you expected, but energetically, which is far more powerful in the long-run.

So, edify others, raise your vibration, and make the world a better place.

I get excited just thinking about you doing this.

May you be blessed in all that you do.


DON’T (fill in the blank)!

Advertising execs, spin doctors, and those engaged amidst the therapeutic science community know that when you tell someone, “Don’t,” (fill in the blank)! What you’re actually saying is, “Take some time to think about you’re engaging in this activity.”

What happened when our nation got behind a “Don’t Do Drugs,” program? Drug use among youths in America increased by 60 percent! Whether this program succeeded or failed depends on which side of the proliferation of drugs you are on.

Maybe everyone doesn’t know, but there are many that realize the use underlying the use of “Don’t” is an embedded command to think about doing something, like a “Dare.” When I tell you, “Don’t think of an orange,” you cannot help but picture an orange in your mind.

If you give a command of, “Don’t eat this forbidden fruit!” Whomever you’ve issued the command to can help but think about tasting the fruit, salivating, and imagining what it might be like to taste of it.

As a general rule of thumb, you will see a 30 percent increase of what you don’t want by demanding the NOT doing of it. That’s why creating more laws, which make more and more things illegal, helps to promote the legal system and keep our jails and prisons over-populated. (This is either a genius, highly conceived plan to benefit profiteers, or not.)

The more energy you exercise the not-doing of something, the greater the increase in what you don’t want. That’s why the nation’s push against doing drugs was twice the 30% we would have expected because they exerted so much energy (time, money, media, and scholastic programs) focused on not doing drugs.

The natural energies of the universe work the same way. If you say to the heavens, “Oh, that experience was horrible. I don’t ever want that to happen again.” You have dared the powers that be to conspire to find ways to vector-in some more of what you don’t want, and you start a new dimensional times line which will bring to you exactly what you don’t want.

Imagine for a moment that you might be behind this all the while.

Bear with me and suspend your disbelief for a moment just to imagine that…

You (the real you) are off-world somewhere and have decided to have a virtual experience in a virtually experiential arcade. You’ve selected all the attributes of your virtual character, who your characters’ parents will be, you’ve set the parameters for financial and social status, and the basic geography where your character’s adventure will be, then you plug into the system, lay back in your recliner, and push the button to start the journey. Throughout the ride, you have limited input to steer your character in certain directions. You pretty much know how the journey is supposed to end but your character has free will, which keeps it all that much more interesting and entertaining.

You get to experience all the experiences of your character without doing any harm to yourself. This is exciting. Every once and a while, your character looks up and says, “I don’t like that!” Your character has no idea that he or she is looking straight into your eyes. But you know what is waiting up ahead in the game, and you know your character does not have the necessary tools or skills to make it past the next level. So, like it or not, you send another ‘round of what your character despises until he or she gets what he needs to have a good chance of making through the next level.

If your character says he or she doesn’t want something, you can’t help but think about what it might look like if he or she faced such a situation or circumstance. It might be fascinating to find out how your character might fare when given a good dose of what he or she doesn’t want. If your character provides your adventure with a great deal of drama, it might make your ride more interesting, even fun. If your character remains in control, is victorious, or unmoved by the challenge, where is the fun in that?

Okay, you can snap your head back on, if you must.



… Here comes some more…

Now here’s a bit of simple miracle magic you can use to change the effects of the results from all those things you don’t want in your life, or what you don’t want someone else to do:


Instead, when you look up to the sky, state,


It doesn’t matter if you’re staring at the sky, talking to the real you in the arcade, crying out to God, or whatever. There is something powerfully energetic out there which moves the whole world, the universe, based on your requests, demand, or cries for help. For God’s sake, more importantly for yours, stop using “Don’t” or expressing what you don’t want. Instead, use what you do want as the basis of your request or demand.

And guess what?

It works just the same in all levels all around you. Instead of telling others what you don’t want them to do, challenge them with what you do want them to do.

Stop telling your child what not to do, instead tell your children what you might like them to do. After you’ve communicated with them, they will imagine doing the thing you mentioned, whether you said you wanted them not to do something bad, or to do something good.

Which would you rather have them thinking about?

It stands to reason, if there is a 30% better chance that they will do what you’ve told them not to do, then there is also a 30% increased chance that they will imagine themselves rising to a new level of doing the right things, as they aspire to be better, if that is the paradigm you present to them, where they can thrive.

