Conspiracy Theories The Truth

In my work with powerful individuals associated with leading edge technology and thought, I often find myself face-to-face with someone (or someone who knows someone) who knows the truth about varying conspiracy theories.

There is definitely a part of me that engages when someone approaches me with new information that is contrary to public opinion concerning what is highly regarded as truth. I think that history provides us with a valid foundation to logically predict that what we believe about some things in the future may not be what we believe to be true today.

Some of the most interesting stories I’ve heard from “experts” in the field of research in these otherwise unbelievable conspiracy theories include conspiracies, like:

Conspiracy Theories The Truth area 51 aliens

Roswell and Aliens

The crashed UFO reportedly recovered in Roswell, New Mexico complete with alien crash victims, and the ensuing cover up orchestrated by the United States and the connection to Area 51. More and more, the general consensus is the statement, “We are not alone,” is true.


We all have seen it, planes flying through the air leaving trails of “something” resembling contrails, but is believed to be a sort of chemical spraying. The spray is associated with any number of purposes including DNA manipulation, spreading of disease, weather control and affecting the sensitive eco-system. Also known as aerial geo-engineering.

Medicine, Disease and Big Pharma

About 150 years ago patent medicine changed the landscape of medical treatment. Government regulators teamed up with corporations to allow them to synthesis natural cures and market them through medical universities to doctors who would presescribe the patented pharmaceutical medications to their patients in their practice. This wreaks of conspiracy may be the reason why we are seeing the proliferation of both designer drugs and designer disease.

Fluoride in the Water

We all know there’s widespread water fluoridation(and who knows what other additives are put in our water and what it’s purpose might be). We’re told npot to swallow toothpaste because of the fluoride in it, but there it is: in our main water supplies. TH fluoride in you water is actually hydrofluorosilicic acid. What purpose do you think that serves?

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

My original thought was that GMOs were a good thing. Turns out: Not so much. As a matter of fact, could be really bad for us. Other countries refuse to have the stuff inside their borders, yet they continue to force-feed it to us and our kids… Then there’s Monsanto trying to protect their interests, but at what cost?


It turns out that there’ this huge facility (the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) located in Gakona, Alaska that’s run by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Many conspiracy theories surround HAARP. Could be used for controlling weather, “natural” disasters or controlling the minds of human beings.

Government Conspiracies and Cover-ups

Thanks to whistleblowers, like Edward Snowden, we’re finding our government may be more suspect than we had previously believed. Big Brother is alive and well, is watching every move you make and listening to every word you speak. They hire large numbers of personnel and control the media to manipulate the minds of their citizenry.


The events of September 11th, 2001 have left so many unanswered questions, that it leads one to believe this particular incident has many hidden secrets that seem curious today. Even a normal (non conspirator) resident of the United States would scratch their head and the confusing information. Though it may not be fully disclosed, it is certain that the cover story is not very close to the truth, not unlike cover stories of Pearl Harbor and the JFK Assassination, which we know now to be contrary to the original reports.

Who Controls the World?

Are there a chosen few actually pulling all the strings? Are we being groomed for the New World Order? Is the U.S. Federal Reserve System and nearly all of the world’s banking systems run by a few (if not two) predominant families part of another plot to further shackle us and what part (if any) do secret societies, like the Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones have to do with it?

And that’s just a few of the many ideas I am privy to “inside information” on, which doesn’t even scratch the surface of more detailed information that I’ve been sworn to secrecy on.

So, you might ask, “How do you respond to that kind of data?”

Firstly, I am very interested in hearing the truth. I am hungry for it and desire to know it…

But I cannot let it distract me from my mission. I must resist the temptation to delve into the research, much like scientific discoveries, to protect and maintain the integrity of my special purpose.

So, I defer to others, of whom it is their mission, to ferret out the details and keep me informed.

What do you think?

Any other compelling conspiracy theories we should know about?

Men Don’t Kill Other Men

Okay, men do kill other men, but it is unnatural to do so. Man, just like other species, are hard-wired against killing their own kind, unless you’re predisposed to disregarding another human life as in the case of a psychopath which only accounts for 1 out of 25 men.

