New Thought Ideas and Inventions

I work with people on the leading edge of new thought and technology. These individuals are thought of as highly creative out-of-the-box thinkers who come up with the best innovative ideas and solutions, are highly regarded in their fields of expertise and are often referred to as genius.

In my work with these people, I have the opportunity to have access to information that others do not have access to. While they are credited with considerable thought prowess, to hear them, tell about their process, they intimate their ideas and solutions come from outside themselves.

new thought ideas and inventions origin genius information download

It’s as if their creative inspiration comes from above. While they all describe the whole affair in different ways, two of the most common specific references about the origin of these unique solutions include:

From God
Direct Download

I’m just reporting the facts, based on the statistical data of my clientele sample. Other statistics may vary, but it is definitely worth looking at.

While they may take personal credit in the boardroom or patent office, for the most part, behind the scenes they credit a source from beyond, like the inspiration or idea came from some other source.

Sometimes the information “download” comes through clearly, while other times it is somewhat vague and needs time to process with one’s conscious mind in order to translate and understand it in order to adequately convey the concept to others.

Most of these creative geniuses credit being “open” to receive data from an exterior source.

Can anyone create opportunities for ingenuity?

Yes, there are a few ways to bolster your creative process. I will introduce you to two options, one solitary, and one group process.

Solitary Idea Download

Many ideas do appear as epiphanies to individuals in private. The key, here, appears to be accessing the unconscious mind. Some ways to access this cache of untapped resources include meditation, purposefully engaging in an unrelated activity (many ideas occur to individuals mid work-out in the gym, or jogging), or while sleeping.

The most important component in receiving a private download is being prepared to document it as quickly as possible. Stop what you’re doing (wake up, if you’re sleeping) and write down the idea because more often than not, the idea comes in a flash and dissipates rapidly. Most of the human idea receptors have stories of illicit ideas lost forever for lack of immediate documentation.

Group Idea Download

This is by far my favorite, a long time fan of the Mastermind, activating a team of like-minded individuals together to effectively brainstorm and problem-solve. Some of the most significant improvements and innovations in the world have been birthed in the Mastermind.

You will find modern corporate infrastructures including up to 20% of on-the-clock hours for group meetings sharing, problem-solving and innovation.

According to Napoleon Hill, “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third invisible mind.”

The resulting additional mind represents that exterior source of creative genius.

Does it work?
Yes, it works every time.

Isn’t it time you started exercising your creative genius?

What will you do with your Great Idea?

Tolerate Much?

When you see someone going through a difficult situation, or having trouble navigating their life path or suffering an enormous misfortune, as though they were thrashing through the brush with a machete the whole way, what are your thoughts?

intolerance tolerate much dont laugh at other people make fun ridicule or put down

Do you think,

A – What a freak (or alternatively),

They should get a life, or
If they’d been through what I’ve been through…

B – I wonder what it’s like to be in that person’s shoes?

Immediately, you get the idea that I’ve set you up, to give you a choice of selecting either disrespect or empathy. Honestly, though, what is your knee-jerk reaction? I hear a lot of people being disrespectful.

You might be surprised, if I were to ask those same people if faced with a similar situation (just the same, only different) their reply would be to unequivocally stand on the idea that their first response would be one of empathy.

An interesting observation, don’t you think?

It’s no wonder it’s so difficult for people to get along with each other these days.

Tolerance is the ability, skill or innate psychological behavior of allowing others to be the way they are, regardless of whether it is in contrast with you. And the best type of tolerance is celebrating that people are the way they are, and that’s okay.

tolerance spectrum intolerance judgement rejection tolerance love acceptance

If tolerance is considered to be a spectrum, on the left-hand side of the spectrum there would be judging and rejection, on the other end would be love and acceptance. Certainly there are a myriad of tolerant or intolerant behaviors and attitudes in between those two extremes.

Why are we likely to be intolerant?

Because we’ve been programmed that way since birth; our parents, their parents, public schools, our peers, the media, and now with social media and immediate access to information via the World Wide Web, our first reaction is to reject and alienate others.

To laugh at their misfortune, make fun of their condition, call them ugly, fat, disgusting, ignorant or stupid.

Oh, it’s hilarious (you might think) but what’s really going on in that viral video clip?

You don’t know… or is it that you don’t care?

This leads me to believe that there exists a conspiracy promoted by the powers that be to keep us divided, to intentionally pit us one against the other, in an effort to keep us weak and dependent on the government for assistance. And they’re fueling the fire of polarization, like no one’s business.

