Is It Possible to Be in Two Places At Once?

Can you be here and somewhere else at the same time?

Does it sound like it is impossible to in two separate places at once? If it does, congratulations are due you because you ARE in at least two places at once.

We coexist here there on the other side and other dimensions simultaneouslyCertainly, the quantum physicists agree that if you are here – the you that you know – you also exist somewhere else, with possible differences. In this respect, you are here, and you are there – many theres – simultaneously. Current science suggests there are seven universes all coexisting at the same time.

There is also the now component. Who is defining the, “now?” Due to our current level of understanding, we see life as linear, on a time-line with a beginning and an end. But the quantum inclination is to try to understand that time is a tool that we invented and doesn’t really exist in the quantum field as we would define it. In this respect all things, everything, is happening simultaneously; there is not past, present or future.

As humans, we have a common belief that we are made up of three separate parts that combined makeup who we are expressed as humans on this planet. The basic components are our body, soul (or mind) and spirit.

Before we are born, we exist as spirit – and our spirit has a physical representation at the position of origin (which I will heretofore refer to as, “the other side”). We often think of the other side as being a far away distant place; which it both is, and is not.

When our physical components are assembled to begin our human experience, much of our spirit enthusiastically teams up with our burgeoning soul and forming body, while our spirit still remains on the other side, simultaneously.

Our spirit is having two experiences at the same time. Our spirit is here, in the present, having all these amazing experiences in the first person, while our spirit is also experiencing our life from the other side, like watching a movie.

From this side, our view is limited. We are restricted by only having access to the information that can be obtained via our senses from our perspective, while the greater part of us – our spirit on the other side – sees a bird’s eye view of our experience as it plays out for us in real time.

Having spent some time with young people along the Autism spectrum – especially those with fewer abilities to function well in our environment – my initial thought (and most loving parents concur) was that their spirit was more angelic in nature. They do not appear to have the proclivity towards what we would consider negative emotions. From our perspective, they seem to not have the ability to be selfish, mean or hate but are more selfless, loving and tender. The attributes we might give to the idea of a loving cherub.

Nowadays, I’m more apt to grasp the idea that these low functioning individuals have less vested in this life experience, while most of who they are remains on the other side.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if an Autistic child who appears to be low functioning is aware of their surroundings, the answer is ABSOLUTELY.

The greater part of themselves, the one with the aerial view, sees everything, understands everything and loves more than you could ever imagine.

We might think (or may have been told by doctors or other professionals) that this child will never have the ability to communicate fully, integrate with society, or be able to express themselves (certainly not love) in an effective manner.

Yet, the other part of them is totally engaged in their journey, fully understanding and loving every minute of every detail, and you… even if their body’s physical experience has them in such a position as to not to be able to communicate it well.

Autism is my superpower

This is national Autism Awareness Month, consider embracing the idea that

Autism is a Super Power

Not a disability

What do you think?

I’ve Got a Special Purpose!

Who can forget Steve Martin’s enthusiastic proclamation of his, special purpose?

This scene is a comical introduction to one of the most meaningful components of one’s life.

Steve Martin Special Purpose Bernadette Peters The JerkIt’s as if to ask, “What is the point of my life if it has no meaningif I never

  • accomplished anything
  • left the world in a little better condition that when I arrived
  • shouted my individual message from the mountaintops
  • exercised by ability to carry out my special purpose?”

It’s not enough to get up every morning, get dressed, check the email, get into the car, drive to work, slave away at your job, to come home, give the money to others (maybe keep a little for yourself), watch a little TV or play some games, just to go to bed and start the cycle again the next day, and the day after that…

In some cases when I meet a new client, he or she may not know what their mission in life is; most of the time by the time I meet up with someone, they are already keenly aware of what their special purpose is and are already seeking out opportunities to get their message out, to make their mark, to leave something of importance behind when they leave this life as we know it.

