LOA for Real Men and Women

Let’s get one thing straight about the Law of Attraction for Real Men, and that is: LOA4MEN is not a sexually separated philosophy, but it does follow a powerful model that has been long established and predominantly used by males historically. The idea behind the law of attraction for men is to differentiate this from the commonly viewed ideals which have been placed upon the law of attraction which is basically passive and effeminate.

Men who are attracted to the law of attraction, in general, are expected to deny their masculinity, as this is seen as a sign of weakness in current LOA circles. Women are not prevented from boldly practicing the law of attraction for men, they are invited to do so, but their tendency is to be attracted to the more gentle approach in using the law of attraction as more meditative and passive.

The law of attraction for men is far more aggressive and proactive and is not appropriate for all men, only those who already have the propensity to be movers and shakers, powerful individuals who are already a force to be reckoned with.

For those powerful people, they exert a great deal of personal energy which takes a toll n their bodies, minds, and spirits. Understanding and using the power of the law of attraction for men allows the Universe to do the heavy lifting of achieving your goals, getting what you want, and changing the world.

If you’re resistant to the idea of the law of attraction because it sounds like a fairy tale, no one would blame you due to the way it is practiced among the general populace, but the law of attraction is a law more powerful and real than the law of gravity in getting things done.

The few most powerful people on this planet use it every day, and you can use it as well, if you learn how to tap into the power of the universe and wield its power for yourself.

Could the law of attraction for real men be used for evil?

The ownness is on you to decide how you apply the real law of attraction to your life, what you want, and what you do. Because the law of attraction does not see good or evil, we do that. We see things as being good or bad, but that is only because we are unable to see the big picture as it is seen by the power of the law of attraction.

Even if you use the power of the law of attraction for evil, the ultimate result will be positive even though this may not be understandable in the moment. A historical review of the past will bear this out to be 100% verifiable.

It would be reasonable for you to expect your life to change as you begin to align yourself with the law of attraction. As you start down this path, you will discover small tweaks that you can make in your life that increases the power and results, so don’t be surprised when you start to see major changes taking place in your life as you start to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

The Law of Attraction for Real Men

The Law of Attraction is used by the most powerful people in the world. The power of the law of attraction is virtually unlimited and we all are subject to it. If you are unaware of it, you will simply be a victim of the law of attraction. There are those who impose the law of attraction on the world to control what we think, the words we say, those things we believe, and whatever we do. This has been going on since the beginning of time as we know it.

In the last hundred years, a growing number of us (those who are considered as “unentitled” to know about its existence, let alone have any concept of utilizing such power) are becoming aware of its existence. These individuals are allowed by the masters to learn how to access and use some of this power in limited forms.

As the Law of Attraction has leaked out, been discovered, and shared among those who have been open-mindedThe  enough to access this, a parareligious movement with associated philosophies have developed, and this is more than likely how you heard about it.

The powers that be are fully aware of the power of the law of attraction and use it to its fullest capacity, while they allow these people to access it with a certain degree of restrictive fear about “doing it wrong” and so they have included principles similar to those found in Buddhism to keep them benign, to prevent them from becoming a problem.

“What problems?” you might ask.

If the people associated with this “movement” were to actually embrace the full power of the Law of Attraction, the world as we know it would no longer be sustainable, which means “the people” would not be able to be controlled like they are now.

As the Law of Attraction evolves and continues to grow, this will become an issue for the powers that be, but they are confident that this will take thousands of years (although there are those of us who disagree).

Because there are real men, I mean manly men who are movers and shakers, who are not attracted to the watered-down spiritually motivated love and light movement which is growing in popularity these days. They are learning the principles of the law of attraction and are changing their worlds accordingly.

By doing so, they are getting all the things in this life that they want, and their desires are many. You can have it all, without risking having to go to prison for breaking the law, because you are using a power far higher than any law.

If you’d like to wield the power of the law of attractions without having to sacrifice your masculinity, then LOA4MEN, the Law of Attraction for Real Men, is for you (if you dare to go there).

Keep in mind that we’re not downplaying the law of attraction as it is being taught in contemporary circles, this is an important part of our evolutionary process, but the world also needs powerful masculine leaders who really know how to use the full power of the law of attraction as well.

