Earthing or Grounding

How can you protect yourself from being attacked by energy frequencies that have a negative effect, even promoting deterioration in your body, mind, and soul? If you could be stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, without any electrically powered devices like televisions, phones, and computers, no fluorescent lighting, toxic textiles (carpeting, upholstery), unsafe paint, and/or air pollution, the sources of harmful energy frequencies (positive ions). Your island in the ocean is a powerful generator of natural energy that neutralizes harmful energy frequencies that you might be exposed to. So, living on an island, surrounded by beaches, is a good place to live if you want to battle the dangerous energy fields that you might otherwise be exposed to. Other great places that are positive energy generators are waterfalls, dense forests, and anywhere immediately following heavy rain and storms.

Earthing or Grounding

Another way to neutralize the effects of positive ions is by Earthing or Grounding. This is basically walking barefoot on the Earth, in the grass, on the sand, in the forest, on the dirt, anywhere that you are not separated by some unnatural insulator, like concrete, pavement, etc. When your bare feet contact the Earth in this manner negative ions flow up through your feet and through your whole body, just by making a sole connection to our planet.

This is why you feel so good when you kick off your shoes and walk around at a park or on the shore. It doesn’t take long, about 15 minutes, for the human body to be fully charged by negative ions. If you’re feeling off, or not well, you don’t have to be barefoot in the park all day, about fifteen minutes will be enough to keep you charged for the while day.

Your Body’s Ground

Your body is actually specifically designed to be grounded to the Earth. Not unlike electrically-powered devices that are designed for grounding which are manufactured with a separate wire for connecting to an electrical ground source, your body is premanufactured and equipped with a grounding gel in the Dermis layer of the skin. This grounding substance collects and stores negative ions for use throughout the day. It takes about 15 minutes to fully charge this grounding substance of the body. So, taking a 15 minute barefooted walk in the park or on the beach will last all day and even help you sleep more soundly at night.

What to Expect from Earthing or Grounding?

This therapeutic science 15-minute holistic activity of Earthing yields many health benefits, such as

  1. Reduces inflammation
    1. for those suffering from joint inflammation
    2. in a variety of health conditions
    3. nearly instant, noticeable results
  2. Decreases pain
    1. pain from injuries or wounds
    2. pain from illness or disease
    3. emotional pain
  3. Decreases stress response
    1. feel stress reduction quickly
    2. sustained stress relief throughout the day
    3. increases cognition
  4. Increases heart rate variability
    1. strengthens heart health
    2. alters breathing
    3. optimizes blood pressure
  5. Improves sleep
    1. sleep more soundly
    2. through the night
    3. increased REM
  6. Improves cortisol rhythm
    1. normalizing day/night rhythms
  7. Improves wound healing
    1. reduces discomfort associated with regeneration
    2. increases recovery rate
    3. increased blood cell activity
  8. Reduces blood viscosity
    1. oxygen transport and delivery
    2. increased blood flow and perfusion
    3. increased vasodilation

Earthing assists in relieving sleep disorders, such as, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and helps reduce risk of sudden onset events, like heart attack and stroke, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you’re not feeling well, Earthing will help you to feel better, it will boost your digestion, and boost your natural immunity, and so much more.

How to Earth or Ground Yourself

Grounding yourself to the Earth requires a bare skin connection to the best negative ion charged source possible to charge the grounding gel that resides within the dermis later of your skin. Any bare skin surface will do, bare feet are the most convenient and therefore the most popular. No cheating, here, bare feet means bare feet. No socks, sandals, or flip flops. Just bare-naked feet on the Earth’s surface.

No insulation between your bare skin and the Earth. No carpet, AstroTurf, wood, concrete, asphalt, or other material separating you from the natural Earth.

What can you do if you live in a high-rise in the city? If you are finding it difficult to find some Earth to get grounded to, there is an alternative. You can get yourself a grounding mat (available on Amazon) that you can stand on with your bare feet for charging your grounding substance.


Infidelity Why is My Partner Cheating?

As a love and relationship counselor or coach, undoubtedly you will be having clients facing challenges with infidelity. If you’ve done this kind of work for long, you realize that people stray for any number of reasons, and if you can remain supportive and non-reactive or judgmental, you may be the pivotal player in this relationship as someone who can assist in the relationship’s recovery, or at least, help the relationship end in the most amicable fashion.

Infidelity is a good indicator signaling that something is wrong in the relationship. It’s up to your clients to see if they can unravel the root cause if they intend to try to rebuild the relationship. It will take full commitment to the process from both parties if the relationship is to move forward, not so much if there is no hope and one or more or your clients is determined to call it quits.