The other men and women who are placed in jobs requiring to take the life of another human being, like the military, law enforcement and other armed security positions, must be trained in an effort to overcome their natural inclination not to take a life, and retrained on a continual basis.

Men don't kill other men... its just a game.
Men dont kill other men… its just a game.

Our most effective military trainers are highly skilled motivators who most likely suffer from Anti-social Personality Disorder (ASPD) a spectrum which includes psychopathy, keenly enabling them with the innate ability to kill without regard to life and motivate others to do likewise. Even so, due to the incongruency of taking the life of another for any reason (even the best of causes) Veterans are taking their own lives every day.

One advantage that these organizations have, is that one might be more willing to take the life of another to save their friend, family or the community at large.

There was a time, while in law enforcement, that I had taken the oath to take the life of another to protect and serve. Thankfully, I was never in the position – in the right time and place – to know beyond the shadow of a doubt if I could have performed that detail of my function as an officer.

I believe that if I had to exercise lethal force, that I would have done so, reluctantly and likely regrettably because I had given my word.

I am so grateful that I don’t wok under those conditions anymore.

My son gave his life in combat in Afghanistan 2009. I was with him when he took the oath. We both wore flags on our arms and had pledged to exercise lethal force (though for separate entities). Aaron was called upon to fire on, “the enemy,” and was killed in battle fighting alongside his brothers in arms.

He was only 20 years old when we laid him to rest as a decorated hero of the armed forces.

There is a great deal of conditioning in our everyday life that helps to prepare young people for life-taking, in an effort to raise potential soldiers with a propensity to take the shot without regard to human life.

Our conditioning has advanced to the point of achieving excellent ratings. In the 1860s (during the Civil War), only 5% if infantrymen took the lethal shot, today, our military is proud to report kill shots administered by 95% of armed soldiers in combat.

An impressive improvement

That’s a 90% improvement in 150 years

far exceeding the 4% with the natural inclination to kill.

At what cost?

It’s no surprise that these service-people return with such high rates of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and suicidal tendencies, because the job they perform goes so against their natural instincts.

I totally respect their answering the call of duty to serve and their dedication to risk their own lives (and some do pay the ultimate price) for the greater good.

They deserve all the resources and support for volunteering to carry out the nastiest work on the behalf of our country.

In the meantime, I will believe and dream or a future for mankind with

no war

A sacred hope of things unseen.

Are You Disposable?

In the disposable society where we throw everything away when we’re done with it, it’s no surprise that we might take the same approach to dealing with other people in this manner.

In our society we are trained to accept the idea that all of our relationships are temporary; the teachers who instruct us, the sales people to help to provide us with what we need or desire, our friends, acquaintances and even our parents and other relatives.

Especially these days, we all have more independence than in the olden days. In the olden days (not that long ago) if you did not have a family to help protect and support you or part of a community that would help you to survive in a more primitive world, it was likely that you would not live very long.

In as little as 150 years ago, we were a more communal society; today, for the most part, we are all individual units fighting for survival one against the other. This individualism is being promoted 24 hours and day, 7 days a week in every type of media that we are exposed to.

As active members of this society we do our best to keep our relationships superficial enough to stay somewhat reserved or disconnected enough to be able to move on at the first sign of an open door leading to a new experience.

Yet, with all this programming, every once and a while, our conscious is awakened by being deeply moved by another human being; additionally, this part of our psyches can become energized by separation from a non-human interaction, possibly an environmental form of nature, like a plant, a particular view or activity in nature or even an animal.

In that moment, we acknowledge a deep sense of love and suffer varying degrees of sadness or depression from the separation, grieving from the loss. All making one consider, “Is there something more?” Only to be followed by the prayer, “Oh, dear God, please, no.” Begging the deity for protection from this type of connection again because the loss is too much to bear.

There is one relationship that society will nod a blessing to that is allowed to survive the test of time, if it’s possible. If you dare attempt such a relationship; and this is represented by the institution of marriage.

Till death do us part

Till death do us part marriage divorce love you are not disposableI have been in the business of uniting people in holy matrimony, and I still perform this ceremony on occasion under the right circumstances. How romantic it is to see two people standing before family, friends and the community at large pledging their love one to the other and promising to honor, love, cherish, respect and protect each other for life.

