Reach Out and Connect

When you’re reaching out to connect to people, then by all means do it.
In a society where connecting is more and more limited to less and less; that is to say less face to face communication and more electronic interaction, with less content. Today, we maintain such a high pace and level of activity, that we don’t have time for anyone else but that which we focus on.

What are we focusing on that is so important, and what do we have to show for it?

I don’t know; let me check how many people liked my last post?

It looks, to me, like there is some force at work in the background of our society to keep us so busy doing nothing and keeps us separated with an artificial sense of remaining connected. Whether there is any underlying purpose, or not, the fact of the matter is that our culture is changing, and it you want to connect with someone in a relationship, a business affiliation, or as part of a movement, you’re going to have to have a different approach.

Technology is definitely a part of how we connect, there’s no denying that, but do something more. Yes, connect with each other on social media, but If you want more out of this relationship than a tick on your social media account create a better connection by offering something of value.

I always try to leave someone better than when I met them, if I can. Encourage them, help them see the good in something they thought was not, give them something that could potentially change the way they previously thought about something, or help them imagine what a better life might look like.

None of this is tangible or costs you anything but a few moments of your time, yet can be extremely valuable. Value does not depend on your cash outlay, or a retail price, but more value is placed on things that touch our hearts, or make us feel something.

If you can leave them with something to touch that they can keep with them, even better. Even with business cards fading into the dark ages, I still think of them as a physical item that can be put in someone’s hand. It may have little or no value, but to remind them of you and your conversation (hopefully it was a good one). It doesn’t have to be a business card, it could be anything, a lucky penny or stone, a napkin with your name and email scrawled on it or something that might cause them to remember this meeting sometime after departure.

They may not reach out to you, but BRAVO, you’ve made a connection, one that has a potential of being more meaningful than a new Facebook “friend” or Twitter follower.

If I want to hear from someone again, I like to give them a reason to contact me; so I’m likely to ask them to do something that they can get back to me on. Most of the time, they don’t (not soon, anyway) but it’s given them something to think about, and it gives them an excuse to reach out to me and create an even more meaningful connection.

I hope the future of relationships is not on the brink of vanishing from the planet altogether. The good news is that people still desire connection, and they’re supporting it with their dollars. They are willing to pay to feel like they are a part of something, and “connection” is the only thing that businesses are effectively using to compete with the big corporations.

This is a very good sign that there is hope for connectedness in the future.

If you don’t believe me, just ask your hairdresser.

Reach out, connect face-to-face, give them a talisman, an invitation to follow up, and bless them.

What is Passive Aggressive?

More and more I am hearing people labeling other people as “passive aggressive.” What does it mean to be passive aggressive? What is passive aggressiveness? Am I Passive aggressive?

Well, first of all, the American Psychiatric association doesn’t really have a clear definition of it and it isn’t recognized as a personality disorder. It’s just a common label used haphazardly across the mental health industry that can be used in so many ways to describe someone who basically doesn’t say what they mean in an effort to to avoid conflict.

I know, that’s going to cause a stir among my people in the industry for simplicity’s sake, so to be fair, I will offer to you 10 of the characteristics that most of us can agree on which depict someone who is passive aggressive.

 What is  Passive Aggressive Top 10

1. Agreeable

Passive aggressives are quick to agree with just about anyone or anything in an effort to not rock the boat in any way. Even if they clearly disagree with what is being said, the circumstance or situation. We like passive aggressive because we like people to agree with us, but are later disappointed when we find out the truth. (The passive aggressive assumes or hopes the truth will never come out).

2. Absentminded

The passive aggressive person is likely to forget any detail which does not serve them. It’s as if they can’t recall it, it absolves them from any responsibility. They are likely not to remember uncomfortable quotes, quips, or of bits of data that are likely important details to other people, then expect their failure of recall to justify their not attending to the detail which was disregarded.

3. Withholding

You will find the passive aggressive tendency to intentionally withhold critical information as an effective tool in their kit of misleading deception. Not only will they not likely communicate what they are actually feeling, or what plans they are making behind the scenes, they will often leave out important details which they feel might cause concern or conflict. This is the passive aggressive form of lying.