Don’t believe me?

If you’re on Facebook, take a look at your feed. See any dissention there? What videos are popular on YouTube? Anyone watch the nightly news lately?

Then there’s You and Me

Maybe we’re the only ones, the two of us; together we could agree to be more tolerant, to try to understand others as we would like to be understood and accepted for all our talents and inadequacies on our good days and bad days.

After all, aren’t we all just doing the best we can with what we have?

The next step in human evolution is tolerance love nth degree

The next step in human evolution is tolerance. Tolerance = Loven

Intolerance is illogical

To be intolerant, doesn’t even make good sense.

It’s as if, when engaged in the activity of judging or ridiculing someone else, the person who is doing it can’t even see the hypocrisy in their doing so… How do we find congruency at all in this degree of superiority and isolation?

Even now, as you read these words, there are some who are locked, loaded and ready to attack me, twist my words and suggest that I am promoting some kind of crazy campaign. This is not addressed to them.

This is addressed to you: That one other person, who along with me is making a commitment to be more tolerant… because to you and me, it makes more sense to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Are you with me?

Demon Hunters and Ghostbusters

Having been exposed to (and worked with) professionals in the paranormal, I am convinced now, more than ever, that all things are possible. Things that (I thought) defy logic, rational explanation and scientific qualification or verification (to varying degrees) exist all around us.

All the stuff of fanciful or science fiction and horror stories appear to be true though exaggerated for print and screen for our amusement. So true, in fact, that the government spends millions of dollars researching and weaponizing it.

demon hunters and ghostbusters

Meanwhile, in the private sector, there are individuals whose calling in life includes mitigating the damages of this paranormal activity surrounding any of us, or all of us, at any given moment.

You might say, “That can’t be true. If all that stuff was existed, I would know about it,” like I did.

I applaud this perfect state of ignorance that I once held tight to with my naïveté in full regalia. Take my advice: stay there.

To hear these individuals tell their story, few of them sought out the awareness of the paranormal. In most cases, the paranormal activity in which they currently specialize sought them out against their better judgment or will.

This one thing remains true:

Seek and you will find

This is to say that those who decided to specialize in specific paranormal activity our of pure curiosity and succumbing to the burgeoning researcher and scientist within, discovered and found themselves embroiled with the very thing they were investigating.

Their stories led me to conclude that not only

All things are possible


Everything is

It appears that “anything that you look for, you will find,” is the truest of all truisms.

If you look for ghosts, you will find them. This proves true for anything from aliens and multidimensional travel to demons and Bigfoot.

It’s as if nothing exists until you look for it, then once you do – if your intentions are focused on finding it – it (whatever it is) enthusiastically appears for you to experience fully. Likewise, if you seek to disprove the existence of any or all of these things, the data comes bubbling up to support that which you seek.

That said, your attention is better spent elsewhere – anywhere – rather than to explore the paranormal yourself.

Paranormal activity aside, the same is true in real life within and around the interactivity of our human interactions and communication, one with another.

If you’ve been hurt or abused and hold within our heart the pain of said abuse, you will find abusers wherever you look. This is a different kind of demon hunter, but not quite as dissimilar as you might think at first blush.

I run into this type of demon hunter all the time, and they come in all ages, shapes and sizes, so you may not be able to determine one until you see them discovering the things they are afraid of everywhere, all around them, in everyone they meet. It’s as if they are being haunted by their own ghosts.

They continually find themselves being victimized asking, “Why is everyone out to get me?”

Certainly, you could demonize anyone from politicians to saints; ergo if you look for it, it will appear and be real to you – possibly even more real to you than anything you’ve witnessed – now, more than ever.

The question remains:

Is it better to seek and find?


Is it better to look away and remain naïve?

I find it’s better for me to choose when to look and when to look away; for some things can be so complicated and compelling so as to become an obsession leaving me wanting even more, thereby distracting me from my calling of helping others achieve their highest and best.

In this respect

‘tis better to correctly discern when and where to look

Because if you do, you will surely find it.

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Wrapping up the month of July, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

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what an awesome life innovative ideas your great idea unconscious competence are you psychic

What an Awesome Life

I love my life so much… If I were to write a book about my life it would be nearly impossible because it would take so many books. I do refer to segments of my life when I write, so I write… and reveal stories, if appropriate and applicable.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

Sometimes life goes the way I expect, other times I am surprised and shocked. I find that my life’s journey is accompanied by joyous tears of gratitude and sometimes sadness making me love it even more.

