Working for a Living

Are you working for a living? Does your work define you?

We work harder for less and have little to show for it, except for accolades or the metaphorical gold watch at the end of our journey.

We’ve been led to believe that our work is associated with our identity. When we introduce ourselves, we recite our names followed by what we do for a “living.”

The system is hoping you will settle for having a little bit more than your neighbor and feeling good about having stuff that others can not afford. How you go about having more than someone else says more about you than you may realize.

Many of us get obsessed with the search to acquire stuff.

You feel the pressure of being forced to work to live, to have a place to live (or the right to live), to pay debts which have accumulated against you by society (like taxes, credits cards, student loans, insurance, and mortgage fees), to pay for everything from water to fancy cars, and even the bible says if you don’t work, you don’t even have the right to eat (“if any would not work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10).

We bow down to the system of our forefathers and we concede to subject ourselves to the educational system which was created to coach us into servitude and the employment confines of subjecting ourselves to the constraints of the nine to five cell, in exchange for someone else’s idea of “freedom.”

Then, there are others, who break the mold.

They have been able to escape the prison, breached the perimeter, and broken free of the system that has been constructed to contain and control us. Unless they are criminals, they have a higher degree of freedom, are often more heart-connected, living higher qualities of life, and are helping to make the world a better place.

In the 1900s, the alarm clock became hugely popular for increasing the productivity of the working class. What the system did not expect, by forcing the general public to conform to this mass waking up in an effort to increase productivity, that the people would begin to awaken to see beyond the veil, and begin to question the system.

From the 1900s to 2000, this system has been working efficiently to manipulate and control us, with methods for some of us to increase our personal status above other servants, to keep us from seeing things as they really are.

In the 2000s people began to awaken in increasing numbers. The system took notice; and they set out to discover and implement methods to further control the masses.

They set out to further proliferate their methods of media exposure and to develop new ways to increase fear and separation. All effective methods to control us en masse.

If they can keep us frightened and separated (that is to see ourselves as “different” from our planetary brethren) then they win, and they feel their efforts to prevent our awakening, expansion, and evolution have succeeded.

The stakes are high. They must do whatever they can to keep us from awakening and evolving, and from the looks of it, they are winning.

Still, there are many of us, and you can count yourself as among those that are awakening and realizing that things are not as they appear, who are watching, but not succumbing to the mass manipulation tactics and weaponry which are being wielded against us.

For us, this is a time to focus on healing, personal growth, and expansion, and we are not distracted by the news, the media, the name-calling, prejudices, threats, or violence.


Because we know that things are not as they seem. Our world is in the best condition that is has been in for many years, and like her, we are repairing and rebuilding while we wait for the time to rise and flourish on the other side of this apparent chaos.

I Am Not a Victim of a Psychopath

This is a great attitude to have after having encountered a predatory psychopath, as it is a healthy headspace to be in as you move forward. You have been betrayed, abused, conned, and have certainly lost any combination of precious resources, time, attention, energy, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual health, and wellness. And for what?

For the benefit of a predatory psychopath who seeks to devour the resources of others with no the slightest regard for who they are sucking the life out of, and they will do anything, I mean ANY THING, to do it.

They don’t care if your rotting carcass is left in a ditch somewhere. In fact, they might like that very much, if it couldn’t be linked back to themselves, especially if it looked like suicide. And so many of them are very skilled at making their victims contemplate suicidal thoughts.

These predatory psychopaths only have one program that they run ad infinitum:

Get Everything You Want from Anyone You Can

If you have things he or she has no interest to him or her, you may be able to keep those resources, but be forewarned that even these things, if they can be used against you, may be lost in your predatory psychopathic encounter. And if the psychopath can use these otherwise unwanted or “safe” resources to convert them into something that they do want by another con or series of con games, then you will lose those resources as well.

I have seen the full scale of predatory psychopath victims, from those who have lost a little and were instantly aware of being the “mark” of a predatory psychopath’s scheme, and they were able to stop the process early on. I have also seen people lose everything. I mean EVERY THING, and left to die, with nothing.

It would be a predatory psychopath’s preference to drain you of all your resources, destroy any integrity or relationships that you might have had in your family and the community, and leave you with no way to survive and nothing to live for.

Being a “victim” of such a villain is not a sign of weakness. Though you may resist the thought of referring to yourself as a victim, it is without a doubt, the intention of this “evil” character to fully victimize you. (I put evil in quotes because that’s how prosecutors refer to them if they are known by the system to be predatory psychopaths).