Even if a couple starts off as the perfect match in the beginning, there is the tendency for people to grow and change or deteriorate and change over the course of time. There can be many reasons why things might change that may make the once compatible couple incompatible, resulting in irreconcilable differences, for which there is presumably no remedy. Though this is not always the case, as any impasse today could be a challenge to face and deal with another day.

Researchers who study cheaters only have access to cheaters who have either been caught cheating or have volunteered the information about their infidelity. The clergy will have access to greater and more detailed information, but this information is protected by clergy-penitent privilege. Anthropologists, on the other hand, are able to study animals for clues about our sexuality and how common infidelity is among members of the animal kingdom that share our DNA, like primates and mice. Then, there are others who are unfaithful who have gotten away with it and will take this secret with them to the grave. None of us will have access to that data.

Neurotypical Infidelity

The most common form of infidelity is neurotypical infidelity. This is to say that perfectly normal and average people will have a tendency to stray from an otherwise typical monogamous relationship. Anthropologists insist that the tendency to seek sexual gratification or variety outside of a monogamous relationship is hardcoded in our DNA inherited by our ancestors.

People cheat out of anger or revenge, because they have fallen out of love, or “accidentally.” By accidentally, I mean, they were unfaithful for the same reason that a non-criminal might commit a crime, they were in a weakened state and found themselves in a situation where they were presented with the means, motive, and opportunity to engage in a crime or sexual tryst.

Other reasons include the inability to commit or limited emotional bandwidth for a long-term commitment, feeling as though they are not being attended to appropriately, mismatched sex drives, and/or a hyperactive sex drive which may include a strong desire to have sex with other people.

Emotional issues, such as low self-esteem, insecurity, unworthiness, or unresolved trauma from the past may also be contributors to being unfaithful, as seeking a sexual relationship (even if sex is not consummated) outside the couple may boost their confidence, helping them to cope with their other unresolved emotional issues.

Addictive Infidelity

Addiction is one of those tricky areas where there is hope for recovery because we have so much evidence of success stories that it is reasonable to believe that one who suffers from any addiction can overcome it. Addictions may be contributors to infidelity and come in many forms such as alcoholism, addictions to drugs (pharmaceutical or prescription), compulsive gamblers, eaters, spenders, sex addicts, etcetera.

Addictions come in varying intensities. For those whose addictive tendencies are mild, the hope for recovery can be high, though even so, one must realize that relapses are quite common. Severe cases may require supernatural intervention, like (insert addiction) Anonymous. I have often found God to be a powerful ally in battling addiction for my clients.

Considering the nature of sex addiction, certainly one would expect to see infidelity rear its ugly head in any relationship, though few may struggle with the addiction but refrain from acting out completely. This still puts a tremendous strain on the relationship.

These addictions that may include different forms of infidelity are uncontrollable urges that cause the victim to act out unfaithfully. They do so, not to offend the faithful partner, but often participate in such activity in an effort to self-medicate serious underlying issues such as being haunted by an unresolved traumatic past, anxiety, depression, unworthiness, guilt, shame, or when feeling overwhelmed by other psychological issues.

Sexual Orientation Infidelity

No longer in the dark ages, people in the modern world are empowered to express themselves sexually in authentic ways that may have been prohibitive in the past. There is a trend in the laws of the land to support all types of sexual orientation. One of the participants in a presenting relationship may experience a change in sexual orientation. Though one does not normally change their sexual orientation, just simply come to realize that their previous commitment to a particular sexual preference was a lie.

This is a change for the other partner who did not see this coming, though there’s a good chance that the partner who is awakening to his or her true sexual orientation may be just as surprised when this reality comes to light. You are born with your unique sexual orientation but often develop a socially acceptable sexual persona to in effect find an easier way to make your way through life.

In some cases, an individual will look as though he or she is a sexual chameleon, changing his or her sexual preference from one to another over time. This is common enough, especially if their previous programming to adopt a false-facing-front sexual orientation has been prolonged. It may take experimentation over time to finally discover one’s true sexual nature.

If you are in a relationship with someone who is on this sort of path of exploration and personal growth, this can put a great deal of stress on a relationship and may very well lead to the end of the relationship, especially if the explorer is intent on eventually finding a more suitable partner, or maybe his or her path will lead to having no steady partner at all.