In that moment we all send as much support as we can muster in support of these two individuals… which, sadly, is not much.

Behind the soon-to-be-husband’s back, the bride is coached by friends and family to, do this, don’t do that; don’t let him make you do this, don’t let him think that’s going to last forever, and for god’s sake make sure you get the word, “obey,” removed from you vows.

Likewise, the groomsmen and coaching the soon-to-be-married groom, “You can back out now, there’s still time,” along with a litany of caveats and last-minute-romp offers from exes and others.

Not to worry, if you change your mind in time, you can get an annulment.

And divorce is a larger industry than marriage ever thought of being, so your word? It’s not worth much.

Then, as if the result of a miracle and against all odds, couples make it for the long-haul.

Unfortunately, as the officiant, I would like to think that all of the marriage ceremonies I performed lasted forever, when in fact, half of them ended in divorce.

To all the divorcees, I lift you up in admiration and thank you for being willing to play all in against the odds and assure you that

You are not disposable

And I pray that you find that everlasting love both within yourself and with the person with whom you can join for the remainder of this life’s journey; if that’s what your heart desires.

Love endures

I believe that an evolution is underway and as we evolve, we will return to love, loving each other and a tendency to begin to practice a love so great that in retrospect, the greatest loves we have known thus far will pale in comparison.

And we have loved… Oh, have we loved.


What Would You Do with 20 Million Dollars?

Okay, just for the sake of this exercise, let’s say that I have a philanthropic billionaire who wants to give you – yes YOU – $20 million.

What would you do with 20 million dollars

Of course, there’s a catch.

The billionaire wants to see that his $20 million goes to a good cause and will help to make the world a better place.

There are no educational or experience requirements to receive the money, just a good heart and a good idea.

You are not allowed to simply donate it to an existing organization. You must create a new non-profit organization that will help the make the world a better place.

This is not a contest, and there is not simply one block of $20 million, there are hundreds of blocks that he and his friends want to donate to regular people, just like you, who are in the trenches of everyday life.

So, you – if you decide to participate in his generous offer – must submit a simple one page description of how you would use his monetary gift to help make the world a better place.

The question is:

What Would You Do with $20 Million Dollars?

To help make the world a better place?

You might ask what how you will be compensated for your efforts of managing his financial gift?

What do I get?

You may hire yourself to work for your organization, if you like – but if you do – you will have to perform specific job duties from the office of your organization and you must work a 40-hour week, without benefits and/or vacation for a modest wage of no more than $1,200.00 a month. The salary limit applies to everyone in your organization; no one may ever be paid more than $1,200-a-month.

What’s in it for me?

The satisfaction that comes from doing a great service for both this philanthropist and the world at large by creating something amazing, that someone else may not have been able to accomplish without the combination of his money and your heart-centered vision… not much else.

So, to recap:

  1. You submit your idea.
  2. You get $20 million to manage.
  3. You can choose to hire yourself (or not) to manage the $20 million. If you do, you may only receive a $1,200 monthly stipend and you must work a 40-hour week without benefits or vacation time.

Question #1

Would You Do It?

Question #2

What Would Your Project Be?


With my clients, every one of them immediately has an idea already in mind and enthusiastically produces a one-page description of their project… Just in case there is a philanthropist (and there may be) that wants to support their efforts to help make a better world, both in the now and for future generations.

I have also offered the scenario to strangers – people I don’t know and who don’t know me – and their reaction is very different indeed.

For all they know, I could be the philanthropist with a $20,000,000 check in my pocket (and when asked, I’ve neither confirmed, nor denied, such an idea).

Most of them shrug off the offer as a ridiculous proposition.

Many say, “I wouldn’t even waste my time thinking about it for that!” (referring to the $1,200 a month.)

Also, a very large percentage, have a response, like:

“I can’t think of anything that could help make the world a better place.”

And indicating that their life is okay, so what does it matter about anyone else?

What would you do?

Why is Everyone Always Bugging Me?

There are some people (usually people close to us, within our inner circle) who just seem to keep attacking us, talking about us behind our back, disrespecting us and getting on our last nerve. It’s just so frustrating.

