Energetic Theft and Manipulation

Beware: You are being exploited by energetic theft and manipulation all day, every day, but you can stop this energetic theft and manipulation if you dare.

The Earth is a closed eco-system to which mankind potentially has access to 1/3 of all the ambient power that exists and is accessible from the Earth, like solar, water, natural thermal, fuels, etc. The remaining two-thirds of the remaining available power is inaccessible to humanity without surpassing the limitations of human cognition.

Through science, we can learn to access the ambient 1/3 energy and use it for our benefit (and profit wildly in the doing of it). Accessing the remaining energies requires stretching one’s imagination and allowing of the possibility that beyond science there is indeed more than meets the cognitive eye when it comes to energetic possibilities.

But wait, there’s more.

There is a throughput of unlimited energy which originates beyond our humble ecosphere that is constantly flowing and powering life, every element and living thing on our planet holding all that is in sacred harmony.

And there are those who are awakening and finding ways to access this unlimited source energy. This is an exciting time in our world. Some who have had access to these eternal energies which are more powerful than any other source to which we normally have access to have agreed that any of us and all of us could have access to this infinite power, if we could just get beyond our selfs and plug into this God Source Energy.

This is the current evolution of mankind, and it’s happening right now. You can feel it happening because you know there is far more going on here than meets the eye.

On the other hand, the world and those who control it, profiting wildly from every breath you take, every step you take, every move you make, they are following you, constantly monitoring you and persuading you at every opportunity to reject these evolutionary ideals, using any available resources to mute and prevent your evolving.

An evolved humanity, independently and collectively having unlimited access to all that is, ever was, and ever will be would be impossible to control and profit from. This is the future for the human race. And this idea is the one thing that has the “powers that be” shaking in their money boots.

Those whose intention it is to control and profit from you know the natural and ascended power that you wield to work against the wants and desires you might have, limiting or preventing your evolutionary potential, and promoting their own agendas.

They know that energy is energy, everything is energy, and they are stealing all the energy they can get from you.

How Are They Stealing Your Energy?

They are using the old undesirable sleight of hand trick to steal your energy and make their own agendas even more powerful, and it works, like this:

1. They expose you to an undesirable event or idea.
2. You have an emotional response
3. You react (exert some energetic response)
4. They steal this energy and add it to their agenda

It works every time, and you’re none the wiser.


Yes, when you react, the more negative your reaction, the more powerfully what you don’t want, makes you feel sad, mad, or despise, grows far more powerful for this energetic power is not good or bad.

Just like the power that is provided to the burner on your stove is neither good nor bad. The more power you provide to the burner, the hotter (more powerful) it gets.

Unless you’re awakening to this concept. You are understanding that energy is energy, and everything is energy. and you are learning how to retain and master the control of your own natural and sacred energies.

Only then, can you keep them from stealing your energies.

So, before you react to something you read, see, or hear about in the news, the media, or from someone else via word of mouth, stop. And think about what’s really going on here, and ask yourself,

“Am I being manipulated?”

Am I about to initiate a powerfully negative response that will add energy to the information I’ve just been exposed to?

Unfortunately, most of us, just respond objectively, and the more rejective or negative your response, the more you actually promote those undesirable things.

In other words, You’re Doing It Wrong.

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Are You a Hater or a Lover? Take the Test Ready to Change Your Life Accusing Others
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Motivation What Drives You

You know you want your life to get better, but you just can seem to follow through with the “doing what it takes” due to lack of motivation. What drives you? Knowing your inner source of motivation (or an exterior source would work as well) is the first step to ramping up your tendency to keep up your forward-moving momentum in getting to where you want to be, or having everything your heart desires.

Motivation What Drives You

What are the sources of your motivation? What drives you?

You are obviously moving through life with some degree of motivation right now. It might not be getting you to where you want to be or the things that you want out of this life, but you’ve made it this far in your life, and you’re still managing to get up and “do life.” Why?

What motivates you to get up every day?

If you’re working, you’re probably doing what you do because you feel like you have to, to pay the bills, to feel worthy enough to live the life you’re living, at whatever station you’re living on our planet.

In most cases of people who are knee-deep in working just to get by or survive, they have very little resources leftover to pursue their purpose, message, passion, and mission.