Malicious Infidelity

In the rare circumstance of finding yourself paired with a malicious predator who may be a narcissist, sociopath, or psychopath, someone on the Anti-social Personality Disorder spectrum, you may suffer from infidelity because your partner gets a thrill from controlling, abusing, and torturing you in a variety of ways and you may never have any method of proving infidelity (or any other secrets he/she may be keeping from you) concretely. If he or she gets the slightest idea that you might be questioning his or her fidelity, you will be verbally and psychologically assaulted (gaslighting), discredited, disrespected, and made to feel like a fool.

If you are in a relationship with a predator, it may be difficult to find adequate help, as these individuals, if they are highly skilled, have the ability to be very persuasive with an incredible ability to con people (he or she conned you, right?) and may be able to manipulate any counselor you might like to see.

If you see this happening, just play along and look for another counselor who has experience with victims of narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths who can help you to protect yourself and deal with your situation without having to endure more pain or loss.

Monogamous Decline

With the expansion of sexual orientation, relationships are changing and evolving and the idea of monogamy is becoming less popular, as it is being seen as an unnatural archaic method of approaching romantic relationships. Instead, the current trend is toward supporting a more advanced tolerant relationship between a main pair of individuals, allowing for straying partners. This is referred to as ethical non-monogamy (ENM) or consensual non-monogamy (CNM). Observed as being ethical because there is full disclosure, thereby eliminating the “cheating” label, and consensual due to both parties agreeing on certain parameters.

What are your thoughts?



Sex is Good and May Be Subject to Change

A relationship coach for most of my adult life, though official titles and facilitations have morphed and changed along the way, I found myself invited to participate on a panel with other experts on sex and relationships. I am not saying that I am a sex expert, but early in my religious career, my wife and I did share a ministry focused on religious folks and sex. In those early days, our message was to remove the evil shadow over the issue of sex among married religious folks, insisting that sex is good, not evil. And tried to help them approach marital sex as sacred and enjoyable, not just something that you do out of a sense of duty.

I felt like I was the most out-of-place participant on the panel but realized that I could bring a unique perspective to the topic arena. For instance, religious individuals and leaders are often reported as being sexually deviant, and due to the attention-grabbing fascination or headline news, people often shudder whenever they think of someone being in this-or-that mainstream religion, or if in a smaller independent spiritually oriented group, may be erroneously referred to as a sex cult. It’s the old one bad apple spoils the whole bunch vibe. People can be so heavily influenced by the news media.

Having a ru=ich history in religious counseling, I am often privy to information that the standard therapist or scientific researcher has because the individuals that I work with are more apt to tell the truth and include details when protected by clergy-penitent privilege. Surprisingly to me, I have seen a wide variety of issues across the wide spectrum of sexuality, even within the confines of religion in all stages of membership and clergy. All the while, keeping a welcoming, non-judgmental, open perspective, respecting each individual to be at whatever place they might be in their spiritual journey, even when it was hardest to do so, even in those early years.

I quickly began to understand that sexuality is a spectrum, and even though I am opposed to the labels that are heralded by my peers, I do agree, that for those of particular sexual persuasions, it can be comforting to know that you are not the only one. And believe me, no matter how you feel like you are the only one that feels that way about sex (whatever that means to you), there are so many people out there that feel the same way.

Even in those early days of our ministry, my wife and I would encourage reverently religious folks to entertain the idea of expanding their horizons in private in the marital bed, often citing the first part of Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled,” which means that a husband and wife can enjoy all the joy that can be celebrated between each other, sexually, without limitation, with consent, encouraging exploration and experimentation. We purposely left out the remainder of the scripture because it dealt with relationships outside of the bonds of marriage, and we only did marital counseling. Even so, there were many challenges that religious couples would face when one or both partners strayed outside of the marriage. The most common, infidelity, as you might have guessed.

No doubt, there are endless possibilities among sexual persuasions that couples may experience, and it is not uncommon for any person to move through phases or evolve to and through a variety of sexual orientation(s) throughout one’s journey. This can be highly problematic when one partner changes his or her sexuality when in a committed relationship.

For instance, a couple may be equivocally matched, both being demisexual (someone who is only sexually attracted to another with whom they feel they share a deep emotional bond) at the relationship’s outset, but one partner begins to discover that he or she is freysexual (someone who is only sexually attracted to someone they do not know or strangers). This can be a problem, and most certainly will be. Of course, discovering one’s latent homosexuality can also come as a surprise.

These kinds of changes leave telltale signs that the other partner begins to notice, so planning a path of action is beneficial as soon as the one who is changing becomes aware of it. The partner who is not changing may see this as a sign of betrayal if not included in the change early on. So, some disclosures, and/or seeking a coach, counselor, or family therapist, earlier would be far better than later.