Just the idea of it may be offensive to some who fear that if it were true that the law of attraction could be used for evil. For those who are truly in-the-know, they understand that the law of attraction doesn’t regard anything as good or evil, it just is. So how you use it, is up to you.

LOA for Men

LOA for men is The Law of Attraction for Men by David M Masters. You may have attended an event sponsored by St Paul’s Free University or some other organization that doesn’t mind supporting and promoting a room filled with testosterone-driven men to embrace the principals of the law of attraction in the manliest of ways. This is the Law of Attraction for Real Men.

If you’re a real man, if you’ve heard of the law of attraction, and heaven forbid if you’ve learned about it from your partner or spouse, the idea of this namby pamby oogly googly curl up and suck your thumb in the fetal position while you stare at a candle, meditate, repeating mindless BS, just the idea of it, would be enough to make a billy goat puke.

Your partner says, “Hey babe, just do this and we’ll have everything we want in life.”


Have you lost your mind?

You are never gonna convince me, or any other real man, that I can accomplish anything through giving up everything I’ve worked for, denying the man I’ve become, stop the moving, my momentum forward, as I’ve fought the fight day in and day out for you and those that I love to sit and meditate in my pajamas all day long and daydream about living a better life?

You have lost your mind.

And if anyone else were to bring up such a crazy idea, you can just about face yourself and get out’a Dodge, and the horse you rode in on. You all don’t belong here. Nobody respects that kind of nonsense. Right?

I hear you. I know. This crazy thing happened and the law of attraction, which is a real thing, fell into the hands of a bunch of whiny weak-kneed baby-faced lazy losers, who were able to put it into action and raise the value of their lives. Then they started promoting the heck out of it, like some new peace and love religion.

But that is not what the law of attraction is.

The law of attraction was here long before we were, long before anyone discovered it and leaked it to the masses. The law of attraction has been practiced by the most powerful people who have ever lived on this planet, and they still use it every day to manipulate you (us) and get whatever they want, every day, every second, nonstop.

And these people are NOT nice, benevolent, and loving people. They do not run around all day in their cotton jammies meditating and hoping that something good is going to happen to them, while they join their friends in singing Kumbaya around the campfire.

Nope, they are not doing any of that worthless crap.

They are out there dominating and moving their world and the rest of the world, commanding and demanding using the law of attraction, and you can use this same power for anything you want, if you know how, and anyone can do it, even you.

Now, I know the new age love religion folks are not gonna want to hear this, but it’s true.

The real law of attraction has been wielded most powerfully by the dominators, those people who possess more authority and power than you could possibly imagine (and probably wouldn’t believe it, if you could) every day. And they allow you to have your own little piece of it, as long as you stay weak, and you can live a better life. So have fun.

But right now, there are a growing number of men, real men, who are becoming aware of the law of attraction for real men, and they are changing their lives and the world, in more powerful ways than you could imagine. Look out for these men, they are the movers and shakers of tomorrow, and there is nothing that can stop them.

Oh, baby, I know you been meditating and praying for your husband,

“Oh dear God, please save my husband. Let him see that softness tenderness and laziness that has made me feel so much better.”


Somethin’ better just happened.

You’re husband just woke up to what’s really going on here, and baby, you just go on doin’ your thing, and God bless you for doin’ it, but your husband, he’s stepping into his sacred domination, and it doesn’t look anything like the watered-down law of attraction that you’ve been practicing.

He is stepping into this unlimited power source, he’s kicking ass and taking names like never before.

And you? You get to benefit from being with a man, who will love and care for you and make a massive contribution to others and the world at large.

Now, no one’s asking you to change, because ask yourself this:

How much good could the two of you do in the world working together with this kind of power?

This is the sacred union you were destined to enjoy.

Now, go forth and change the world in power.

And be on the lookout for loa4men.com because something powerful is brewing.

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Wrapping up the month of June, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

How is COVID-19 Affecting You? Extra Time On Your Hands Stop Investing in Others
People and Their Pets Money Issues and Financial Attraction You’re Doing It Wrong
Energetic Theft and Manipulation








How is COVID-19 Affecting You?