Once I became aware of my predatory psychopathic entanglement, I refused to be the “victim” and took steps to prevent him from further victimizing me. I was confident that I could create a safe and secure environment around me and keep him from doing any further damage.

I was proud of my success in doing so. I maintained a good attitude, kept on living life, maintained a high level of security around myself, and ignored anything he would try to say or do, with confidence that if he could receive no response or energy from me, he would surely just fade away.

While all psychopaths are different and this tactic might work for most of them, this one was infuriated by my ability to neutralize his efforts, and that was when he declared war on me. He spent millions of dollars to discredit and defame me, vowed to destroy me, leaving me in prison, or dead.

So, he launched his campaign. Even with his best efforts, I was resilient, consistent, and firm. Unshaken and actually began to see his efforts as entertainment, as he tried to attack me in any way he could. I saw myself as bulletproof.

That was, until he turned his attacks against my family, friends, and anyone I had any association with.

As these people came to me with their horror stories, I was unable to calm them with, “but he’s just using smoke and mirrors to intimidate and frighten you,” it offered them no relief. They did not know who he was, as I did, and they were deeply concerned, and I tried to explain, they were more offended that it was clear that this was all my fault. That I had unintentionally unleashed the beast on them.

It left me no choice but to put myself back on the front lines and take him on mano a mano.

I would never suggest that anyone attempt to take a predatory psychopath on in a full-frontal attack because, if yours is a masterful one, you, everything, and everyone you care about will suffer the consequences of the assertion of your bravery.

But I felt I had no choice.

As I re-engaged with my psychopath, he immediately stopped attacking everyone else in my circle of influence and refocused all of his efforts on me once again.

I was fortunate enough to complete the battle on top. Again, I would caution anyone to not attempt to take on a predatory psychopath.

I was blessed to be able to exit the battle with very few war wounds (some still remain) and he was forced to fake his death (which he did masterfully) and change his identity (once again).

But the good news is, while he supposed to be dead (just the idea of it gives thousands of victims a sense of peace), he can no longer directly attack me or my people without revealing that he is not dead.

So, all things work out for good.

But I would be wary about ever thinking that I, or anyone else, should take a psychopathic predator on, to teach him or her a lesson.

This has been the knee-jerk reaction of many a victim who has regretted it in the end.

The general rule of thumb is:

Do Not Engage in Combat with a Psychopath


Human Potential to Change the World

You are concerned about your potential for impact in the world. Depending on where you are in your life’s evolutionary path, you will have a natural ability to impact the world around you. You may also be well advised to be aware that among these phases, where you have the greatest ability to impact and change the world, these are also the evolutionary phases where the world can have the most impact upon you and your life.

If you take a look at the 7 Phases of Personal Growth, the further you move up the scale, the more your ability to affect and change your environment and the world increases. Also note, when you have the most potential for natural efficacy, the world is right there, ready to slap you down, to balance or neutralize your potential.

You can, through complete force of will create and manifest great works the higher you climb to the higher phases of personal growth while your potential grows with you exponentially. Unfortunately, our society and the energies which power and control us en masse are ready to adjust anyone who becomes increasingly more powerful.

Your potential for failure is always equal to your potential for success. It’s up to you to be aware of this and be on the lookout for potential trappings meant to discourage you, dissuade you, or even do you harm, and avoid these potential pitfalls if you can.

On the other hand, if you become overly concerned with potential risk, then you may prevent yourself from moving forward at all. It’s a delicate balance.

Interestingly, amidst the 7 Phases of Spiritual Growth, your ability to impact the world is high in the beginning and decreases as you move up through these evolutionary phases. When you reach the top, you have no impact on the world, and you are not concerned or negatively impacted by anything that happens in the world.

If you were to stack the 7 Phases of Personal Growth and the 7 Phases of Spiritual Growth side by side to create an evolutionary spectrum and you were to chart your natural ability to effectively influence the world around you, you would see a bell curve appear, where at the lowest end of the human evolutionary growth spectrum you would have no impact, while on the other end, the equivalent to the highest degree of spiritual growth, you would also have no impact.

The highest levels for your natural potential for having impact in the world is in the middle, the upper end of the personal growth scale, and the lower end of the spiritual growth scale.

This sweet spot (phases 5 – 10), is where my best clients (I refer to them as “my people”) resonate, between Internal Cohesion and Master. You can see they have the natural potential to be the movers and shakers. Those with the highest degree of natural ability to change their lives and the world at large.