4. Procrastinating

Someone who is passive aggressive is a master of putting off what they’d rather not do until the last minute in hopes that someone else will do it, or realize that it doesn’t need to be done at all.

5. Lack of Responsibility

You won’t see passive aggressive people taking responsibility for anything (unless placing “all the blame” on themselves can be used as a ploy to avoid or eliminate confrontation) because there is always something or someone else to blame for their inability to follow through; they always have a plausible excuse for their actions (or inactions).

6. Assumptions

Passive aggressive will claim they “assumed” another person’s prior knowledge of a particular thing well in advance if it serves his or her agenda. They may claim an assumptive position, such as, “Everyone knew,” implying, “so, I assumed you already knew.” The nonchalant, “I assumed…” is a common response of the passive aggressive.

7. Finding Fault

Passive aggressive people are likely to be the first to find fault in other people, circumstances, or inanimate objects, will likely hint to their own superiority of knowledge or status without actually making a clear claim or statement, and rarely (if ever) suggest a solution.

8. Silent, “Woe is me.”

People who are passive aggressive are likely to withdraw from the spotlight and seek solitude to feel sorry for themselves in a form of self-martyrdom, rather than attempt to communicate or state their concerns.

9. Resentful

The passive aggressive individual has a tendency not to object or state their case if someone asks or expects them to do something the passive aggressive would rather not do. Instead, they will either begrudgingly do the thing, noting it on their list of things they feel they were pressured into, forced to do for the benefit of this cause or person. Alternatively, they will commit to doing it then make an excuse not to do it at the last minute, or forget to do it altogether, while building a cache of resentment all along the way.

10. It’s Better to Ask for Forgiveness than Permission

“It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission,” is the mantra of the passive aggressive personality. They are likely to say whatever someone want to hear, which is simply empty lip service, buying them the time and space to do whatever it is they want to do. Then, later, after the fact, to claim unforeseen circumstances or an “act of God” made what they did all but unavoidable, and then beg forgiveness, because they would never knowingly have done anything to intentionally disregard, disrespect, or hurt someone else.

What is Passive Aggressive?

You tell me (in the comments below)…

The Freedom Weapon

There is a force so powerful that it tears down the prison walls that keep us contained, locked down, and isolated from the best thing this life has to offer. So powerful is this weapon that it could easily explode destroying the person who attempted to deploy it, so it must be wielded skillfully, if you want to be free of the chains that bind you.

This weapon is activated not from an external power source, but can only be ignited with the love from your heart to start the reaction that will set you safely free. This is hard work, and you have all the skills and equipment necessary to fire off this powerful weapon, at great risk to you.

It will cost you your ego, the holding tight to something that the primal part of you feels is so important, but this only promotes the virus that grows inside you, overtaking all your cells, resulting in your completion of your death sentence while imprisoned. Finding your way out of this prison is your only hope for escape and possibility of positive life outside these walls, where lays the chance of living a full, free life of love, fulfillment and happiness.

But you have to willing to let go and be willing to use

The Freedom Weapon

The freedom weapon is forgiveness. Forgiveness, fueled by love can take out, decimate and eliminate everything that stands between where you are and where you want to be, if what you want is to live a long, healthy and happy life, free from your emotional prison.

On the other side of the walls of unforgiveness, we are able to see life as it really is. Shocking as it may be, once you are there, you become the designer, architect, builder and decorator of your new life of freedom.

There is little more uncomfortable or painful of letting go of what you’ve let encase you in negative states of victimization, guilt, depression, dissention, resentment and anger.

Dare to Forgive

Finding yourself on the other side of forgiveness, your life as a victim ceases. You let go of your need to control that which is beyond your control, are able to see the world from outside yourself and accept the ingredients offered to you by life. In your imprisoned state, the ingredients may look like a pile of rubbish, but to the freedom chef, the most magnificent four course meal or unlimited buffet can be made from the same ingredients.