Onlookers who love and care about me express deep concern when witnessing my experience facing life events that would appear to be insurmountable for someone else. They might try to console or counsel me, encouraging me to consider living a life more mediocre.

Mediocrity is not an option in my life. I am enjoying living my life full on and all in. Granted, this leaves me more vulnerable to disappointment or heartache but it also means that I enjoy and achieve more than someone afraid of taking the risk of living a wildly fulfilling life.

Life is like Walt Disney World. Some people are content looking at the view from their Orlando hotel with a WDW-facing view, that’s good enough for them. Others might enjoy getting a day pass ticket, actually go in, buy some food and souvenirs, walk around, take some pictures and buy a tee-shirt to prove they’ve been there. Then, there are the adventurers who have to do it all.

I’m the adventurer who wants to feel the thrill of the ride, wondering for a moment if my next breath will eb my last, to feel the exhilaration that comes from discovering that the ride continues. “Whew, made it past that,” just to be surprised by what comes next. And don’t forget, I want to be crying my eyes out to Jiminy Cricket and the Wishes fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom before I call it a night.

In my humble opinion,

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

I am living my life as though I had a chance to select it from the universe’s largest catalogs of life, like picking a movie from all the movies ever made, and after reading the synopsis for this one I said, “That’s the one,” and booyah, did I get my money’s worth!

I realize that this approach to living a better life where anything is possible may be too much for most people to handle, and that’s okay. I don’t judge, and honor your life’s journey and your choice to live it out any way that brings you the most satisfaction, especially if you’re loving your life as much as I’m loving mine.

For me and my life, I’m lovin’ every minute of it. If you are not…

Well, maybe you just wanted to breeze through life without any surprises, or maybe you wanted to know what it would be like to live a life full of fear with impending suffering and danger… and if you are, consider this:

Is it possible that you chose to live a life that started out with lots of challenges only to make the happy ending that much more amazing?

Consider starting the most amazing part of your life today.

How much better does it get?

Innovative Ideas

I have a client who has a project so big that it could literally change the world as we know it.

Certain challenges appear when you’ve been put in charge of innovative ideas so incredible that it is nearly impossible to explain to people ill-equipped to be receptive to an idea that is so incomprehensible because it represents an entirely new and unique approach and type of thought counter-intuitive to accepted and established streams of consciousness.

The main obstacle to overcome is disbelief. When not only the general public but the system that supports and promotes all accepted and embraced technologies, trains of thought and belief systems reject your product or idea due to its truly revolutionary and inconceivable concept, the road ahead is not an easy one.

It takes an extraordinary individual, who may not have an inkling of how to change the world, to accept the responsibility of taking on a project that is so grand in its scope so as to potentially change our planet and its peoples far into the future for generations to come. These may (or may not) be million dollar ideas.

Certainly, we can look back and historically recognize there were people who changed the world, those to whom were given the charge of innovative ideas that changed science, technology, sociology or philosophical thought in the past. Many of them presented innovative ideas that were rejected at the outset, and some did not live to see their idea become accepted as the new revolutionary factual basis allowing us to progress or evolve even further into a brighter future.

innovative ideas from the universe

We live in the most exciting times

For the most part, within the last 150 years, there has been an outpouring of new thought bombarding those unique individuals open to the idea that the universe is eager to disseminate some of the newest technology innovation and best advancements for our planet and its inhabitants to benefit from and enjoy. Beyond doubt, these individuals have proven that one man can change the world.

What if you are selected as one of the minds to be trusted with an innovative idea?
What would you do if you were given a new thought to share with the world?


Will you take it, accepting your destiny and charge forward past the point of no return with boats blazing through the torrential terrain into the uphill unknown abyss for the greater good?



Will you think, “Oh, that was a good idea.” Share it with a few people who agreed with you but also noted that the idea was somewhat crazy or weird, and decided that pursuing it would be too hard for you.

The people I work with choose the A approach to the idea. They are the chosen ones.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize it is likely too much for them to handle alone, so they set out to assemble a team. I (and others, like me) are a part of the teams assembled to assist the revelation of this product, project or idea to the world.

I am both honored and blessed to have the ability to assist these individuals with all my knowledge, contacts, talents and abilities – to do whatever it takes – to move these innovative ideas forward and ultimately make the world a better place.

Having an entirely new innovative idea bestowed upon you is a blessing but moving it forward (especially if it represents a widely unaccepted concept) can be a long and fierce journey to be avoided by the faint of heart.