One of the most impressive metamorphoses I ever have the privilege to witness is when someone suddenly discovers that there is something more to this life! There is little that thrills me more. (No, not because they’ve become a potential client, LOL)

Most of my life I’ve been blessed to be in the presence of individuals experiencing epiphany massively life-changing moments in their lives.

It’s one thing to attract individuals well on their way, it is entirely another when someone, who was previously unaware their life could have any meaning or purpose suddenly comes to life with an unparalleled enthusiasm to set the world ablaze with their special purpose.

How Can We Have a Sense of No Purpose?

If each of us comes to this planet with a unique set of skills, personal message and/or special purpose to share with the world, how can we possibly not know that we have such a destiny and it is waiting to be awakened from within?

There are so many speculative hypotheses concerning the “why” of our ability to sink into a complacent vibration of simply surviving and becoming content with just being a cog in the machine. They cover a massive variety of possibilities, everything from, “the devil made me do it” (or not) and conspiracies suggesting tampering with the water supply and chemtrails.

I have concluded that we are more the result of a well conceived and executed social structure that makes us feel a certain level of comfort and security by accepting our lot in life as being of little significance. Although some opportunities are available for those who seek a little more significance by investing in education or to be lucky enough to be born into a prominent and successful family.

Even so, there is a massive awakening taking place and every minute of every day someone else wakes from the silent slumber to discover the idea that there is something more…

There is something more

And that something is


Exercising your special purpose.

What’s Right with Me?

Oftentimes, as we traverse our life’s journey, we find ourselves reflecting over our past. The contrast between where we want to be and where we are is clearly apparent and we ask, “How did I get here?

While this reflection can be good, it likely will include a variety of problems, dissatisfaction, discouragements and ill feelings in review; and it might cause one to question, “What’s wrong with me?” Launching another search through our mind’s hall of records, reviewing even more painful shortcomings, mishaps and victimization… the process can be daunting and lead to depression.

This work is difficult and unglamorous

In the past, I would work with clients, assisting them in uncovering the deeply buried and often painful experiences to uproot them, deal with their implications and help them to move on. This grueling process was painful and an emotional drain; more so for the client, but also for me, being somewhat empathetic.

Digging through the past, dredging up tragic moments, causing people to relive each horrific moment of their past that had been concealed from their conscious awareness, so they could just get through their day to day business of moving through life, with some sense of normalcy.

This is ugly work

Though the process is not enjoyable, life on the other side of the process is cleansing. Once dealt with the deep emotional suppression is released and the subject feels a distinct release of a heavy burden and emerges with a new sense of vitality, liberty and joy.

In this respect, the work was worthy work and satisfying in the long run.

Thanks to my thirst for Constant and Never Ending Improvement (thanks, Tony) I am ever on the search for new emerging technologies and techniques for integration into my practice. This quest for new knowledge led me to uncover therapeutic concepts that were nowhere to be seen on the radar of my awareness.

One such technique eliminated the ugliness from having to deal with one’s past. This was a completely new approach, unlike I had ever seen before; painless, highly effective, non invasive and instantaneous, a complete

Paradigm Shift

Now, my work is far less about uncovering the details about the past and drudging up horrific memories (because the same results – or better results – come from new techniques, instantly eliminating the shackles of the past). There is no focus on, “What’s wrong with me?” Now, it’s all about

What’s right with me?

whats right with me are my strengths special abilities super powers

Asking “What’s right” with us helps uncover our talents, strengths and special abilities. Embracing our superpowers while wielding those skills and abilities responsibly make us uniquely equipped to have whatever we want in a way that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.

If you look at the personal histories of all the most successful people throughout all recorded time, you will find that their individual successes are not duplicatable. As many have tried to follow in the steps of a heroic overcomer or high performance superstar, embracing their unique individuality is often a key component; and since no two people are the same, it is also true that given all the same circumstances and techniques, actual results will vary.

