How to Live a Life of Love

Once you’ve decided to live a life of love, have ignited your unconditional love generator, and started your evolutionary process of love, at any time, if you feel anxious, weak, challenged, down, lonely, or abandoned, you can draw upon this source of unconditional love by simply putting your hand on your heart and breathing into the area of your heart.


You can begin to change your life by living a life and love and tapping into this unlimited source of energy which also contains all the wisdom of the ages gone by, in the present, and ever will be. As you live your life of love, you can check in with your heart to lead you into new directions following your love-fueled intuition.

With this new empowered love presence within, you will be able to start your own evolutionary process, and every day you exercise your unconditional love generator, your vibrational set point (on a scale from 1 to 1,000) will raise.

In the Beyond Science Lab at St Paul’s Free University, we are working on complex electronic equipment that can determine your vibrational frequency. But you don’t need any fancy equipment to see at what frequency your vibration is. All you need to know at what frequency you are vibrating is to look around at your life.

Your life is a perfect match for your vibrational set-point. So, your job, friends you hang out with, the car you drive, where you live, the men or women you attract into your relationships, all a perfect match for your vibration.

By living a life of love and finding new ways to spend your life living in a life of love you will increase your vibrational setpoint of your life, and your life will change to match the new higher vibration. Find babies to hold, find creative outlets to express your love, sing, dance, write about the new love you’ve found, and above all, have fun, for that is the juiciness of this life, enjoying every minute of it, seeing life through the eyes of love.

As you avoid entertaining negative topics, news, feelings, and antiquated belief systems (because more and more you will find yourself discovering that things are not actually like you believed them to be prior to your evolutionary process), your vibration will continue to raise even more.

One by one, you can check in with your heart and ask,

Does This Serve Me, My Highest and Best?

If the answer is no, it is no longer a vibrational match to you. You can leave it behind and move on.

Because you no longer have to look for the source of love from without yourself, you can easily let your love overflow into others and have no urgent need to seek out someone else to validate your love.

You know that you are love, living a life of love, and when you do this, manifesting a specific person comes easily and naturally without having to exercise any great plan to cause a meeting to happen.

You know everything is connected and perfect. Everything you need is inside of you, and the perfect relationship is coming to you effortlessly even now, as that person is in a similar process of manifesting love at this very moment.

As you continue to live a life of love, you will find yourself less judgmental, with less tendencies to assert your ideas or beliefs on others. You will see value in everyone being at where they are on their life’s journey, and you respect that, just as you would like them to respect yours.

What if the fire goes out?

What if the fire of the unconditional source of love goes out? Not to worry. With every beat of your heart, the pilot light remains lit on your love furnace. All you need do is to calm yourself, place your hand and breathe in and out of your heart again, like we did in the previous exercise, and you will see the light of love begin to burn again from within.

The unconditional love machine will never fail to ignite once it has been initially engaged.

Go forth in love because you are love.

Live a Life of Love Prayer

For those of you brave enough to follow along with me, you can follow me with this simple prayer which is they that unlocks your unconditional love generator. Ready?

Put your hand over your heart and take a deep breath in. Hold it, then let it out. The next breath you take in, I want you to imagine you breathing into the area of your heart underneath your hand. Breathe in. Hold it, and let it out. Fir the rest of this exercise, continue to breathe in and out of your heart. Your heart will need the extra oxygen to fuel the fire of your unconditional love generator.

As you continue to breathe in and out of your heart in this manner, I want to warn you that I am going to use the word “God” in this simple prayer which I will ask you to repeat. Do not let your preconceived ideas of that word or any associations related to it to get in between you and the love you seek. Just release it as simply a word, as the word is essential to the secret code.

You do not have to believe in God, or anything to enter the code. If you’re still with me and you’re ready to unlock your love machine, in your mind’s eye, continue to see your breath going in and out of your heart, and repeat after me.

Dear God,

I love this world. I love all that has been provided for me. I am grateful for all the life… which you have allowed me to live. I understand that… everything in this life has purpose.

I know I could have done better… but you know that I have done the best I could. And I’m ready to move to the next level of love. I am sorry I didn’t do it before… But I am ready now to live a life of love.

Dear God,

I invite you to release the flow… the flow of unconditional love… emanating from my heart. In my mind’s eye… I can see the love light glowing in my heart. I continue to breathe in and out of my heart. With every breath the flame of your love glows brighter.

Within me burns… the fire of your unconditional love.

I hereby pledge… to live a life of love. More and more… I will set my attention to my heart. When I experience anxiety… when I am feeling weak… when I am challenged… when I am feeling down… when I feel lonely or abandoned… I know this unconditional love… will always be there.