All of us have a natural inclination to be motivated to do anything, like, money, pleasure, satisfaction, success, helping and caring for others, feeling of accomplishment, looking good to others, making your parents proud of you, or any of the many things that motivate and drive us to do the things we do.

Once you’ve determined that thing that is the basis of your motivation, what drives you can be manipulated to feed you with enough energy to move you forward. Just keep reminding yourself of it. For instance, if you are driven by making your parents proud of you, you could put a note on your mirror, a notecard in your pocket, put a sticker on your phone, all reminders that “I want to make my parents proud of me.”

When you see these reminders, ask yourself, “What can I do right now to make my parents proud of me.” And do something. Even if it’s just imagining yourself doing something that would make your parents proud. This will help fuel your motivation to do what you want to do.

While you are using your imagination, keep in mind that your imagination, as powerful as it is, may not translate well to the 3D world where we live and breathe today. Following up on your imagining what you could do with some inspired action, creates exponential powerful results transmitting powerfully through your life and your world.

People often refer to me as a motivational speaker, which does not set very well with me, because if I’ve learned anything in my practice over the years, it’s that you (I) can’t motivate anybody. I mean, you could motivate someone to do something, like you could bribe them, pay them, promise to love them, threaten them or their family, and you could motivate them to do a thing, but it will not last for long.

Admittedly though, I do tend to attract people who are motivated, the movers and shakers in the world. I think that’s what confuses people. But the truth is, I don’t motivate anybody, but I do work with motivated people who are highly driven to achieve their highest and best.

There are people who have flipped this whole idea of working for a living into a more empowering positive flow of energy by learning to love what they do for work, or alternatively, change what they do so that they are doing what they love, and their whole life changes to meet the new frequency of their lifestyle.

Even if you are highly respected in your profession, you may not be achieving a sense of genuine satisfaction from what you are doing every day. Even if you are highly paid, if you are not fulfilling the reason for being, the reason you came to this life in the first place.

Once you realize this, you can tap into energetic resources from the source of all life, to live a better life, your best life and make the world a better place.

When you do this, your life shifts from spinning your wheels to just get by or keep up with the Joneses. Instead, you start living an abundant life, fulfilling your life’s calling, and enjoying all the best things this life has to offer.

You may have tried to achieve this feeling by purchasing things that you want, and you already know that as much as it satisfies to buy what you want, that feeling good feeling doesn’t last so long.

The alternative is to live your life full-on, rich in your purpose, message, passion, and mission, attracting and manifesting everything that you want out of this abundant vibration of living your life as following your sacred calling. If you are doing this, there is no other more satisfying manner of living your life.



Truth is not what you think it is. If you think that truth is an unmovable constant, then you will be disappointed repeatedly over time. Hate – Truth – Love depicts “truth” in the middle of hate and love. If your truth is exclusive, requires defense, and supports separation, your truth leads to hate. If your truth leads to connection, inclusion, acceptance, tolerance, and unlimited possibilities, your truth is love.

Just to qualify the definition of hate; hate is really misused here, but the common sense among most people and their view of hate is more the colloquial understanding of what is represented here. In truth, hate would be more correctly labelled as “Fear.”

In our contemporary culture, we give far more credence to the idea of hate and what it represents, but in most cases, if not all, hate is an expression of fear.

This idea of using truth as a destructive weapon against others who might have a different point of view is a clear indication that we have not progressed far from our barbarian ancestors.

In political, academic, and religious cultures, there is a lot of black and white intolerant self-righteousness, where it seems the more you know, the more separated you are from people who may not share the same views as you, especially on those topics which you have focused so intently upon.

If your truth is based in fear, it will take intense effort in defense of your truth to assert its veracity, this is where your hate comes shining through, even though you might do so under the guise of love. You might not be able to see it, but others can feel it when you walk into the room.

A great deal of suffering can be imposed upon fellow humans in the forceful exertion of one’s ideals upon others while shoring up your own impenetrable fortress of belief based on your truth.

If you’re not promoting or speaking your truth in love, not just in the name of love, but obvious to others with whom you are sharing your truth, then it might be time to reexamine your truth. If you feel like you’re being too assertive, or excluding others in your presentation, your message cannot be received in love.

