Drama or Dream

You have been charged with living out your journey as a human being on this planet. Yes, you came as a divinely inspired being with a purpose, plan, and your own song to sing, but likely have lost sight of this through the process of living your life to the best of your cognizant abilities.

With every breath you take every step you make in every moment of your life it is up to you to decide to experience episodic

Drama or Dream

The Choice is Yours

Any time you feel poorly, when you feel slighted, misunderstood, shamed, ridiculed, threatened, or victimized, it is up to you whether you will see this feeling and the scene that follows play out as drama or dream, the choice is yours.

If you feel, for any reason, your life is one with consummate drama, you will respond to any ill feeling in a way which charges the impending scenario with negative energy which will play out in a dramatic scene. Your response will feel justified in the outset but will have you feeling worse once the scene has played itself out.

On the other hand, if you respond to ill feelings with love, love will find a way to turn the scenario in a more pleasing direction. The charge in the Bible’s Matthew 5:44 supports this advice divinely, “love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.”

This concept is nothing new and was previously noted in Proverbs 15:1 with, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Simple social science at work, even thousands of years ago.

Let’s face it,

Life is a bitch

More like a drunk ass

Life will throw all kinds of opportunities for you to choose drama or dream, it’s a bitch, or more like a drunk who’s had one too many, who is invading your space or pushing your buttons.

If a drunk bumps into you, causing you to spill your drink (chocolate milk), it’s up to you to make a decision. Will you put a negative spin on this, or will you approach the situation with love?

Want drama?

Your initial reaction would be to push the drunk back, and no one would blame you for asserting yourself in the defense of your personal space. When you look into the drunk’s eyes, you can see a lifetime of pain welling up which turns to rage, and now you’ve got a fight on your hands. The repercussions of which could tarry on for some time depending on how the fight goes.

How about the dream?

Or, when the drunk bumps into you, you can smile, put your hand on his should and say, “Whoa, Nelly! What happened to your sea legs, sailor?” As you look into the drunk’s eye, you can see a lifetime of pain. When he looks back at you, seeing eyes filled with love and you’re smiling at him, he feels loved, even for the slightest moment, and this simple gesture, you’re showing a bit of kindness, may be the bright spot in the drunk’s day (possibly his entire life). He might even offer to buy you another chocolate milk.

Does it work every time?

Though it may look like it doesn’t, or it may look like an utter failure at the outset, your kindness is remembered. It may take time and some other kindness shown by others to break through the thick walls which people who have experienced a great deal of pain in their life have built around their hearts to protect themselves from ever being hurt again.

So, they may respond inappropriately. They may reject your kindness.

Instead of being offended, maybe you could muster enough love in you to have compassion for someone in this condition. For God’s sake, don’t point out that you are aware of the drunk’s condition. Just remember that if it weren’t for God’s grace, you might be in the same place as the drunk.

Even if you do not see the immediate rewards for your benevolent act, it does work every time. After all, he’s doing the best he can with what he has, and aren’t all of us just doing the same?

Just love him and bless him as he makes it through another day. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for, maybe not, but we are no better than he, for in our own ways, we can be a little reckless and bump into things in life which catch us by surprise, too.

It’s on you, whether you live your life in drama or dream by simply choosing love over defense.

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Aliens are Here!

You’ve read the sci-fi, heard the conspiracies, and heard people proclaim the aliens are here! The question remains, are the aliens here are or on their way? Thanks to uncovered evidence beneath sedimentary layers of our Earth, it appears that someone besides us, indicating aliens may have been here before we arrived.

With all we know about who we are and are learning about what else might be “out there,” its hard to believe that we are the only intelligent life in the universe, and it might cause you to rationalize that our race may be quite primitive in comparison to intelligent life that may predate our species.

I admit, the existence of aliens is not my area of expertise, though I have made the acquaintance of others who specialize in this area of study, and the evidence on which they base their conclusions is quite compelling.

When you hear the word, “Alien,” your first thought could include anything from a fellow human from outside the country where you reside to alien greys, the thin figures with large heads and big black eyes.

The possibility of existence has grown in popular awareness over the last couple of hundred years due to increased signs and various methods of visiting the third rock from our sun.

Some alien experts believe that some extraterrestrial aliens look just like we do, cannot be easily identified, and walk among us. Even SpaceX CEO Elon Musk publicly claims the aliens are here (while attending at the World Government Summit in Dubai).