Keep in mind that this is measuring your natural ability to affect the world around you. It does not include supernatural efficacy.

This is to say that outside of ourselves, humans have access to divine power with unlimited potential to affect the world around us. Learning to tap into and flow this powerful energy can greatly enhance your ability to do things and make dramatic changes, regardless of what phase you are in.

This is what miracles are made of.

This unlimited divinity reaching across time and space to interact with and empower you beyond your natural abilities.

If you’re awakening and aware, you can do this.


Phases of Personal Growth

1. Survival
2. Relationship
3. Self-esteem
4. Transformation
5. Internal Cohesion
6. Making a Difference
7. Service

Phases of Spiritual Growth

8. Awakening
9. Leader
10. Master
11. Cosmic Consciousness
12. God Consciousness
13. Unity Consciousness
14. Ascension

Heart Conscious Kids Can Change the World

Children are our future and heart conscious kids can change the world if we empower them and give them the chance to become massive contributors, achieve their highest and best and embrace their special gifts and abilities thereby making the world a better place.

The best place to start to empower kids is to get them connected to their hearts. They were born with this natural connection, but it rapidly erodes as they are prepared for real life. The earlier this connection is reestablished in humans, the easier it is because the longer this connection is severed the more difficult it is to reconnect.

Logic would dictate the earlier this reconnection takes place, the more impact can have on the world for there is more remainder of life to exercise one’s gifts and abilities powered by this heart-connection.

What are the attributes of kids who are heart-connected?

The me-me-me and “mine” fade away as they are less selfish, more apt to share, be polite, and kind.

In middle-class society more emphasis is placed on academics than this heart-connection. It would not take much of a shift to reverse this order of importance, but it must start with us first. We, the parents, the teachers, the childcare providers, rule makers, law enforcement, and influencers, like artists, musicians, actors, and actresses, need to start stressing the value of being connected to one’s heart center to empower one’s innate gifts and special abilities.

Our society then could convert to rewarding good behavior and providing opportunities for loving those who are hurting and acting out inappropriately, for love and heart-connection changes everything.

Bullying would fall to the wayside as the cycle of victimization would no longer be sustainable in a heart-centered world. When the bully strikes out and is responded to with loving kindness, the bully is disempowered. And if said bully could allow love to permeate the self-defense mechanism which strikes out at others, healing and transformation begin.

Four-year-olds are by far the most inquisitive as they are starting to get an idea about the life that is going on all around them. This is the perfect fulcrum-point in a child’s life. It is the dividing point determining whether they will go this way or that way.

Being mindful about how you answer questions asked by a four-year-old makes all the difference in that child’s future.

Heart-centered conscious kids are naturally concerned about our environment, they are thinking about how our waste affects the planet, easily adapt to repurposing and recycling. They are naturally interested in growing plants and flowers and learning about the environment as they seek to actively interact with and support it.

As they outgrow toys and clothes, they naturally seek ways to share them and bless those who are less fortunate, other kids who would be thrilled with those things which are no longer used or useful.

Heart conscious kids are fascinated with the idea of repurposing something old into something new by applying a bit of imagination, creativity, as well as various arts and crafts to give it new life.

Heart conscious kids love to volunteer. They are always on the lookout for different ways they can contribute or help others in need. They feel good about themselves, their life, and the world by participating in opportunities to give of their time, especially if it involves their special gifts and abilities.

Heart conscious kids want to make the world a better place. They are concerned about things that are affecting their lives, such as COVID-19. Depending on their age, they are diligently working toward a cure for the coronavirus with their science sets, or they are raising money to contribute to those who are doing the heavy lifting or are on the front lines every day.

You may find them with anything from lemonade stands or doing odd jobs and giving the proceeds to those in need. They are indirectly housing the homeless and feeding those who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

It’s not uncommon for a heart conscious kid to give proceeds from their birthday or some other holiday event in support of some worthy cause or organization whose efforts they resonate with.

These are our heart conscious kids, out there, having an impact on the world and making it a better place.

How to Tell Your Story to the World

You have a message and its burning inside you. You know the world needs to hear what you have to say because so many could benefit from your story. You have tried, but it seems that no one is listening, or those who are listening cannot find you amidst the noise. If you only knew how to tell your story to the world.

Lives hang in the balance. If people could hear your message, it could save lives, help people to live better lives, and make the world a better place.

You want to shout it from the rooftops to be heard by those who desperately need to hear what you have to say, but you are haunted by those negative voices inside your head, trying to keep you and your message silenced in fear.