In my work with people, it is not uncommon for me to meet someone who seems to be attracting a person (or more often numerous people) who are “always” mistreating them unjustly, setting up traps and making snide comments just to gaslight them; “It just makes me so mad.” Or if they’ve been betrayed, they assert, “I can’t trust anyone.”

I cant trust anyone

What I find most interesting is that if I am able to work with this person, more often than not, the person has accepted the role of the victim. Something has happened in this person’s past that has made them feel as though people are looking for opportunities to victimize them.

Whatsoever you seek, you will find

This applies to everything. You will find whatever it is that you are looking for. If you’re looking for someone to victimize you, you will find what you are looking for.

Even if it’s not true

In most cases (unless you’re involved with a psychopath) things are not always as they seem, and they appear the way do because we project our perception onto the situation or circumstance.

Paradigm Shift

For example, let’s say I’ve worked very hard to raise my children to be respectful and controlled in public. I’ve expended a lot of effort and commitment and my children are always well-behaved in public.

One day, following an intense day, I just wanted to go to a restaurant and enjoy a peaceful meeting on the patio, relax and watch the sunset; an effective method of centering and getting in tune with myself.

In walks this man with three kids that are totally uncontrolled, the kids are running wild, chasing each other crawling around under the tables, invading other peoples’ space, being noisy and disrespectful. With each passing moment, I am getting more and more agitated.

I decide I am going to confront the man and suggest that he learn how to manage his madhouse because he’s disrespecting me and everyone else out here, which I can see are also very annoyed.

“So,” I say, “That’s an active bunch of kids you have there…”

“Oh,” he responds as if he was just awakened from trance, “Yes. I suppose we’re all a little out of sorts at the moment.”

“I’d say so,” I say, as I’m trying to find the words to get him to take charge of his unbridled circus act, he continues…

“We just came from the hospital. Their mother – my wife – just died, and I suppose we’re all just a bit out of sorts and we just don’t know how to act, or deal with it all, at the moment.”*

What I thought was a personal attack on my right to a peaceful, relaxing afternoon could instantly reframe if I allow myself to be open to what is actually happening; if I allow enough space for more information.

If I have been in an abusive relationship, future relationships may suffer from my being on the lookout for any indication that I might be being set-up to be abused again. This can make us superbly sensitive to the slightest body language, voice inflection or gesture because we are on the lookout for these clues. Because we are seeking them, we find them (whether they are correctly interpreted, or not).

What a waste of effort, concern and potentially hurt feelings we put ourselves through in order to protect us from demons that may not exist.

If you go to a car lot and find a car that you like; you think, “Oh, what a wonderful car. This is so nice and unique, a great fit for me.” From that point on – though you’ve never seen one before – now you see people driving these cars all over town. This recognition triggers what is known as the reticular activating system or RAS and causes you to notice that thing that has been brought to your attention.

So if you’ve been with a controlling person – and have sworn off every being controlled again – the slightest gesture could be interpreted as an assault on your individual rights and you fight to defend yourself against your assailant.

When would now be a good time to be looking for the beauty in all things?

If you seek it – you will find it.

* = inspired by a Stephen Covey paradigm shift

Is It Possible to Be in Two Places At Once?

Can you be here and somewhere else at the same time?

Does it sound like it is impossible to in two separate places at once? If it does, congratulations are due you because you ARE in at least two places at once.

We coexist here there on the other side and other dimensions simultaneouslyCertainly, the quantum physicists agree that if you are here – the you that you know – you also exist somewhere else, with possible differences. In this respect, you are here, and you are there – many theres – simultaneously. Current science suggests there are seven universes all coexisting at the same time.

There is also the now component. Who is defining the, “now?” Due to our current level of understanding, we see life as linear, on a time-line with a beginning and an end. But the quantum inclination is to try to understand that time is a tool that we invented and doesn’t really exist in the quantum field as we would define it. In this respect all things, everything, is happening simultaneously; there is not past, present or future.

As humans, we have a common belief that we are made up of three separate parts that combined makeup who we are expressed as humans on this planet. The basic components are our body, soul (or mind) and spirit.

Before we are born, we exist as spirit – and our spirit has a physical representation at the position of origin (which I will heretofore refer to as, “the other side”). We often think of the other side as being a far away distant place; which it both is, and is not.

