Reprogram Your DNA via Meditation

Your basic DNA is naturally inherited from your parents, but you do not have to be the victim of your parent’s DNA. You can reprogram your DNA by many methods, but one of the easiest ways to reprogram your DNA is by meditating.

Reprogram Your DNA via Meditation

Meditation is known to extend life, but it also alters your DNA in a positive way for greater quality of life and longevity. It is the type of process that can affect future generations, and the most inexpensive method of reprogramming your DNA (it is free) is growing in America today.

The regular practice of meditation extends the telomeres at the end of the DNA strands which is a huge determinant of one’s lifespan.

If both of your parents were regular meditators, they have passed the health benefits and markers for living a longer life onto you by way of their DNA. Likewise, if you have meditated regularly for seven years prior to conception, you will pass these genes onto your unborn child.

Meditative practices also counteract the aging process by rejuvenating and preventing the deterioration of human cells in aging individuals. Meditating every day is like taking a dip in the fountain of youth.

There are many forms of meditation and the practice is referred to in many ways. You might call it prayer, quiet focused attention, introspection, reflection, deep thought, or no thought.

It doesn’t take long, just a few minutes a day in the beginning and the end of the day are enough to start reprogramming your DNA.

I recommend and use the Sending Love to the World guided meditation because it not only aligns me and reprograms my DNA but it also sends positive love energy to my family, friends, my community, the state where I live, the whole country, and abroad to make the world a better place.

You can find my Sending Love to the World meditation online or at

There are so many ways to enter into a meditative state. You must find the one(s) that resonate with you best.

There you go. In just a few minutes together, you have learned three secrets to reprogram your DNA (1. Stress Response, 2. Calorie Restriction, and 3. Meditation) for, well, maybe not immortality because that is a different subject and would take much longer to tackle. But these three secret techniques can increase the life you have left by 30%, just like that.

This is my basic formula for living a long life and being able to pass this work on to future generations, either informationally by spreading the word, or genetically if you are fortunate to start early enough in life.

So, here’s to you, and your new extended life. You don’t have to stop here, keep going, expand your knowledgebase, to extend your life even more.

If you are interested, you might like to enroll in the Immortality Life Extension Masterclass at St. Paul’s Free University, or any other course of study that will help you to continue this process, setting you free from the aging process that plagues your family and peers.


Reprogram Your DNA via Calorie Restriction

There are a great many ways you can take charge of and reprogram your DNA for longevity. Yes, you can experience life extension and live a longer, happier life by initiating a bt of calorie restriction.

If you can dial back your daily calorie intake you can enjoy a longer life. You can increase the remainder of your lifespan by 30% by eating one meal every three days. Let’s take a look at calorie restriction for life expansion.

Reprogram Your DNA via Calorie Restriction

You might be surprised to discover that calorie restriction is also a key to longevity, but it is true, and it is not that much different from the stress response. By restricting your calorie intake daily, you induce a bit of stress on your biological system and it responds by calling on the other body’s resources to survive.

Over time, as your DNA is reprogrammed to genetically respond to your calorie restriction, your body grows ever stronger… and is equipped to live even longer.

This reaction strengthens your immune system and reduces the otherwise normal deterioration of your biological system by harnessing the quantity of your diet each day.

You may have had some experience with counting calories in some fashion of diet control in the past. If you already have experience with that skillset, use it to you your advantage now.

Intermittent Fasting

I know, the idea of intermittent casting sounds counter-intuitive, especially since as far back as you remember you have been programmed to believe that three meals per day were necessary for basic survival.

This is one of those things that you will have to research for yourself and decide if you want to take action or let this opportunity for reprogramming your DNA for a longer life pass you by.

Intermittent fasting can be as simple as skipping one meal every day.

Skip 1 Meal a Day

The best results appear to come from skipping the evening meal. This places more time between dinner (supper) and breakfast in the morning, it also increases the body’s nighttime rejuvenation process by reducing the drain of digestion during sleep.

This may be the easiest way to reduce caloric intake and reprogramming your DNA by skipping a meal, and there are so many other youth-revigorating benefits from skipping the evening meal, this could be the best key to unlocking the fountain of youth.