This is the difference between unforgiveness and forgiveness.

If you feel like life, someone, or something is out to get you prior to forgiving, afterwards you are empowered to see it more like a game, and when you see someone or something coming at you, you can smile, twist and with the most simple movements and gestures, deflect your attacker, disarming and disempowering them. It’s like emotional kung fu. You allow the energy of others be their own undoing as it has little effect on you.

You can now see these people, situations and circumstances for what they are, and might be surprised that you can have empathy or understanding for their need to act out in such a way, feeling sorry for them, or loving them for the unfortunate life they have chosen to live.

You become lovingly courageous and unafraid in this state of forgiveness. You are able to breathe easier, enjoy greater health and vitality, even surrounded by a world lost to this idea of freedom.

This is part of the deep inner work, but it is worth it.

Your forgiveness opens the doorway to a new world of possibilities filled with love and adventure and brings your wildest dreams within your reach.

Forgiveness releases you from your own prison, where a better life awaits your arrival on the other side of these walls.

What You Do Today Defines You

How was your day today? What did you do today?

What you did today defines who you are as a person.

There’s a TV show that examines the last 24 hours of the lives of famous celebrities called the Final 24. It’s fascinating; who doesn’t want to know what someone does, what they think in those last 24 hours. In many ways there is nothing more critically important than how they spent their last 24 hours.

These people lived their lives and then, suddenly, left this physical plane of existence nearly by choice as in the case of drug overdose or suicide, or unexpectedly by way of murder, accidental death, or sudden death due to health issues.

Thank God, you’re not dead; not yet.

But in many ways what you did in the last 24 hours defines who you are as a person. If you look at your life, as you lived it today, the things you did, the thoughts that dominated your mind, how you spent your time, where you focused your attention, what you have to show for your efforts today, depicts the kind of person you are, if it was not unlike most of the days that preceded it.

For most people, today was just another lack luster day, and they don’t have much good to show for it.

It is possible that if today was such a magnificent day, and you are so proud of how you spent your day and would like to be remembered for this day forever,


This is not the day to take any risks, or to try to, “go out on a high note.”

Instead think of this as only being the first day in a long succession of days, maybe filling up the rest of your life with productive, meaningful and fulfilling demonstrations of your ability to keep doing more, living a better life, your best life, and making the world a better place.

And if today was the same ol’ same ol’ run of the mill day-in-day-out kind of day, guess what?

You’re still here and God willing, you have a fresh new day ahead tomorrow.

This could be the day that you decide to take charge of your life and start living it in a manner that you can be proud of. You can take an active part in being the change you would like to see in the world.

One person can make a difference.

… and you could be one of those people.

Maybe tomorrow you can try a random act of kindness, or be the light in someone’s life. You would be surprised how little it takes to make a difference. It will take action on your part, but you will be impressed how doing something significant can make you feel so exhilarated. One random act of kindness actually improves the lives of both the giver and the receiver by ramping up the body’s bio-chemistry and improving the immune systems for eight hours; great benefits for just making the effort to do something good.

And the more you do it, chances are, the more you’ll want to keep on doing it and finding new ways to make the world a better place. The people who do so are by far my favorite people, I call them Acts of Kindness Superheroes.

It doesn’t take much, and you can be that person, if you set aside a little time to do it.

You can do it.

Loving at the Next Level

There is the Hollywood definition of love, then there is the elevated form or love that is powerfully manifest at a higher level. If you want to aspire to loving at the nest level, this higher concept of love is awaiting your arrival.

This higher level of love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and you are born with access to it, but being able to connect to and utilize it, is one of the best-kept secrets of all time; this is no accident. Society and the powers that be do not want you to know that you have access to such a powerful resource. You are much easier to manage and control if you can be kept unaware of such a powerful resource.

When you tap into the next level of love, you find yourself motivated and empowered to want to give and achieve more than you have ever imagined prior to tapping into love’s higher vibration.