Which is fine, if having an expression of love is not part of your agenda. Go ahead and lay waste to everyone else and find comfort in your truth, and this is all that you will have in the end.

Keep in mind though, that in the end, many people who have done so, have regretted going about defending their truth to the bitter end this way. Many a defender of “the truth” has regretted not having more love in their life, as their life as we know it comes to a close.

There is another thing that is taking place as well. A shift. A shift in the consciousness of people, like you and me, an awakening. People are starting to see that many of the things we once believed in so fervently are not holding up over time.

Certainly, we see this in geriatrics. In this group of people, there is a preponderance of emerging tolerance and an growing sense of love, or in retrospect being able to see how much effort was exerted without genuine love. Left to itself, this could lead to bitterness, self-isolation, depression, and a rapid deterioration of life force. Sometimes, the truth paradigm just dissolves, and love is all that remains.

But you don’t have to wait until the final phase or hours of your life to have this awakening.

Many people are awakening, right now, even in their youth, to the awareness that love is the only infinitesimal constant energy.

And as for all the rest of it? All the truths we fought so hard to defend? Was not at all as important as we thought previously.

There is an awakening taking place, and you are a part of it.

Wake on, my friend. Wake on.


Are You a Hater or a Lover? Take the Test

We all share this planet together, and if we divided the world into two groups, lovers and haters, which would you be? Are you a hater or a lover?

This is an interesting project because most haters see themselves as lovers. So, that means the self-proclaimed lovers are actually haters? It’s a little confusing, right?

While it may difficult to see yourself as a hater if you think of yourself as a lover, it’s not that hard for others who take a glance at your social media postings, or overhear a conversation you have with your friends.

Take the HATER or LOVER Test

The test is in three parts.

Hater or Lover Test Part 1

How Do You Feel?

Review how many times a day you feel love, and how many times you feel anything else but love. One tick for each feeling. You can earn 2 extra points for feeling love when you express yourself when you are feeling love emotions by using the word “love” in your expression, either spoken or typed-out (emojis, reshares, or memes are not eligible for extra credit, though they may count as 1 point if they made you feel love in the sharing of them, not 2 points for liking and sharing).

Remember, this is how you feel inside. This is where you will rack up the most love points that others may not be aware of (except others are more likely to notice your extra points). Think about accumulating more extra points.

Hater or Lover Test Part 2

How Do You Post?

Take a look at your social media posts. Many posts may be neutral, neither positive nor negative, no love or negative energetic impact, so no points either way here. Positive posts may not feel like “love” so they do not count as love. Any negative posts (you know how you feel when you posted them), they are counted as hater points. Love posts get one-point, negative posts get one point for the hater category.

Extra points: One point for each interaction. Likes or emojis count as 1 extra point, comments count as 2 extra points, and you get 4 extra lover points for each comment by someone else on your post which includes the word “love,” 5 extra points for each share of a love-post (also 5 points in the hater category for each negative share).

Hater or Lover Test Part 3

How Do You Express Love Face to Face?

In your daily interaction with others in a face to face communication, how often do you expressly convey your heartfelt love for someone else to their face? You get five points for doing so. Do more of that.

By the way, you can count face to face chats in this category for the full 5 points, while you earn 3 points for telephonic (live audio, no video) love communications.

Any other communication which is more negative than positive counts as 1 point for each expression for the hater category. (These can rack up points rapidly, so try to practice caution here.)

Are You a Hater or a Lover? Results

Total up your daily points and if you’ve got more hater points than lover points, you’re a hater. If you’ve got more lover points than hater, then you’re a lover.

How are you feeling now?

Are you a hater or a lover?

If you’re not happy with your results, you can start changing your results now.

If you’re doing that, I am a huge fan of you.

I really love you. (This counts as one for me.)

Ready to Change Your Life

Disillusioned much lately? Feeling like your life is not going the way you’d imagined it would? Think you’re unable to trust those who have influenced what you’ve come to know or believe? Now, you are ready to change your life. How do you go about making this massive change?

If you believe that this dawning of your evolutional metamorphosis will be your embracing your highest and best, before you go about changing your life, you need to feel confident about and have a resonant inner knowing about who you are. Who you really are. The person you were meant to be when you first entered this life.

When you first arrived you knew who you were, your divine nature, your powerful special abilities which would assist your ability to achieve your highest and best, help others, and make an important contribution in making the world a better place.