When our physical components are assembled to begin our human experience, much of our spirit enthusiastically teams up with our burgeoning soul and forming body, while our spirit still remains on the other side, simultaneously.

Our spirit is having two experiences at the same time. Our spirit is here, in the present, having all these amazing experiences in the first person, while our spirit is also experiencing our life from the other side, like watching a movie.

From this side, our view is limited. We are restricted by only having access to the information that can be obtained via our senses from our perspective, while the greater part of us – our spirit on the other side – sees a bird’s eye view of our experience as it plays out for us in real time.

Having spent some time with young people along the Autism spectrum – especially those with fewer abilities to function well in our environment – my initial thought (and most loving parents concur) was that their spirit was more angelic in nature. They do not appear to have the proclivity towards what we would consider negative emotions. From our perspective, they seem to not have the ability to be selfish, mean or hate but are more selfless, loving and tender. The attributes we might give to the idea of a loving cherub.

Nowadays, I’m more apt to grasp the idea that these low functioning individuals have less vested in this life experience, while most of who they are remains on the other side.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if an Autistic child who appears to be low functioning is aware of their surroundings, the answer is ABSOLUTELY.

The greater part of themselves, the one with the aerial view, sees everything, understands everything and loves more than you could ever imagine.

We might think (or may have been told by doctors or other professionals) that this child will never have the ability to communicate fully, integrate with society, or be able to express themselves (certainly not love) in an effective manner.

Yet, the other part of them is totally engaged in their journey, fully understanding and loving every minute of every detail, and you… even if their body’s physical experience has them in such a position as to not to be able to communicate it well.

Autism is my superpower

This is national Autism Awareness Month, consider embracing the idea that

Autism is a Super Power

Not a disability

What do you think?

I’ve Got a Special Purpose!

Who can forget Steve Martin’s enthusiastic proclamation of his, special purpose?

This scene is a comical introduction to one of the most meaningful components of one’s life.

Steve Martin Special Purpose Bernadette Peters The JerkIt’s as if to ask, “What is the point of my life if it has no meaningif I never

  • accomplished anything
  • left the world in a little better condition that when I arrived
  • shouted my individual message from the mountaintops
  • exercised by ability to carry out my special purpose?”

It’s not enough to get up every morning, get dressed, check the email, get into the car, drive to work, slave away at your job, to come home, give the money to others (maybe keep a little for yourself), watch a little TV or play some games, just to go to bed and start the cycle again the next day, and the day after that…

In some cases when I meet a new client, he or she may not know what their mission in life is; most of the time by the time I meet up with someone, they are already keenly aware of what their special purpose is and are already seeking out opportunities to get their message out, to make their mark, to leave something of importance behind when they leave this life as we know it.

One of the most impressive metamorphoses I ever have the privilege to witness is when someone suddenly discovers that there is something more to this life! There is little that thrills me more. (No, not because they’ve become a potential client, LOL)

Most of my life I’ve been blessed to be in the presence of individuals experiencing epiphany massively life-changing moments in their lives.

It’s one thing to attract individuals well on their way, it is entirely another when someone, who was previously unaware their life could have any meaning or purpose suddenly comes to life with an unparalleled enthusiasm to set the world ablaze with their special purpose.

How Can We Have a Sense of No Purpose?

If each of us comes to this planet with a unique set of skills, personal message and/or special purpose to share with the world, how can we possibly not know that we have such a destiny and it is waiting to be awakened from within?

There are so many speculative hypotheses concerning the “why” of our ability to sink into a complacent vibration of simply surviving and becoming content with just being a cog in the machine. They cover a massive variety of possibilities, everything from, “the devil made me do it” (or not) and conspiracies suggesting tampering with the water supply and chemtrails.

I have concluded that we are more the result of a well conceived and executed social structure that makes us feel a certain level of comfort and security by accepting our lot in life as being of little significance. Although some opportunities are available for those who seek a little more significance by investing in education or to be lucky enough to be born into a prominent and successful family.

Even so, there is a massive awakening taking place and every minute of every day someone else wakes from the silent slumber to discover the idea that there is something more…

There is something more

And that something is


Exercising your special purpose.