This is the lever that opens the gates releasing the power of love into your life. In this vibrational frequency, you can see your dreams coming closer as all the best things start appearing and you feel a wide range of amazing possibilities coming your way.

Even though true love encompasses so much more than romantic love, being enveloped in love’s highest frequency, spills over into and permeating your romantic relationships allowing you to achieve new heights of romantic love, more incredible than ever possible at lower vibrations.

This new awareness of love and its power is revealed through the most intimate love you will ever know, that is the love of you for yourself. This sounds selfish, at first, but once you’ve experienced loving the only person who knows every most intimate detail of your life and will never, ever, leave you, you really don’t know what true love is. It is from this next level of love, that all other loves and their possibilities flow.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when you’re loving yourself with the next level of love:

You are no longer critical of yourself. When you love yourself, you love you for who and what you are without judgment, much like the love you might have for a baby; if the baby you love messes his diaper, you think, “Bless her little heart, she made a cute little poopy.” Or if she breaks your favorite vase, you say, “You silly little thing, that was just an accident. That one was old, it was time for mommy to get a new one anyway.” When you really love yourself, you can’t do anything wrong. Certainly, life happens, and you may not always be on your best behavior or do exactly the right thing at the right time, but it’s okay. You cut yourself some slack (maybe a lot of slack) because you love yourself so much, like that baby.

Negative thoughts fade away. When you’re truly loving yourself, you don’t bother yourself with the barrage of negative vibrations. You are no longer attracted to negative news, fantastic stories of pain and suffering, horror stories, or incredulous drama. The fear of it all holds no value for you any longer. You are no longer afraid of the unknown because love is the superior power that truly conquers all else. In the state of true love, you are likely to think of ways you can change the world, rather than to be content with just complaining about it.

Fear no longer is the main vibration controlling your thoughts and your life. Powered with love you are not afraid of challenges or potential failure because you know you will always come away from any conflict or situation better than when you first encountered the circumstance.

You’re more likely to look at the bright side of things, and as you get more accustomed to this love-inspired positive outlook, positive resolutions are far more the norm than not. You will also notice, when you need a helping hand, one appears from even the most unlikely sources.

The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” (Jesus’ sermon on the mount, Matthew 7:12) applies to you. You treat yourself like you would like others to treat you. You’re your own best friend. As you become more aware of your best qualities, embracing them and finding new ways to express yourself, your gifts and special abilities, others begin to see a new sheen, a glow about you which is clearly apparent as your countenance changes, empowering your new love-fueled life. You start sharing more of your love-infused self with others.

You’re finding the goodness in all things and have a heart filled full of gratitude for all life’s blessings. Even the things in life that may not have been perceived as the best, you now see from a different perspective, allowing you to see through the eyes of love, where everything is blessed and serves you in your highest and best.

You love your reflection in the mirror. The more you love yourself, the more you love your reflection in the mirror, and all that it represents a full life, and one being lived for its maximum potential. This is the reflection of someone who spreads love wherever they go.

The next level of love is unconditional love. It may be a far cry from where you are today, but you can feel it tugging on your heart strings. It desires to be released and reveal to you the love that was always there but never allowed to see the light of day.

There is no one else like you in the world who can do what you can do the way that you can do it. Dare to approach the next level of love and be the love that the world so desperately needs.

Put a Little Meaning in Your Life

Was today pretty much the same as yesterday, the day before that, the week before, the month, the year? It seems like the same ol’ same ol’, merely maintaining a level of existence but not having much to show for it; nothing lasting or meaningful.

We do what we have to do, to pay the bills, come home, turn in the TV and collapse into the white zone of awareness (basically awake, but unaware of life as it goes on around you), maybe turning our attention to our inter-connected devices designed to keep our minds busy enough not to notice, occasionally interrupted by brief opportunities to socialize face-to-face, or frolic to break up the monotony of it all.

All you have to look forward to are the holiday celebrations, get-togethers with family and friends, and yearly vacations (if that), but still it leaves you wondering if this is what life’s all about?

