Determine Your Gift(s)

Everyone on this planet brings with them a unique set of gifts, talents and message to share with the earth’s other inhabitants.

Generally, due to societal constraints, these gifts are more often than not suppressed in order to allow the child to more adequately fit-in. This dumbing-down of our youth in an effort to produce legions of worker-bees is one of the greatest conspiracies of all time.

That aside, in the rarest of circumstances, a youth is encouraged; nurturing a gift, talent and/or message will often result in the achievement level of virtuoso.

Gifts can come in many varieties. They may be artistic or technical, mental or physical, inwardly or outwardly directed.

The truth of the matter is that a gift isn’t just the province of the exceptionally talented, the successful, or the blessed. Quite the contrary, everyone has a gift, and yours will always be your own, part of what makes you uniquely you.

Gifts are different than skills, in that they tend to be innate rather than learned; that is to say that you are born with them.

It is likely that you can remember your unique gift or talent by thinking back to when you were a child, under the age of seven.

What compliments did you receive from others?
What was that thing that you said or did when someone said, “Wow, that’s amazing!”?
What did you daydream about?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
These are clues and keys that you can use to unlock your strengths or secret inner power.

Under the age of seven – prior to being trained to be a societal drone – this is when you are most in-tune with your, “inner self.”

You may find other clues to your inner hidden treasures by asking yourself…

What are the activities you engage in when you lose track of time?
What is that subject that you can talk about for hours?
Then there are those gifts what come easily to us, expressed as the ability to perform a task or function that comes easily to us. Because we can engage in these activities with little effort, we tend to discount their value, thinking, “It’s no big deal.”

Keep in mind how much we value things that we find difficult for us, but someone else is able to do it quickly, easily, and may even enjoy doing it.

If you excel at something, and it comes easily to you, this may be a gift, and you should be able to turn that gift – if not into a sustaining revenue stream – possibly into a fortune.

Finding the talent that sets us apart from the crowd can be a long process, and due to your programming (or brainwashing) may be elusive. It needs observation and analysis of one’s own self.

Why is it so essential to uncover your hidden innate abilities?

Without knowing what your gifts are, you are incomplete.

Only with the knowledge of your natural skills can you build self-confidence and experience a fulfilling, happy and successful life.