Then there are those who believe that there are human/alien hybrids who are living among us. Reports are coming in from researchers and those who believe they are alien hybrids.

Allegedly starting as early as a hundred years ago, pregnant women were abducted in their sleep and subjected to a procedure to overlay alien DNA over the naturally occurring human DNA.

Why would extraterrestrial races want to do such a thing?

The common consensus appears to be they’re being concerned about the long-term survivability of the human race. It’s as if these more advanced races have a benevolent desire to see humanity advance and evolve beyond our naturally-inclined barbarian ways of life on planet Earth, which is unsustainable.

There is also the likelihood that we are related to and possibly deeply-connected to these beings from other worlds, for just as God created us, they are also creations of God. The same life-force which gives us consciousness is also a part of their consciousness.

Certainly, the current evolutionary status of human metamorphosis is measurably present, even with the concerted efforts of society’s ability to clearly deny anything which is not to be believed.

Does the government know aliens are here?

Hundreds of billions of American tax dollars spent on fringe science attributed to alien technology and the covering up of data “forbidden” for release to those who finance the research and development (taxpayers) of said otherworldly knowledge, would indicate there is much more going on here than meets the average eye.

The American government’s military leaves no paranormal stone unturned in an effort to weaponize any technology, extraterrestrial or otherwise, which might give us an unfair advantage over our enemies. Plus, what if these off-world beings are far less benevolent than they appear to be? How could we defend ourselves from an advanced alien invasion?

If you are paying taxes to the United States of America or their designees, you are paying for the research, development, and the preventing of your knowledge about these alien affairs. And if you believe that there is no truth in the “aliens are here” story, then you are regarded as a good American citizen. You may not be ready to meet aliens from outer space.

If you are compelled to think there may be a degree of veracity to the alien idea, please proceed with caution. The government will spare no expense in the silencing of this growing knowledge base among those in “the know” and you wouldn’t want to expose yourself as possessing independent thought or asking questions which are unsanctioned.

You wouldn’t want to be accused of suffering from Individuality Psychosis, now, would you?

I fully support the asking of unsanctioned questions and believe the discovery of unauthorized data as our God-given right, not to be impeded by any regulation.

Whether the aliens are here or not, may or may not matter at all, or it might be very important, indeed.

What do you think?

Flesh vs Spirit Evolving

You come to Earth and inherit a human body and your journey begins with reconciling your existence as a young spiritual being acclimating to your new environment. At the earliest of age, you are tasked with finding out who you are. Your discoveries accumulate as your identity develops chaining experience upon experience as your sense of self evolves.

You have an inherent desire to be cared for, but it doesn’t take long for you to figure out that taking care of and defending yourself is up to you and you establish patterns to see that your needs are taken care of. This establishes an energy pattern of a particular vibrational frequency which will vary as you make your way through this life, which affects all areas of your life, mental, physical, and spiritual.

The more you struggle to find your own way, the more your ability to connect with your higher spiritual self is closed off as you gain mechanical systems to survive and do the best you can to mitigate the challenges you face in life on Earth. In most, if not all, cases, your higher self is squelched altogether, but it never dies.

At various stages in life, your spiritual self will find ways to garner your attention if an effort to awaken your higher self which has been subdued.

Your higher self will try to poke through in times of stress and struggle. It’s up to you how you respond to hearing this still small voice when it speaks up. Most people just push it away as nonsense, as you continue to make your way through life on your own accord by force of will, determination, accompanied with blood, sweat, and tears.

Flesh vs. Spirit Evolving

This is man’s struggle of flesh against the spirit. Only, as we evolve the struggle of the spirit to emerge becomes more pressing.

For centuries man’s will stomps out potential emerging spirit most of the time, but there’s something happening now, today, right now, our planet is moving through a stage of metamorphosis affecting all matter, life, mankind, including you, too.

A sacred resonance exists in all of life and matter within and throughout all molecules, this energy is no less than purely divine and resonates at the vibration of pure love or above. There exists a harmonic orchestra among all life, matter, and the absence of matter.

Like a sacred carrier wave, God is in all things, everything.

Either this is true, or it is not. What you do with this rejection or realization is up to you.

Your cells are evolving with this harmonic resonance and if you are prone to reject the very thought of it, no problem, for there are forces, highly powerful forces very hard at work to prevent this evolutionary process. So, who of us could blame you, for we were raised from birth to think thusly. Even so, people, just like you and me, are at various stages of awakening the expanding life of liberty and expansion which awaits our species.