Well, there are a few things you could do to raise your awareness and broaden your horizons, self-education is hugely beneficial in expanding your imagination and realizing that you may be surrounded by a sea of possibilities and opportunities to look at things in different ways or realize that other lives are yours for the taking.

Something inside you longs for growth and expansion and a bit of learning goes a long way. Your ability to be creative or potentially empowering your personal genius reduces the more you settle for a more mundane lifestyle. Cracking a book, doing some research, attending a class, or seminar helps to feed your mind’s desire to get more out of this life.

Find opportunities to expand your being by engaging in activities and trying new experiences, things you have never done before. This empowers your creative genius and takes you to a whole new area of human existence, your immune system gets ramped up, moodiness or ill feelings fade away as you feel new life pumping through your veins, and your whole biological system thrives while you’re experiencing something new, and its effects remain for 8 hours or more.

Look for ways to switch up old routines, do things differently (if you’re right-handed, try it with your left hand, take the scenic route, etc.), take up a new hobby, volunteer, or take up a new language.

The most amazing people living the most incredible lives on our planet are constantly learning and trying new things.

Still looking for meaning? Seek to create more meaningful relationships in your life. These are the people you can love freely and they reciprocate that love as you are able to share your experiences with them. Your joy is their joy, and their joy is yours.

This new, deeper style of friendship goes far beyond the relationships you’ve known in the relationships of family, friends, even romantic interests you may have experienced in the past. In this case, you share a heart-connection, you are connected with an honest openness where there is nothing to hide, as you share more than others could, without judgment or ridicule.

The champions of finding meaning and fulfillment in life are on the lookout for a challenge, which may even light the light of exploration and adventure, going where no man has gone before, while mot being afraid of facing your own Goliath in battle, if necessary.

The element of the intrigue in exploring unknown territory is exhilarating and offers the spice of life. Facing life’s challenges when you’re in the flow and have the synergistic energies of the universe as the wind beneath your wings makes you soar and achieve new heights.

It’s these experiences which create not only meaning but become a part of your legacy, possibly inspiring others to face their fears and excel through adversity for generations.

Getting out of town helps to put it all in perspective, experiencing other cultures and customs frames the canvas of the adventures of your life. You don’t have to go far, but be sure to go. Each time, think about going a little further. You might find yourself enjoying you’re being a world traveler, giving your life even more meaning.

While you’re doing these things, if you’re ready to make an impact and leave your mark, try to make each place you visit, every life you interact with just a little better than it was before you came along… Now, your living making a positive contribution, living your best life and making the world a better place.

Are you up for that?

Angels You and Me

Angels are gaining popularity among most of Americans, and it’s causing division among the folks who claim to have the rights to properly represent them. There are a few groups that believe in angels, probably three main groups classified as religious, spiritual (referred to as “New Age” by the religious), and non-believers.

The religious folks (the ones who believe in angels) believe they possess first right of refusal in the angel arena. They claim their particular groups have well-documented angels and they teach and train angelic professionals in their classes taught in religious colleges and universities. Clergy may elect to specialize in all things angelic amidst their regular course of religious study and training, qualifying them to claim expertise in the subject.

Then there are the spiritual (New Age) people who for the most part believe in angels. Since there is a lack of structure among these spiritual folks who may or may not have had any formal religious background, they are just a wild bunch of open-hearted-and-minded people who share a common interest of enjoying all the great things the universe has to offer. They share a reverence for a nondescript higher energy which could be referred to as God, Energy, the Universe, Nature, our Higher Self, or any other imaginable focal point or label that feels comfortable to any particular non-or-less religious spiritual person. This group is particularly troubling for the structured religious groups, due to their lack of respect for their beliefs (and the feeling is mutual).

If that wasn’t enough, non-believers, the people who have no religious affiliation whatsoever, many of them believe in angels. Why? Because against everything that is holy for the religious organizations, regardless of their selfless service and dedication to a branded almighty deity, angels still choose to interact and visit the worthy unbelievers at just the right place and time.