Eat Once Every 3 Days

Many youth seekers and life extenders are raising the bar or intermittent fasting so high, so as to eat only one meal every three days. At first, this may seem like it is incredibly unsound, but if you think about it, our ancestors, when they lived to be hundreds of years old, food was not readily available throughout the year, and some sources of protein were few and far between.

So, to survive, they would only eat once every three days, and they lived incredibly long lives; hundreds of years. Doe this today and you could reprogram your DNA and increase the remainder of your life by 30% in years.

Of course, the food that we eat today is devoid of the classic vitamins, minerals, and proteins, so if you are considering any form of intermittent fasting, it is imperative that you use supplements to assure that you are getting the proper nutrients.

As in all things, managing your diet is on you. It is up to you to decide what kind of caloric restriction(s) you will impose upon yourself. For me, I am quite content by cutting what I had previously considered my normal intake of food in half.

Reprogram Your DNA via Stress Response

In my investigation about what to put in my body, I have decided to disregard what the FDA and the doctor tell me, though I do take their input under advisement, so as to not throw the baby out with the bathwater, the buck stops here. I make my own decisions about what goes into my body.

You have to decide what is right for you. God blesses you for what you do and you can tweak your process as you go along. It only gets increasingly better.

When you are exposed to any stressful situation or environment, even on a microscopic level, the body exercises its regeneration process, which empowers your physiology to grow and expand to strive to survive and thrive longer. It is as if

What doesn’t kill you makes you live longer

Secret #1 Stress Response

And you say, “Now, waitaminit Masters, you mean to tell me that I should intentionally put myself in stressful situations, to extend my life?”

As unglamorous as it sounds, this is part of the key to a longer, more meaningful, and incredibly fulfilling life. Though it is not just your exposure to potentially stressful or even life-threatening situations that increase your lifespan. No, it’s the way you respond to these challenges that unlock the vault which holds all the energy, vitality, and long life you could possibly want.

Your stress response is the part of your DNA reprogramming that is changed by the way that you live.

It is not enough just to meet your challenges head-on. If you encounter something big and it initiates your fight or flight method of self-protection, you are headed down the default path of your DNA. To change your DNA you need to change the way you respond to stressors from life circumstances, down to the smallest molecules that make up the various components of your biology.

No doubt, fight or flight will buy you another day. This translates to what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but if you want to live longer, living out a completely different approach to any type of stress or crisis with honorable lovingkindness? This is what reprograms your DNA bit by bit.

Instead of reacting to conflict defensively, respond with love and acceptance. Find ways to see life from a greater sense of perspective. See all things as sacred and divine, even conflict, or scenarios that are undesirable.

Approaching life with a firm sense of peaceful resolve, seeing the balance of all the universe being held in perfect harmony, even in its most minute and intimate details, this not only reprograms your DNA but is the path to immortality.

Every time you practice this reverence for humanity and all life, you are reprogramming your life for longer life.


You Can Reprogram Your DNA

In the seven years, I was a part of the DNA project, I learned a great deal, that what we put in our bodies, and how we live, affects and changes our DNA, and we pass this onto our children.

In the meantime, we can start reprogramming our DNA for maximizing each and every day for the rest of our lives, and the possibilities for changing your DNA for increasing your longevity and vitality are vast and nearly endless.

What? Your dad died of an aneurism at age 54, and your mom died of heart failure at 72? Do you think that determines your lifespan?

Trauma and its effects on the human body can visit future generations via the DNA, so you have inherited multigenerational trauma from your biological parents, and so much more. You might have been able to blame your parents before today, but from this day forward, no more.

You can control your genetic predisposition to allergies, addictive behavior, or depression, and maladies such as obesity, diabetes, failing gut health, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer, just to name a few.

Prepare to let go of all that DNA and psychological programming, right now, because you are taking back your life, right down to the DNA, today, right now.

Reprogramming Your DNA

From this point forward, your life will never be the same. You could pretend that you did not have this information, but once you have had access to it, you can never make it go away. You can deny it, and pretend you never had access to it, but the future, your future, and the future of generations is now in your hands because now you know that even if you do nothing, you are programming your DNA. By default, if you do nothing to reprogram it, then the world around you will continue to do all the programming for you.

