Toxic Family for the Holidays

Okay, let’s say you’ve got family and there is the expectation that you will attend the family holiday event, but you know that there are some people in your family that run you the wrong way, and you’re pretty sure there’s a good possibility that one’s a genuine psychopath.

I mean, you’ve googled it, and you know what you’re talking about, but you still have to go to this holiday affair and you know these toxic individuals are going to be there.

What can you do?

Whether your toxic family member is a psychopath, sociopath, narcissist, or somewhere along the antisocial personality disorder spectrum, ask yourself, what do you think their number one goal is?

Regardless of what you think it might be, from now on, take on the assumptive idea that the only thing this person wants to do at this event, is to get to you. To get you riled up, to have an emotional response, and Dear God, if he or she can have you express yourself inappropriately, THAT is the Holy Grail!

Rendered down to its simplest form, this toxic person wants to knock you off balance.

What do you think would be the one thing you could do that would make him or her disappointed or angry?

To be unshakeable. Bulletproof. Strong as a solid rock.

If you’re up for it, you can do just that. Be that unshakeable, bulletproof person who’s solid as a rock, and leave him or her to run off and lick his or her own wounds. Because, if you can pull this off, you win! Ha!

Now, you know this person is a whacko, and you also know that any calling out of such a thing will end up with him or her making you look like a whacko. So, no confrontations, accusations, or defense. None. Just you, doing your part to participate in this event without letting any toxic individual get to you.

It will help to understand that these individuals are only playing a game of “let’s screw with that person” without consequence. While a normal person might feel guilty for gaslighting someone for no reason, toxic people do it for fun and pleasure, and the more emotionally you respond, the better he or she feels about victimizing you.

Once you realize this, you can turn the tables in your favor by not providing him or her with the supply he/she expects to get from you. Now, you are in the driver’s seat.

It can be helpful for you to surround yourself with an invisible bubble of energy which will act as an emotional shield that will prevent any negative energy from this individual to get in.

When something comes up that may have caught you off-guard in the past, just ignore it. Shrug your shoulders and walk away. Start a conversation with someone else. Whatever you do, do not let them see you sweat. Any sign of weakness and they will turn up the heat to make you look crazy.

Be polite and cordial, but do not get involved in lengthy conversations. Keep it brief and keep moving on to the next conversation with someone else.

Imagine having brought some yellow crime scene tape that you can use to cordon off areas of your life that you don’t want to have to deal with. This is your life. You get to set your boundaries. You got this.

They don’t get you this year. Not this one.

You got this.

Sending Love to the World Meditation

Sending love to the world raises the love vibration of those who are lonely, whose bodies and hearts are hurting. Maybe it doesn’t heal them. Maybe it doesn’t drastically change their lives, but it does help to take the edge off, maybe enough to make it one more day.

And maybe that day is the day when their life starts to take a turn for the better. They might not have gotten that extra day if it wasn’t for someone sending love to the world.

So, I’d like to recruit you, right now, to join me in sending love to the world this year.

You can join us this holiday season and make a difference by sending love to the world and make the world a better place in just a few minutes throughout the holidays. It’s free, and your love could help save the life of someone in need. Start a new tradition, help spread the word and send love to the world this holiday season.

To prepare for this exercise sit in a comfortable upright position. One caveat; please do not attempt this exercise while you’re driving if you are driving. Wait until you have stopped your vehicle in a safe place where you can spend a few minutes in private participation without interruption.


Rest your arms on your thighs with your hands palm up take a deep breath and as you exhale, relax breathe in… and breathe out…

Close your eyes and place your hand over your heart feel the vibration… and visualize… see with your mind’s eye the area of your heart as it begins to glow with light. Breathe in… as you inhale imagine the unconditional love filled oxygen going deep inside the area of your heart

As you exhale see or feel your breath leaving the area of your heart

During this exercise imagine and feel every breath coming into and out of the area of your heart.

With every breath you take, the glow from the energy from within your heart increases.

Now, imagine a stream of white light from above beaming down through the top of your head and filling your heart with unconditional love.

Breathe in…

With every breath that you take the love light from within your heart burns brighter.

You can feel the love growing within the area of your heart.

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

As you take another breath the love energy expands sending love light throughout every cell of your body.

You feel this love growing even more.

Breathe out…

Connected to you physically and emotionally, all your family friends and associates. We are going to send love to all these people who are connected to you in your life.

This time as we exhale, we blow out a gentle love breeze that will find its way into the hearts of each of these people that you are connected to.