All I need to do… is to place my hand over my heart… and see the light of love there.

In this place is all the wisdom… the answers to everything… and the unconditional love… love for me… love for everyone… and everything.

Dear God,

I thank you… for your unconditional love… which burns deep within me. I understand… you will never leave me… or forsake me… for I am your chosen child.

I receive your love… and from this point forward… will live a life of love.

In your name I pray this day,


And it is done. The fire of unconditional love is set ablaze inside of you. From this point forward, you are empowered to live a life of love.

Live a Life of Love

There’s a good chance you are not experiencing the life of love that you’ve longed for your whole life. Oh, you’ve believed in it, sought it, opened your heart to it, and even thought you were deeply in it, but came up feeling, empty, betrayed, alone, or even abused. Even with everything you’ve been through you want to be living a life of love.

Your life may have been somewhat lackluster till now, lacking the love, the longing of which leaves a gaping whole in the center of your being.

You may not have been the recipient of all the love you desired, certainly deserved, and you may have experienced such a lack of real love that you might not even believe there is such a thing as love at all.

You might be surprised to discover that you have everything you need to have all the love in your life that your heart desires, and living a life of love is how to attract love into your life.

In just a few minutes you can start manifesting love by learning how to live a life of love and how to attract love energy which magnetically increases your spiritual attraction to someone. Someone specially matched uniquely to you and your energetic vibration.

I have been working in the love and relationship business for a while, the author of 7 Phases of Love and trainer of relationship coaches nation and worldwide, and the most powerful love manifestation principle I know of is

Living a Life of Love

Now, don’t get me wrong, in the love and relationship business, we can help you make the best out of any love circumstance or situation you’ve gotten yourself into. The chances of you having conflict in any romantic relationship are so great it guarantees a full schedule for anyone in the love and relationship-related channel. And there is hope to build a better future for anyone willing to do the work.

So, if you’re feeling like your romantic relationship is not unfolding like you might have liked it to, it will get better. My friend, Arielle Ford has written a book entitled, Turn Your Mate into Your Soulmate (, which you will find inspirational and practical in breathing new life into your existing relationship and possibly transform it into an enlightened love dream come true.

The kind of love that I talk about in my Awaken to True Love Workshops, refers to a different kind of romantic love than you’re used to hearing about. In this highest version of love, you unleash let loose the unconditional love generator which has been laying dormant within your for far too long.

If you allow this flow of love to envelop you, love fills you, body and soul. This love overflows into those who are within proximity and beyond, effectively affecting the whole world, too.

The source of all love from which all life flows is this constant unlimited, unrestricted ever-flowing, eternal love energy, and you have the built-in mechanism and secret code to unlock the flow of this unconditional love.

Now, we block this energetic connection for the most part, and anyone you know would either tell you that it doesn’t exist or caution you against accessing such a powerful energy cause if it did exist it could potentially destroy the world, if not the universe.

We don’t have the time to go through the entire process right now, but I can help you unlock your unconditional love generator, right now, which will start to release the flow of this eternal love through every cell of your body.

Alone and Suicidal on Christmas

There I was alone in my bed in the fetal position in my bed. I had suffered so much loss, buried my stepson, watched my family break apart, suffered financial loss, attacked by people I loved and adored, non-physical entities, as well as predatory psychopaths, which left me feeling hopeless and helpless in this, my darkest hour. I had never felt so alone and suicidal on Christmas as I had in that moment.

I had planned the steps necessary to take my own life in a clean and quiet manner, in such a way as to not make a spectacle or leave behind a mess for anyone to clean up, knowing that it would be a while before anyone found my body.

I’d spent a lifetime helping others with their mental health issues as they’d sought me out for support along their path to achieving their highest and best. I’d been a student of the therapeutic sciences. Up until this time, I had only a background in Pastoral Counseling, Christian Therapeutic Sciences, and mastered Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy, as I dabbled in other modalities. I thought the more tools I had, the better assistance I could offer my clients. I had huge success in working with others using prayer and meditation.

I had a good life, full of treasures and traumas, and had experienced the entire spectrum of experiences this life had to offer. I felt that I had lived more life than the average person up until this point, so it wouldn’t be like I’d be missing anything. I had made a positive impact on the lives of people I’d counseled and trained, which meant that whatever energy I’d passed onto them would survive and continue to serve the world in my absence.

I felt as though I’d done the best I could, and could not see any way to recover from my current state of affairs. I was hurt, desolate, exhausted, and felt as if I had nothing left to give. I knew the holiday season was a time for increased suicide, and now, I knew why. Even though I knew I would just be counted as another normal statistic (I’ve always been resistant to being considered “normal”), I was determined to see this through.