I don’t know how to tell my story. I’m no one. I don’t have the right, the education, the network of powerful people. I wasn’t born into a powerfully persuasive family. Who am I to speak to the masses? I am clearly afraid to even speak in public, and I fear looking like a fool.

Then you slowly talk yourself out of answering your sacred call, which if you could, would make all the things you’ve endured in this life make sense. You came to this world to do this thing, to tell your story, help others, and make the world a better place.

You can do this, but you must stop listening to the naysayers, and start looking for the master within yourself.

When a client comes to me and reveals that their life has been so incredibly challenging and they are the keeper of many secrets, “telling my truth could help so many people,” or lift the veil behind which evildoers hide. I understand that if you could be empowered to tell your story, it would be hugely beneficial to the world.

The best way to unmask the devil (who can appear as the most attractive, beautiful, compassionate, and loving creature) is by telling your secrets to reveal his or her true identity and telling your trauma story. But telling your trauma story can be intimidating, if not frightening.

How to tell your story makes all the difference. This is why you must refine and craft your story or seek out a coach who specializes in helping people to do so.

You should think about how to tell your life story in 5 minutes, and have many segments finely honed to briefly hit key points in 30, 60, and 90 seconds. Preparedness is the key to how to tell your story so the world listens.

My friends at St. Paul’s Free University highly suggest establishing yourself as an undeniable expert in your field to garner attention and credibility, before reaching out in a big way.

Then, to assure that your message is heard, you need to know how to get your message out in strength and honor, appropriately using all the tools which are available to you, then grow your story into a movement which can truly have an impact on our planet in a positive way.

All this may seem like an overwhelming challenge, but the life you’ve endured until now will not make sense until you accept this challenge and embrace your calling which is your reason for coming here in the first place.

This is your sacred destiny.

The world needs to hear your story, now more than ever, and if you need help doing so, by all means, please contact me, and I can help connect you with the people, an appropriate platform from which to tell your story, or at least point you in the right direction.

No time is better than now to start this invaluable process.

The world is listening…

You Can Transform From Victim to Mastery

So, things haven’t worked out quite as you had planned. You realize you’d been told that there would be hard times, but this is ridiculous. You knew there would be pain, and you know God would never give you more than you could take, so He must think you are beyond Herculean. No one knows better than you, that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but how strong does one human need to be?

If you knew what effect all those thoughts that are rolling around relentlessly inside your head had on your life, you’d be rethinking what you’re thinking about, and if you knew what effect your feelings had on your life, you’d be finding ways to be more loving and happier post haste.

Do you believe you were born under a bad sign, always have bad luck, feel like a dark cloud follows you wherever you go? Do you find yourself feeling good about something in life, just waiting for it to fall apart? (And it does.)

Do you feel like you can’t trust anyone? Have you been victimized too much for there to be any hope for recovery?

No one would blame you for feeling bad. Go ahead and continue to suffer, then, when you’re ready, think about it and ask yourself,

What impact do your feelings have on your life?

Blaming anyone or anything helps alleviate the pain, establishing you as a victim of circumstances beyond your control, and others will be supportive or come to your aid, because they feel sorry for you, as you continue to feel sorry for yourself. This helps you feel a little bit better as you get ready for the next round of bad news.

This cycle of blame and victimization prevents you from taking control of your life. You are not likely to take responsibility for your life, the mistakes you have made, or take the action(s) necessary to take your life back.

And I promise you, as bad as you feel, as awful as you feel your life is, there are billions of people on our planet who have it so much worse than you, In comparison, their degree of daily suffering and painful deaths are inconceivable to you, or even me. It is utterly incomprehensible what so many of our brothers and sisters must endure every day on our planet. Yet, we continue to think that “we” have it so bad. Really?

In comparison, you have it surprisingly good.

I’m no better than anyone else. There have been times when I’ve felt so hurt, betrayed, isolated, and victimized that I could not see straight. All I wanted was someone to listen to my story, and hopefully feel as bad as me, as we wallowed in misery together. And this did offer me some relief. I did feel better.

Doing so was attracting more drama and trauma to me, and it was coming in as I was being distracted from the beautiful, love-filled, magnificent world that was all around me. I just could not see or access it while I was in the whirlpool of the cycle of blame and victimhood. It was there all around me, but I couldn’t see it, let alone touch it.

I had to take action and change my life, and I had to start by stopping. I had to stop telling my story of betrayal and victimization. I had to stop blaming others and/or the system for what happened to me. I had to stop hanging out with others who were stuck in their own cycle of victimization.