Unfortunately, “the system,” the people and forces that profit from people, just like you and me, who fail to embrace their purpose, message, passion, and mission, they have seen to it, that any ideas you might have had about achieving your highest and best were wiped out by the constructs which they have created.

They offer instead, a concept of life which represents doing the right thing. And this doing the right thing includes being an obedient, subservient person who follows “the rules” (their imposed rules) for which you are rewarded with the ability to be a “productive member of society.”

This is the greatest conspiracy, where the whole world conspires to keep you (all of us) dumbed down and basically blindly accepting a life of slavery in exchange for the reward of being able to have a mediocre life, when all the while, there is something deep inside of you that amidst all the chaos whispers in your ear, “You were meant for so much more.” And everyone (nearly the whole world) is a part of this conspiracy to hold you back and keep you down. Nonetheless,

You Are Meant for So Much More

Your journey to achieve your highest and best starts now, with the realization that you were meant for more and there is far more going on, here, than you were ever allowed to conceive of.

No one can tell you what is really going on or what lies in store for you. This is your journey, and your journey alone. It is up to you to start looking around, and as you start to relieve yourself from the mental and spiritual restraints which have shackled you until now and begin to see things as they really are.

Top Secret

As you go about your process of growth and expansion, learning and unlearning to broaden your horizons, freeing yourself from the chains that bind you, its best to do so in a stealthy manner.

As you start to see things as they really are, you may feel compelled to shout about your new realizations from the rooftops. Not a good idea. Why? Because the defenders of “the system” have been trained to listen for such radical proclamations, and the system has methods in place for seeking out rebels like you at the first indication that you might be veering away from the fold, and reeling you back in.

Their methods have been contrived and honed over the years and they are far more effective today than ever. They will use your family, friends, loved ones, teachers, mentors, religious leaders, health care professionals, bosses, politicians, law enforcement, anyone and everyone at every level to help return you to your regular station in the system.


Because you could potentially put their system at risk, a system which they profit wildly from. If you are allowed to continue to awaken and evolve, it could lead to the awakening of others.

Their “system” is unsustainable in a world of awakened and evolved human beings.

A new world is evolving, and you (and others, like you) are evolving with it. This archaic barbarian world of being controlled and serving the few who feel entitled to lord over you (all of us) is coming to an end.

If your destiny includes being a warrior for the warrior, boldly confronting the powers that be may be a part of your calling. If you are prone to conflict and warring against the machine and that resonates with your awakening process, then God bless you as you fight the battle.

If your function is anything but a warrior, then you are better off not wasting your efforts focusing on the things that do not serve your growth and expansion. Focus instead on those things that lead to your further metamorphosis and avoid anything that might hinder your progress, while keeping it on the down-low.

You might find that tolerance and the truth continuum to be concepts that will help you embrace your continued transformation.

However you do it, find your own way to keep on keeping on, and offering your gifts and abilities to others who need you and what you have to offer.

This is you living a better life, your best life, and making the world a better place.

God bless you on your pursuit to your highest and best.

Accusing Others

Are you accusing others? What does that say about you?

Many spiritual leaders and people who are amidst the awakening process, those who would like to be considered as spiritually mature are quick to point out the things that are wrong with the world. Because they are starting to see that things are not always as they appear, or not as they’ve been told things are.

Undoubtedly, it is reasonable to be upset when you begin to discover how you may have been manipulated since the moment you took your first breath. No one would blame you for protesting when you start to understand and see the world from a different perspective.

Every moment of every day you are exposed to content that is intended to knock you off balance, to distract you, or derail you from pursuing your life’s purpose, message, passion, and mission. Furthermore, if the content can impact you enough emotionally, the purveyors of this content are hoping to elicit a negative response from you.

If they can, and you respond negatively, your response – even if it is against the information you’ve been exposed to – helps to promote their cause and makes it more powerful. In essence, they have won, and the energy which you’ve added to the very thing which you’ve pushed against becomes more pervasive as it grows and expands.

Now, this may be your mission. If you are a spiritual warrior and it is your calling to fight against the machine, then this is you, it’s who you are, but if your purpose in life is to fulfill some other function in this life, then any attention you pay to this negativity is distracting you from achieving your highest and best.