I would leave behind children I loved more than anything, who would not understand why their parent would do such a thing. So, in a last-ditch effort to give them some spiritual support, especially now during the holiday season, I decided to send them love.

While I loved them, I really had no love resources left within me to give. I was empty. The only thing I could do would be to send them God’s love from some infinite source from without and beyond myself and send it to them.

I used self-guided prayer meditation to send this infinite unconditional love to each child and to their children as well. This was late on Christmas Eve, and I thought my coup was inspired because any lift of their spirits which they may have felt from this spiritual effort, would have been attributed to the holiday season.

Using this meditative process, one by one, I filtered this infinite love through every cell of each child’s body, their mind, and the deepest parts of their psyches and souls. After I’d completed the process and blessed each child, I felt like I could do more. (Not realizing this was a huge improvement, already from when I started this process.) So, I continued the process for extended family members as well.

I thought about my friends and neighbors, how they could use a boost, which might help when they’d heard of my taking my own life, so I sent love to them using this meditation.

It was at this point that I decided to include the people who had disrespected and attacked me on the behalf of predatory individuals, and the predators as well. For even with all things considered, weren’t they only doing the best they could with what they had? Many of them did not know what was really going on, nor any recognition of how their actions would affect me. I sent unconditional love to every one of them.

Then, I felt compelled to continue the process to include my local community, the state where I resided, the country, other countries, and the world.

Then, I thought, remembering this is the time of the season that others would be taking their lives, along with me, so I sent love to them, that they might grasp enough of this love, that they might be able to make it one more day, because in most cases one more day could make all the difference.

I had imagined their lives as not being as full and complete as my own, and thought if given the chance, they could have plenty of life ahead of them to experience a better life, possibly their best lives, and maybe even help to make the world a better place, if they could just make it through this tough time. So, I sent love to them.

I thought, even if only one person was able to feel the love to make it past this moment without taking his or her own life, my life would have been worth it.

I felt as if my efforts had made a difference.

After my last act of benevolence had been completed, I noticed that I felt better. The sun had come up. It was a fresh Christmas morning. I looked outside to see no snow, but it was cool and brisk, and I was alive. Feeling more alive. As if I had made a contribution, and my dream… My dream of being able to reach just one person had come true.

While I had flowed all that eternal love through me to others, it filtered through the cells of my own body as well.

I had come out on the other side, strong, and at peace with all that was.

That Christmas morning, I vowed to expand my studies to include energetic work, in an effort to better understand what miracle had just occurred.

My practice of Sending Love to the World became an annual event for me, personally, and others have joined me in sending love to the world at this time of year.

If you feel so inclined, you could join us in sending love to the world this year, and every year.

We start sending love to the world on November 11th, and continue through the 1st of January, in the hopes that we might help to make the world a better place and by all means save some.


Using a Pendulum

Back when I was a young autistic man in service of God, I wanted to hear God’s voice, like my peers did. I was told that because of my autism it was pretty certain that I would never have access to that kind of sensitivity, but I was able to create a mechanism through which God could communicate with me.

I wasn’t much, just a simple pendulum that would give me one of three responses to help me on my path of servitude. If it swayed this way, it was a “Yes.” If it swung that way, it was a “No.” And if it wizzed around in a circle, it was, “Run, David, run!”

As simple as it was, that pendulum saved my bacon plenty of times, and opened my eyes to looking into other ways of expanding my ability to live my life in an intuitive manner by studying other contemporary modalities, such as applied kinesiology, hypnosis, and neuro linguistic programming.

Whether I was in ministerial or therapeutic environments, the skills I gained from these methodologies were vastly helpful in my maintaining high energy performance and results.

The gift I’d like to share with you, today, is that which is referred to in applied kinesiology as a dowsing pendulum.

There are many types of dowsing pendulums, and they are used in a variety of methods from psychic readings to alternative healing practices, and they can be extremely fancy.

Now you can go get yourself a fancy one, if you like, but I am going to show you how to use a rudimentary pendulum which is every bit as effective as a fancy one in giving your that little intuitive edge, if you’re lacking in that area, like I was.

Now, we all know that we are surrounded by energy, and the energy which is all around us an runs through every cell of our bodies, as well as everything that is both seen and unseen all around us is infinite intelligence.

When I was young, I used this simple method to allow God to communicate with me, even in its most rudimentary form.

All you need is a weighted string to make a working version of a dowsing pendulum which can give you access to this vast energetic part of our universe which is all around us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never closes, of goes on vacation, and if you have a tool, like this, you don’t need anything else, if you’re lacking the basic psychic energy or intuition that other people have, like I was.