Ever notice your desire for change? It’s growing. You find yourself wanting change, finding ways to grab hold of what change you can, only to find it lackluster. You cannot substitute the natural evolution of your being with change which you have been granted or provided yourself via your physical abilities. While it may appease your desire for change in the moment, your human mind/body system is still not satisfied.

Nestled deep within your heart is the central nervous system of your higher self and your connection to the source of all life, but so much emphasis has been placed on the central nervous system of your functioning brain, and little or no attention is placed on your spiritual nature which is where your true self resides, where you hail from, and evolving toward.

Once you begin to awaken you are able to see things as they really are and not like you’ve been trained to interpret life. Life becomes less about you, and more about “us” and our interconnectedness, which is counter-intuitive based on your terrestrial training might dictate.

At some point, as you continue to grow, evolve, and expand you realize that not only are we all “one,” but you have a clearer understanding about your connectedness to all that is, seen and unseen.

If this concept is contrary to how you’re feeling in this moment, no problem. Keep doing whatever it is that is working for you now.

If you are awakened by a moment of clarity from your innermost and highest self? You decide what to do, to push it back down or listen.

There is no judgment as we are all just doing the best we can.

You are still playing an active role as we continue this evolutionary process.

God bless you as you make your way.

What’s in Your Movie?

Imagine you’re a genius filmmaker who has been assigned a very special project challenge. Your film company has made all the arrangements. They have found a town to use as your next film’s location. All the arrangements have been made. The local government has received signatures from every person who lives and/or works in the town authorizing you to make any film you like using local talent, any naturally occurring events, and locations to make your movie.

All the releases have been signed and you are allowed to use anything and anyone in the town as long as you do not disrupt anything that might have (or have not) occurred naturally. The residents have been charged to ignore your presence and that of your crew as much as possible and you may use and/or bring in outside talent as long as they have not been on film before. This motion picture is to have an incredibly natural feel to it, and you have no script, but your mind’s already swimming in ideas.

You accept the challenge.

Day one. You and your crew arrive in Astoria, the location of your film. Immediately, you and your crew drive around the town and scope out potential sets. Any home, any building, any location is yours for the choosing. You take some basic reference shots of potential locations for you to refer to later.

You decide you’ll start shooting tomorrow at a restaurant and lounge called the Crab Pot.

Next up, you have time to select your key players, so you and your crew head out to downtown to see what the locals look like. The local supermarket seems to be the place with the most foot traffic, so you settle-in there, posting up where local Girl Scouts usually are outside the store selling cookies.

At first, a crowd starts to develop around your area outside the store. Local law enforcement arrives to break up the crowd because they’ve pledged to ignore your presence unless you reach out to them. They apologize profusely and you recruit two of the officers, Jason, and Kelly to be talent in your film.

By five o’clock p.m. on your first day, you’ve selected the location where you are going to shoot, and you have a cast of eight locals selected to start filming. You’ve called a dancer from Las Vegas to appear in your film, and she’s on the bus right now, headed for Astoria, she should be arriving tomorrow. You’re thinking she will play your love interest.

That night you’re up all night plotting and scheming as your intention is to start shooting first thing in the morning.

The next morning, before the break of day, you and your crew set off to the Crab Pot to better acquaint yourself with the location and to get some establishing shots. Wait-a-minute… What are all those lights and emergency vehicles doing down the road? You tell your crew to start filming from the limo.

What? You insist they shoot anything and everything. Maybe you will find a way to fit the footage in later. They agree and comply. As you get closer to your location,

Well, I’ll be damned.

Sure enough, the Crab Pot suddenly burst into flames in the middle of the night, and it looks like you’re your location is a bust. You’re frustrated, as you rip out the sketches of your storyboard which relate to this location, as you tell your crew to get out and film everything, getting the best shots they can.

You start sketching-out the events which are currently being recorded, maybe you will find a way to write them in later.

Unfortunately, Eli, one of your cast members was in that fire. Although severely burned, he was rescued by firefighters, treated by EMTs and transferred to the hospital. You send half of your crew to follow him to the hospital while the other half continues to cover the fire. Eli died after being put on life support at the hospital, so now you’re down to a cast of seven, with one en route on the bus. You scratch-out parts you had intended Eli to play in your film.

By three o’clock p.m., you have footage of the fire, emergency response, and hospital footage in the can, as you film the arrival Tasha, the dancer, as she steps off the bus. You take a shine to her, thinking she is going to play a significant role in your reality-feeling movie.