Deep breath in…

As the light grows ever so much brighter, ready to blow out this gentle breeze of love…

Breathe out…

As that love is making its way to all the people in your life…

Imagine your awareness rising outside of yourself through the roof, high enough that you can see where you are, and where all the people who are nearby, from an aerial view.

Breathe in…

Now, we’re going to send love to all those around you, and as you

breathe in

the love energy increases even more.

We need to blow out this gentle breeze of love

Breathe out…

That love is seeking out all your neighbors. This love is unconditional. It does not judge or prequalify. It seeks out every heart and wraps it in warm, heartfelt love.

Now raise your awareness again, so now you can see your local community as we prepare to send love to them.

Breathe in…

And as the love light and energy grows even more powerful…

Preparing to send out your love breath

Breathe out…

Love is seeking out all the hearts in your community, those who are already filled with love are feeling even more on love, and those who feel as though there is no love for them, they’re feeling the effects of the love that you are sending.

Raise your awareness even more to include your entire city or town.

Imagining the aerial view of the entire area…

Breathe in love…

Beaming so brightly from the area of your heart and glowing, casting light on the land below.

Breathe out…

And as you exhale, imagine in your mind’s eye, your breath being purposefully and precisely delivered to every man woman and child in your geographic area.

Raise your awareness once again, so now you can visualize the whole state or province where you live, as we prepare to send love to the people below.

Breathe in…

The love vibration increasing even more as you exhale send unconditional love and light to all the peoples below without regard to who they are, their social status, or any other judgment. This unconditional love is for them all.

Breathe out…

Raising your awareness even more you can visualize in your mind’s eye the entire area encompassing the entire country.
Big inward breath into the area of your heart…

Prepare to send this unconditional love to all the people in the entire country.

Breathe out…

Love is seeking out even the most hardened hearts, making them a little more tender than they were just moments ago. People are feeling the effects of the love you are sending.

Now raise your awareness once again past the satellites, so that you can see the entire planet.

Breathe in…

Then as we prepare to send unconditional love to the whole world,

Breathe out…

Letting a wave of love work its way into the hearts of all Earth’s inhabitants, creatures, and the earth itself…

Now, imagine yourself quickly but safely descending… returning to your world… your country… your state or province… your town… your home… and your body.

What an exhilarating effort as you feel the effects of having been an effective love conduit for the greater good.
This love energy has permeated every molecule of your body, and you feel good.

Many people actually experience physiological healing from this exercise and you know this to be true.

Bask in this feeling. You will experience the effects of this exercise for a period of six hours.

Feel free to do this as often as you like.

Give yourself a big hug because you have loved, you are loved, and you are love.

loved, loved, love… you.


Holiday Family Blessing or Curse?

Then, there’s your family.

The holiday ideal starts off with the reverent honoring of those who have given a portion of their lives (all gave some, some gave all) on Veterans Day which falls on November 11th in the USA. Then either the most anticipated or dreaded family get-together comes along as the Thanksgiving celebration. It is generally at this time of year that families which have been separated throughout the year, get together.

This “celebration” could be either amazing or horribly grueling depending on the nature and dynamics of your family’s cohesion, strength, and honor.

Let’s face it, all families are dysfunctional, so just let that expectation go. It’s a fantasy if you expect anything else, and to do so sets you up for discouragement every time. So, if your family’s a little whacko. So what? Let it go and learn to enjoy, even love, your family’s diversity.

But some families are so terribly broken, that there is very little thread of familial connection, and family members have suffered greatly in what should have been the tender, caring hands or the family, but suffered tragic drama and trauma instead.

What about those who have no family? Maybe, everyone they know in their family has passed away, and they are here, all alone at this moment which represents the coming together of family. No one would blame that person for feeling a bit down, lonely, or depressed, while everyone else is celebrating.

Or maybe their family is alive but separated by too many miles, or even worse miles of bad roads traveled in life. Family members can suffer so incredibly these days, and the effects of a traumatic childhood can be life-long, and even end the lives of the suffering children prematurely through expression as physical illness, disease, or suicide.

If you haven’t suffered tragically under the watch of your parents or were left to fend for yourself in any way possible as a young child, you have no idea of how bad it could be.

How bad is it? Well, consider this: The fastest-growing age group of suicides committed every day is that of 10- to 14-year-old children. So, you tell me, “How is this affecting our kids?”