Now, you can start to initiate and run psychological and physiological routines to run in the background that will do the heavy lifting of reprogramming your DNA. Together, you and I can start reprogramming our DNA for greater health, including resistance to disease which may have plagued our parents or ancestors.

If you choose to do so, you can join me and others as self-engineering DNA re-programmers.

7 to 14-year Commitment

Reprogramming your DNA does not happen overnight. It will take 7 years to reprogram the first pass through your entire DNA. The next 7 years reinforce and solidify the changes you’ve made. So, this is a 14-year commitment to making it through this process.

I know, everyone is like, what if I miss a day?

It’s like, there you go, already setting yourself up for failure, but know that missing a day is going to have little or no effect on your DNA. Even if you completely bail out of your DNA reprogramming project, you will still enjoy the benefits of going as far as you have. Of course, the changes you have made to your DNA while engaged in the process will fade over time, as your DNA reverts to its prior state. But for more permanent results, you will need to be prepared for this 14-year span for maximum and long-standing benefits.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Proteins

It’s no secret that before you get started in the reprogramming of your DNA, that you will need the basic raw materials to do the work and be able to sustain the process over time. The minimal requirement for your body to do this work is to have all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that your physiology needs to do this sacred work.

It’s also no secret that the food which most of us have access do not have the proper nutrients to supply our bodies with the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that we need to get the job done. So, we are going to have to find ways to supplement to help make up the difference and give us the edge that we need to start tweaking our DNA positively.

I cannot tell you what to take, or where to get it. But I know that we have resources and access to supplements in this day and age that we haven’t had access to since the days when our ancestors lived off the land, and they are much easier to get ahold of today.

It’s up to you to figure out what sources and proportions of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that your body needs. And know this: Your body and your DNA will respond as you are blessed by the energies of all that is because you are reclaiming your life in a way that is sacred and true to you.


Reprogram Your DNA

only one percent of your DNA is hard-coded, and you can actually change your DNA, you can, by how you live your life, and through diet and exercise. What? I can change my own DNA? Yes, you can.

This is far from the idea that we are all victims of our DNA, we are not really allowed to live an authentic life of our own because our parents cursed us with their DNA, so we are limited to the kind of life we inherited from those who gave birth to us, and little more.

Already, in 2020, and easily attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic, our DNA is changing, due to less traffic on the highways and the increase of telecommuting and working from home, it is affecting our DNA. Will it change forever, or revert to its original state as it existed prior to the coronavirus? This remains to be seen.

But you are not far from proactively changing your DNA from here on out, to live the longest life possible.

Personally increasing your life expectancy is not for everyone. Most people are just tired, and look to death as a welcomed reprieve from stress and strain that comes from daily life that can be an ongoing struggle for survival.

But for a growing segment of our population, daily life is cherished. Each and every moment is an incredible blessing, and many of us have a life calling, a passionately empowered purpose which beckons us to prolong our existence, thereby increasing our efficacy in the world. If this is you, increasing your life expectancy is an important component of achieving your highest and best.

I was part of a seven-year long experiment group in human DNA alteration project through introducing different substances into the diet of participants and charting the changes in DNA over time. We are changing our DNA all day long, and we can thank out parent for pre-determining what we will start off with in our own DNA, as well as their parents before them, and on and on, right back to our earliest origins. Every generation passes on a new set of genes to start off with.

Now I don’t have to tell you that the world we live in today, has been tweaking our DNA every day for a hundred years without our permission. Now, not only me, but many of us in the world are starting to take responsibility for our own DNA, and the crap DNA we inherited from the last four to five generations, it’s gotta go, and we’re are taking back our genome.

For most of us, we have not known about self-engineering our DNA early enough in our lives to benefit our children directly. But our children can start reprogramming their own DNA at any point in time, possibly earlier than we did, so that they can give the next generation its best start possible.

I wish I knew then, when Mary and I were bringing our children into the world what I know today, I would have liked to have taken a more proactive approach to downloading premium DNA strands made with love and the best intentions which would have been passed onto future generations, but that wasn’t anywhere on my radar back in those days.

So, Mary and I bundled up our DNA and this was our gift to our children. Knowing what I know now, we could have done better, but we didn’t have this knowledge when we were passing on our genes to our offspring. We, like the rest of us, were just doing the best we could with what we had at the time.