My first dowsing pendulum was a nut tied to a piece of thread. So, I looked around the house to see what I could find to make a pendulum out of quickly, and I found this; an inexpensive party favor from a child’s party, a Yo-yo.

Now, a real Yo-yo might be better because it has more weight to it, but both are weights suspended from a string, so for this little experiment, you will be able to see that just about anything will work.

Okay, so you see I’ve got the Yo-yo, and I am going to let it dangle about 12-inches from where I am pinching the string between my thumb and forefinger.

For simplicity, I’ve marked out on this piece of paper, this way means “yes” and that way, means “no.” And, as I stated before, round and round means, “Run, David, run!”

First, still your pendulum in the center point, then ask it a question, like, “Is my name David.”

See, it’s saying “yes.”

Next, I will ask, “Am I a girl?”

And it says, “no.” (I’ll bet some of you were wondering about that, You never can be sure these days.)

Now, that is the end of my little demonstration, now it’s up to you to put this magic to the test.

And, here’s where you have to be careful.

While this looks like a harmless child’s toy, this is a powerful tool to accessing knowledge which is not limited to the 3D environment, where we – well most of us, anyway – primarily reside.

You will probably learn, as I did, that there are some answers that you’re better off not knowing, so don’t ask. And other questions, you might get the answer to, and a wise person knows when to keep some of these answers to yourself.

I also believe that everyone has a right to privacy.

You never have anything to prove to anyone, and in some cases, no one would believe the truth, if you told them, so just let it go. But if you’re like me, I don’t even ask those questions anymore.

When I use the pendulum, I only use it for myself, as my little communication tool between me and God, about things which pertain to me only. I don’t have all that time to get into anyone else’s business, my own busy-ness is already enough to keep me busy.

Questions I get about the pendulum?

What about this way and that way? Does the first way depict North and South?

The answer is, none of that matters. You create the parameters that you want the energy to communicate with you through. So, you could have those directions totally switched, where sideways means “yes” and forward and backward means “no.”

Round and round means “I don’t want to answer right now.” You could have it represent anything you want. For me, its, “Run, David, run!”

The infinite is vastly concerned with you, and me, every one of us, and it wants to communicate with us.

Infinite intelligence has a standard communication method with most people who “get a feeling.” They get a feeling that they should call someone, and if they respect this knowingness, they do. If they do not, they simply push that thought aside and find out later, that they should have made the call.

Can you use a pendulum for more than just a yes or no device?

Yes, you can use it for anything, if you know how. And if you study applied kinesiology, you will discover that you can use it to find out anything but the secret in establishing accuracy is two-part, number one is being a clean vessel (free from judgment or prejudice) and secondly (if not more importantly) asking the right question or being certain not to stop asking questions when more pertinent information remains unqueried.

This is stuff you will have to figure out on your own, if you want to. There’s plenty of information out there.

San this simple pendulum be used as a chakra pendulum.

The answer is yes. Eastern practitioners have used pendulums for years in therapeutic, spiritual, and metaphysical practices, and these practices, including the recognition and manipulation of chakras is melding with many Western practices.

Granted, chakra practitioners have advanced the use of the pendulum so far and have perfected the sciences surrounding geology, gems, and semi-precious stones, all serving different purposes in diagnosing, treating, infusing, and tuning all the chakras.

But this simple pendulum, as any pendulum, can be completely effective in determining the direction any chakra is moving In, which is part if the process.

Speaking of pendulum science

It has risen to astronomical proportions. Different substances are used in different ways, in different practices, and methodologies. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $200, or more, for a professional pendulum.

And I have seen all of them serve so many different purposes. Just be forewarned that the tools of any trade can be quite expensive, but sometimes, the tried and true basic handmade tools are the best (and sometimes not) depending on the application.

Do I use a dowsing pendulum in therapeutic practice?

I do not. But I know many people who use it religiously, and Shirsha, a friend of mine, uses hers all the time, for everything!

So, basically, it’s up to you.

Use it an any way that it suits you best.

And if you start to get freaked out about getting into other people’s business… Well, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

You can always back up and just start using it for yourself, only.

Isn’t this just make believe? Really?

Okay. If you think it’s ridiculous, then do not do this. Kinesiologists have been using this practice for optimizing the performance of the human body for years. When metaphysicians got hold of the technology, well… it just went off the charts, and all the woo-woo folks took to it, like fish to water.

The metaphysical version, which I’ve demonstrated to you today, is called applied kinesiology )which goes far beyond the use of a dowsing pendulum), while the original, strictly human body science form is known simply as kinesiology. Many people do not believe in applied kinesiology, and reject it. No problem.