It doesn’t just work on kids. It works on everyone and everything in the universe.

The Law of Attractions states, “You get what you focus on.” That is to say, if you are focusing on what you don’t want, you get more of what you don’t want. When you focus on what you do want, you get more of what you do want. It’s simple.

Have fun with this. Do your part to make the world a better place by not using DON’Ts and using more high-energy, encouraging DOs from this point forward.

Limiting Unlimited Possibilities

By limiting your belief system, you prevent your mind from having access to all the limitless possibilities which exist all around us both seen and unseen.

Unless you only believe in unlimited possibilities amidst a vast universe, chances are you possess (as we all do) limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is a structure of thought which precludes any other possibilities. Yet you live in a world of unlimited possibilities. By sealing the confines of your mind safely within the box of a limited belief, little else is possible to, or accessible by, you outside the box.

On a basic level, let’s take a look at some basic limiting beliefs, like,

“I’m not good enough,”

This is a statement which substantiates your unworthiness to be a recipient of all the best things in life waiting to show themselves to you in a real, meaningful way. All these things are eager to be revealed to you, but your limiting belief excludes their possibilities from your experience, and so it is.

There are many variations of the not good enough limitation, including (but not limited to) being unlovable, bored, ugly, stupid, worthless, abnormal, undeserving, or a bad person, to name a few. And what you believe is definitively true for you. This not only becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, it becomes your reality. For you, no possibilities exist outside the box of your limiting belief.

Fortunately, there is a very simple mind hack you can use to allow the existence of infinite possibility. It may take a minute for you to open your mind to it, but with a little effort you can accomplish such a feat.

Leading edge scientists are notorious for box-like thinking. They make a discovery and build a box around their idea and say, “this is truth.” Only science doesn’t stop there, it keeps going, digging deeper and deeper, until the box which once represented truth is proven to be nothing more than a step in the right direction but only a limiting belief.

For highly motivated expanding scientists, they do not see the latest discovery as definitive, only a hint that there is much more to be found on the other side of it. These are the ground-breaking discoverers of new ideas, new possibilities, new realities, because they refuse to be limited by limiting statements of facts. Facts which should always be subjected to new perspectives, experimentation, and testing, drilling down to deeper levels of understanding.

With all this scientific exploration, scientists end up looking at the universe through new eyes as they end up looking straight into the vastness of all that is. It is not uncommon for a scientist to say something like, “We’ve become so knowledgeable about so much, that we’ve discovered we don’t know anything.” Or, more correctly, “We can’t know anything,” in its fullness. Anything that can be known is only a hint of what is possible.

So, it is with your limiting beliefs. Sure, there is safety in the box for ignorance is bliss. It’s easier to say all those things outside the box don’t exist, than to deal with the thought of their possibilities.

If you are unworthy of being loved, then true love will be unable to become a part of your reality. A part of you rationalizes this as safety for if you do not have love, you will not be vulnerable enough to be exposed or hurt. Thus, the need for the constraints of your limiting belief because the idea of infinite possibility in love, or any other subject matter, is just too chaotic and potentially dangerous.

That does not mean that other possibilities don’t exist outside your world.
You are given glimpses of other possibilities, which if entertained even briefly, would make you think there may be other possibilities besides those beliefs to which you’ve confined yourself to.

You may feel as though love is not a possibility for you, and so it is not. But every once and a while you witness a couple in a true love relationship. Even for the briefest moment, you consider the possibilities which exist outside the box of your limiting beliefs.

As much as we might believe that we (humanity as recorded by the history we believe to be true) are the only inhabitants of this planet, regularly archeologists uncover the remains of civilizations which existed long before our arrival.

Regardless of what you believe, there exist infinite possibilities beyond whatever you think. Or not.

Stop! Prision Bars

You’re having a perfectly communicative conversation progressing without limits, your energy soars as you interact with someone sharing a similar vibration then it happens: The palm of the hand goes up, and they shout,


Prison bars shoot up from the ground surrounding the person you’re talking to. They grasp the bars tightly and speak between the bars, “Oh, no. I can’t believe that.” Seriously inhibiting any potential conversation which might follow.

“I’m sorry. I… I just can’t.”