This is particularly frustrating for the religious practitioners who may have not ever experienced an angelic visitation; to imagine that their God would allow one of his private messengers to visit a non-believer, or some unorganized, unstructured “New Age” fringe unreligious but spiritual wannabe, is just too much to handle. It’s much easier for them to claim that the experience of the non-devout-believer had nothing to do with angels at all.

To reconcile their religious disdain for such an idea, they are likely to claim the visitation to be a lie, a demon (fallen angel) posing as an angel, purely a delusion, or a purposefully spun fictitious story (claimed to be true, or “based on a true story”) in an attempt to gain attention, acceptance, or publicity.

To confuse things even further, angels are easily confused with other things.

For instance, there is a natural energy or vibration that is like an unseen flowing stream where the most unbelievable and unexplained good things happen when you are in it. Sometimes, this is referred to as angelic intervention.

There are also entities that vibrate at frequencies which would be difficult for us to see or comprehend from our 3D existence. This includes beings who coexist with us among other dimensions, such as ghosts of the once-living, demonic beings (fallen angels) who were never born or enjoyed living a complete life on our planet, and other-worldly beings or aliens.

Then there are the angels, who, like the third of them who have fallen (and have free reign of our 3rd dimension), have never been born, or enjoyed a full life on Earth, who (by the way) are not religious; just as God is not religious. God and the angels have nothing to do with religion. Religion is our (human beings’) way of trying to understand them.

And we do the best we can with what we have.

I have had the privilege of experiencing religion, studied it, worked in the ad-ministering of it, counseled, trained and preached for it while keeping an open mind and partnering with angels throughout my ministry. I wouldn’t consider myself to be an expert on the subject, but there are those who have referred to me in this manner, only based on my personal experience.

Even considering all that I have disclosed about my experience outside the 3D world, there is much that I hold close to my heart which I have not revealed. Why? Because people, in general, are not receptive to it, but more importantly, this area of expertise is not my life’s mission. In order to stay congruent and true to my calling in life, I must refrain from being distracted, or thrown off track, by something that could consume my efforts, preventing me from pursuing my work.

I can support someone else, whose calling and expertise it is (from the background) but to risk not being true to my calling is too great a cost.

I am not that guy.

I am the love-guy that helps people achieve their highest and best, live better lives, and make the world a better place.

Gotta stay on-track.

Angels are real, they are all around you.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a simple test (remember you don’t have to be religious to try this):

Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and using nothing else but your imagination, think about reaching out to your angel (yes, we all have a guardian angel assigned to us, who may have more of them around). They love it when you try to reach out to them. Using only your mind, ask what the name of your angel is?

The first name that pops into your head is your angel’s name.

This simple angelic handshake is the first step in being open to the idea of angels and how close and attentive they are to us. Most of the time we take them for granted or ignore them altogether, and that’s okay, too. They are still there, whether we acknowledge them, or not.

Angels don’t need anything or acknowledgment from us, but they get a little excited when we do.

Loving you, blessing you, and may you enjoy all the good things this life has to offer, including angels.

How to be an Alpha Male

The corporate workplace can be a competitive dog-eat-dog business, and in this aggressive environment, if the culture is not progressive, will still be following an archaic business model which is more akin to the animal kingdom’s struggle for survival.

In these instances, the individuals who are most successful, quickly rise up the corporate ladder, and appear to live the best lives, are those who dominate and lay to waste the competition. We refer to them (and they refer to themselves) as alpha males.

If you’re stuck in this type of corporate culture, it can leave you wondering,

How to be an alpha male

The alpha male is the man in the business environment who exudes self-confidence, wielding personal power like a sword of righteousness, commands the attention and respect of others in the organization. He is a man’s man, so to speak, people admire his ruthless ability to make decisions, take action, puts forth (and almost excessive) effort and expects the support of the rest of the team; and he usually gets it, out of respect for his relentless ambition and enthusiasm.

Alpha males didn’t just appear in the workplace, their characteristics can be traced back to early man, when it was us against the elements, and the animal kingdom, in the struggle for survival. The alpha males were the individuals who fought their way to the top of the food chain and the social ladder of the group by taking charge, and exerting domination over the group.