That’s why there’s no perfect cookbook for success.

It’s an individual journey, no one has experienced before you. Your story is the best story, yet.

Certainly, we can learn from the experiences of others, but we each must find our own way as we

Seize the day

Seize it with the intention of extracting all the best moments of all the moments that lie ahead and

Love every minute of it.

~ Carpe DM


Why Judeo-Christian Businesses Are More Successful

In my work with business people I work with all kinds of folks from all kinds of backgrounds. Many of the most successful businesspeople that I work with are Judeo-Christian (Jewish and/or Christian), that is to say they profess a belief in the Jewish religion and/or follow the teachings of Jesus, the renegade Jew.

Among the Judeo-Christian businesses, they believe that because they are aligned with churches (covering a wide spectrum of religious variety) who follow the teachings of similar texts of the Torah and the Bible, their businesses are more blessed as they go about their day-to-day business.

There exists a network of Jewish and Christian businesses, and their supporting one another in their businesses in a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours approach to supporting other business owners who also profess Judeo-Christian beliefs, is also attributed to their success.

Judeo Christian businesses supported by God Almighty

I am in the unique position to be working with these businessmen and women in the trenches and I see them having the same challenges behind the scenes of their businesses as other business owners who do not profess religious beliefs, yet the fact remains: businesses owned by practitioners of these sects out-perform their secular competitors, with better bottom lines and increased longevity.

From my point of view; I believe I have a clearer understanding about why these businesses are more successful and my conclusion may surprise you.

There is an Abrahamic cevenant referenced by the Judeo-Christian believers that imbues them with certain preferences toward financial abundance and increased blessings by God for being God’s favorite and faithful.

You might think that’s the reason they are more successful… but I have a different idea. (Mind you, this is only based on my own first-hand observations of these business people in the field… That said, please continue to read on, if you dare…)

These business people face the same challenges as everyone with two decidedly and important distinctions:

1. They believe in the power of God

When they face struggles in their businesses, they can pray and/or appear to the faithful for support. And what better business assistance to accept than that of the Almighty God from heaven and all His angels!

It’s an amazing gift to be able to reach outside of one’s self and be open to the idea that you have access to the divine for solutions to one’s problems. Though unexplainable by science, the statistics prove the power of faith and prayer, both effective when used as business tools.

2. They believe in the Devil

This is the one that’s likely to catch you off-guard. Like, how could belief in the devil help increase businesses owned by believers? Isn’t the devil the bad guy?

The devil actually gives these believers the extra wherewithal to withstand the ongoing battle for their business success. Why? Because (it is assumed) the devil wants to break the Abrahamic deal with the believers and will do anything he can to make their businesses struggle and fail… and if he (the devil) can thwart their business efforts, he may be able to even shake their faith in God.

Being able to quickly identify an adversary can help a potential victim take massive action to create an effective defense and countermeasures to increase one’s odds of emerging victorious.

It is this good vs. evil and support of a deity in business that gives the believers the business advantage over their non-believing competitors, who are more likely to abort their businesses when their day-to-day business dealing become problematic; while believers have greater stamina through hard (or lean) seasons.

What do you think?

Meet Miss Interpretation

I’m a communicator; it’s what I do.

How can something so simple, like stacking words in a certain order to convey one’s thoughts, be so complicated?

I can assemble a little 140-character text (laughing and giggling about how innovative, clever and humorous I’ve been in my word assembly) and press SEND.

Within moments, I receive a barrage of complaints, accusations and abbreviations, like OMG, WTF and/or blocked, unfriended, deleted or reported as spam.

Now, I feel bad because SHE reared her pretty head and stuck that cute little nose right in the middle of my attempt to reach out and communicate with others.

With a name like, “Interpretation,” you’d think she’d exert all her efforts in helping people understand what message I was trying to convey… BUT NO-o-o-o, she’s got to stretch, twist and garble it all so as to have the worst possible outcome.