There is a great deal of media focus on the COVID-19 chaos. It’s enough to make anyone upset. Your stress levels are growing just to try to cope with the constant barrage of US vs. THEM, that you are force-fed every day, while you have to comply with what seems like unreasonable circumstances. You may even feel like you are being personally attacked by being expected to offer some basic human courtesy or kindness to your fellow man as if it were a threat to your “rights.”

How do you think this is affecting those marginal families, just trying to get by?

The media is so overflowing with promoting panic about the coronavirus that you don’t hear about what’s happening behind the scenes, or more importantly, how it is affecting our people. The people next door, our neighbors, and those who are struggling.

For some reason, the media feed is not including the data about how the lockdown is affecting our families who were dependent on the system to provide some sense of normalcy in an otherwise already chaotic situation. Jobs? Gone. Businesses? Closed. Schools? Closed.

Though, there has been some effort to allow minimal support, like restaurants allowed to provide drive-up services, and schools? (God bless ‘em) many of them are continuing bus routes to deliver meals and homework to their shut-in students.

Look at the toll it’s taking on you. Even if you, like many, are convinced that,

“It’s not really affecting my way of life much.”

Except for minor inconveniences, like having to wear a mask while shopping, missing church services or other meetings (which many can still be held online), or not being able to socialize much. But that’s offset by your unlimited freedom to do whatever it is else that you’d like. You can sleep in as long as you want, you can run around in your jammies all day. You can eat, and binge-watch all those shows you’ve been missing, play videos to your heart’s content. For many of us, it ain’t half-bad, even kind’a nice to take a break.

But how is this affecting you?

How is it affecting others?

You see people acting out, protesting, rioting, looting, being further polarized against each other. You may have even noticed yourself falling into the trap of judging others, staunchly disagreeing with someone else’s point of view, when it wasn’t that long ago that you would have defended their right to their own opinion, but now, all you care about is your own. That happens in isolation.

All the while, when a husband beats his wife, parents abuse their children, or someone commits suicide, these are just quietly counted as casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, and rightfully so, but you’re not hearing about these details. You’re only fed the news of the fantastic, the dramatic, as politicians, peoples, and essential workers further separate themselves by focusing on what they think is wrong with anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

This is taking an immense toll on all of us.

It is in these times that some of us are starting to discover a looing emptiness inside, as if something was missing. You may start thinking that so much of this isn’t making sense. You’re starting to ask questions that society and your peers would rather you not ask. You are expected just to ignore your questions about the inconsistencies that you are starting to notice. Just keep your head down, but move forward in blind obedience. That’s what they expect.

Yet, every day, people are beginning to awaken. Beginning to see that things may not be as they appear. Noticing that there is something else going on here, something more than meets the eye.

What are they doing?

They are turning off the media, disconnecting from the propaganda and hype, and focusing their attentions within.

They are discovering a higher sense of being, looking for meaning and purpose in this life. They are expanding and growing personally while gaining a higher sense of self-esteem and independence. They are likely to have a better sense of a higher power, seeking to connect with it (whatever it is).

Those who are now awakening and amidst this process of individual evolution are finding their own center of gravity, discovering their own source of inner peace, joy, and a growing love for themselves and others.

They will emerge from this lockdown having experienced a major metamorphosis. Their hearts will be full of love, more generous, compassionate, and be driven to make a contribution.

Their numbers are not being reported amidst the coronavirus statistics, but their numbers are growing every day, and you will notice them when these restrictions are lifted.

And you can be one of them.

Maybe you’re ready to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.


Extra Time On Your Hands

What will you do when you find yourself with extra time on your hands? Will you catch up on playing games? Search and peruse the Internet to your heart’s content? Binge-watch everything you may have missed in the last ten years on Netflix? Or will you take this time to evolve?

This is a unique opportunity to do something that you never had the time to do before. You know, all those things that you said, “If I just had a few more hours a day,” or thought, “I could do so much more with the hours that I waste commuting.”

So, here you are, unless you are essential, you have found yourself with extra time on your hands. What will you do with it?