Instead, I had to start assuming full responsibility for my life, past, present, and future. This left no one to blame for what happened to me, and I had to find a way to start thinking about the good things in life and finding any way possible to find happiness, love, and joy. I found ways to be grateful for all the good things in life that I did have, and more good things started coming my way. I created opportunities to connect with people who were on a similar track, and I kept going.

You Can Transform From Victim to Mastery

Consider taking such action for your life. If you decide not to, no one would blame you, but if you trade your victimization for personal responsibility, focusing in the good things in life, happiness, love, joy, and gratitude, you might find yourself the undeniable master of your own destiny.

What if you create your world?

Experience the power of your being as you grow and expand in your own way. Watch as everything around you starts to change to match the new you that is emerging.

Love every moment of your life, let love fill you, and overflow into those around you.

You can have and do anything you want if you are ready to take inspired action to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

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Wrapping up the month of July, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Building Your Success Acumen Are You a Victim of This Life? The Dream Slapdown
Almost the Law of Attraction The Coolest Church in Town LOA for Real Men and Women
The Law of Attraction for Real Men









Building Your Success Acumen

If you want to change your life, and make massive strides toward the life you desire, you’re going to need to exercise your success muscles, which means, just like bodybuilding, you will achieve the best results when you push through. Exercise and push through the pain to failure, then rest, rebuild, and start again.

Exercising can take many forms, from introspection, study, and research to physical action and practice.

Pushing through to failure, as they say,

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

This persistence, doing the work, moving forward when you don’t feel like it, in integrity, this is one of the most valuable keys to achieving massive success, this is building your success acumen. This often is the difference between those who don’t make it and those who ultimately breakthrough and do.

To empower you to achieve your highest and best, you will want to engage in a mission that inspires you.

You will want to increase your attentiveness, constantly scanning your local landscape and the horizon for clues along the way, as you continue to move forward and take the action necessary to bring about the changes you want.

As you are scanning for opportunities to present themselves, your being more aware will help you respond appropriately when they begin to appear. Often, being prepared to respond to an opportunity at the first glimpse of its unveiling can keep you from missing such an opportunity.

Organize the opportunities as they present themselves into categories to make it easier for you to review, evaluate, and manage these valuable resources with boundless possibilities. Consider these as categories to get started:


Keep notes and use comprehensive logic balanced by your intuition, your gut feeling, to evaluate, make decisions, and take inspired action on these potentialities.

If you want to change your life, you will need to make changes in your life. The most significant changes you can make would be to stop doing those things that you know from experience do not serve you. It may be time to change your social structure, let go of old friends who are distracting you or holding you back.

If your neighborhood is keeping you down, maybe its time to move somewhere else where you can have a fresh start and not be held back by your former life and the ties that restrain you from being who you want to be.

Your current relationship may be a trap that keeps you from making your dreams come true. Take a close look at this and ask yourself if it’s time to sever these ties?

Maybe the job you’re working at today does not feed you and your life with the kind of energy and satisfaction that you need to pursue your dreams. If your job is not feeding your soul or enabling you to do something that you’re enjoying while supporting someone else’s dream, then it may be time to find something else.

You need all the energetic support you can garner in your everyday life to help propel you in the direction you want to go.

You would do well to self-evaluate you, the who you want to be, and make sure that the person you want to grow into is in harmony with who you really are inside. Sometimes people who want more out of life let their desires overshadow their inner knowing and higher self. These people embark on a journey that is primarily an uphill battle, and the result, if they do end up making it happen, even if by the brute force of will, is not as satisfying as they thought it might be.

Why? Because they forced themselves into an end result which was incongruent with who they really were. All that effort wasted. Yet, all is not for naught. Because even if you do arrive at a destination which is not “you,” you can always chart a new course for the real you, and you are now better equipped than ever to do so.

You will be so much further ahead if you can stay in resonance with your inner knowing and higher self-coherence.

This is often a necessary step toward finding and doing the right thing.

Are You a Victim of This Life?

Have you ever stopped long enough to look around to see that everyone and everything around you is telling you what to do, what to believe, and what to think? Are you a victim of this life?

From birth, you’ve been programmed to think small. You’ve been allowed to exercise your imagination as a fanciful kid’s toy and as you’ve matured you’ve been taught that if you think it’s anything more, then you’re a fool.