When you are exposed to the madness, acknowledge it, because you cannot be ignorant of it, and know that there are those who are called to fight the battle. It is their mission, not yours. You can support those who are fighting the fight or you can support the opposing solution, but do not let this activity dissuade you from moving forward in those things that are the most meaningful for you, the things that bring you meaning, fulfillment, happiness, and joy.

An interesting thing is happening here…

Why do you think we are bombarded by this emotionally-charged distracting information every second of every day?

Could it be to keep you from looking in the mirror, or deep within one’s self?

Within the community of awakening evolutionaries a common key to accessing and participating in the expansive metamorphosis of this next phase of human transformation is the ability to

Look Beyond and Within

As long as you can stay focused on others outside of yourself, when could you ever have the time to stop and look within yourself?

The more you can keep looking at and calling out others for being bad or wrong, the more difficult it will be for you to evolve. The activity of constantly pointing and shaking your finger at others prevents your potential evolution.

I have heard so many reports from those who are now actively deeply involved in the evolutionary process, who agree,

You are unable to break through the mental, physical, and spiritual membrane which appears to be impenetrable while you are focused on those thought patterns and things that keep us separated.

What do you think? When you look at society, as it is today, do you think we are more likely to focus on others or to be more introspective?

This absence of introspection is an egotistic stance of superiority that helps to isolate us from others. This seeing of myself better or superior to someone else, keeps us separated, and cements your position in the unevolved human status. Note also that the accusation of others is more often than not an illogical form of hypocrisy.

It’s very strange. Uneducated people call others stupid. Overweight people call other people fat. People with addictions accuse others with addictions of being weak. People who believe anything they are told, call others mindless sheep. People who have deep-seated pain from their past, ridicule others who express any concern from their past.

It goes on and on… we keep focusing on others, with constant attention pointed outward, rarely, if ever, looking within. If you do get a moment to look within, you can easily justify your own weaknesses, while you turn your attention outward again, because it’s so easy to find someone else who is worse off than you.

It’s so easy to throw stones at others. Looking within? Not so much.

I love the wisdom in the (John 8:7) challenge of Jesus,

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

Am I accusing you? No. I see me in you. In many ways, we are the same, and we are all in a constant shifting phase of being and becoming. I love that. We’re all just doing the best we can with what we have.

God bless you.

I love us.



You Can Stop Being My Friend

You can stop being my friend, but you can never stop being my friend. And you might ask, “What is that supposed to mean, I can stop being your friend, but never stop being your friend?” Exactly.

You can stop being my friend, but you can’t stop you from being my friend from my perspective in my world. Whoever you are, however you feel about me, if you were my friend, you were, still are, and always we be a valuable component of my life.

In fact, I would not be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for you!

Either we have remained dear friends, or not, but I will always honor and be connected to you, and grateful for what I learned from our shared experience(s).

You might think that some tragic episodic experience irrevocably tore us apart, and that’s okay. I honor your point of view, and support your need to separate and create your own space without me in it. No problem. I got you. Or don’t, whatever you want.

Even if our friendship was interrupted by a tragic event, or if you forced me to endure a hugely undesirable experience or phase in life, I still love you.

I think it’s because I love myself, and I am so good with who I am. I love the me that I’ve become, and to tell you the truth, I could have become the person that I am today, if not for you.

I am so grateful for everything that you have brought into my awareness and your fostering my personal growth and expansion.

I’m not saying that I haven’t had my “moments.” Those periods in time when I might have thought you disrespected me, mistreated me, or blamed you for making me feel bad.

I realize, now, that even in those moments, you were a blessing to me because I am able to see the big picture and the part that you played, and I am eternally grateful for you stepping up to play that part.

If you may have harmed me, either intentionally or unintentionally, you might be thinking that I am hoping that you will ask for forgiveness; not so. There is nothing to forgive, only my genuine appreciation for everything that we endured together.

This is me loving you, everything you did, everything you were, everything you are, and everything you will be, everything we went through, and whatever that means for us now, I remain blessed.

I often think of you fondly, and I will continue to hope that your life is blessed. I pray that all the things you ever wanted in this life are coming to you and that you are happy with every detail of your life as well.

You are so amazing, and you deserve the best this life has to offer.

Thank you again, so much, for everything.