I can tell you what I see. I see people taking advantage of this downtime growing and expanding. People, like you and me, are spending this time in personal exploration and expansion. So, when the cloud rises from this unprecedented time, these individuals will emerge fully empowered and vastly different from what they were at the beginning of the lockdown.

There are many of us who will emerge having made hugely divergent career changes. Other changes will include increased health, wellness, and longevity. Some will come out as new business owners, and other sill grow and expand in spirituality with hearts overflowing with love.

I know this is on contrast to what you see in the media because all they are doing is presenting the worst of the worst, all the chaos, all the tragic news, all the fighting each other and further separation of each of us, all the pain, destruction, and dysfunction.

But what you are unaware of (because you are prevented from seeing it) is what is going on the scenes. And what is going on behind the scenes is massive on the political and the underlying energetic side which seeks to control all if us, and on the unlimited power of unconditional love that promotes the evolution of the human race, is hidden from your awareness, unless you are an active participant in what is going on behind the scenes.

There is an underground movement of spiritual awakening that is taking place, while the world is focused on all the chaos that is being promoted, exaggerated, and designed to cause us to panic, get angry, and focusing our attention on fighting by the media. We are angry and we are compelled to fight for our rights, fight for justice, fight for freedom, fight for independence, the call of the hypnotic media is to lull you into this angry state, enough to encourage you to “Make a stand.” To stand and be willing to fight for what is right.

This is a year that massive change will be pervasive and the whole Earth is evolving. Our planet is shifting into a healthy state, and for those who are taking a positive approach to this evolutionary expansion opportunity, they are changing and becoming more healthy and powerful, while basking in light and love, while the rest of the planet struggles against the darkness.

The underlying forces that rule the lands which we inhabit have their own agendas that they are aggressively promoting, the reward for doing so is knowing that if they can keep the population distracted by the conflict, they will never have the peace of mind to see what is awakening under the surface of all the chaos.

Yet, the evolution is taking place, in the now.

What about you?

Will you take this extra time on your hands to turn off the TV, unplug from the Internet and negative news, and take the time to look inside and contemplate the mysteries of your unlimited possibilities?

Stop Investing in Others

Everyone is constantly looking for the next best thing, asking, “How can I get the biggest bang for my investment dollars.” You’ve heard the “being in the right place at the right time” and “rags to riches stories of others” and you want your piece of that action.

Many people have been able to profit wildly by investing in someone else’s dream, and many more have found ways to profit from luring dreamers into schemes that are designed to exploit others and destroy their dreams.

Then there are those who do not look to others, to cash-in on someone else’s project or idea, or looking for the next shiny object. These are the dreamers who look within, they find that thing (many things for some) that they were born to do, and they fix their focus and invest their time and energy in themselves.

These are the people upon whom your attention is focused, those who were inspired and paid the price, they sacrificed, they were dedicated and persistent, and they did their own thing. Some of them started with nothing, starting from scratch at ground-zero, with no resources except for their own dream and vision.

Many opportunities to invest abound. Many people attempt to recreate someone else’s success, which rarely, if ever, turns out like you may have thought or been led to believe, because you cannot ever effectively recreate lightning strike success.

You can read all the books, study all the documentation, and follow in the footsteps of others who benefitted from lightning strike success, and you will never be able to recreate someone else’s lightning strike.

Unless you really feel like you could do better. You have to be careful, here. Because if you’re looking to achieve someone else’s level of success, that is not likely to happen, but if you feel like your dream is bigger, has more potential, and you could potentially crush your predecessor, this is a better path to pursue, and most of our advancements in all fields come from dreams of this magnitude which continue to change the world we live in.

Stop chasing the success of others and hoping to cash-in on someone else’s thing.

Stop Investing in Others

And start investing in your own thing.

You’ve come here with a unique set of skills and abilities and God is waiting to bless you with massive success for forsaking all and embracing your sacred calling and following it through to fruition. In this way, you can be one of the heroes that others look up to.

You will never worry about death-bed regrets because your life is an example and inspiration. You did the best with what you had, and you tasted the life that few have the courage to take on the challenge.

What’s the worst that can happen?