Bam! The flow is broken, the vibrational frequency drops, and the intimate heart-connection communion is vacated in an immediate knee-jerk reaction prompted by the sudden realization that one was outside the comfort zone, and your sense of self, safe within the steel cage of belief was at risk.

With our unbridled egos exerting energy 24/7 to protect us, keep us safe, ever limiting our scope and vision… as complex as the world is, with all its attempts to control us, keep us small, separated, and easily manageable, it’s a wonder two people can communicate at all.

It was amazing for as long as it lasted.

It’s easy to imagine unlimited possibilities, that is, until you actually start moving in the direction of the vastness of what unlimited encompasses. It contradicts the safety and security of what we know to be true, trust, or believe on. The things we swaddle ourselves in so tightly that we fear anything that may be outside.

Every once and a while our mind dares to explore what’s out there, only to find infinity to be too frightening to imagine, as we shrink down into ourselves, our human cocoons, refusing the metamorphosis which potentially awaits us.

In my ministry, my default setting is open to unlimited possibility. Not that I maintain that level of openness all the time, I am just like any other human being. Sometimes I get shocked or frightened out there, but it doesn’t take long, and I find my way back out into the wild openness again.

It is an integral part of my life’s work, to be out in the uncharted territory to add increased efficacy in the work that I do, and this brings a great deal of humble satisfaction and personal sense of achievement in all that I do.

There is no doubt that there is so much more to this life than we can see, perceive, or prove by scientific method. In fact, the more science strives to quantify and define all there is to know, the more scientists drill down to the minute details, the more vast and confusing it becomes.

For those of us who are “out there” in the expansiveness of all there is, there is not one of us who will be able to fathom it. The only hope is that by our universal connectivity, that as a group of one, we all will be able to enjoy the oneness of being a part of everything that ever has been, could be, or ever will be.

In the meantime, we honor and cherish those moments we share with other beings who get the idea.

Grok what I mean?

I Don’t Know About Human Trafficking in America

I can hardly believe that something so prevalent in our society can be happening every day, 24/7 all around me. And if you’re like me, you’re so busy focusing on living good life, helping others to have a good life, and making the world a better place, that one day you wake up and say, “I don’t know about human trafficking in America,” when you first hear of it.

At first, you think, this must be some kind of political propaganda-spin to sidetrack the world, to control or manipulate me, some new ploy to distract me from my ministry, a new false headline to throw me off-track and get me emotionally distraught to rob my power and make me weak.

I’ve heard the murmuring in the background of the media, but it wasn’t until my brother said he was actively seeking to address the concerns about human trafficking in America in Washington DC that I began to understand this to be a very real thing. Not somewhere abroad, in some far-off foreign country, but right here, in the United States of America.

Not be awakened by someone who was a victim of human traffic within my circle of influence kept me blind to the prevalence of human trafficking, even though throughout my ministry and work, I’ve come across victims of many human travesties (some, you could barely imagine, if at all). But no human trafficking victims.

I didn’t know that it was a real thing in Washington DC, and a huge issue closer to home, in California. Other states where human trafficking is a growing concern include Texas, New York, and Florida.

When the underlying vibration about human trafficking might lend you to think that this is a method of exploiting humans for sex acts, that is only one-third truth. The other two-thirds of human trafficking includes forced labor and servitude, the exploitation of children and organ harvesting.

I didn’t know victims of human trafficking are women, children, and grown men.

I didn’t know that our current socio-economic condition lends itself to creating increased opportunities for human trafficking to flourish in America. Yes, some people are abducted, yet others step through the open door leading to a trap set to capture the mind of someone amidst the struggle for survival in a troubled world.

Next thing they know, they wake up somewhere they’d rather not be, doing something they would not otherwise do, with no apparent way to reverse their condition. This is the modern-day slavery which is taking place every day in every State of the Union.

Just like the trafficking of illegal arms and drugs, human trafficking is a highly lucrative trade, taking place under the radar, behind the scenes, with the majority of us none the wiser.

Who knew? Who could even imagine such acts would be taking place right under our noses?

Sure, we’ve heard about it, but couldn’t possibly believe it. And if you think it doesn’t affect you? Think again. Someone in the town where you live was recently absorbed into the trade of human trafficking recently, and you didn’t even know.

I mean, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Neither did I.

Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?