Thats not what he meant to say Miss Interpretation misinterpretation

Little Miss Interpretation has been at this as long as I can remember. As a kid, I’d try to express myself to my parents and get sent to my room or punched in the face. I’ve said things (and been fairly adequately quoted) from the pulpit, stage, conference room, boardroom, classroom or office with the best intentions, only to have MI mess things up for me.

There I was, fully intent on effectively communicating when she walks in and gets everyone all riled up, offended, objecting and ranting about something that wasn’t even intended to be included in what I was talking about. How does she do it?

“That’s not what he meant to say.”

~ Miss Interpretation

She gets inside people’s head and rifles through all their personal belongings and grabs words, ideas and thoughts that still hold emotional charge from the past and waves it in front of their face:

“See this! Look at that! Remember this? What about that?”

A relentless barrage of old information that is highly charged with negative emotion, causing the individual to think that danger may be ahead.

A person can’t help but recoil in self-preservation and protect themselves from such a vicious attack, and…

Forget everything I’ve ever said before this moment.

Now, all attention is on this word – or phrase – that harkens to a time that may have been dangerous (or at the very least unpleasant) and now I (the messenger who used the word or phrase with the best of intentions) am an assailant.

How does she wield so much power over us? And I’m the first to admit, that even though I work hard on kicking her to the curb every time she tries to interrupt someone else’s monologue, I too, have fallen victim to her manipulative influence and subject to mounting up to do battle or cut-and-run.

She does seem to have access to all my personal baggage accumulated since birth, and she’ll use anything she can get her hands on to derail (initiating fight or flight response) an otherwise potentially meaningful exchange of information between two people.

Why does she do it?

I don’t know… I think it’s because she hangs out with that little child inside us and that’s how she gets her kicks. Or maybe her intentions are good; it’s just that in an effort to protect us from harm’s way, she sees everything as a potential threat… even when it may not be a threat at all.

Just words

Exchanged between two people

Looking for a home

in our hearts and minds

Lack of Privacy What They Know

Can you believe that people are still paranoid about privacy?

Granted, I know some people are invisible. They have successfully dropped out of the system and cannot be found. They have no legal name, address, phone number… You will never be able to find them via Google search, Facebook or any other social media. Criminal records have no search results. It is likely that even Homeland Security doesn’t even know they exist.

These folks are of the persuasion that Big Brother is alive and well and wants to track every move you make.

And you know what? They’re absolutely right. … And it’s not only Big Brother; it’s the government, accumulators and purveyors of data, social agencies, businesses, advertisers, some authorized others more stealth, even criminal. It goes on and on, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They are watching you What do they know about you Lack of privacy

They know who you call on the phone and what words you prefer to use, on the phone and off. They know what routes you routinely travel and your preferred mode of transportation. They know what times you’re likely to be online, and what you’re most likely to look for with a certain sense of predictability. They know what you’re likely to buy at the store… and to some degree, they know what items will distract you from your predetermined shopping intentions. They know what foods you buy, how you store and prepare them; when you eat at a restaurant, which restaurant you’re likely to visit, what you are most likely to order and how much of a tip you will leave your server.

They know where your eyes are likely to navigate to as you go about living your everyday life. They know where you work, how effective you are at work, what location in the building you occupy, when you take your breaks and what you do while you’re on break. They know what you watch on TV, what you listen to on the radio or even in the privacy of your own home.

They know your political views, religious preferences, what makes you laugh, cry and what gets you angry or defensive.

They know your friends, relatives, acquaintances… and, yes, even when you are most likely to make a trip to the bathroom; and why.

You say, “Oh, Masters, you must have lost your mind; you’re just paranoid.”

Actually, nothing could be less true. Either fortunately – or unfortunately – I have worked with people who have engaged in the collection of this data, from military surveillance to law enforcement and mostly business-related entities who track everything.