And if Thanksgiving wasn’t bad enough, what about the looming mother of all familial holidays?

Of course, I’m referring to Christmas, that joyous time of year when families get together and bond. What about that? What if you’re a single parent, or even a couple, struggling financially to raise kids. You’re working so hard just to make the ends meet, now they wanna throw some God-forsaken shopping-spree holiday on top of that?

What could possibly be worse?

I don’t know. Maybe if you lived through all those holidays, you might make it the new year, celebrating with your family with some hope of maybe having a better life next year?

What? No hope?

It’s no wonder these are the most popular holidays to commit suicide. Let’s take a look at them:

Too much drama and trauma will kill you, and if it doesn’t kill you, some people are determined to do it themselves.

But don’t you let them get away with it.

You’re not going to check out. You’re not going to give them the satisfaction.

You can be betrayed by your family so many times it makes you want to puke just to think about it. You’ve been stabbed in the back so often or abused in any number of other ways, it’s a miracle that you can even stand, but here you are.

You are here.

And you know you came here to do some serious work, and that work starts today.

When I was at my lowest and I thought I couldn’t take one more step, one more breath, I decided to do something radical to make a difference in the world, and in doing so, I made a huge difference in myself.

I discovered that one person could make a difference, and that’s exactly what I did.

That year, instead of committing suicide over the holidays I decided to send love to others who might be going through the same thing. And as I engaged in this meditative prayer exercise, every cell of my body began to awaken.

Enthusiastically, I increased the range of my endeavor and started sending love to the world. And since then, I’ve had thousands of people join me in sending love to the world, which if even in some small way does make the world a better place.

One Side and the Other Side

In a world that has gone mad in many ways, it leaves so many depressed, hurting, broken, suffering, and even suicidal. This is the time of year that so many people commit suicide, when all the while incredible love and charity are thick in the air.

You walk down the street and you see the streets decorated, couples walking hand-in-hand, lights sparkling, cleverly adorned store windows. It’s the time of year that people feel more love, are more compassionate, share their abundance with others, are more likely to help others less fortunate, and family comes together to share in the love. And the kids, the kid’s hearts are filling with love and anticipation as they bask in the awareness that this is their favorite time of year.

Ahh, so lovely.

If this is the street you walk down. You stay there. Whatever you do, do not veer off the main thoroughfare. Because there is so much reality happening all around you that you might not be aware of. And if you did know, you might be shocked. And if you knew the truth about it, what would you do? What could you do?

You don’t have to look very far to have access to an enormous, overwhelming barrage of bad news about how horrible life is on this planet every day. Turn on the TV, radio, cell phone, tablet, any device any time and you will be instantly bombarded by how our planet is falling apart, our resources are dwindling, our people are dying, and more and more of them are taking their own lives because it’s just too hard to face one more day.

What’s the fastest-growing age range for suicide today? 10- to 14-year-old children. If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what could.

That’s on one side.

On the other side is the statistics that bear out that our world is evolving, growing, and expanding. There are miraculous moments throughout this life happening every day. Miracles. People’s lives changing for the better. There is more growing awareness, prosperity, love, and compassion on this planet than ever before. And our resources are expanding as our consciousness and awareness expand and we are not limited to the resources that are doled out to us by corporations. We are getting smarter, wiser, healthier, living longer, and there’s nothing the pharmaceutical companies or the government can do to stop us, no matter how they try.

Everything is always getting better.

My friend is driving down the alleyway and he sees a man lying alongside the wall. He pulls over to offer the man his Chinese take-out, he was on the way home with. He pulls over, walks over to the guy and says, “Hey buddy.”

No response.

Gently nudges him with his foot, “Hey, guy.” And the guy is stiff as a board.

My friend calls 9-1-1 and they ask him not to touch anything and to stay with the body until they get there.

What happened? I don’t know.

But on the other side of that building, the sparkling holiday decorations, smiling kids, and shoppers did not miss a beat. Unaware that there was a man whose life had ceased out back in the alleyway by the dumpster.

This is the reality of it. Even as much as everything is getting better, there are those who do not want the news to get out about how better its getting. There is advanced science and technology happening right now, and some that have been around for years, that we will never hear about, if the corporations and the government have anything to say about it. And they do, for now, but we are becoming more and more aware.

Even so, while we’re living on a planet with more potential than ever before, we are being pummeled by the media and a system dedicated to keeping us enslaved and beat down. Many of us suffer every day, so depressed, and feeling more hopeless every day. So much so, that we cannot find the wherewithal to justify taking another breath from someone else who might be more deserving. So, we might think, “Why can’t I just die?” and left alone to that thought process, might even consider, “What’s the point? I’d be better off dead,” and start ideating about suicide.