What’s Right with Me?

Oftentimes, as we traverse our life’s journey, we find ourselves reflecting over our past. The contrast between where we want to be and where we are is clearly apparent and we ask, “How did I get here?

While this reflection can be good, it likely will include a variety of problems, dissatisfaction, discouragements and ill feelings in review; and it might cause one to question, “What’s wrong with me?” Launching another search through our mind’s hall of records, reviewing even more painful shortcomings, mishaps and victimization… the process can be daunting and lead to depression.

This work is difficult and unglamorous

In the past, I would work with clients, assisting them in uncovering the deeply buried and often painful experiences to uproot them, deal with their implications and help them to move on. This grueling process was painful and an emotional drain; more so for the client, but also for me, being somewhat empathetic.

Digging through the past, dredging up tragic moments, causing people to relive each horrific moment of their past that had been concealed from their conscious awareness, so they could just get through their day to day business of moving through life, with some sense of normalcy.

This is ugly work

Though the process is not enjoyable, life on the other side of the process is cleansing. Once dealt with the deep emotional suppression is released and the subject feels a distinct release of a heavy burden and emerges with a new sense of vitality, liberty and joy.

In this respect, the work was worthy work and satisfying in the long run.

Thanks to my thirst for Constant and Never Ending Improvement (thanks, Tony) I am ever on the search for new emerging technologies and techniques for integration into my practice. This quest for new knowledge led me to uncover therapeutic concepts that were nowhere to be seen on the radar of my awareness.

One such technique eliminated the ugliness from having to deal with one’s past. This was a completely new approach, unlike I had ever seen before; painless, highly effective, non invasive and instantaneous, a complete

Paradigm Shift

Now, my work is far less about uncovering the details about the past and drudging up horrific memories (because the same results – or better results – come from new techniques, instantly eliminating the shackles of the past). There is no focus on, “What’s wrong with me?” Now, it’s all about

What’s right with me?

whats right with me are my strengths special abilities super powers

Asking “What’s right” with us helps uncover our talents, strengths and special abilities. Embracing our superpowers while wielding those skills and abilities responsibly make us uniquely equipped to have whatever we want in a way that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.

If you look at the personal histories of all the most successful people throughout all recorded time, you will find that their individual successes are not duplicatable. As many have tried to follow in the steps of a heroic overcomer or high performance superstar, embracing their unique individuality is often a key component; and since no two people are the same, it is also true that given all the same circumstances and techniques, actual results will vary.

That’s why there’s no perfect cookbook for success.

It’s an individual journey, no one has experienced before you. Your story is the best story, yet.

Certainly, we can learn from the experiences of others, but we each must find our own way as we

Seize the day

Seize it with the intention of extracting all the best moments of all the moments that lie ahead and

Love every minute of it.

~ Carpe DM


Why Judeo-Christian Businesses Are More Successful

In my work with business people I work with all kinds of folks from all kinds of backgrounds. Many of the most successful businesspeople that I work with are Judeo-Christian (Jewish and/or Christian), that is to say they profess a belief in the Jewish religion and/or follow the teachings of Jesus, the renegade Jew.

Among the Judeo-Christian businesses, they believe that because they are aligned with churches (covering a wide spectrum of religious variety) who follow the teachings of similar texts of the Torah and the Bible, their businesses are more blessed as they go about their day-to-day business.

There exists a network of Jewish and Christian businesses, and their supporting one another in their businesses in a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours approach to supporting other business owners who also profess Judeo-Christian beliefs, is also attributed to their success.

Judeo Christian businesses supported by God Almighty

I am in the unique position to be working with these businessmen and women in the trenches and I see them having the same challenges behind the scenes of their businesses as other business owners who do not profess religious beliefs, yet the fact remains: businesses owned by practitioners of these sects out-perform their secular competitors, with better bottom lines and increased longevity.

From my point of view; I believe I have a clearer understanding about why these businesses are more successful and my conclusion may surprise you.

There is an Abrahamic cevenant referenced by the Judeo-Christian believers that imbues them with certain preferences toward financial abundance and increased blessings by God for being God’s favorite and faithful.