Often, the change takes place in secrecy. Sometimes the one who is changing, and does not understand the change is taking place and hides his or her feelings because they are struggling with trying to figure out what’s going on. In other circumstances, maybe change is not happening at all. Maybe one member of this couple has always had a particular style of sexual interest but feigned being more compatible with the other partner by “acting as-if” out of love, commitment, expectations of others (we see a lot of this in the religious community), denial, or even maliciously to exploit the partner in some way.

If there is to be any hope for the couple’s survival, if that is the agreed-upon intent of both parties, then openness and honesty is the best way to approach the issue.

And, yes, couples do survive these kinds of changes. If it is faced head-on, and the couple’s love and commitment is great enough to survive such a challenge.

Although I was nervous and felt awkward about participating on the panel, I definitely feel as though I would say, “yes,” to a similar invitation in the future.


Bad Vibes Energy-wise

You and I are surrounded by bad energy which infects our bodies. The bad vibes energy-wise come from all the various forms of technology we all have come to admire so much in our world. We use the devices and have become somewhat dependent on them, still, they send invisible electronic waves of energy through our bodies that leave energetic residue in the form of positive ions. And though they are referred to as “positive” these ions are certainly not good as they affect the human body as bad energy which shows up in life in many detrimental ways.

You may have heard about the Electromagnet Field (EMF) that permeates from your microwave or cell phone, but these positive ions could be emitted by everything that is run by electricity inside your home. This wreaks havoc on your body and destroys your basic physiology by flooding it with free radicals.

Q: Aren’t EMFs natural?

A: Yes. EMFs appear in nature, throughout the universe, Your body emits its own EMF frequencies, as do weather systems, and radiation from the sun. Without EMF, our planet would not have North or South Poles. So, yes, we and our planet need EMFs to survive.

The problem comes when technology produces EMFs in thousands or millions of times greater than can be sustained by our planet’s capabilities, problems occur and the most sensitive of tissues, human tissues, are taking a beating.

And what if you are embedded in a huge EMF generator for the greater part of your waking hours? Like those working in high-rise buildings that are nearly pure EMF generators, these people are surrounded by stories upon stories of electromagnetic fields being attacked cellularly non-stop all day long. Even if you are not in a highly condensed EMF producing environment, you are still being bombarded by harmful EMFs which is essentially disrupting the natural cycle of life on planet Earth.

What electromagnetic fields do you subject your body to after work? Whether you take the train, subway, or drive yourself, you are being radiated by EMFs while you are in transit. Then, you get home, where you would consider yourself safe. Right? Sure, if there are no electronic devices there. No computers, printers, tablets, cellphones, televisions, digital radios, Bluetooth devices, etc., you might be okay. Even while you sleep. Some people sleep with their cellphones next to them on the nightstand.

It is this excessive radiation from technological electromagnetic fields that has led to such an increase of physiological and psychological problems plaguing humanity at levels we have never seen before as we essentially radiate ourselves 24/7.

Your body is an extremely sensitive highly-tuned machine empowered by self-healing regenerative capacities if left unencumbered by the constant barrage of toxins and exposure to radiation and negative energetic frequencies (even though they may be referred to as “positive ions”) which is expressed by the human condition as any variety of health challenges, as the body’s natural abilities to regenerate and self-heal are obliterated.

If your preprogrammed sensibilities are challenging your thought process, just think about what you know to be true, for instance, you have heard, or you know how easy it would be to verify that people who live around high power lines, power distribution facilities, or radar stations, that are emitting massive amounts of EMFs, the residents have measurably greater numbers of cases of cancer per capita, than those who live further away, and that’s just one example.

In its natural state, at optimal unencumbered performance, the human body runs high on negative ions which can easily neutralize the positive ions it may be exposed to under primitive circumstances. I say “primitive” instead of normal, because in recent years, “normal” has become so toxic, that it is all but impossible to battle this level of radiation naturally. And you can tell. You can feel it.


Change Your Life or the World by Changing Books

As a Transfiguration Specialist, this is my gift to share with the world. When it looks like there is little or no chance to make a significant change, I can see the path from here to there, and in every case, if the desired change is massive, changing books is almost mandatory. That is to say, you could skip this step, and increase the cost and time necessary to see the change become reality.

Temporary Change

Changing books is not necessary for temporary change or doing what you have to do to make you feel better for a while, like losing 20 pounds before your wedding, or getting a big-screen TV. You could use changing books written by someone else to help inspire you to do the work necessary. To become an expert you could practice a skill for 10,000 hours (Malcolm Gladwell) or you could obtain all the expert knowledge necessary by reading seven changing books (Mark Victor Hansen). And doing so may increase your odds of riding this new wave for more lasting change.