In fact, the government would rather you didn’t believe in it, but they do. They continue to spend millions of dollars every year using applied kinesiology and have many specialists on the payroll for all kinds of purposes.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to go to the dark side. I am not defending applied kinesiology in any way. If you can use it as a tool and it gives you a benefit, as it did me, then great.

If you think its just silliness, that’s fine, too. You’re absolutely right, and I will defend your right to feel that way, 100%.

If you want to find out more about pendulums or applied kinesiology, you can check in with my friends at St. Paul’s Free University.



November 2019 Image Directory

Wrapping up the month of November, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

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Deflection is Better than Defense

Fighting back or direct resistance only leads to more harm, using love, deflection is better than resistance because it decreases the damage to you while your opponent continues to fight in force until they become disinterested in the battle or have exhausted their resources.

In a battle, you can never have enough weapons to combat a formidable foe. A fight between two individuals fighting against each other always results in a great deal of pain and suffering, which may include broken bones and spilled blood. So, the smart thing to do is not to fight back in defense of yourself.

This applies to physical confrontation, as well as psychological confrontation, or response to any attack from any type or style of attacker.

In the olden days, an actor was cast in a TV show based on a Shaolin monk facing all kinds of attacks responding in Kung Fu fashion, which is primarily deflection of physical attack, using the opponent’s power of force against themselves. The actor was David Carradine, who didn’t know anything about Kung Fu at the time but playing the part in the Kung Fu TV show so inspired him that he did become an avid student and teacher of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Having been exposed to this television show did influence me and my response to fighting of any kind. Therefore, I have little respect for an all-out fistfight, am inclined to avoid a brute force battle, and prefer to be the one who walks away from any confrontation in as pristine condition as possible.

I have not been able to avoid physical confrontation, but I have survived these encounters with as little damage to myself by following these principles.

1. Do not respond
2. Do not defend
3. Apply love
4. Avoid blows
5. Deflect blows when necessary
6. Do not counterattack
7. Use the opponent’s power against them

Then, walk away unscathed.

I am not trying to convince anyone to follow these principles, I am just expressing that this is what I do, whether it is a physical altercation or any other type of potential battle.

When I was attacked by a prolific psychopath, I documented everything and applied these principles.

I remained steadfast and simply ignored everything the psychopath tried to say about me or do to me, and applied love’s perspective to the man who was attacking me. I wondered why someone might end up being like that? What kind of a life must he have lived? What must he have suffered as a young child? I tried to imagine what it must be like to walk a mile in his shoes. I sent him love, hoping he might be able to find a way to a better life.

Most would have lost interest and found some other mark to pursue, but this one made a lifetime vow with the commitment of all his resources, and those of others, to destroy me.

In this particular circumstance, the psychopath (because he could not be satisfied by my response), took the battle to the media and my circle of influence.

Still not wanting to fight back, I had no choice but to engage, because the psycho had started attacking my friends, and family. Attack me, fine, but to go after my children (who are sacred to me) requires my protection of them.

Attempting to keep my wits about me, I did respond to the psychopath with deflection and using the psycho’s own power of force against himself.

Fortunately for me, the psychopath left threatening messages on my answering machine. I posted them on YouTube. Now, he had a venue where he could spin all his efforts against me, and I empowered him to do so.

Did I care? No. I am impenetrable. Anything he says about me is not true, and I don’t care, nor do I respond to any ridiculous accusations.

Now, I did get a flood of attention from friends and family who feared for me, especially those who the psycho was able to make fearful in his attacks on them because of my not responding. I just told them not to worry, and apologized for any overflow which had affected their lives, but told them that I was attempting to protect them by placing his focus back on me.

Without directly engaging or defending, I just posted everything he threw at me online, and let it be.

In the process, I was able to help countless other potential victims see the psychopath (a lifetime criminal con man) for who he was prior to losing their life’s savings and suffering continued abuse by the psychopath by finding some of this information online.

He was forced to change his identity and possibly even fake his own death in order to continue his life of crimes in the exploitation of others.

I apply this to any confrontation by anyone, even if someone were to say in an interview (in this fictitious example), “According to,” (some source that was leaked by the psychopath), “you kill babies and bury them in your backyard. What do you have to say about that?”

My only response would be, “It is my personal policy not to respond to any false accusation. Next?”

When what I wanted to do is to counter-attack, like ask the interviewer, “What about your collection of clown noses and pickled small toes of circus performers who have mysteriously disappeared? What about those?”

It is your sacred right not to respond to a false accusation, not to even dignify it with any response. Regardless of your good intentions, and the inclination to defend yourself and your good name, any response can be used as a weapon against you, or to fuel the fire of further attack.