But know this

If you were the recipient of such an idea, God saw in you all the components necessary to bring this idea to the world. It is up to you to accept and step into your calling, or roll-over and go back to sleep.

If you do not accept the challenge to be one of His people that changed the world, it will be given to someone else.

At least you can rest assured

You were God’s first choice


Your Great Idea

You wake up at three o’clock in the morning with an innovative idea, the most amazing idea. You think to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that before?” There’s nothing like it available on planet earth and this one thing would make life so much easier and the world a better place. You have received a gift from the universe, and you go back to sleep.

You are in the right place at the right time to receive the idea what will you do

In a universe where anything is possible, it was assumed you were the right person, in the right place at the right time to receive this amazing gift. What will you do about it?

After you get up in the morning, the idea seems just as good as it did in the middle of the night, and you think to yourself, “This really would be a great improvement in the world.”

Later that day, you tell the idea to a friend, who enthusiastically reinforces what a great idea you have. The friend says he/she wants to buy one when it becomes available. even knows someone who might be willing to invest in your idea, if you pursue it and congratulates you on potentially being the next millionaire.

This could be it, your golden ticket. After work you met up with a trusted friend and tell him/her about your idea. In this instance you are cautioned that your idea is so good that you should never mention it again because if anyone ever heard about it – they would do it without you – and you’d end up with nothing.

You are asked, “Do you have a patent?” A patent attorney will run about $5,000 to get started… Is it worth $5K to pay, just so you can talk to someone about your idea without the fear of losing it? Even so, do you have the money to defend your patent if someone steals your idea?

Days go by, you want to talk to someone about your idea, but you fear someone else will take it and run with it, leaving you with the empty bag. All the while having a feeling that this may be the next best thing the world is waiting for.

You start to question your worthiness. Why did you get the idea in the first place? You’re not qualified, don’t have the skill set, don’t have the equipment, raw materials or financing needed to make it happen. You don’t know how to do it, never have done it before, can’t do it by yourself, don’t know the people who can help to make it happen and couldn’t afford to hire them if you did.

Wait, you remind yourself about a story you heard about, where this person had a great idea – just a regular person, like you and me – who didn’t give up, shared their idea with a key person who took the idea and ran with it, paying the person who had the idea millions and millions of dollars for sharing it with them.

That’s it! You think; if I could just get my idea in front of the right person, then I could bless the world with my idea and make a fortune: If I could just get on Shark Tank. You’ve heard about the show, but never really watched it. So, you set out to watch a few episodes to get the address to submit your idea.

shark tank original idea millionaire tv show

After watching Shark Tank, you realize that you’re not prepared enough to even consider pitching your idea to anyone yet. Now, you’re even more confused.

You find yourself thinking about it too much and unable to do anything about it. You’ve found yourself in the state of paralysis of analysis. You are so focused on the process, the obstacles and second-guessing yourself that you’re unable to make decisions or take action.

Finally, you’re just too exhausted from the whole ordeal. You lock away the idea, and wait for someone to magically appear and offer you millions of dollars for your idea; otherwise it is a faded memory.

Until the moment when you see your idea is now available via TV, the Internet or seeing it for sale in the store.

Aargh!” You slap your forehead and say, “That was MY idea!

How does it really work?

The universe longs for us to have the best life possible, so it selects someone to receive ideas that will benefit mankind and could likewise have huge monetary rewards rewarding the recipient for sharing the gift with the world.

When you are blessed with such a gift, the idea is like precognition in that you have received a glimpse of something the world needs and will have in the future.

After sharing the gift with you, the universe taps its foot and watches to see what you will do with it. If you do nothing and bury it, the idea will be given to someone else… and the process continues until someone takes the action to release it to the world.

You might consider readying yourself for the next lightning strike.

Unconscious Competence

When you’re honing your skillset you start with an introductory level of expertise, but something amazing happens when you practice your craft regularly. After time (less time with individuals predisposed to a particular skillset that resonates with their innate skills) the practitioner achieves a level of mastery, referred to as unconscious competence.

playing the piano unconscious competence mastery

Unconscious competence represents a level of proficiency that has you skillfully performing your particular skill expertly without even thinking about the process, procedure or circumstance at hand.

An example would be driving an automobile. Remember when driving a car was complicated at first? What with keeping track of speed, all the other drivers on the road, directions, maintaining a safe distance between the vehicle ahead, looking forward at upcoming intersections to be prepared for what lays ahead, signaling well before turning, being careful not to step too heavily on the break, etc.