Lasting Change

Lasting change is more elusive, for many reasons. The most common is that every one of us has a life frequency that matches acceptable mediocrity. A place where we are comfortable enough. Things aren’t that bad, and they could certainly get worse. This is your life rut, and it is easy to get stuck in it. This is where changing books can help to make all the difference.

If your life was a book, writing the next chapter might not be enough. You might be better off changing books altogether.

If the change you want to see, either in you, your life or the world, is great, you will have to change. Changing books is also a metaphor for your life. If your life was a book. You can easily look back and see the chapters of your life, and you can have an idea about how the next chapter might be. But if the change is great, it will require changing books completely. It may not be enough to expect due to the previous momentum (or lack of it) in the previous chapters to make the leap.

That’s why we need changing books, to help catapult us to the next level.

Permanent Change

Even more elusive is a permanent change. You desire to see the change and to be a part of it so much that you might be willing to do almost anything. This is where it helps to have a coach and moderator on your side, to help you see pitfalls in what might seem like an opportunity to push your agenda ahead today but may be ultimately detrimental in the long run.

Stuff Happens

You will never see more obstacles appear than when you decide to be a part of the change, any change, and changing books along the way can be very helpful in circumventing (or even eliminating) barricades to your progress.

The Biggest Obstacle to Permanent Change

You. Your old life. Remember that life that was okay, not so bad? Your former life will be calling you back. And when things are looking more like work than fun, that old life may not look so bad. You might think like chucking the whole idea might be worthwhile for the relief that comes from just bailing out completely.

You May Be Addicted to Your Old Life

Or your previous life, the one that you left to start your journey of massive change, is an addiction, which is an entirely new challenge to consider.

Changing Books

Do you know how you get deeply involved in a book? You’re so enthralled that you just have to keep reading, you can’t wait to find out what happens next. If you are reading a huge novel or series, the strength of the story could be so compelling, that the rest of your life’s potential could fall by the wayside.

In my work with clients, many of them refer to me as the book guy. That is to say that I am so passionate about writing a book, that most anyone who comes within a few feet of me will be contemplating the idea of writing a book, if not working on writing a book of their own.

Why write a book?

I believe that a book is the most powerful tool in the world to have the biggest impact in your life. Today, if you have a desire to see anything in your life change, you can influence the change at little or no cost to you by writing a book.

Try this: Finish this sentence:

The thing I would most like to change in my life would be:

_______________________ .

In most cases, you could accomplish this change by:

Writing a Book .

Of course, that is reduced to its simplest form. More often than not, you would have to do other things as well to accomplish the change you would like to see, but the writing of a book can do much of the heavy lifting for you.

But wait, there’s more…

Let’s take this to a whole new level.

Finish this sentence:

The thing I would most like to change in the world today would be:

_______________________ .

In most cases, you could accomplish this change by:

Writing a Book .

There is no limit to the scope your impact can have by writing a book, and it’s not as hard to do as you might think.

This is based on my life’s work that started in book writing for therapeutic interventions, personal growth, and massive lifestyle change. My work then expanded to business growth and wealth creation, then morphed into expanding social awareness and change. All the while using the writing of books, that I refer to as “Changing Books.”

As if by magic, my clients who were just the guy or gal next door, were able to achieve massive results, by making the writing of changing books, and yes, it will likely take more than one to get the job done.

It’s not like changing books are the one-stop-shop for getting the job done, but they can be the most powerful tool to assist you in getting what you want to be done in your life, finances, or the world. And, today, there is no financial barrier to making it happen.

Let’s take a look at the most popular changes people might like to see.

The Top 20 Things You Want to Do

  1. Start a Business
  2. Be happier
  3. Be a Better Lover
  4. Eat and Live Healthier
  5. Relieve Stress
  6. Be a Better Person
  7. Not be Depressed
  8. Get More Deep Sleep
  9. Let Go of the Past
  10. Not be Bored
  11. Be Better Looking
  12. Live Longer
  13. Reinvent Yourself
  14. Achieve a Goal
  15. Get a Promotion
  16. Travel the World
  17. Love Yourself More
  18. Be Fearless
  19. Make the World a Better Place
  20. Change Careers

Of course, there are many other things that we want out of life that seem as though they are beyond our reach, as though the distance from where we are to where we want to be is too vast. It’s as though it seems impossible to get from here to there.

Every one of those top 20 things you want, and millions of other changes we all would like to see, can be enhanced by your authoring changing books to assist in the process of making great change.