If you incest in someone else’s gig, or try to recreate someone else’s success, the worst that can happen is that you lose everything, as many have, spending years regretting your choice to bet on the wrong horse. And you may fall into the trap of trying you recover your losses by chasing someone else’s dream and trying to make it your own.

If you’ve invested in yourself, the worst that can happen is you can lose it all, but you can have a sense of honor of having done your best, followed your heart, embraced your own vision, learned, experienced, and accomplished what few others could. And your efforts could be hugely inspirational for others who will learn from your experience.

In this way, even if you totally fail, falling flat on your face, your efforts could change the world. This is common when it is said that someone’s dream “was ahead of their time.” But the time will come, and it may not have come to pass without your inspiration.

When you invest in yourself there is a far better chance you will succeed, and feel much better about it, if you don’t, but

What’s the best thing that could happen?

Is the better question for those who chart their own path, and dare to go where no man has gone before (no matter what the naysayers have to say about it).

Stop investing in others, start investing in yourself, and there are people and resources out there who can help you achieve your highest and best.

You are your greatest opportunity for success

Stop investing in others, which will help you to avoid investor’s regret, and start making your own dreams come true by living a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

People and Their Pets

People are far more likely to take better care of their pets than themselves. This is based on the idea that for the most part, we are designed to be the kinder, gentler, more loving, and compassionate life form on this planet.

While our compassion for our fellow man may have faded, our relationship with our pets continues to grow. Many of us will sacrifice all to benefit those in our lives who love us unconditionally. When someone is on the down and out, the last morsels of food, will be given to your pet(s).

If your pet requires a special diet or medication, you are more likely to see to your pet’s needs before your own.

When your pet is in need of life-saving treatment, procedure, or surgery, you may find yourself pulling out your credit card, taking out a loan, visiting the local pawn shop, selling off personal belongings, anything that you might do for anyone else that you love dearly.

If given the choice between socializing with friends, family, or even keeping your job or giving up your pet, the vast majority would choose the pet over almost anything else, even one’s spouse.

Your Animals Are Healthier Than You

There is a very peculiar trend that you might not notice that is taking place in veterinary sciences, which results in better treatment of your animals and pets than you get. And it all starts with the basic diet. If you look at the nutritional label of your pet food and compare it to the nutritional label on a box of cereal or even baby formula, you may be shocked to realize that

Your Pet Has a Better Diet Than You

Most of us don’t pay much attention to what we eat, and for the vast majority of us, those who shop at supermarkets and frequent restaurants or fast food establishments, there’s not much nutritional value in the food items we have access to.

But pet food companies are putting forth the effort to see that our animals have access to the best nutrients to support good health and long life.

Your Pets Get Better Health Care

Health care for animals is quite different than you might see in medical care for humans. Veterinarians whose patients are primarily livestock are tasked with keeping the animals they’re responsible for as healthy as possible for as long as possible for as little as possible to see that the owners receive a good return on their investment.

So, there is a huge emphasis on preventative care for animals (which includes an improved diet, including vitamins and minerals) because an expensive surgery is not practical for livestock (though it might be a more viable option for your pet).

This is in sharp contrast to your doctor, who was taught in medical school to sell prescriptions and recommend expensive procedures and surgeries. This is not a practical approach for a veterinarian.

For example, you might go to your doctor and your recommended treatment for a painful hip may include a prescription medication to relieve the pain and a surgical approach including hip replacement, which would be covered by your health care insurance. While the veterinarian would be tasked with finding alternative (inexpensive) methods to repair and rebuild the hip function of his or her patient.

I gravitate to health care professionals who are more akin to the practices of the veterinarian, like natural and homeopathic preventive care, but also have a cooperative MD who understands my perspective on taking the lead on my own healthy maintenance.

Unfortunately, even with the best of care, our pets, who we can care for as deeply (or more deeply according to recent studies) than our fellow humans, have a more limited lifespan.

And while you may sacrifice all for your favorite dog or cat, a friend of mine who works for the State to follow up with the elderly who have become incommunicado says that it makes a difference if you pass away in your home with a cat or a dog. He says that if your pet is a dog, there is a high likelihood that your dog will die also from starvation. Ahh… man’s best friend.