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Wrapping up the month of November, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

I Do Not Like Censorship Benefits of Working from Home What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?
Sending Love to the World Starts Now Because You Were Sexually Assaulted as a Child Pharmaceuticals vs Natural Herbal Remedies



Benefits of Working from Home

For those who have made the transition from having to work in an office to telecommuting, they have discovered that there are definite benefits of working from home, some they found as welcomed surprises, when initially they may have felt disappointed, dejected, or felt like they were being unduly punished for living in an infected world.

Nonetheless, there they were, plugged in remotely, performing their regular work tasks at higher levels of productivity, and enjoying the benefits of working from home.

The Top 6 Benefits of Working From Home

1. Life and Work Flexibility

One of the most impressive benefits was the flexibility that comes from being able to telework. Even with the most rigorous works schedules, the advantage of being in your own home allows you to multitask a bit, to interface with family occasionally, maybe even accomplish a home detail, while you are officially on the clock.

Many people have the flexibility to adjust their work at home schedules accordingly, but even the teleworkers with the most rigid schedules, like that of a call center, can enjoy some household interaction while on the clock because you are not at work, you are at home.

When you are at work, you may have the ability to visit with a coworker on your way to and from the bathroom or pause at the water cooler, but at home, you could hold a baby, enjoy a visit with your pet, do a load of laundry, hug and kiss your significant other, all without missing a beat.

2. No Commute Stress or Anxiety

Telecommuting means saying goodbye to your commute, which eve in the best scenarios adds stress and anxiety to most any worker. This is an immediate benefit of working from home.

3. Saving Money

Not only do you save the cost of commuting, you also save the cost of preparation to make your appearance at work, because at home, but you could also work in more casual attire, and may even find yourself working in pajamas, or skipping out on washing your hair every once in a while.

Look at all the money you are saving in the cost of commuting, the extra work wardrobe laundry, in the cost of makeup, hairstyling, or cologne. And the most significant surprise is that you are getting a part of your life back that you had taken for granted. Your precious time.

4. Reclaiming Precious Time

The time you lost to getting ready for work or commuting, is reclaimed instantly. This can account for many hours every day. Ever wish there were more hours in the day? Well, here they are. What will you do with them?

5. Peace and Harmony

There is a sort of peacefulness that comes with telecommuting and working from home. It feels as if you have been able to step out of the rat race and taken your life back, even though you are still having to work for someone else, but now, you are doing so on your own terms (more so than not, if you take advantage of these benefits). This leads to a satisfying work/life balance.

6. Increased Immunity and Heath

Health benefits associated with working from home may take a bit longer to notice, but reportedly remote workers are experiencing lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This can be attributed to the lower stress and anxiety that comes from not having to commute or feel as though you are “on display” or “under the watchful eye of management” in the workplace. Not having to commute also allows you to enjoy sleeping in and eating healthier which also supports a healthier immune system, and lowers your potential to be depressed, as you might otherwise be inclined.

Be assured that there are many other benefits of working from home as well.

Share your favorite benefit(s) of working remotely below.


What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?

When using Time Machine Therapy, we travel up and down the timeline of your life, checking in with you and your surroundings in a therapeutic manner. If you could have a chat with yourself at any age, what would you say to your younger self? At what age would you meet yourself? What time and location would you meet yourself at, and what advice would you give to your younger self?

Time Machine Therapy is very effective when dealing with people who have aged enough to have a variety of life experiences, which may include a high degree of drama and trauma. Thankfully, there is a growing trend of these aging people seeking someone to talk to about their past.

We now know that if you harbor ill feelings about your past deep inside (some so deep, in fact, that they cannot even recall what happened when they were younger). These hidden wounds, left to themselves, will spread disease throughout the body from where these tragic memories are stored.

Another reason for vising your timeline might be for the growing amount of regret that Americans feel about things they could have done better in their past if given the chance. If this regret is left to ferment within the soul, you could get so depressed, that you may question whether life is living another day and become obsessed with suicidal ideation.

In chronic cases, hypnotherapy or Angelic Prayer Therapy could be effective in reprogramming the memory enough to re-engage with life again, but in most cases loving and encouraging your younger self will do the trick.

What would you say to your younger self?