It took all your attention to just safely get from point A to point B in those early days, and look at you now: You can safely drive while you carry on an animated conversation with a passenger, singing with the radio blaring, talking on the phone, eating lunch, putting on your makeup, checking your map or email.

Multitasking is child’s play when one of the skills performed includes the proficiency of unconscious competency.

You have reached the level of unconscious competence in driving. With practice, you could achieve this level of performing a skill without thinking, as if it were second nature while playing a particular sport, keyboarding, playing a musical instrument, or any set of manual dexterity tasks moves from having to think about it to basic muscle memory and becomes as easy as tying your shoes.

The most effective therapists, coaches, counselors, consultants and other professionals utilize the learned skills of active listening and communication skills often enough that patients or clients perceive these skills as innate gifts and talents, as if they were born with it, even though they obtained the skills through education and practice.

How long it takes you to achieve this level of expertise depends on a combination of your innate skills, natural abilities and how much you enjoy performing the skill at hand. It could take anywhere from 500 to 10,000 hours of practice to achieve unconscious competence.

Whatever you do, whether professional, in business, personal or social skills you will find particular skillsets that you will desire to increase your mastery to expertly execute them without having to think about your performance.

One of the best ways to hone your skills while practicing them would be to teach others the same skillset, this helps to keep you on the leading edge. The conundrum rearing its contradictory head is the lessened ability to teach the unconscious skill because you just “do it” naturally now, while the steps and/or details are not comprehended, making it more difficult to explain how it is done to someone else because it has become a part of you and who you are.

Achieving your level of mastery or unconscious competence, takes time to educate yourself and practice the skill enough that the mind compartmentalizes all the functions of the skillset to the unconscious part of the brain. Then your confidence and competence are so naturally attuned that you feel as though you could do it blindfolded.

Mastering a particular set of skills is an important component when setting out to achieve your highest and best.

Slow Moving Vehicles

My regular work week includes a great deal of travel. Yesterday, while traveling by automobile, I found myself in traffic trapped behind slow moving vehicle followed by yet another slow moving vehicle. I thought to myself, “What is this? International Slow Moving Vehicle Day, or what?”

Slow moving vehicle smv relax slow moving vehicles day

Other people who heard me tell this story, apologized for my inferred frustration but their conclusion was far from accurate. I’d rather go with the flow and enjoy the ride rather than frantically try to negotiate every delay along the way, like the driver who passed four cars and the SMV, only to find me behind him at the next stop light.

I gave up being in a hurry long ago

grocery store checkoutIt’s like the day before when I was standing in line at the grocery store… the line was progressing as one would consider normal, then when the clerk rang up a 6 pack of soda pop for the older woman in front of me, the woman (watching the monitor as she scanned each item) politely mentioned, “No, that’s not the right price.”

The clerk insisted that the price was correct. The woman told her that the flyer she had received in the mail said it was available at a sale price and that was what she expected to pay. The clerk said, “No, that’s only if you buy four six-packs. I think it’s clearly marked on the display.”

The woman countered, “That’s not what the sales flyer says. There’s no indication that a minimum amount is required to get the discount price.” The clerk secures her register and says, “I will go check the display to see if the signage is displayed correctly,” as she takes off from behind the counter.

I applauded the senior on her frugalness and she and I engaged in a bit of conversation while the clerk was running her errand. She apologized for delaying me in line, because she gets frustrated, “when someone holds up the check-out line,” when she’s in a hurry. I assured her with, “Oh, I gave up being in a hurry long ago.”

Just then, the neighboring clerk had opened her register and she offered, “I can help you, here, sir,” noticing my line was going nowhere. I said, “No thank you, I’m enjoying my visit with Mary, and I want to see how this turns out.” The woman with the basket behind me quickly scurried over to the other register while I continued to visit with Mary.

Our clerk returned with three six-packs to say, “That’s what I thought the sign clearly states that four six-packs are required to receive the discounted price. Do you want me to ring these up for you?”

“No,” says Mary, “I only want six, thank you, and flyer doesn’t say I have to buy four to get the price.” The clerk referred to a reference copy of the sales flyer and sure enough, she admitted that there was no indication of a minimum on the advertisement and called the manager to perform a price override for Mary’s purchase.

With a smile, I congratulated Mary as she left, when the clerk said, “I’m so sorry for the delay and making you wait in line.”

“Oh, no,” I said, “I gave up being in a hurry long ago,” and encouraged the clerk for conscientiously representing the interests of her employer and doing the right thing to assure customer satisfaction.