In this way, deflection is better than defense.


Awakening and Enlightenment

At a recent event, someone asked me what is awakening and enlightenment. I can understand the confusion because therapists, the spiritually inclined, and lightworkers from all walks of life use the words “awakening” and “enlightenment” in a variety of different ways. So, when I respond to a question, like this, be aware that my response will only represent my understanding of any given thing in this moment in time.

Any definition of anything is an attempt to cement an idea in time and space, and this is a psychological fantasy because our world, our universe, is not stagnant. Nothing remains the same. Everything is in the process of growing, expanding, and evolving, but having these definitions and understandings can help us navigate the landscape as we make our way through the 3D terrain.

That said, in my practice, I work with people at many stages of their lives, whether they are working their way through the 7 Phases of Personal Growth, or the 7 Phases of Spiritual Growth. In the work that I do, I see Awakening as that first transitionary step between living one’s life from a personal perspective to living life spiritually, beyond physicality.

Life is more accurately a continuum and it’s like an ever-morphing liquid. Delineation of lines is difficult at best, but for those who work with individuals who are progressing through this continuum, it can be very helpful for us to quickly evaluate where someone is at, so that we can help them progress further in the most effective manner.

Certainly, there are many kinds of awakening that occur throughout an individual’s life, and I do not discount anyone’s use of the vernacular in any manner. I refer only to my now work, which is subject to change at any moment.

Awakening, while it may occur in brief clips throughout one’s disillusionment, is predominantly expressed as that moment in time (which can be a prolonged experience) where your eyes are opened to the world as it is, not as you’ve been led to believe. You begin to understand that things are not as they appear, and that there is a system in place to keep this knowledge from getting out.

During the process of awakening your thoughts systems are challenged, and since you’ve been programmed for judgment, fear and punishment, right and wrong, good and bad, sacred and evil, just and unjust, forgiveness and revenge, you utilize these very thought systems in an attempt to make sense of it all.

In this phase you are breaking free from the mass consciousness, having independent thought and playing in the unlimited field of endless possibilities, while exercising your sacred divinity. This is a mind-blowing experience, which could feel like a psychotic episode, at first. For after all, how could it be possible that the whole world is living a lie?

As you awaken, you start to live your life in a way that honors the world in a different way, Even if you’re initially feeling more separate from the rest of the world at this time, you have an understanding that you are actually a part of the people soup. You are a growing, expanding, evolving component of the whole, and your continued evolution plays an integral part in the evolution of mass consciousness, as more and more of us continue to awaken.

This leads you on a new path in which heads in the direction of enlightenment.

Just as “Awakening” has many definitions and facets, so does “Enlightenment,” as there are so many perceptions and uses of it throughout our society, culture, and among those who are expanding in consciousness.

In my work, I see enlightenment as the gateway between Phase 3 (Master) and Phase 4 (Cosmic Consciousness) among the 7 Phases of Spiritual Growth. This is when the individual begins to shed one’s individuality, which to me represents the part of one’s journey beyond the confinements of this third dimension.

Enlightenment is a progression following awakening. You are just trying to make your way in a new world full of chaos and love which was unrecognizable prior to your awakening and enlightenment is the process of letting go of the bondage of your humanity, while embracing all of your divine human attributes and abilities, without judgment.

Enlightenment is a negative-energy-free-zone. Enlightened people have a higher perspective and understanding, do not see any separation in people or anything in the world or the universe, yet can fully appreciate the divinity in each individual expression, experience, or perspective.

From the vantage point of enlightenment, everything is good and plays a sacred part in everything getting better all the time, no matter what it looks like on the surface.

When fully enlightened, there is no drama, no judgment, no separation, only peace, and harmony, even in the face of chaos. For the chaos is divine in itself, for the sacred transformation or evolution may not be possible without clear demarcation between a prior state and the state following growth, expansion, or evolution, and this process can be abrupt, shocking, and painful.

Admittedly, any recognition of spiritual exposure or interaction at any time in anyone’s life, whether amidst the personal or spiritual growth process, would also qualify as being exposed to, or engulfed in, the light of the higher presence, which is also referred to enlightenment, if it is recognized as such.

Awakening and enlightenment are not states of consciousness that you just step into. They are processes that take time to progress through.

This Relationship’s Going Nowhere I’m Out

“I am just not feeling it. My husband and I, it’s like we’re from two different planets. I just can’t live in a relationship that’s going nowhere. Can’t do it. I’m out.”

From that to,

“I was in a loveless relationship with my husband and ready to cash-out when I realized that he was my soul mate and now we share the deepest and romantic relationship together forever.”