You will always be my friend.

Sending love to you and yours,

-David M Masters

Your Prophetic Video

Mark Victor Hansen told me a story about Bill Gates, how he used technology to inspire his imagination and bring his ideas to life. He created a program to make videos of his ideas, put to music, and adding affirmative text to program his vibration to match the fulfillment of his dreams, and reportedly, watching these videos made them prophetic in nature, helping his ideas and dreams to come to fruition.

The program he created ended up being a part of the Microsoft Office Suite and became hugely popular and used in presentations every day, as PowerPoint.

In the same way, you can use the Prophetic Video method to create your future and make your ideas and dreams come true. Your prophetic videos can be powerful tools of manifestation raising your vibration and vectoring and attracting your heart’s desires to come into your life, like a magnet.

You can use your prophetic video to change your life.

When you’re feeling down. When you’re feeling like your life is not turning out the way you thought it would. When you feel like nothing is going right. When you feel like you thought your potential was far greater than it turned out to be. When it feels like your will to live has left the building, you can use your prophetic video to raise your vibration, increase your potential, attract the lifestyle and all the love in your life that you want, achieve your highest and best, live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

You can and should add your prophetic video to your Law of Attraction tool kit. Your prophetic video takes your affirmations and vision boards to the next level.

You already know the power of video. You can watch a video and it can change your vibrations in a heartbeat. It can take you from laughter and jubilation to heartbreak and tears in an instant.

Now, with you as the director, you can create the life you want by creating and immersing yourself in your own prophetic videos, and watch as things begin to turnaround, first from within, then see them appear in the real world all around you.

This is an exalted form of visualization that fosters growth, change, metamorphosis, and evolution in you and your world.

Prophetic video flat out works for those who embrace this powerful technology.

How to Make Your Prophetic Video

It’s easy. Your prophetic video is a moving picture representation of the life you want to believe and see in your mind’s eye. This is you, and the world that you want to live in, and it starts right here, with your own prophetic video.

In your prophetic video, you will use the same images that you might have used on your vision board which is a visual collage of all the things you want to start seeing and experiencing in your life.

As a therapeutic tool, prophetic videos can be used in raising your lifestyle, even in healing from disease, depression, physical impairments, mental illness, or any other maladies which might be holding you back from your highest and best life.

You can use prophetic videos to reprogram your life, your body, your surroundings, your bank account, and improve your circle of influence as your secret weapon for personal development.

You will need to collect the images which are most meaningful, the words, phrases, or positive affirmations that carry the most impact and resonate with your heart.

You can change the thoughts about your past by reprogramming your mind, fostering healing, by continually watching these powerful films over and over again, building new positive neural networks and healing buried or hidden traumas, until the work is complete.

Creating your prophetic video will take a bit of ingenuity and creativity on your part. Granted, there may be a steep learning curve, but once you have this mastered, you can easily become the master of your own fate and be a powerful influence for a better world.

Your Prophetic Video Challenge

Your challenge, if you decide to accept it, is to create a prophetic video for yourself within the next seven days.

Amidst those seven days, you will need to collect the images, words, sounds, and background music necessary for you to write and direct your own prophetic video which you will use to make a significant change in your life.

It can be as short as 90 seconds or longer, say, up to three minutes, maximum.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by lack of technology, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint, or any available free video editing suites, such as DaVinci Resolve to edit and create your prophetic video.

For the technologically challenged, you can find How-to videos all over YouTube to help you throughout the process.

The more creativity, inspiration, and effort you put into your prophetic video, the more powerful it will be in changing these areas of your life.

Don’t’ be concerned about what the production might look to others, because this is not about anyone else but you. This is not meant for public consumption, only for you, as a tool to create the love and the life which is your sacred right.

Yes, this is personal, sacred work.

Using this method, you can neutralize negative energy, clear blockages, overcome obstacles, eliminate limiting beliefs, and rise to your own personal best.

Make your prophetic video about any area of your life where you would like to see measurable improvement. You can make it about achieving a significant goal, your living situation, enjoy the best love of your life, creating or expanding your business exponentially, or changing the world, and aspect of it, in the most powerful way.

You are the directory, you are the producer, you are the star, the hero, and the audience for you own prophetic video.

Remember, this is for you and no one else.