Your cat, on the other hand, might be more prone to survive, at your expense.

Do we care?

We don’t really, because we love our pets more than anything or anyone else and are far more likely to take better care of their pets than ourselves.

Money Issues and Financial Attraction

Money happens to be one thing in our world that has who you are and what you can have in this life. If you can get a grasp of how the world really works, you could take back your financial power solving your money issues and financial attraction would be your natural state of being.

Everything is energy. Money is energy and God Source Energy is at your disposal to achieve the financial abundance which is yours. If you’ve thought of it, your heart’s desires are being attracted to you, right now. All you have to do is to do the work which removes what stands between you and what you want.

Money Can Be a Drag

It seems like everything in life is dictated by how much money (or debt) you have, or don’t have. Right? It determines where you live, who you hang out with, what you do with your spare time, how you care for those you love, and it goes on and on. The frustration that you feel about money actually keeps you anchored to where you are and what experiences you have access to in this life.

How you think and feel about money can drag you down and keep you out of the flow of abundance which is your birthright.

The first and most important step to put you on the track to financial stability and an increasingly abundant lifestyle is to make peace with your money issues, then move forward in grace.

Note that money is just an energetic toll of many, nearly unlimited, energetic possibilities to give you everything you want.

You will find that you can attract more, when you take your focus off the green monster of the dollar, until you make your peace with it and enjoy it for what it is, not what you’ve suffered through, up ‘til now.

It is All About How You Feel and Think

It is your mentality that counts. How you feel and think about the world around you determine your reality in it. Not everyone walking around on this planet operates from the same reality you do.

People with failing businesses “know” it’s hard to get to the top and people at the top “know” it’s easy for anyone to get to the top if they’re willing to work hard on the right things to get there.

Many of the obstacles holding you back were placed there by you and what you believe to be true. A lot of times, you may be the one who is creating the very “rut” you complain about being in.

You can transmute your financial dynamic and begin to master your money frequency.

Become the Master and Money Becomes Your Servant

When you change your point of view, the whole world changes. Money is neither good nor bad, it is simply an energetic entity available to serve you. You have come here endowed with everything you need to have everything that brings you a sense of joy. You are here to have fun and celebrate all this life has to offer while you are blessed to be here in your body. You should never be a slave to money, instead, you should become the master of money without fear as you learn how to use it as a tool which exists to be in service to you.

This shift in your point of view is the most powerful move you can make.

Experience is More Important Than Money

Most everyone who is trying to manifest more financial abundance is not achieving the results they want because they could be doing it better. They are focusing on the money that they don’t have. If the law of attraction works, it will bring you more of that; what you’re focusing on, the money you don’t have. It is a trap that’s been set by the powers that be. They want to keep you overwhelmed with your lack of everything, money is just one of them, which keeps you financially subdued (which makes them more money).

If you focus instead on what you want, how you want to feel about any particular thing, and the experiences you want to have, now you are avoiding the money trap and you can increase your financial attraction aptitude.

By enjoying more of the experiences, you desire to have, the higher your vibration raises. You grow and expand into this higher state of being which is a match to even more abundance, and you will see the whole world changing around you.

Higher Vibration Makes You a Powerful Financial Attractor

In this state of being, it is not about the money. Money may, or may not, necessarily be the energetic venue which brings you what you want, yet, if you are in the vibration of having what you want, it just appears. If you are open to allowing your heart’s desires to come to you in any manner possible (or even impossible). Many who have experienced this describe these events as “hard to believe” or “a miracle.”

Higher vibration means you are operating in a stream of life where you are wielding more energetic power. Changing your vibration can be a daunting task for most people. Just trying to be open to the idea of such a thing is more than the average person can fathom.

And if that’s not enough, you are bombarded by a constant barrage of negative news, bills coming in faster than you can pay them, barely getting by, being reminded of how little you have, and all the while seeing the occasional glimpse of the one-percent, those that have all the money, living lavishly, which continues to widen the gap between the haves and the lowly have-nots, who we are more closely associated with. It’s a wonder anyone can break the spell of mediocrity or slavery to the man.