Private Forensic Investigator

In my line of work, I find myself working with a lot of professionals from various categories of business. I am currently working with a Private Forensic Investigator on a project of vast importance. In my associations and in support of his project, I am learning the differences between a Private Investigator, and one who integrates the forensic sciences. For his protection, I will refer to the Private Forensic Investigator, simply as My PI, from here on out.

My PI has worked as a forensic investigator at the university level before he decided to change direction. As a Private Forensic Investigator, he enjoys the freedom of being self-employed which gives him the freedom and ability to schedule his own hours (for the most part) giving him more quality time to spend with his wife and kids.

Unlike a normal private investigator, My PI goes the extra mile. He collects so much more data and applies the scientific methods to reach verifiable conclusions and accurate hypotheses that you would not have access to in any other way unless you were maybe a covert operation organized and funded by the government.

My PI has access to data collection devices, methods, and formulas that are clearly illegal within the bounds of the United States of America, but he outsources this work to individuals, companies, and organizations that are not in the United States, and therefore, he does not suffer exposure from using what would otherwise be considered illegal surveillance in America.

He doesn’t even have access to some of the material collected by these highly advanced (possibly questionable) methods. My PI just lets his client know that the material is available and may be obtained through his off-shore third-party providers. The client may decide to purchase the collected data and may offer the information to My PI following review by the client. In this manner, My PI is able to protect himself while offering such a high level of service to his clientele.

Once he has collected all the data, he can write a very concise report on the individual in question, as well as document any nefarious shenanigans which may have been conducted by this person.

Documentation may include time, place (can be as accurate as to size and placement of the bed in a hotel room, and how many people were active at that time and place), the body temperature, respiratory rate, and convulsions experienced by the person being investigated. Satellite imagery, heat signatures, automobile makes, models, and license plates of those individuals that may be involved (such as you might expect in surveillance of a drug deal, let’s say).

Normal things that you might expect, like video surveillance, GPS tracking travel time and stops, recorded phone calls, augmented with higher-level surveillance results including the likes of video messaging, pictures, and videos with full audio (either one or both sides of the conversations),

Note that the level of specificity is also represented in the price of My PI’s service, due to the third-party integration.

If your report needs are general, you would pay far less than you might for a full-fledged thoroughly accurate report.

Personally, I am not the kind of person who would be attracted to this kind of profession, as I value a person’s right to privacy, and would even support their right to free speech, even if that means supporting one’s right to lie, and to allow each individual to determine their own perceptions at any given time, but I can also understand and see the value in My Pi’s services.

It is interesting to me how much information is obtainable by anyone with the resources and the budget to access a great deal of information about anything you might have said and done in the past or in real-time. If not in real-time, in shockingly very close to real-time, live.

I guess I still feel a little big-brotherish about it all.

Benefits of Negative Ion Therapy

For over 250 years, our world has been pumping pollutants into our atmosphere and dumping toxins into our water, and if that wasn’t enough, we are being showered in toxic electronic transmission frequencies that have been growing in intensity over the last 80 years.

There are very few life forms including flora and fauna which would not test positive for these contaminants, they have become a part of out world, and in the most industrialized areas, the pervasive effects can be easily reviewed, not by testing the air or the water, but by reviewing the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area in any geographical location.

What do you find?

  1. Decreased life span
  2. Weakened immune system
  3. Lack of energy
  4. Pervasive cancers
  5. Increase mental illness, sickness, and disease
  6. Irritability, anger, hatred in the rise
  7. Increased rate of aging
  8. More allergies and respiratory issues
  9. Loss if mental acuity and physical agility
  10. Reproductive problems and birth defects

Not only are the people suffering from the minimal quality of life and are not living longer, but the wildlife native to these localities is at risk of extinction as well. Our communities are deteriorating right before our eyes, and it’s easy to understand why people might feel hopeless, asking questions like, “What’s the point?” or, “What could one person do?”

One person may not be able to battle a system that is clearly out of control, but one person can be proactive and focus on what he or she could do to protect him or her-self from the meaningless destruction of quality of life. Some will move to remote properties and live off the land. These people are referred to as Preppers or off-grid. Others still remain in the cities, suburbs, and towns, and must find their own ways to find methods to safeguard themselves against the powers that place them in harm’s way every day.

We know that positive ions (which though they sound “positive” they are hugely negative and life-threatening) are produced in the body by exposing oneself to all this toxic energy and contaminants, and this is responsible for our rapidly declining health.