You might think that’s the reason they are more successful… but I have a different idea. (Mind you, this is only based on my own first-hand observations of these business people in the field… That said, please continue to read on, if you dare…)

These business people face the same challenges as everyone with two decidedly and important distinctions:

1. They believe in the power of God

When they face struggles in their businesses, they can pray and/or appear to the faithful for support. And what better business assistance to accept than that of the Almighty God from heaven and all His angels!

It’s an amazing gift to be able to reach outside of one’s self and be open to the idea that you have access to the divine for solutions to one’s problems. Though unexplainable by science, the statistics prove the power of faith and prayer, both effective when used as business tools.

2. They believe in the Devil

This is the one that’s likely to catch you off-guard. Like, how could belief in the devil help increase businesses owned by believers? Isn’t the devil the bad guy?

The devil actually gives these believers the extra wherewithal to withstand the ongoing battle for their business success. Why? Because (it is assumed) the devil wants to break the Abrahamic deal with the believers and will do anything he can to make their businesses struggle and fail… and if he (the devil) can thwart their business efforts, he may be able to even shake their faith in God.

Being able to quickly identify an adversary can help a potential victim take massive action to create an effective defense and countermeasures to increase one’s odds of emerging victorious.

It is this good vs. evil and support of a deity in business that gives the believers the business advantage over their non-believing competitors, who are more likely to abort their businesses when their day-to-day business dealing become problematic; while believers have greater stamina through hard (or lean) seasons.

What do you think?

Meet Miss Interpretation

I’m a communicator; it’s what I do.

How can something so simple, like stacking words in a certain order to convey one’s thoughts, be so complicated?

I can assemble a little 140-character text (laughing and giggling about how innovative, clever and humorous I’ve been in my word assembly) and press SEND.

Within moments, I receive a barrage of complaints, accusations and abbreviations, like OMG, WTF and/or blocked, unfriended, deleted or reported as spam.

Now, I feel bad because SHE reared her pretty head and stuck that cute little nose right in the middle of my attempt to reach out and communicate with others.

With a name like, “Interpretation,” you’d think she’d exert all her efforts in helping people understand what message I was trying to convey… BUT NO-o-o-o, she’s got to stretch, twist and garble it all so as to have the worst possible outcome.

Thats not what he meant to say Miss Interpretation misinterpretation

Little Miss Interpretation has been at this as long as I can remember. As a kid, I’d try to express myself to my parents and get sent to my room or punched in the face. I’ve said things (and been fairly adequately quoted) from the pulpit, stage, conference room, boardroom, classroom or office with the best intentions, only to have MI mess things up for me.

There I was, fully intent on effectively communicating when she walks in and gets everyone all riled up, offended, objecting and ranting about something that wasn’t even intended to be included in what I was talking about. How does she do it?

“That’s not what he meant to say.”

~ Miss Interpretation

She gets inside people’s head and rifles through all their personal belongings and grabs words, ideas and thoughts that still hold emotional charge from the past and waves it in front of their face:

“See this! Look at that! Remember this? What about that?”

A relentless barrage of old information that is highly charged with negative emotion, causing the individual to think that danger may be ahead.

A person can’t help but recoil in self-preservation and protect themselves from such a vicious attack, and…

Forget everything I’ve ever said before this moment.

Now, all attention is on this word – or phrase – that harkens to a time that may have been dangerous (or at the very least unpleasant) and now I (the messenger who used the word or phrase with the best of intentions) am an assailant.

How does she wield so much power over us? And I’m the first to admit, that even though I work hard on kicking her to the curb every time she tries to interrupt someone else’s monologue, I too, have fallen victim to her manipulative influence and subject to mounting up to do battle or cut-and-run.

She does seem to have access to all my personal baggage accumulated since birth, and she’ll use anything she can get her hands on to derail (initiating fight or flight response) an otherwise potentially meaningful exchange of information between two people.

Why does she do it?

I don’t know… I think it’s because she hangs out with that little child inside us and that’s how she gets her kicks. Or maybe her intentions are good; it’s just that in an effort to protect us from harm’s way, she sees everything as a potential threat… even when it may not be a threat at all.

Just words

Exchanged between two people

Looking for a home

in our hearts and minds