By seven o’clock p.m., the dancer is being handcuffed and stuffed into the back of a police car, kicking and screaming. In four hours, she had gotten drunk, high, lifted the wallets of eleven locals (two from your crew members), stolen three cell phones, had sex with the mayor and his wife (unbeknownst to each other), and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, theft, and destruction of public property. (Which you have documented and “in the can.”)

You send two cameramen to follow the police car and document whatever happens to the dancer.

You don’t know how this is going to affect your script or if any of the footage collected from your second day in town and first day’s shoot will appear in any of your movie at all, but you will be thinking of ways you can use it for your best advantage in upcoming script revisions.

There’s still hope for the scheduled “chance” encounter when you lightly direct and passively shoot the meeting of Alex and Mandy at the Pig & Pancake, while you and your staff grab a bite out of the camera’s view.

At nine-thirty you get a call from the pair covering the dancer. It appears she has outstanding warrants in Las Vegas and will no longer be a potential cast member. You call the videographers back to “The Pig” to join the rest of the crew.

And so it goes, day-in, day-out, every day after day, just making the best film you can out of the footage you get. You have your plans and ideas, and stuff happens. You readjust and keep shooting.

Just like real life.

What’s in your movie?

Take the Blame

When you feel compelled to blame others for your misfortunes, it may be time to turn your attention inward because more often than not, when you point your finger at someone else, it’s a pretty good indication that the responsible party is doing the finger-pointing.

Who wants to admit that they are sabotaging themselves? No one. Regardless, if you want your circumstance and life to change for the better, really the only way to get there is to take responsibility for the situation.

So, if you’re looking for someone to blame, blame yourself.

This is the fast-track to creating meaningful and rapid, long-lasting changes in your life.

Can you change anyone else? Not really. You might be able to coerce them to comply with your demands, but their heart will not be in it and the results will be short-lived. You can only change you.

This goes not only for people, but everything around you which creates situations which do not appear to serve you well. The doctor, bankers, the laws, the cops, the “system,” the government, the tax collectors, Mother Nature, natural disasters, the Grim Reaper, the devil, even God.

Whenever you start to place responsibility outside yourself, as early as you can notice it, it’s time to switch it up and ask yourself,

What part did I play in this?

And look for ways to answer the question,

How can I make it my fault?

If you can put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life in this manner, you can take charge of all areas of your life. Things that seemed chaotic and out of control, start to fall into place when you take full responsibility for whatever is causing you discontent, stress, or just not going your way.

All of a sudden, you are no longer a victim and you are able to influence areas of life which seemed to be beyond your influence. Misfortunes or bad luck disintegrate and fade away because you are the master, like the director of your life’s story.

It’s like you’ve been dropped off in some place which seems unfamiliar to you with a film crew. You are unaware of your surroundings, but curious about the props which may be available to you, and your purpose is to make the best motion picture you can, using only the indigenous tools, people, places, things, including culture and circumstance to the best of your ability. What’s in your movie?

When you are “at cause,” when you take full responsibility, you are the director of your life, so start directing.

Now, you are in charge of your relationship(s), your friends, family, co-workers, job or career,

The only thing that’s holding you back from all the good things in life is the “you” who resides within you who seeks to blame anyone or anything for everything that doesn’t go your way.

You’ve been programmed to play the role of the victim by blaming everyone and everything but you. You don’t have to accept any responsibility for playing the part of the helpless victim, and if you choose to do so, victimization will be a constant in your life. If this is your lot in life, you will blame anyone and everything for whatever happens to you.

Everyone else is at fault but you. You blame your past, your parents, your siblings. You blame the country, society, your boss, other drivers, anyone or anything, as long as it’s not you because you are pure and blameless. (Which sounds a little narcissistic, does it not?)

No problem. You can take the wheel at any time and become the master of your fate.

Stop the game and take the blame.

Is now a good time to take charge of your life now?

You Are Evolution

As the world and its inhabitants continue to evolve and expand in consciousness (as science is now recognizing that all matter is energetically connected, alive and conscious) perceptions of human are starting to make a grand shift from believing what we’ve been told and obediently following the rules to having independent thought and being open to the expansiveness of infinite possibility.

You Are Evolution

As you awaken you become aware of the great lengths society and its social programmers will go through in a powerful and determined effort to control you, how you think, what you believe, what you do, and what you are afraid of. Fear is their most powerful weapon, and it’s worked superbly, until now.