And it’s not just you who is suffering the effects of these positive ions, but it affects your children, and your pets, putting them as risk as well. There has been a growing awareness of the positive effect of negative ions on the human body for the last 65 years.

A basic interpretation regarding the benefits of applying negative ions to an environment flooded with positive ions can be found in stormy weather. When Mother Nature is having her way with us in terms of weather systems, the whole environment is heavily influenced, especially the human body, and you can see the effects by again measuring quality of life. People get headaches, irritable, suffer from lack of energy, depression, the immune system declines, and if the weather systems persist for too long, people get sick, they feel a resurgence of effects from previous injuries, and start going to their doctors and hospitals. Yet, when these same people are exposed to negative ions during the weather event, they immediately start to feel better.

Applying negative ions to a human body that is high in positive ions has an instantaneously noticeable and measurable effect. You can easily measure the effect, not by hooking you up to fancy equipment, but by how you feel. People who felt lethargic feel more energetic. People who had headaches or generally not feeling well instantly start feeling better, and those who are suffering from irritability start feeling more peaceful and serene, and it goes on and on (and on and on).

What are the most powerful ways negative ions can benefit you?

Better Sleep

Most people who suffer from pervasive positive ion energy have trouble sleeping at night and its one of the things that you are likely to notice soon after exposure to negative ions. You might think that this is based on anecdotal testimonials, which it is, but it is also backed up by science. For instance, in one scientific study conducted on athletes, they noted the positive effects of applying negative ions to competitive sports participants. They measured increased performance and shorter recovery times, but what they didn’t expect to find was that the athletes who were exposed to negative ions were experience better, deeper, sleep overnight. You can expect this as well.

Sufferers of insomnia and sleep apnea have also claimed to have enjoyed the better sleep provided by the negative ions.

Respiratory Recovery

People suffering from respiratory issues report rapid recovery from being exposed to negative ion energy. Negative ions are known to moderate blood pressure by dilating blood vessels which positively supports a healthy cardiovascular system, reducing heart attacks and strokes across the board.

Just by breathing the air, we are putting our physiology at risk by breathing in the toxicity all around us (which also is true for what we eat, drink, and otherwise expose ourselves to either intentionally or unintentionally) we are ingesting contaminants that find their way into the bloodstream, thereby clogging and disrupting normal blood flow, negative ions help to reverse these conditions.

Lungs also clear and benefit as well from other respiratory problems are reduced such as hay fever, emphysema and bronchitis, and others.

Increased Immunity and Viral Protection

More science measuring the effects of negative ions on human physiology measures greater immunity by stabilizing the ionic balance of the body. This harmonic balance allows the natural immune system to operate more efficiently. Which offers an increase of 40% protection from invisible viruses. And the approach of applying negative ions does not interfere with other medications, such as antibiotics.

What Other Benefits are Measurable?

Exposure to negative ions measurably increases natural levels of essential sodium and calcium, while promoting a greater alkaline pH balance. Not to mention countering depression and other negative mental issues such as irritability and angry outbursts by boosting serotonin levels in the brain.


Positive Ions Bad Negative Ions Good

What’s all this hubbub about negative ion energy? We are hearing a lot about negative ions being good for us, but on the surface, “negative” doesn’t sound very positive, does it? It turns out that when it comes to ions, you must just accept that positive ions are negative and negative ions are positive (kind’a how I think about some conditions of algebra), it just is what it is.

The world and all its technology produce ambient energy, toxins, and pollutants that bombard our bodies with positive ions, which is “bad” and we can counter these bad energies by interrupting the positive ions with negative ions, which are “good.”

I first found out about this from Japanese technology that is rooted in energetic material found to exist in that particular part of the world.

Remember that we are talking about energy. Everything is energy, you are energy, I am energy, the space between us, every cell of your body, the space between the cells, everything in the universe, and even the void of outer space is energy. Everything, even the rocks are made of energy. In Japan, 26% of the ground surface is covered by volcanic deposits including volcanic rock which naturally emits energy in the form of negative ions. If you are an energy-sensitive person, and you are visiting Japan for the first time, you may be able to actually feel the energy, and if you have energy sensing equipment, you can certainly measure it. The places where it measures the highest are where the greatest deposits of volcanic rock have settled.

The people from Japan mostly take for granted that they live atop these energetically charged negative ion-producing minerals from inside the volcanic rock. It feeds their soil with energy which enhances the energetic value of what is grown around it. The food that comes from this energetically charged soil has been attributed to playing a major role in the extensive health and longevity of the people who live there.