Every once in awhile your imagination presents to you a glimpse of the life that is waiting for you, then your programming kicks in, as you responsibly brush those thoughts aside, and slip back into the thought prison that’s been created for you. This prison of deception restrains you from exercising your full potential and reaching out to enjoy the life that is your divine birthright.

You think you’re unworthy, not educated enough, or were not born into the right family… all the things they want you to believe, yet none of these things are real. Your limiting beliefs are the prison bars that separate you from the life you are sacredly entitled to. And these thoughts are not yours, they’ve been strategically planted there to diminish you, to restrain you onto a life of service, as a slave to the system.

You have been tricked into believing that you have no special gifts, skills, or abilities. Even though sharing your gifts, kills, and abilities are the primary reason for your existence. That’s your reason for your being here in the first place.

Abundance and joy are elusive because you’ve been programmed to shrink down in fear of taking the risks necessary to reach out in faith and create for yourself the amazing life that is waiting for you. You fear what might happen if you make a mistake or fail, and you’re ready to bail at the first sight of resistance.

And when you’re feeling like something’s just not right, rather than think it through, you reach for comfort food, drink, smoke, drugs, magazines, videos, or other media to distract you and keep you numb to the endless possibilities that await you, if you could only break the spell you’re under.

You are enveloped in a sea of apathy, where you are exposed to so much information and distracted by so much stimuli that there is little hope of connecting with your higher self. Any thought of dissatisfaction is met with news that dictates that your life could be worse. This is to create that knee-jerk reaction which keeps you small.

Yet, there is this still small voice inside you which can be heard above all the noise of the constant barrage of programming that yearns for something more, and you think to yourself, “There must be more to this life than this.”

This is your divine spark of life that remains pleading that you take hold of your sacred authority and start living the life you were meant to live, to grasp and embody your purpose, message, passion, and mission in this life, to be the man or woman you were called to be in fullness and grace.

You are not a single-celled organism, you are a powerful creator, with the power of the whole world in your hands. This is your birthright.

Living life to its fullest is not an easy path to take. There will be resistance and challenges along the way, but you can do this, if you really want it.

The Dream Slapdown

So, you’re expressing your concerns about being dissatisfied with life as it is, and you’ve got an idea. An idea which feel like so much potential is out there waiting for you, if you could just go forward in this moment of inspiration, the world could be yours for the having. Then, the dream slapdown!  Someone you admire, who is a self-proclaimed expert, offers cautionary advice to break the trance of your forbidden exercise in entertaining false hopes and dreams.

“Who do you think you are? You don’t have the pedigree. You’re not a Bezos, Gates, Musk, or Zuckerberg. You cannot possibly cross the threshold. You didn’t go to some Ivy League school, like Harvard or Stanford. You’re not entitled. You are nothing but a worker bee. The best you could hope for is to get a college degree so you can make a few extra bucks than some other poor sap.”

Like a slap upside the head, you think, “Oh, yeah, what was I thinking?” as you settle back into your mundane life as one of the ninety-nine percent of workers who feel emotionally disconnected from the performance of their function in life. You rejoin the ranks of those whose dreams fade to black as they move through life unconsciously.

From this perspective, there is very little upside and trying to make it from where you are to where you might like to be in those brief moments when you allow yourself to imagine how good life could be? It is utterly impossible to make such a leap. The roadblocks are tremendous and impermeable.

It’s an uphill battle at best, and you simply do not have the resources necessary to take on such an adventure which you will ultimately fail at and stand embarrassed before your peers who will taunt you with relentless, I-told-you-sos.  So, why even try.

Those of us who work so hard to get ahead? We work our selves down to nothing, and for what, a meager bit more than our neighbor? And at what cost?

What if you fall victim to the keeping up with the Joneses wheel of misfortune? Well, at least there’s repose in the idea that you can file bankruptcy every few years, then start the cycle all over again.

Is it possible to break the cycle of being a slave to the media and money moguls? Yes.

In order to do so, you’re going to have to decide to change your life drastically and get as far away from the rut of slavery as possible to prevent your falling back into it.

You will need capital, a decisive sense of purpose, and energetic power to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Capital: You will need to spend less money than you earn, so that you have something (albeit, it doesn’t have to be much, but you must have something to start).

Purpose: Connecting your project with your heart, making it something meaningful, doing what you love, and having a sense of doing something that makes a contribution will help sustain your commitment to follow through when the going gets rough (and it will).

Energetic Power: Energetic power comes in many forms from the people we associate with and the financial resources we are able to direct (whether ours or someone else’s) to meditation/prayer, and a personal presence which has the ability to sway the attention and focus of others.