If you find yourself in a difficult relationship (this applies to all relationships, not just those of the romantic persuasion) you could just bail out when it doesn’t seem to suit your needs (no one would blame you, this is your right) or you might consider, as some have, calling on the power of the universe to have your back.

Those who do, often experience dramatic changes within a year. So, be aware this is not normally instantaneous change. Change, evolution, real change takes time. If you’re interested in giving it a go, consider adopting some of the basic principles that can get you miraculously from where you are now to where you’d love to be with very little effort (though effort is required).

As much as it seems like it’s all about how incompatible this person seems to be in the moment, you might be surprised that this process starts with you. Yes, you.

You have been raised and trained to accept what’s been put on your plate and to expect nothing more. You’ve been programmed for mediocrity and “settling” for less than your highest and best, when that is not what you came here for.

You came here to have it all, and this is your birthright. It’s time you decided to take back your divinity as a child of God and reclaim your sacred life, now.

And it starts with you, getting to know and love you, the true authentic you, with all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you in this life. Even if it looks lackluster, and may have been incredibly painful, causing you to accept anything less than your best life, but has brought you to this moment in time. And the you who you’ve become and as transforming into through this magnificent evolutionary process is nothing less than magnificent.

If you’ve quashed and squelched your special purpose, skills, abilities, and unique message, the universe has caused you to experience life which would further prepare you for this moment, the moment of awakening to your unlimited potential.

Now is the time to start to embrace your divinity and find ways to express who you are through the words you speak and the deeds you do. By activating your 7 points of evolving expansion, you can raise your vibration to love and above.

You must get to know who you really are and love everything that you are and can be in this life and beyond, all of it, even the stuff you thought was not good (and no one was saying it wasn’t bad) but it helped to bring you to who and what you are today, and will magnify your future potential.

Don’t wait for anyone to validate or love you. You are the love of your life. Love yourself deeply, now, more than ever, every day more and more. As you find ways to fill your heart with love, this overflowing love can spill over to the others you care deeply about, your family, your community, and the world at large. Any other form of giving love is really servitude and generosity, if your heart is not full and overflowing with love. (And there’s nothing wrong with that. We need all the love we can get.)

So fill your loving cup by learning to love who you are, accepting and embracing the life that has brought you to this point in time, find ways to fill your heart with love, and take full responsibility for looking after yourself and seeing that your needs are tended to.

When your loving cup is full, then you can truly spread the love that overflows to others.

Sometimes you encounter situations and circumstances that rub you the wrong way. Find ways to take another look at the scenario, from an alternate perspective, keeping in mind that your desire is to raise your vibration to love and above, and maintain this higher frequency.

With any circumstance, there is a full spectrum of responses you can initiate in response to the situation or thought. On one end, you can stand and fight because you’re justifiably “pissed off,” and on the other end of the spectrum, you can choose to apply love and see the event from God’s perspective.

Often perception interpretation can lead to misunderstanding, and no one would blame you for going there. After all, you’ve endured many life experiences that have caused you to reach conclusions rapidly as a form of self-defense. Thankfully, this skill has gotten you this far.

If a person’s words or actions have set off your inner alarms, instead of jumping to conclusions, try jumping into the other person’s perspective. Why would he or she say or do such a thing? What life traumas might be underneath it all? Can you find compassion for someone who might act or react in such a way? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. What does that feel like?

And if that weren’t enough, look at it from God’s perspective. I could be with a completely indiscriminate person that I do not get, at all, but if I were to ask for God’s opinion, God would say, “I love him” (or her). Could I then, by seeing through the eyes of love, see those redeeming qualities that God sees?

Yeah, I might not agree with them, but they do have that God-loves-‘em-so-much quality about them. Who am I to judge? A little tolerance goes a long way. Try asking yourself What are People Like Who are Tolerant?

The quicker you are to change the way you think about a negative thought and turn it into a loving thought, your love quotient remains at the high level you are practicing to regulate. As with anything, the more often you do it, the easier it gets.

As you start to turnaround how you think about things, the whole world starts to turnaround, adjusting to your new perspective, but you must shift your point of view, first.

Raising your vibration makes you start to expect more positive responses and good things to happen to you, and they do.

If your attention is focused upon this person who you might like to be a better match for you but is not in the moment, no problem. You respect the fact that we’re all doing the best we can, and this is a beautiful child of God you’re looking at, regardless of how off-base or weird he or she may appear right now.

You can be proactive by giving him or her a chance to respond in a manner which is more befitting of your new higher vibration. You may go through an entire scenario and have it come up leaving you feeling unconnected and empty inside. By all means, do not just walk away in silence. This is the new you, with your full awakened presence intact. Give him or her another chance.