I believe that life’s little delays are always for our benefit. The best outcome is most likely the result of slow and steady, rather than fast and furious.

Two Paths

For instance, there is a hiking trail that goes around and around the hill to get to the landing area at the top. Norman, my wilderness friend wielding a machete, says, “Let’s blaze a trail straight to the top!”

I say, “No thanks, I’ll stick to the trail.”

Norman in the wilderness“Okay,” he replies, “I’ll wait for you to get there before we come back down,” as he started bushwhacking his way up the hill and I took the trail which was pleasantly landscaped, manicured and sprinkled with views from nice vantage points and petite wilderness creatures.

A sweaty Norman was proud to have made it to the top first, feeling quite manly from his adventure complete with battle scars and winded, but was a little disappointed when I appeared at the landing less than two minutes behind him, unscathed, calm and not out of breath.

We walked and visited on the way down as I showed him (who hadn’t seen a single woodland critter on his way up) all the things he missed on his path up the hill.

All that to say
Next time you feel in a hurry or frustrated when delayed
Maybe instead of feeling frustrated, look for the blessing in enjoying the journey
You might find the delay was an opportunity to relish the good things that surprise us when we’re busy about our everyday business.

Are You Psychic?

Ever wonder if there is such a thing as being psychic?

Society would like you to think that psychic abilities are mere fiction or something to be avoided (if it does exist) because it would be evil, if it did exist. The subject of psychic abilities has become so convoluted and filled with false information that you could hardly make any sense of the idea of the possibility of having psychic ability impossible to understand or even think about without confusion or fear.

Still, there is something inside of us that would like to believe that someone could possess psychic abilities, so we are attracted to various types of entertainment where we see performance artists who are skilled in using sleight of hand or mind tricks to thrill us with the idea that such a thing could be possible.

Not to worry, even if you were to start to believe in the possibilities, the system has already stacked the deck against your idea that psychic abilities might exist and there is a huge amount of data available to make you feel like a fool, even if you had entertained the idea that there is more out there than we could possibly decipher using pure logic.

This idea that logic and reason is the ultimate litmus test of what is possible and what is not is in direct contradiction of the advancements we have witnessed in the last 150 years. Many of the conveniences we enjoy today are the result of someone allowing their mind to expand beyond known and accepted reality. Those who were active participants in these advancements, explain the breakthroughs as, “coming from somewhere outside one’s self,” or “as seen in a vision.”

Not one of them indicate any idea that their inspiration to approach something completely inconceivable as having any connection with any psychic ability whatsoever. Instead those who possess these abilities use more acceptable terms, like creativity, ingenuity, having the ability to use forward-thinking imagination or to see things from “outside the box;” all socially acceptable concepts to diffuse any psychic offense.

are you psychic do i have psychic abilities

The reality of it all is that human beings are blessed with all kinds of psychic abilities that vary in type, style and function from one individual to another and most of them have been suppressed by many methods. Social mores would dictate any reference to psychic abilities are folly, misinformation dominates the information highway and in our modern world even elements introduced to the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water that we drink may inhibit the development of our innate psychic abilities.

We are all connected to something so much more outside of ourselves than we could ever imagine, yet we are distracted by any means possible to keep us from embracing the idea by our fear-focused attention to the media and flood of data bombarding us 24/7. How could we even manage the space in which we could initiate an original thought on present-day planet earth?

Take a minute to think about this: If psychic abilities were the nonsense that we’ve been led to believe it is, then why would the government be spending billions of dollars researching and weaponizing all things psychic and paranormal?

Regardless of what they’d like you to believe, you have an inner knowingness that there exists some psychic ability inside of you. You know that you have had psychic experiences. You may have “felt” someone looking at you, and turned to catch someone doing just that. There is no way you could have known otherwise.

In fact, you have intuitively known many things that might be conceived as precognition. You can’t explain how you “knew” something, like there was an impending danger prior to an accident, knew someone had ulterior motives, something was “wrong” with a particular person or animal, or you “felt” as if you might be going the wrong direction.

Call it what you want these abilities abound within you, though they may be mostly dormant and could be awakened. Your psychic abilities can have a profound effect on all that you turn your attention toward including your profession, business, athletic performance, philosophy, creative endeavors and the arts as well as personal satisfaction, greater love, fulfillment and happiness in life.

Not to mention that embracing one’s psychic abilities (or however you feel comfortable referring to it) is an integral part of the next phase of our human evolution.

This awareness is awakening within you now as you evolve.