And this life can exert enough pressure on your heart, your body, and your soul, that there’s just nothing left to give. Your life’s cup may be empty, leaving you with nothing left to motivate you to have any desire to wake up tomorrow.

But here’s what you failed to remember, and there are powers that exist in our world who hope you never remember who you are, and they’ve been doing everything possible to keep you from realizing who you really are.

Who are you?

Well, we don’t have time to go into every detail, but know this: You came to this planet with a unique set of skills, special abilities, and message to deliver, and when you were very young, you knew exactly who you were, but by the time you were five or six, the system had wiped any hope of you remembering who you were.

Now you are awakening. How do I know? Because you’re reading these words, right now. You are coming to an awareness that has never occurred to you with such clarity as at this moment. While from your current vantage point, it may appear cloudy, you are seeing things more clearly for the first time.

It’s no wonder you’re feeling a bit off. You’re just now realizing things are not as they seem.

You’ve got to hang in there. Dig down deep, remember who you really are, get to know and love that version of you, embrace your passion and your calling. Get out there and do what you were meant to do, say what you sent here to say.

The world needs you now more than ever.

Love Masters

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. True love energy is the source energy of God, and if you are open, aware, and loving, you can master this powerful love energy. To do so, you must apply this love energy to everything that is happening around you, appearing before you, and being felt within you.

It sounds like a tall order, but you don’t have to master all of this instantly. In fact, that would be extremely difficult to do because it takes discipline and a great deal of retaining the way you think.

You have been programmed since your earliest of ages to not think in this way, even though in your purest form when you first arrived in this world, you were a natural-born master of love. Since your birth, you have been retrained to be a master of fear.

Fear is exclusion and isolation of self, while love, on the other hand, is inclusive, embraces all things as divine and absorbs all the positive energies in everything, regardless of how it may look on the surface.

Love is a state of being which is associated with a particular frequency of energetic vibration. When you are in it, you can feel it. You know it when you are there. To apply this energetic state of being to every moment of every day, that is mastering love.

Interestingly, those who are able to maintain this level of energetic love mastery, their lives look very different from the rest of us, because this energy attracts those things which are an energetic match to the energetic “love field” they have created for themselves.

Love Masters love everything around them, the way that it is. They love others; their families, their neighbors, friends, coworkers, management, law enforcement, governing officials, all of them, just the way they are. They love the nature which surrounds them; the chirping birds, the trees swaying in the breeze, the bud of a flower as well as in full bloom, the grass as it grows and the smell of it after its been freshly cut, the taste of a freshly picked juicy apple. They love where they live, the sounds heard from outside that verify their existence in this place, they love the transportation vehicle(s) which allow them to move about freely in this exciting world where we live.

So, things show up that are a match to their energetic vibration of love which flows through them.

To love is a choice, and you could choose to adopt this vibrational state of being for yourself and enjoy all the good things in life that are a harmonic match to your new love vibration.

As a Love Master, you will be imbued with special abilities to influence the world around you with this new energetic power of love, but to take full advantage of your love prowess, you’re going to have to let go of all the “separation” you’ve been taught and have grown so accustomed to.

Love Masters love everyone and everything, just the way it is. They find a sense of balance in all things working together for good, even when they appear to be quite bad at any particular time in space. People are not bad, just as you are not bad, and everything is perfect as it is. All things are always changing, growing and evolving, and nothing is wrong or broken, nor does it need fixing, though there may be many things to which you are not a match at any given time.

If you are not a match for any given thing, it is of little concern to you. When you notice such a thing, you honor it and acknowledge that it is something you do not want in your sphere of influence, unless you have received the calling address the issue for the greater good. If you have not been called upon, it is someone else’s calling. To assert your attention or influence would only cause your vibration to deteriorate unnecessarily and add more momentum and energy to that which is unwanted, if this is not your calling. To do so would hinder the work of those who are called to address the issue.

Rather than focus your attention on the thing(s) that you don’t want, focus your attention on the solution, the cure, and support those who have been called to the fighting of the fight. Celebrate and support those who have been called, do not focus your attention on the things which cause you to be upset.

I know this is counterintuitive because you’ve been programmed and trained against such things, but this is the gateway to widespread peace, love, and happiness.