For the sake of protecting confidentiality – and to prevent causing alarm or paranoia – I would not go into the specific detailing of all of the tactics I have witnessed first-hand in the collection and management of all the aforementioned data. Suffice it to say, it is both compelling and overwhelming to say the least.

All of that to ask myself (as you are probably asking yourself, right now),

“How do I feel about my lack of privacy?”

I mean, I could let the angst consume me, attempt to unplug from life as we know it and go underground; but that kind of quality of life does not interest me. So, I just realize that

It is what it is

There really is nothing I can do about it, except to accept the izness of it all.

No, it doesn’t sound much like the “freedom” that I thought we were honored with as citizens of the Unites States of America.

The best I can do, is to stay on-track; not let the knowledge of the lack of privacy consume me or derail me from my life’s mission and allow others – whose mission it is to ferret out the details and present other options, or not – to take on this topic and support them in their efforts.

Let this not be a distraction to you in your mission to live a better lifedo your best, or make the world a better place.

This is only a clear indication that the world needs you as a force of all that is good – now more than ever – to help preserve a sense of balance and not to stop our evolution.

If they are watching you
– give them your best for their viewing pleasure –
and prove to them that one person can make a difference.

Dream, Team, Laser Beam

Okay, you have your dream, you have your team, now focus like a laser beam.

You know what you want, you have a support system in place, now it’s time to create a map that will be a straight line from where you are to where you want to be.

(Ignore the laughter you hear from entrepreneurs in the background…)

Chart your course from here to there.

Let’s say you want to buy a business for $200,000.00 in one year. That means you’ll have to raise around $17,000.00 a month to reach your goal.

You have one main goal of $200,000.00 in 12 months; next you create smaller bit-sized goals to get you from here to where you want to be. In this case, it’s about $3850.00 per week or $548.00 per day.

If your goal is to write a 350-page book in a year, the math is simple. One page per day will get you from here to your goal in 12 months.

Oh, about the laughter from the entrepreneur’s peanut gallery… They know that even the best mapped out plans rarely goes as planned. This is why you need a team.

Success what it really looks like

Your team is there to help you trouble-shoot in the moment when Murphy’s Law rears its ugly head.

You are prepared for any challenge. This is the advantage of having as many intermediary goals as possible because as soon as you are able to determine a glitch (not reaching your short-term goal) you can call an emergency meeting with your team.

Your team can review all the available data and help to re-structure advertising, marketing or promotional approaches to recover the loss as quickly as possible to get you back on track.

After your team has revamped your system, if the results were unrecoverable; then it might be time to restructure your goals completely. Maybe reaching your goal in one year was too lofty, it may be time to stretch it out to 18 months or two years.

This is the nature of the creation process; it rarely goes according to plan. You must allow for unforeseen contingencies and be able to make minute or major adjustments on-the-fly as necessary at the earliest determinable point in time.

The quickest way between two points is a straight line (which can be arguable according to some engineers and physicists), yet in real life – even the best laid plans – the road is a twisting and curvy path with unexpected detours, accidents and road construction that lies ahead.

The key is to stay true to the course regardless of the changing terrain or travel conditions.

Exception: Know when it’s time to abort your dream and dream a new dream.

Your team can also help you determine when it is not feasible to continue pursuing a dream that may not be attainable at all.

How many times has an entrepreneur remained committed to a project that was an endless money pit? It happens. Sometimes the passion of the dreamer exceeds the required components necessary to see it through to fruition. Not that it is not possible, because everything is possible given enough time and money, but your combined resources may not be adequate to make it happen.

Likewise, knowing when to bail and seek a new project can keep you out of trouble.

Be willing to let go, if necessary, it can save your business (and possibly your family and life expectancy).

Keep on keeping on…

Is It Time for TEAM?

I work with people on the move, movers and shakers that are dominating markets and having a significant impact on society and the future… And they are NOT doing it alone.