Life is about balance. Doing the work includes ferreting out and removing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages which are unable to be seen by your conscious self. Just starting to be aware of their existence causes them to start bubbling up to your awareness.

You’re Doing It Wrong

We are surrounded by chaos, opposition, and separation. Wouldn’t you rather live in a world of peace and harmony? If you’re focused on making a stand, fighting for your right, or protesting against what you do not want, you’re doing it wrong. Love your enemies if you really want to see change.

This sounds hugely counterintuitive, because your natural inclination is to react in some way to stop the way you’re feeling, and somewhere deep in your caveman or cavewoman instinctual reaction, you feel like the best way to stop the way you’re feeling is stop what is making you feel that way, essentially to kill it or the person doing it.

Well, that sounds so dramatic or barbaric, so if you’re feeling a little more civilized, then let’s punish those who might have the gall to participate in a different point of view, put them in jail, send them off to some barren place to fend for themselves against other radicals, or

These days, we belittle, ridicule, or try to make them seem idiotic, or evil via social media, you might want to stage a protest, destroy someone’s property, threaten, or execute some irreverent or violent campaign against those whose point of view is not shared by you.

Free speech and protesting are your rights. In fact, you are encouraged to speak your mind and make a stand against those with whom you share this planet with.

Why do you think that is?

You might be surprised to discover that you are a victim of energetic theft and manipulation by exercising your right to disagree vehemently. And if you’re starting to get a glimpse behind the curtain and understand that things may not be as they appear, you’re not alone.

The powers that be understand that energy is energy and that everything is energy. They are hungry to use the news, media, and life circumstances that will create energy (usually negative because that yields the greatest volume and is accomplished easily) within you, hoping to initiate an energetic response from you.

Usually, they promote something that you will think is undesirable, if they can increase your objection to despise or hate the idea they have introduced to your consciousness, they are likely to elicit a higher energetic response. Their hope is that they can upset you enough to recruit you to promote their agenda, unbeknownst to you.

How are you tricked into adding your energy to their agenda? By letting you think you can make a difference by fighting against them, which only makes them stronger.

Granted, you may be able to stop something by killing it, temporarily.

The 3x Energetic Rule

If you look at how dramatically stopping a thing makes it stronger, take a look at how things work in the real world. If you kill a cop, three others take his place. If you burn down an abortion clinic, three more abortion clinics are built. You might be able to silence and crush a movement, but it only goes underground and becomes three-times more powerful.

And if you share those news stories or offensive memes on social media, you have been recruited by that which you despise and become a public relations promoter of their cause. And for the most part, we fall for this manipulation every time.

A more effective approach is to use the power of love to neutralize their efforts.

Infinite energy is the power behind love. Love is the most powerful weapon in the universe. Applying love to everything that is unwanted is the only way to affect real, lasting change in the world.

Love Your Enemies

Jesus tried to tell us about how to use the energy of love to thwart evil in his Sermon on the Mount. He said,

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you” ~ (Matthew 5:44)

This methodology is valuable, now more than ever, and is the only way to neutralize the energy which has been accumulated by those people and things which you despise the most.

You will be able to greatly decrease their efficacy by encapsulating them, whoever or whatever they are, in love. When you encapsulate them in love, you create a love vacuum which limits their ability to promote their agenda. And, at the very least, by loving them instead of hating them, you have not added to their energetic prowess.

Understand that evil and good are both concepts that balance each other out. As you may have noticed, they can occasionally remain out of balance, and you can bet that someone is profiting wildly from this imbalance. There is no good without evil, and neither good nor evil can exist in a vacuum.

Love (or good) exists eternally and infinitely. Evil is secondary, a corruption of love. Evil is like a parasite that feeds on and corrupts love (its host), including the exploitation of your otherwise sensible energy to further grow and spread itself, like a virus. If you remove the energy from any undesirable, unwanted, or “evil” thing, the underlying love remains.

If this is a congruent concept to be embraced by you, you will encapsulate with love, rather than respond defensively.

You can apply this to anything undesirable in your life and be miles ahead in your ability to help make the world a better place. So next time someone riles up your otherwise reasonable sensibilities,

Encapsulate them in love.