People can see Love Masters from afar because they have a particular glow about them. This is due to their fully love-charged energy field or aura which gives them the ability to more greatly affect the world around them in the most positive ways, and they are often kindly referred to as being blessed, or in the extreme as miracle workers.

Love Masters are tolerant, patient, confident, respectful, and courageous, yet practice humility. They realize that everything is in a constant phase of change, always for the better, realizing that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have (as we all do) as they refrain from judgment.

They embrace the practice of meditation as a method to raise their vibration, while avoiding practices that lower it, when appropriate. (Life is what it is, and we all succumb to its pressures at times.)

If you look at the most powerful people who have raised from the ranks of the working class, you will find that they are Love Masters. You will find them, helping others, edifying others, encouraging others without exclusion. They share their energetic resources and attract even more as they do.

When you fill your heart with love from the pure source of all life for yourself (without the need to receive love or validation from others) your love cup overflows into the energy fields of all others who are in your presence.

How do you know you’re in the flow of love? You know by how you feel. If you feel good, you’re in. If you feel bad, you’re out.

Make more opportunities to feel good and stay in the flow of love.

There are those who will be upset by your abundance of love and they may try to drag you down. Just remember that their need to feel like they should knock you out of your love-flow has far less to do with you than it does them.

They are hurting. They want the love you have, but they have ascribed themselves to the belief, and have aligned themselves with a world that teaches against such things as folly. Do not judge them. Have compassion for them. Know that they are in a process of change and evolution, and everything will get better for them.

Don’t try to educate or convert them (they are unable to receive words to which they are not a match anyway). Love and bless them because they’re doing the best they can, and things will get better. They always do.


Sending Love to the World Starts November 11

The holiday season is a glorious time of love, laughter, giving, sharing, support and represents a time to celebrate family, friends and loved ones in all their many forms.

While many people are surrounded by others with whom they will celebrate this time of love and everything that is precious, others may be spending the holidays alone due to changes in life circumstances or other reasons.

For instance, on November 11th, we honor all those who have served our country in military service. On Veterans Day, the very day we honor those who have served, veterans are taking their own lives, not just on Veterans Day, but every day of the year.

During the year people commit suicide every day, 18% of these suicides are veterans who have served in various branches of the United States military. There is a significant increase in suicides during the holiday season beginning on November 11th through January 1st.

The concept of Sending Love to the World 2019 is not focused on being an anti-suicide campaign. The increase in suicides is only a signal and a sign indicating a greater underlying problem of the deterioration of mental health and love, during a time when most of us are feeling full of love. It is such a dichotomy, for you to have your heart so filled with love at this time of year, yet your neighbor is so severely lacking love that he or she might be considering suicide.

Many people whose hearts are filled to the brim and overflowing with love during the holiday season may not have an avenue to set their love free, to share it with another and bask in its glow.


Love-filled hearts without a venue to share this love can lead to a degeneration of the love vibration; alternatively, the sharing of one’s love causes the love vibration to increase exponentially.

Click here for Sending Love to the World guided meditation video stream
Sending Love to the World 2019 is an excellent opportunity for anyone to share their love vibration with the world. Imagine many people pouring out love for our planet and its inhabitants during a time when there exist extremes; on the one hand, peace, love, and happiness while on the other hand or end of the spectrum sadness, depression and loneliness.

The economic decline, post-traumatic stress, feeling hopeless, helpless, and a vast variety of issues lead to the rise of poverty, depression, domestic violence, theft, and other crime all steadily increasing since November 11th.

The most staggering data shows that the loss of life also spikes during the holiday season especially on December 25th and again on January 1st.

The purpose of Sending Love to the World 2019 is two-fold.

To offer those heart-filled individuals – especially those who would otherwise be alone and not have an ability to share and give their love at any time from November 11th through January 1st – and anyone else who would like to join the outpouring of love to have an opportunity to support and bathe the world in unconditional love.

And to send this love out to heal others who are struggling during these tough times, our country and the world at large.

Bound together with like-minded purpose, we can help to make the world a better place.

Join us, here – on this website – for a streaming guided meditation to heal and love those in need… Together we will be sending love to the world… that by all means, we might save some.

Bookmark this site.

Share it with heart-filled friends.

The meditation stream will be running from November 11th through January 1st. Feel free to join at any time and spend as long as you desire to love.

Love, love, love, and love to you.