If you’re like most people, you will opt to visit yourself at the age of eighteen, and you are likely to advise yourself about how to deal with relationships, various learning opportunities, and self-care, in that order.

Around the age of 18, is when most of us experience frustration with the challenges of the juxtaposition between childhood and adulthood, and as we are exercising our ability to make our own decisions, often regret those decisions, as we learned the hard way what the consequences of those decisions were.

Unfortunately, this is the way life works. Sometimes, you just have to earn from making mistakes, and the older you get, the more you see the perfection in all the drama and trauma endured from not doing it right the first time (or subsequent times).


If you could, you would certainly warn yourself about getting into relationships which turned out to not work well for you.


You would also tell yourself that if given the decision to take a break or delay seizing the opportunity for a significant learning experience, you would beg your younger self to seize the opportunity.


And when it came to sacrificing the tending to yourself, your needs, wants, and desires, to benefit someone else? You would encourage yourself to take care of him or her -self first, then tend to the needs of others.

If it were me? I’d hug myself, and tell me something like, I love me with all my heart, and let him know that everything is going to be okay. Even when things look really bad, try not to worry, because all of this is necessary for what is coming ahead. Trust me, everything gets so much better, amazingly better, because you make it through this, and we are making it through this together. I am so proud of you. You are never alone and I will always be here for you.

Another challenge to yourself:

If you think about it, what might your future self say to you, if he or she could travel back in time to talk to you, right now.

You might be surprised to discover that it is not much different than the advice that you would have given to your younger self.

Think about it.

What would you say to your younger self?

(leave comments below)

Sending Love to the World Starts Now

The holiday season is a glorious time of love, laughter, giving, sharing, support, and represents a time to celebrate family, friends, and loved ones in all their many forms, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many people are surrounded by others with whom they will celebrate this time of love and everything that is precious, others may be spending the holidays alone due to changes in life circumstances or other reasons.

For instance, on November 11th, we honor all those who have served our country in military service. On Veterans Day, the very day we honor those who have served, veterans are taking their own lives, not just on Veterans Day, but every day of the year.

During the year people commit suicide every day, 18% of these suicides are veterans who have served in various branches of the United States military. There is a significant increase in suicides during the holiday season beginning on November 11th through January 1st.

The concept of Sending Love to the World 2020 is not focused on being an anti-suicide campaign. The increase in suicides is only a signal and a sign indicating a greater underlying problem of the deterioration of mental health and love, during a time when most of us are feeling full of love. It is such a dichotomy, for you to have your heart so filled with love at this time of year, yet your neighbor is so severely lacking love that he or she might be considering suicide.

Many people whose hearts are filled to the brim and overflowing with love during the holiday season may not have an avenue to set their love free, to share it with another and bask in its glow.


Love-filled hearts without a venue to share this love can lead to a degeneration of the love vibration; alternatively, the sharing of one’s love causes the love vibration to increase exponentially.

Click here for Sending Love to the World guided meditation video stream
Sending Love to the World 2020 is an excellent opportunity for anyone to share their love vibration with the world. Imagine many people pouring out love for our planet and its inhabitants during a time when there exist extremes; on the one hand, peace, love, and happiness while on the other hand or end of the spectrum sadness, depression, and loneliness.

The economic decline, post-traumatic stress, feeling hopeless, helpless, and a vast variety of issues lead to the rise of poverty, depression, domestic violence, theft, and other crime all steadily increasing since November 11th.

The most staggering data shows that the loss of life also spikes during the holiday season especially on December 25th and again on January 1st.

The purpose of Sending Love to the World 2020 is two-fold.

To offer those heart-filled individuals – especially those who would otherwise be alone and not have an ability to share and give their love at any time from November 11th through January 1st – and anyone else who would like to join the outpouring of love to have an opportunity to support and bathe the world in unconditional love.

And to send this love out to heal others who are struggling during these tough times, our country, and the world at large.

Bound together with like-minded purpose, we can help to make the world a better place.

Join us, here – on this website – for a streaming guided meditation to heal and love those in need… Together we will be sending love to the world… that by all means, we might save some.

Bookmark this site.

Share it with heart-filled friends.

The meditation stream will be running from November 11th through January 1st. Feel free to join at any time and spend as long as you desire to love.

Love, love, love, and love to you.