In some ways our current stage of evolution still harkens back to these alpha male archetypes. Through the process of natural selection, men bubble to the top that possess the traits of the alpha male. In the same way that our ancestors depended on these traits for survival, the corporate world is attracted to these A-type personalities for the benefits enjoyed by their shareholders.

The success of the alpha male is not simply restricted to the business environment, as socially, in many ways, we haven’t evolved very far and this is never more apparent than in our courting rituals. Even in this modern day and age, women are still attracted to the type of man who will protect her and provide an excellent source of genetic material on which to base her future generations.

Back in the day, wherever the alpha male was, you would find the best shelter, food and women, so the other men would want to befriend them and support them in order to enjoy the leftovers, and you can still see the remnants of this in our society today.

Taking on the appearance of the alpha male or emulating their attributes can be an effective way to gain ground in both corporate and social arenas, and you might be surprised to find that the best way to appear to be alpha is to

Care less about what others think about you

If you’re not an alpha male, you’re constantly vying for attention, and trying to impress others in an attempt to prove your worthiness of garnering attention or approval of others. Instead of accomplishing your hopes of gaining admiration, what you actually end up with is others thinking you are deprived, lack confidence and competence, are needy and clingy; not exactly what you had hoped for.

If your are having to constantly explain to others, or tell your own stories in an effort to show examples of your worthiness or greatness, your words are often in vain because people are not going to fall for your self-promoting tale-telling. They’re more likely to look at this as a desperate ploy to get people to like you, in an ill-fated attempt to present yourself as more appealing.

Complimenting people, especially flattery in an attempt to flirt or attract a potential mate, also not only makes you look desperate, but it clearly communicates to the object of your attention that you see them as more valuable than yourself (which doesn’t make you look any more attractive to them).

So, stop the ploys to gain the approval of others. Instead try to find ways to think of yourself more like an alpha. An alpha male could care less what anyone thinks of him, he finds his own worthiness within himself. His self confidence is high enough; he doesn’t need the approval of anyone else to make him feel any better.

When you are able to find your sense of worth from within, accepting yourself for all that you are, empowering and engaging all your special gifts and abilities without a thought of what others think, now you are becoming the powerful leader forging on with a sense of meaning and purpose.

When you are approaching life in this way, you are no longer a following. You are marching to your own beat, and others take notice. You are becoming more alpha.

This new alpha-approach to life will permeate your integration with life all around you, affecting both your social and professional circles of influence.

What Does Over 200 Look Like?

What about people who maintain a vibrational frequency of over 200, what does there life look like?

Before I answer what your life will look like if you raise your vibration, keep in mind that this is not a competition. This is not a method to use against someone else, to judge or categorize certain kinds of people, this is only for you.

The care and maintenance of your vibration and the frequencies you aspire to on your own individual path of personal growth is your business and yours alone. It’s no one else’s business but yours. Likewise, anyone else’s state of vibration or frequency is their own.

Also note that no one (or very few or us) arrive at a particular frequency and stay there. In most cases, you have a base frequency that we refer to as your set point. This is where you vibrate at most of the time, say 50 percent of the time, while visiting other frequencies, like 20% higher and 30% lower, but returning to your base or set point after experiencing other states for a time.

The goal is to continually expand your awareness, raising your set point as you grow.
So, in respect to your life, and your life only, when you are experiencing higher vibrations over a frequency of 200, you will find yourself…

You are becoming more aware of yourself (who you are, who you have been) and are getting more attuned to listening to you (your heart, your body and your mind). You find a state of awareness, where you can virtually see yourself from outside yourself, as you look in and listen to and witness all your various functions and processes. This is the vantage point where the greatest self-work is done.

Being more aware of your body, you have a greater concern with its care and maintenance and taking responsibility for it yourself (instead of deferring to medical treatment, unless it is necessary). Honoring the body you were given and taking good care of it makes you feel so much more healthy, vital and better. You are more attentive to what you eat, and seek a more nutritious diet.