For more information, see:

Be Happy

Are you feeling down? Do you feel like you’re surrounded by nothing but bad news, failing relationships, and a generally poor outlook for the future ahead? Feeling like you just can’t get a glimpse of happiness in your life?

Let me ask you this:

Do you want to be happy?


That is to say, if you are not experiencing the level of happiness that you would like to see in your life, then you’re obviously not doing it right. Right?

It’s easy to look around when things look dismal and see others living fascinating lives, having fun, and having generally good lives, and wonder,

How could they do that?

I mean, don’t they know that the world is falling down all around us? Don’t they know that in the United States nearly a thousand kids are sucked into human trafficking and sex rings every day? Our monetary system is failing. People are losing their homes, veterans, and hard-working Americans are losing their jobs and joining the ranks of the homeless. 2 percent of Americans are homeless and their numbers are growing every day. 1 in 7 kids in the United States does not know where their next meal is coming from. We send so much overseas to feed other kids, while ours starve to death at home? Don’t you ever watch the news?


Just stop it. Can’t you see what’s going on here?

You’ve fallen for the oldest evil trick in the book. “Keep them in a state of fear because they’re easier to control.”

“They” own the media, and they believe they own you, and if they can control your thoughts, keeping you in a state of fear or negative vibration, then in a sense, they do own you. They can manipulate you, and keep you compliant, in exchange for as little safety and security that you will allow.

Know that at any moment in time, you can opt out of this system which inordinately keeps you bogged down with feeling bad about your life, and life in general.

How have others made the transition from sappy to happy?

This is a journey that starts from within.

Loving yourself unconditionally is where the embers of happiness lay in wait. That means you love yourself “no matter what.” You know sometimes you miss the mark, and that’s okay because no one is perfect, and you love yourself anyway. If you experience a misstep, do not beat up on yourself. You love yourself. Let yourself know that you have learned valuable lessons from the experience and vow to take better care of yourself and do it differently the next time.

You need to love yourself and look out for yourself because no one else will.

You must find ways to feel happy. Make your own opportunities to feel good.

Find and/or make ways to feel good about all the things around you. You, the way you look in the mirror, the car you drive, your home where you live, your family members, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, your possessions, find or make a happy thought and associate it with all these things, and when you think of them, even if initially a negative thought, as soon as you can catch yourself, shift your attention to the happy thought about that person or thing.

You can’t find happiness in stuff, or anything for that matter, as happiness is always changing, growing, and expanding, and that’s the way it should be, as happiness is a reflection of the love-energy which is the source of life. It is never stagnant, so just be aware that your happiness target will always be in a state of metamorphosis. What brings you happiness today, might not tomorrow, so always be on the lookout for new things that raise your happiness quotient.

After a while, you’ll notice that the happiness attained from nice or fancy stuff does not last very long, but the happiness you can find in the things that you accomplish, the new and exciting places you like to visit, the fun activities that you enjoy, and the people you love, these are more meaningful and promote happiness longevity.

And when you stumble and fall, you can smile, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and laugh it off, knowing you’ll do better next time, loving yourself unconditionally all the way. As you start treating yourself this way, you will find yourself more tolerant of others as they stumble and fall. For after all, aren’t we all just doing the best we can with what we have.

When your heart is full of love and overflows into the lives of others around you, you become a love magnet, and even more love comes to you from others and the source of love, as you become more connected to the ever-expanding world of love by which you are swathed.





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Wrapping up the month of October, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Be Still and Meditate

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Be Still and Meditate

So much talk about meditation but there’s nothing to fear, it’s just enjoying a relaxed state of unfocused focus, which enables you to expand your consciousness and wellbeing, empowering you to enjoy a better, higher quality of life.

There may be hesitation to embrace the idea of meditating due to its being strongly associated with mystical and spiritual disciplines. You needn’t worry because you don’t need to believe in anything to receive massive benefits from meditation. Don’t let your preconceived ideas keep you from some safe exploration and experimentation to see for yourself how beneficial meditation can be.

If you seek out information on meditation, you are likely to stumble across a wide variety of methods of meditation, some practitioners will assert some methods are better than others. There is truth to be uncovered here, but meditation is not unlike medication, in that different things will work differently for different people. That said, if you keep an open mind, and are willing to allow yourself to explore the possibilities, you will discover what works best for you, but know that in the practicing of any of the many forms of meditation that you will receive great benefit from the meditating in whatever form you practice.

You need not be concerned about what other people might think about your meditating for it can be done in private without anyone aware that you are even doing it. If you’re living in a busy home with lots of activity, you can go to your room, lock yourself in the bathroom, or meditate while soaking in the tub.