Their soil is enrichened by the minerals that exist in the volcanic rock that emits high concentrations of negative ionic energy naturally without any external power source. This is quantum science energy at work in a natural environment, allowed to do its work without the intervention of technology.

Since the Japanese live in an environment rich with this energy and eat the food that is born in and infused with this energy, they enjoy long, healthful lives, especially compared to their fellow beings that reside in other countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In these other countries, they and the other people who live outside Japan, just do not live as long.

Traditionally, Japanese people have used this negative ion energy stone technology to aid in sports performance and to increase the healthful recovery from wounds and disease. They are credited with boosting intelligence, and personal performance, as well as treating a variety of negative emotional states and other physiological ailments.

Scientists in Japan were the first to reveal this energetic technology and they are credited with its discovery. After the release of this information, Japanese entrepreneurs began harvesting energy stones and exporting them as good luck charms, to aid in boosting the immune system, and in alternative healing modalities.

Now that we understand this technology, we can reproduce the results by combining all 70 natural mineral components with the highest precision to provide a constant flow of negative ions with unsurpassed output. This is how quantum science emerges and evolves over time. In the present day, we do not have to harvest from Japan’s Mother Nature.

This engineered volcanic rock is heated and cooled, increasing the heat until the moment that all of the mineral components meld perfectly and resonate with this powerful negative ionic energy in perfect orchestral harmonic resonance, resulting in a bio-ceramic form.

This specific frequency of ionic energy is said to easily pass through the body’s protective layers, infusing the bloodstream with negative ions that help to reduce stress and depression by boosting serotonin and elemental energy in the body. You can also expect to enjoy increased mental concentration and physical dexterity and performance.


Exposure to and Healing from Toxic Energies

Everything is energy, which means you and I are also made of energy. You get the idea of the form of energy that you recognize as electricity, which is basically what we are, though our bodies use a higher form of infinitely intelligent energy which is more difficult for us to understand entirely. Energy is what keeps you alive. Your body, without having to be plugged into any outside source, provides the 5 watts of continuous electricity necessary for beating every hour over the course of your life. If your heart stops, it will take 200 to 1,000 volts from an outside source (like a defibrillator) to restart its regular beating, providing your body has the wherewithal to supply the electricity necessary to maintain its activity.

All matter, everything that we can experience with our five senses (and beyond) is also made of this energy, including us. This infinite intelligent energy is referred to by some as God Source Energy, spirit, or any other vast array of definitions that might help us understand this energy that is in all things and cannot be created or destroyed. We live in and our ever-expanding universe is a closed system of this vast energy that keeps everything, I mean “everything” in form and balance.

Since we are energy (though some will disagree with this, so think of it as any way that resonates with you at this moment and call it whatever works best for you) it makes perfect sense to use this very same energy to affect our bodies and the environments that we interact with. Learning how to do this presents a challenge at the moment but we have seen huge scientific advancements in the arena. Quantum theory paved the way for quantum mechanics, and now in the last 30 years or so, we are seeing quantum sciences emerging as human technology and sciences evolve.

Still, the mystics and religious folks discovered ways to harness this energy and effectuate changes in the human body. I first became acquainted with this when I learned laying on of hands healing from Catholic Nuns, and later master training in Reiki. Now, quantum science is discovering other methods to influence energy vibration, frequency, and vibration in the body and the environment around us.

By manipulating a patient’s energy with energy, we can effectively change the frequency of that person’s challenge or problem to an alternate frequency, just like changing the channel on your television. For instance, we could pray for someone who feels as though they have no reason to live and may be suicidal, resulting in a frequency change, where the individual emerges as someone who feels they have value in the community, desires to make a contribution and make the world a better place. You can call that a miracle, if you like, or an energetic frequency adjustment. Whatever you call it? The effects are real. Adding support to the energetic intervention will help the sustainability of the healing process over time.

If everything is energy, then every condition that interrupts the otherwise happy, healthy, and fruitful human being has a specific energetic frequency and signature, as well as every good thing. Change the frequency, and the whole world changes, too.

Let’s not forget the environment, because it can have a great impact on the human body. In a monastery, free from technology, Wi-Fi, and other waves of energy that may have a negative effect on any life frequency, human biology thrives. For the rest of us who live in the real world, we are bombarded by radical energy and toxic pollutants all day long.

These negative frequencies have a devasting effect on you. If you are under constant toxic energies, you will feel it, by noticing a lack of energy, headaches, lethargy, deterioration throughout your physiology, affecting everything from cognition and eyesight to loss of breath, gastrointestinal disorders, and loss of agility and dexterity, and may be a major contributor to promoting the growth and spread of cancer in the body.

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