Being more in touch, listening and aware of your heart connection, makes you far more intuitive than possible at lower vibrations.

You are more aware of and feel a connection to a higher power outside of yourself that is in all things (and you are finding a comfortable way to refer to and honor it, as you might call it God, love, nature, the universe, source, or your higher self, whatever you are comfortable with).

You are more attentive about how you act (what you say and do) and are concerned at how others interpret how you present yourself. You want your life, your message, and your persona to be congruent with what you think and how you feel about life.

You are more concerned about other people, empathetic about what is going on in their lives. You find yourself using your mind to imagine what it must be like to have experienced what other people are going through to answer the question, “Why are they approaching life in this way?” as you try to see (and possibly feel) what it must be like for them from their perspective.

You are more patient and understanding with other people, circumstances and situations in life.

You are open and aware of all the different types of people and points of view and you realize this is all a part of the awesome matrix that makes this life so amazing.
Forgiveness comes easily for yourself and others.

You find yourself coming up with new ideas, creative solutions for advanced problem-solving, and inspiration for making a positive contribution.

Your emotional states are less likely to go to such extremes as you are more comfortable with your life, and adjusted to both the certainties and uncertainties of life. You are finding more ways to essentially go with the flow, than to fight against the current.

You are happier, and more comfortable with sustaining states of joy, as you are more prone to smile, laugh, or see the humor in things that you might find irritating at lower vibrations.

You find yourself more in a natural state of happiness and joy in life, as it is, rather than in commercial endeavors, exploitations or celebrations.

You are more likely to delay pleasurable activities or purchases for a more appropriate time and place.

Discipline and integrity are more important to you as you are raising your vibration.

You are less concerned with yourself, your importance, or rightness as you are becoming more tolerant about life and your interaction with it.

You are less defensive and more tolerant and supportive of the unique perspectives and views of others. You don’t have to be right. In fact you feel a sense of benevolence in letting someone else assert their need to be right, as it is more important to them, where they are in their life’s journey, and you don’t judge them for it.

You are more gracious, finding gratitude in all the things this life provides for you and your loved ones.

You are living life less as a competition and more as a celebration. You are much less likely to be disappointed, and less attached to the importance of material things, self-satisfying indulgences, or even people to whom you may have tethered yourself to at lower vibrations.

You take the time for good self care, as well as looking after others.

Things in life seem to progress more smoothly and more and more you are finding yourself in the right place at the right time, with the appropriate skills or just the right words to speak.

You are more concerned with living in the now, than worrying about the past or fearful of an uncertain future.

Order in all that surrounds you finds a comfortable balance that is tidy, clutter-free but not obsessive.

Your life takes on a sense of purpose and meaning, as you are more aware of your calling, unique message, special purpose or ministry.

You are more confident in yourself and becoming more proficient at recognizing and exercising your special skills and abilities.

Your attention to media takes on a new focus, as you are no longer attracted to the sensation and/or fascination of negative material.

Others are attracted to you, reveal the deep recesses of themselves, and find comfort in your presence and confidence in your advice.

Good things, opportunities, and blessings come easily and are more frequent.

Life is good.

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In Loving Memory of Aaron E Fairbairn

In Loving Memory

Private First Class

Aaron E. Fairbairn

February 2, 1898 ~ Yakima. Washington
July 4, 2009 ~ Paktika, Afghanistan

Funeral Service

11:00 o’clock, Saturday. July 18, 2009
Aberdeen High School ~ Sam Benn Gym


Pastors Doug Marks & Jake Broady

Private Family Graveside Service
with Full Military Honors

Sunset Memorial Park
Hoquiam, Washington


Andy Johnson, Justin Fairbairn, Gail Cross, Jesse Cross, Daniel Oszman, Kenny Bensinger

After Glow

“I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one.
I’d like to leave an after glow of smiles when life is done.
I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways,
of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days.
I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun
of happy memories that I leave when life is done.”