The main thing is to find some solitude and to quiet your mind from all the constant barrage of information and thoughts associated with navigating the world you live in. As you know, your mind is overwhelmed by thoughts about everything all the time. Your family, the bills, other drivers, your to do list, and endless questioning, what’s coming up next for you? What’s happening in my family, with my friends, my community, the world?

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s plenty of (mis-) information constantly vying for your attention to add to the flood of emotional drama and trauma via any method of delivery, though at the moment, the Internet, Google, and social media seem to be the largest purveyors of emotional distractors which overwhelm the average human being, and these distractions are not beneficial to the human condition nor the body.

Meditation helps to mitigate the damages suffered by those of us (any, mot, or all of us) who are suffering the effects of this constant overwhelming thought process which is causing us to deteriorate mentally, emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually (if you are so inclined).

Meditation is a safe and effective method to retreat from all the crazy thoughts and mind chatter which can be exhaustive, even debilitating. In this relaxed, sacred space of meditation, you are able to cleanse your mind and your soul from all the stress, worry, and distractions of the world to find a place of peace in solace.

In this profound emotional state, your body recovers, your cells thrive, blood vessels relax, and your immune system gains power, while you are able to from this place of clear consciousness allow higher thoughts to come to your awareness. This is the place where some of the deepest, meaningful, inspired thoughts, and creations emanate from.

You are in a sense, “in the zone.”

Many people approach this state of mind for many reasons, some for the biological benefits, some for freedom from emotional overload, some for relaxation or peace of mind, and others for inspired data for problem-solving, among hundreds, if not thousands, of other reasons.

Once you start calming your mind, you may find yourself becoming more aware of the natural life which exists all around you. In your meditative state, you may become aware of life going on which you previously took for granted. You will become more aware of your body, feeling your breath, blood pumping, feeling the fabric touching your skin, and the world around you, the dew droplets, the bird singing, the grass growing, etc.

You might associate meditation with the Lotus position, the cross-legged pose of perfect posture, though be aware that this is not necessary, as the vast majority of people who practice meditation do so more casually, for it is far more about function than form. You can practice meditation, comfortably seated in a chair, lying down, standing, or while you are walking, as long as you have the wherewithal to focus and relax. Note that relaxing enough to find yourself “sleeping” is not meditating.

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing will help you to relax and focus while meditating.

Some people prefer to have a designated space to practice their meditation techniques. If you are so inclined, do create a sacred space where you can feel safe and secure. Decorate your space in such a way that it will make you feel calm, peaceful, serene, creating a soothing, meditative atmosphere.

Not having a lot of distracting sounds can make it easier to concentrate and enter a meditative state more easily. Having a location where your attempt to focus is more likely to be uninterrupted will be helpful. If you have some scented oils that make you feel peaceful, a little aromatherapy while you meditate can be a good thing.

You might feel intimidated if you’ve seen or heard traditional monks chanting, singing sounds, or otherwise vocalizing while meditating. You do not need to do this. They are practicing a mantra or particular ritual which is not necessary. You could hum if it helps you to concentrate and keep from being distracted by the world around you, but I think you will find focusing on your breathing, in and out, is more than satisfactory.

You can meditate with either eyes closed (which is more common) or with your eyes open focused on something, like a flickering flame of a candle.

Meditation is an effective method of releasing tension throughout your body. Once you’ve achieved a meditative state, simply scan each of your body parts silently by name, and as you focus upon it, just allow any tension in that area to release.

There is nothing to fear in practicing meditation. It is 100 percent safe and effective, and there is no wrong way to do it. Just allow yourself to enjoy a bit of experimentation and find out what works best for you.

I’m gonna go enjoy my meditation in my place in space now…

Peace out.

Work Ethic Professional Integrity

In our society today, we’re seeing work ethic decline at a rapid pace. If you look around your work environment, you see it every day, coworkers doing the bare minimum to get their pay. But there’s something inside you that makes you strive to excel, even in the midst of such mediocrity, as you take work ethic personal integrity to heart.

You see others waiting for their orders, waiting to be told what to do, and if they haven’t been told what to do, you’ll see them leaning back in their chairs, checking their phones, participating on social media, searching for something on the Internet, wandering the halls, playing Candy Crush, or solitaire, while you feel the urge to do something different. You have an inner compulsion to do something to increase your working environment, support the organization, increase your own personal and professional integrity and productivity.