I know lots of people with a dream. They are aware of the work that I do and know about the kinds of people that I work with. It’s not uncommon for one of them to come up to me with an idea and say something like, “Here’s this great idea. Give it to one of your clients – or do it yourself – and give me half the money.”

While I do work with people who have – and do – develop products; they are in the business of bringing their dreams to life, not the dreams of others. I am aware of licensing agents who are looking for product ideas, but getting in front of one (that is qualified and will actually do the work – not just be a money-sucking machine) takes work in preparation and some expenses related to getting an audience.

My work is conducted with individuals who take personal responsibility for their own projects and are fully entrenched in the operations (possibly not the day-to-day details) of the production, promotions and creating the results they desire.

Now, if you’re one of those people, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make your dreams come true. We can talk. One of the first questions I am going to ask you is, “Who is your team?” and I am going to want you to tell me about them.

If you don’t have a team, you’re not ready, yet. If you have a team, you need a super-hero mastermind group. In some cases, your mastermind group could double as your team in the beginning. A part of what I do, is mastermind facilitation (assist others assemble, learn how to manage their mastermind group and maximize it’s efficacy).

What does your superhero mastermind group look like

What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is made up of several (four to six) individuals, usually with different backgrounds and industries (the more diverse the better) who are committed one-to-the-other to offer their resources and special abilities to the other members of the group to move their interests to a higher level.

Many authors and researchers have attempted to define the magic that happens in a mastermind group. Suffice it to say that an effective mastermind group combines the minds of all the members and the combination thereof creates an extra mind (or force, a master-mind) that pulls thoughts and ideas from the universe making them accessible to members of the group.

That is my brief, over-simplified woo-woo version that might seem somewhat outside the box for some. Regardless of how uncomfortable embracing the idea of creating your own mastermind group sounds, the fact remains: The most successful innovators and entrepreneurs in the world attribute much of their success to their mastermind group.

If you are considering embracing your innate superpowers and launching your own brand of world domination in a particular market, talk is cheap.

You can start taking steps to realize your dream, if you assemble a supportive team and/or mastermind group, meeting regularly, brainstorming, planning, while to build your faith in yourself and your vision.

But remember, “Faith without works is dead.”*

That is to say, no matter how much you believe in your project or idea, if you don’t take personal responsibility for taking action and doing the work to make your dream a reality, your chances for success are bleak at best.

* = swiped from James 2:14-26

Is it time to assemble your team?

What Are You Afraid Of?

This last week, someone asked me, “What are you afraid of?”

Most people who know me think I am somewhat fearless, tackling projects and placing myself in situations that would be intimidating or overwhelming to others. So, my answer was probably an unexpected reply,

“I’m afraid of everything.”

(Yes, I’m a scaredy cat…)

I went on to explain, I am frightened of everything I do that I haven’t done before; I just don’t let those fear overcome me. I muster up as much courage as I can and do what it takes to put myself fully into the circumstance enough to reasonably expect a positive outcome.

My gender refers to this as, “Manning up.” I found it humorous, this week, that a woman referred to her setting her fears aside to get things done by saying, “Sometimes you just have to woman up.” (I had never heard that expression before.)

I think it all started at an early age, when we as children would dare each other to do something that someone in (or a majority of) the group of kids would think was scary. We would dare someone to do it and based on their success (or failure) some of the rest of the kids would attempt the feat, or not.

I was that go-to kid. Though I was terrified by everything, I felt as though I had to take the dare (not to mention the dreaded Double-Dog dare) assuming that if it didn’t kill me, it would make me stronger. Very few, if any, of my youthful companions had any clue as to how frightened I was, yet I would take the dare. I could (and would) do almost anything on a dare.

I am so glad that I stopped accepting dares as I grew older, dismissing them as folly, because as I aged, my friends’ dares escalated to insane proportions… and I’d probably be long dead by now.