Fear is losing its power to control us, for there is a far more powerful energy which dissolves any fear in any of its many forms to meaningless nothingness. The most powerful energy is love, and it is love that is disarming those who seek to control your mind (where your thoughts are easily manipulated by fear).

Contemporary society, as well as its barbarian ancestors, have thrived in a state of fear, but the evolution of an emerging awakened human being is only now beginning to see that things may not be as they appear. Once the veil has been lifted, you start to see things as they really are. You are evolution.

Due to medical advances in the world, a growing number of individuals are dying… and coming back from death. Their reported near-death experiences (NDE) are vastly contrasting the reports of our lesser-evolved ancestors. They are discovering, and science is confirming, there is far more taking place within, without, and throughout all existence.

The awakening of humanity is exposing the concept of infinite possibility which exists all around us and we are able to increase our interaction with it.

Fear among the living is fading as the energy of love continues to expand, rendering fearful energies impotent. The fearful social constructs used to manage and control us are losing their grip. The power of the organized methods created to imprison the minds of humanity are failing to force efficacy in the brainwashing of you and me, and love is breaking through the barriers of fear among our peers all over the planet.

And for those among the awakening are expanding, the understanding of infinite possibility offers growing empowerment to create new opportunities for an expansive stress-free lifestyle without the constraints of fear. Life and the living of it become your superpower.

There is an energetic consciousness all around us where anything is possible. All the limitations which have been imposed on you are little more than sleight of hand tricks to make you believe that you are not divinely empowered to have access to the unrestrained power of God and the universe, enabling you to imagine first, then do, be, or have anything your heart desires.

Unconditional love, the ability to deeply connect with others, a unique purpose, a powerful reason for being, joy, prosperity, and abundance are among the concepts which are being bestowed upon those who are awakening.

While the process of awakening is simply the raising of your vibrational frequency from fear-based to love-inspired, it is difficult to overcome a lifetime of social programming. It requires what appears on the surface to be illogical. Logic relies on evaluating data which is known while expanding in consciousness relies on being open to what is not known.

Even so, as science progresses, they are discovering new data amidst the unknown. God bless those who dare to explore these new uncharted expanses which are challenging the constraints of primitive data.

Drop Out Plug In

Increasingly there are those, just like you, who are dropping out of the primitive life system and plugging-in to the vastness of all that is, being open to all the infinite possibility, growing, expanding, and continuing to evolve.

And the powers that be are taking notice. They are ramping up their efforts to dominate us exercising their management of the educational system, media, electronic communication, data overload, crisis creation and management, mental health and legal systems, and any other methods they can utilize to garner greater control of our youth, in an effort to build up reserves for the future. They are convinced their control will quash and outlive the current evolution, but it will not.

You are dropping out of the systems organized to control you. You can no longer relate to these systems any longer because you can see the fear-based “truth” they claim is eternally powerful to have authority over you is neutralized by the power of unconditional love.

Have you noticed, as you exit these systems, that the members will exert various fear-based methods to force you to return to their conformist standards to return to the fold?

They have been deeply programmed to do the bidding of the powers that be to see your departure as something dangerous, even life-threatening, and they might do anything to see you return to the organization, exerting fear-based tactics such as intimidation, threats of consequences, excommunication, or even eternal damnation.

Plugging-in to the infinite power of unconditional love gives you the fortitude to be strong enough to walk away from the barbarian drama without judgment because you know they are only victims of a larger system, as you once were.

You can love and bless them as they make their own way in life, as you continue to find your own way.

You are no longer blinded nor controlled by “the system.”

You are among the awakening. You are courageous and powerful. Your evolutionary process will yield to you everything you need to grow, expand, and be more than you could have ever imagined.

Bless you, for having the courage to drop out and plug-in.

I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me Thank You I Love You

I often have the opportunity to attend classes which center around emerging technologies in health, wellness, personal growth, and healing. I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love you. Is a mantra that appears to be showing up in the common vernacular of healers and teachers of all kinds.

It’s showing up in all areas of life, logic, personal growth, and expansive thought. From practitioners to masters, they are all adopting this phrase as one of the tools in their toolbelt for life-changing results in their clients and loved ones.

This magic phrase hails from Hawaii and is referred to as ho’oponopono by locals. Dr. Joe Vitale (who you might remember from The Secret) was responsible for introducing and popularizing the ho’oponopono concept across the United States, by observing and reporting Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s use of the technique.