Speak up. Let him or her know that you thought this could have gone better. Try reframing the situation and all the two of you to give it another go, to see if you can come up with a more favorable outcome. If this is practiced in love, with a pure heart, the outcome will be more to your liking. Maybe not to meet your fullest expectation, but look how closer you are to having the synchronicity you desire. Good job.

As you do this, the person you’re practicing with begins to anticipate this as opportunities arise and he or she rises to meet your positive loving expectation. You expect more, receive more of what you want in connection, and love grows.

Love is all there really is  …

Psychic Attack Protection

Being under psychic attack means so many things to so many people. Nonetheless, you need psychic attack protection. When you’re under psychic attack, you know your thoughts and how you are feeling is not right. The way you think, and feel is not congruent with who you really are.

You could undoubtedly say that your thoughts are not your own as you are hearing or feeling ideas which are contrary to what you know to be true, feeling body system responses that do not represent your actual physical state of wellness, and you may even have suicidal ideation.

Psychiatry can provide you with a prescription medication following a psychiatric evaluation which will prevent the thoughts and feelings of being under psychic attack and this can be hugely beneficial. Be aware, though, this is likely only to address the symptoms, not the underlying cause of your psychic attack.

Our thoughts are the most intimate thing we have and losing control of them can lead one to lose the sense of one’s self. It’s no wonder that they considered you as being possessed by demons when under psychic attack in the middle ages.

Psychic attack symptoms can appear to be similar to psychological and physiological expressions of mental illness, as the observable signs of psychic attack can easily be misread, though treatment for mental illnesses associated with these symptoms can offer relief for the victim.

Empaths and psychic attacks are more commonly matched due to the highly sensitive nature of the empath. So be aware that your empathetic nature or psychic sensitivities may leave you vulnerable to such energetic onslaughts.

Even though there are such a wide variety of types of psychic attacks, noting that professional help should be sought out if your concerns are indeed troublesome, here are a few steps you can take for psychic attack protection and/or tools you can use to interrupt any style of psychic attack.

Immediately conduct housecleaning on your thought processes. Stop taking in any negative information, find a safe place to fill your mind with positive, loving, or enjoyable thoughts. If you can, put on headphones and watch your favorite comedy and fill your mind with fun and laughter. Watch a good movie, or read a really good book. Push out any negative thoughts with positive ones. Use headphones or earbuds to plug into uplifting music which you control (no negative music) and dance.

Find something small to eat and drink (no alcoholic beverages). Stimulating your mind to reconnect to your body to focus on local operations, instead of the attack coming from without, and move about. Take a walk, or exercise if you can. Reunite yourself with yourself.

Light disrupts a psychic attack. If your psychic attack takes place during the daytime, find some sunlight and stand in it. If it is nighttime, turn on the lights, turn on all the lights. Bathe yourself in light, illuminating yourself and eliminating the shadows in the 3-D, beyond, and figurative shadows of your mind and body.

Pray to God, your higher self, seek connection with source, meditate, visualize yourself as an integral part of the universe, connect with Mother Earth, whatever type of spiritual connection you can make, do that, focusing your thoughts on those things that are good, remaining in a spiritual vibration of love and gratitude. (Do not pray for anything negative, as that will come back to haunt you as another psychic attack.)

Speaking of gratitude, start a gratitude journal, and when you’re feeling an attack coming in, whip it out and start jotting down all the things you are grateful for, taking the time to visualize yourself in the full state of being in the moment of gratitude as you make your notation(s).

If you are being haunted by thoughts of the past or fear of the future, stop and get into the now. Put all your attention on events only taking place at this very moment in time. Nothing else.

Go window shopping in your favorite stores, thumb through catalogs, cut out pictures of the stuff that makes you happy, browse online stores, and save links to those things you find that surprise and delight you, taking caution to stay away from venues which may host negatively-charged media or advertising (i.e., no scrolling through Facebook or other social media).

Create opportunities to conduct acts of kindness. Reach out to a stranger and do something nice for him or her. Reach out to someone you know that you’ve not been in contact for a while, someone you love and respect. Write them a letter, email, or send them a card, letting them know how much you appreciate them and their presence in your life as it is honored and felt even in their absence.

Do something good, make a contribution to the world, even if only in some small way. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, or make a small donation to a worthy cause. In doing so, you are making the world a better place.

And by all means, smile.

Smile because you are loved, you are love, and with every breath you take, everything is getting better.

Of course, there are other detailed actions you can take and processes you can initiate for psychic attack protection which are situation-specific, but in general, these will help in the meantime.