As I matured, I embraced the idea of having courage instead of being the dare-devil and exercising as much thought as possible about the task at hand to be able to predict a positive result from my courageous efforts. Though this is not always possible due to time and circumstance, as sometimes action must be taken immediately, in the moment.

I am so blessed in the work I do, to have trained in (and have access to) many different modalities that help others overcome their fear and I get to pick and chose which methods might be the best for me in any given circumstance.

I utilize many techniques to gear myself up to accept the challenge of an unknown or fearful pending event.

Some of my favorite tools for raising courage or overcoming fear include:

  • overcoming fear courage builders prayer visualization modeling tapping affirmationsIntegrity (strength and honor)
  • Prayer
  • Self-center
  • Increase awareness
  • Visualization
  • Modeling
  • Tapping
  • Affirmations
  • Education
  • Recruit assistance
  • Selfless abandon
  • Brute force

Using these tools or methodologies helps to get me from point A to point B in any overwhelming situation I might encounter – and in most cases – I can arrive victorious on the other side of struggle or conflict.

So, enough about me… How about you?

What are you afraid of?

And how to you overcome your fear(s)?

Branding You dot Com

Branding-You-dot-com-Connect-the-dotsOne of the best communication tools available is to establish a platform from which to deliver your message.

Your brand can do a great deal of the heavy lifting when attempting to communicate or deliver a message to your audience.

Effective branding will establish you as an authority and will pre-qualify your target audience. Properly branded, makes you more identifiable and accessible to your supporters.

Start with a dot-com to connect your dots.

Who are you?

The very fist consideration in branding one’s self, is to establish your name – and to distinguish it as apart from those who have similar names.

In the current level of technology in the world’s methods of communication, the dot-com is the definitive qualifier for effective branding.

Your ability to purchase your own dot-com may determine what your brandable name might be.

For instance, if your name is John Smith and you discover that is not available, you must continue to research additional variations until you find a brandable dot-com.

If after exploring all the possible variations of your name to establish your dot-com identity only to find that they have already been scooped up by others sharing your name (which you may have never known how common your name was prior to this exercise) there may be a last-ditch-effort available to you.

You could resort to using dashes, like: john— but if you must do this, I would also suggest in backing it up with another domain extension (like a dot-net or some other available extension without the hyphens).

You should have two dot-coms one representing who you are (your personal name) and what you do.

What do you do?

Next is to establish your brand in your area of interest or expertise.

Let’s say that you make homemade beer; to brand yourself you might attempt to get You discover that domain is taken, so you must do additional work to find an available dot-com that pertains to you.

This is an excellent procedure to encourage you to expand your scope to include an arena for fans and fellow aficionados to interact with you, so you expand your scope to include room for others bolstering your influence.

Your resulting dot-coms from this exercise might result in obtaining:

Establishing your identity and are of interest or expertise in the dot-com arena is your first order of business and all of your activities after securing your dot-coms should reflect your branding.

If most of your friends call you “Johnny,” but your dot-com is John, then start correcting your friends – and by all means, anytime you do anything in public – make certain that you are identified as “John Ronald Smith”. Not John R. Smith. You must identify with and protect your brand, just as if it was your trademark (and it is).

What about the rest of the dot family?

A common question I get asked is, “What if my name-dot-com is not available, can’t I just get the dot-net or some other Internet extension?”

My initial response is, “No.”

The reason is simply that as a general rule, people who use the Internet tend to automatically type dot-com following a domain name. The risk is, of course, that someone else can hijack your identity or fan base by having the dot-com.

That said; the dot-com extension should always be your preference. To establish further protection of your brand, you may want to purchase some of the associated domain extensions (i.e., dot-net, dot-org, dot-info) to prevent someone else from diluting your branding.

Securing your dot-com identity should be your first course of business prior to coming up with a name for any new endeavor. If you come up with a great name for a new project that you are working on and the dot-com is not available… keep working on the name until you find a dot-com-brandable name.