I have run across many variations of the ho’oponopono phrasing, but the one that appears to be gaining the most popularity among the healing community is,

I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

That’s it.

Reportedly, Dr. Len changed the lives of criminally insane patients by performing his ho’oponopono ritual by placing one hand over his heart, the other on the file of the patient, and mindfully repeating the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you,” over and over again, then moving on to the next file.

Some notable components of this modality are that it requires no knowledge of the patient of the process taking place, the doctor conducting the exercise had never met the patients, and only soulful intent while repeating the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you,” was necessary to achieve the incredible results throughout the asylum.

Among the healing community, following a treatment session, it is becoming more common to use the ho’oponopono technique, as if sealing the work with a sacred kiss by repeating the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

There is a pseudoscience behind how the process works. Vitale and others offer training to certify practitioners in the use of this life-changing process, but this is not necessary for anyone to tap into this incredible healing gift from the heavens.

I have found, after learning about this technique and using it only for a short while, how easy it is to apply ho’oponopono at any time to any situation or circumstance.

This technique is available to you, right now. There is no need to take a course or to be certified to wield this powerful healing modality. You can witness the life-changing effects without even knowing how it works. This really can be your personal secret weapon for healing yourself, your loved ones, complete strangers, or the world, just by

  1. Placing your hand over your heart
  2. Mindfully repeating these words
    1. I’m sorry.
    2. Please forgive me.
    3. Thank you.
    4. I love you.
  3. And allow the love energy flowing through your heart with your pure intention do the work.

Of course, you may seek out classes, certification, or at the very least check into the work of Dr, Joe Vitale and his book, Zero Limits for more information, but don’t let the lack of information keep you from trying it out for yourself.

You can apply this technique to anyone or anything, from a politician to a natural disaster. Whenever you hope for someone to have a better life, or want to see an entire shift in consciousness. Anytime you feel quickened or upset or would like to see something different, you can use your heartfelt intention and repeat the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you,” and make the world a better place.

My Life is Going Nowhere

Ever look around you and say, “My life is going nowhere?” It seems like every day is the same ol’ thing over and over again? You’re feeling like you’re missing something in life, or something’s missing you. Life’s not bad. In fact, it’s quite good, but where’s the sense of meaning in it all?

My Life is Going Nowhere

There was a time when you felt like you were at the top of your game. Now, you’re still in pretty good shape, but you’re wondering what all the fuss is about? You felt like life was a competition and you felt like you were a contender. Now, you’re wondering what you were competing for or against?

You thought maybe this is your time to settle into life and relax. Then you look around and can see that all the other people “relaxing” are content not to contribute as they slowly relax into never-ending slumber.

“Don’t let me hear you say life’s taking you nowhere, (angel).”*

Not you. You know

It’s time to shake things up!

You know that first time you went to Cabo? (Or insert any exiting place you visited for the first time.) Everything was new, exciting, and you knew that you didn’t know what unexpected pleasure would come next? A sense of wonder and excitement was in the air, everywhere you looked.

You can break up the monotony in your life just by getting out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to go to some far away place to go on an adventure. You can venture outside your neighborhood, or some town nearby and explore guided by nothing but your instincts. Have no agenda, no using your phone to guide you (or interrupt you), just meander and wonder.

Find ways to break yourself out of the routine of your life, and if you dare to really change your life,

You can change the whole world by changing your thoughts.

The most significant thing you can do to change your life and the world is to realign your thoughts with your heart. Living your life in an attitude of gratitude, allowing everyone else to just “be” without judgment, and loving unconditionally, while you hold your most precious thoughts to yourself (without having to be validated by anyone else) helps to connect the deepest part of you with your highest self. This changes not only your life but the whole world around you.

If you feel negative dialogue taking place within you, Stop it. Reverse it, and speak a loving affirmation to yourself about yourself. The more you speak lovingly about yourself, the more lovingly you encounter all the things life brings to you.

Tapping into the energy of love will greater enable you to be more intuitive. If you check in with your sensory receptors, you will find them coming to life in a new empowered way.

The world comes to life before your very eyes, in a way you’ve never experienced before. Everything will take on a new texture, things will “feel” completely new and exciting, colors become more vibrant, even breathing takes on a new exhilaration.