You could be a huge influence on the world around you.

You might look around at the leadership where you work and think that they were endowed with certain stages of life which prepared them for their positions in the organization. Maybe they were born with it, inherited it, or went through expensive training to qualify for it, but there are others hidden within the ranks of staff which have the drive, enthusiasm, and experience in the trenches to make huge contributions and increase productivity exponentially.

Management can be found regularly honing their skills, by taking continuing education classes and courses to expand their knowledge base beyond whatever they may have learned in the past because running any organization effectively is a moving target, especially as general work ethic and commitment to productivity among the workforce declines.

Management teams are made up a variety of individuals who have varying areas of expertise, some are formally trained, and others rise up from within the ranks of an organization. Those who rise up find the decline in a personal commitment to work ethic and professional integrity unsettling.

If you are thinking you’re prime grade material for moving up into management, you might be right. If you are, you will notice that you have a commitment and dedication to life, which you approach much differently than your coworking peers. While others are perfectly content to punch in, and punch out, to get their wage and go home to lay on the couch in front of the tube and drink beer, you can be found studying after work, and engaging in activities which make you feel like you are enhancing your quality of life while doing so.

But if you really have what it takes, you have some good communication skills and are able to influence others to take the high road. While in the trenches, you will find yourself encouraging others to do better, to achieve more, to offer greater contribution to the organization. In a sense, you are like a cheerleader, making others feel better about contributing to the greater good of the organization, and getting them to play (work) with others. These are earmarks of an effective team builder.

You may be in an organization where micromanagement abounds, which generally promotes a lackadaisical working environment, where people are unwilling to work unless they are ordered to do so. This is not a productive work environment and it puts tremendous pressure on management to adopt even more types of pressure to get production numbers out of staff, which leads to poor worker satisfaction and high turnover rates in human resources.

Effective management is more about promoting the vision of the company through empowered workers who share the vision of the organization, who desire to support and receive satisfaction for playing out their role in the best way possible. This is the difference between leadership and dictatorship.

In the most effective organizations, how are they able to get the ranks to join the team and offer their skills, talents, and abilities to support them?

The workers are empowered, they have a clear sense of where the organization is going, they not only see the vision, but they clearly see the part they play is integral in moving the organization from where it is today, to where it wants to be.

Our society has gotten extremely lazy due to technological advances. Back in the day, if you were going on a trip, you had to plan, get fold-out maps printed on large pieces of paper, chart your course from where you were to you wanted to be. This skill (which transfers nicely to management) was lost in our society, because now, when we want to go somewhere, we only need input our destination and don’t have to think or do anything else, except to turn when our phone (or other navigational device) says to turn.

Unfortunately, this is the attitude of the current workforce today. Not to think or do anything until your told to do so.

Of course, this does not apply to you. You’ve taken an interest in the organization where you serve. You know the management, the leaders, their particular styles, the hierarchy, their ideals, goals, challenges, and achievements. You’ve taken interest in these things because for you, this is not just a job, this is your profession, and you feel like having a good working knowledge of your surroundings is a key component in your readiness for joining the ranks of leadership.

You know the workforce cannot be bullied into productivity, they can, though, be encouraged to ins a sense, follow the leader, if they have a powerfully positive leader to follow. You know that if the greater part of the workers could adopt your model of work ethic and professional integrity, this organization would thrive.

Leading in this manner is all about relationship. Building on a foundation of trust and integrity. How you interact, positively influence, and communicate with your people, helps to create a powerful team which is highly supportive and effective.

This relationship exemplifies your ability to connect with the team. Not to worry if it’s not 100% on point, as team building is a process, and it is continually in a metamorphosis to the next level, so persistence and reliability are so important.

The best leaders have good judgement. If you don’t have a natural inclination to quickly assess and given set of circumstances, weigh all the data which is available at the time, and head toward a solution, these are skills which can be learned and honed over time.

These skills in particular will help build relationship throughout all ranks as you can be relied upon to keep the organization positively focused and moving forward without loss of momentum.

The most successful organizations are not dictatorships, they are families. Many family members with varied skills, talents, gifts, and abilities gathered together, supporting each other for the familial organization.

Be aware of the individual strengths and weaknesses of each family member and help create for them environments where they can shine, and the whole family organization becomes more than it’s ingredients. It transforms into a work of art.

Are you ready to make a difference by encouraging others to take a more effective role in the world in terms of work ethic personal integrity?