You’re able to enjoy all the fresh fragrances of life and feel them interact with your body. In stillness, you can hear life growing and expanding all around you while you feel your own heart beating inside you with a new sense of vitality.

As much as you might feel as though you are disconnected from others, do not be afraid to reach out and invite others to share your journey with you. There are other people in your world, just like you, who are at a similar juncture in their lives. Join up and explore the new world which is evolving before you, even if only for a while.

Humanity and the world are amidst the most significant evolutionary period of all time and you’re smack-dab in the middle of it.

If for one second you don’t believe God is calling you forth into this new and exciting life, just look around. God is leaving a trail of sacred breadcrumbs all around you to follow.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that when you think of someone, they are also thinking of you?

What are the words that jump out at you from signage, lyrics from a song, or conversations which you’ve eavesdropped on?

When you dream, in an awakened state or at night, where do your thoughts take you? What are the hidden messages, and what about those which are clearly not hidden?

Even when you feel like these things could have little or nothing to do with you, what is the Holy Spirit trying to say to you?

It’s saying

Now is your time to break free

Free from a life less-lived and stopping into your fresh, new life, of love and exploration, as you continue to grow, expand, and evolve.

And with every new breath of life that you breathe, the world around you evolves too.

May you be blessed as you breathe forward into new life.

* line from Golden Years by David Bowie

Fear is Impatient

When you make decisions and take action out of fear, you are blocking the best things in life, and settling for a lackluster life of mediocrity. You’ve subjected yourself to this lifestyle over and over again, yet God is merciful enough to shake it up a bit to give you another chance to try something different, to do something better, for you, your love, your life.

What will you do? Will you follow the fear pattern which seems so familiar, to jump at the next opportunity which arises because it’s better than the absence of anything in that area of your life, or will you invest the time and energy it takes to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy the full blessings that come with achieving your highest and best potential in all areas of your life?

Fear represents itself as safety and security and what you get is settling for a life that is mildly acceptable, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what we’ve been programmed to accept, more so for women than men, as mothers have encouraged their daughters to settle for the sake of survival, even in this present-day world, which we’d like to think is so above such ideals.

In this fast-paced consumer-driven world, society, itself, is against the taking the time and energy it takes to allow the planets to align for you to be at the right place at the right to have your wildest, most successful life options to appear in all their glory.

When we have a dream of having something amazing, God moves everything from changing the raindrops to altering the flow of landscapes, wildlife, waterways, roads, economic conditions, industrial and corporate giants, even influencing health care providers, lawmakers, news and media outlets to bring the desires of your heart to you. And this takes time.

But fear is impatient. It doesn’t want to wait around for your highest and best, for while you are waiting and waiting… what if nothing comes? Then where will you be? Your well-programmed ego coaches you, persuading you to decide to take what’s before you, right now, rather than wait for God to present you with the desires of your heart.

This fear is prevalent in all areas of your life including education, career, health, wellness, family, relationships, spirituality, love, and romance, etc. There is no segment of life that is exempt from the fear factor, and beware that fear disguises itself very well, and it may look like anything but fear, yet fear is what it is; an every present force which limits your ability to have everything you want and to be all that you could be.

Fear keeps you in your hometown, or present location for too long, or causes you to leave the place where God is vectoring-in what you’ve been waiting for, preventing you from being able to seize opportunities that are waiting to be revealed to you.

Fear keeps you from being aligned to go to the right school, have the perfect job, to rise above your current economic condition, enjoy better health and longevity. Fear tells you that there is not enough time, that you don’t have the connections, or expertise to have better things for your family, amazing friends and partners, or a highly fulfilling life.

Fear will cause you to make decisions which will have you in the wrong place at the wrong time every time, and sometimes you will be able to have a glimpse of what might have been because if you are not ready to receive what God has prepared for you, it will go to someone else. (And unfortunately, you might even witness it on occasion.)

You will see the opportunities come to you when you are in a place in your life when there exists no opportunity to receive your dream or you will see your hopes and dreams being bestowed upon someone else. This was yours, you know it was. It was everything you ever wanted down to the most minute detail.

This proves the lengths God will go through to give you the desires of your heart, but will you be patient enough to allow the universe to give you what you want, or will you settle for something less, then find yourself to not be in the mode of receptivity when everything you’ve asked for arrives or is given to someone else.

‘Tis better to be patient and make your decision in the power of love, instead of fear.

It will take persistence and patience to choose love over fear, allowing God to change the universe to align you with your highest and best of everything there is.