Embrace Your Talent(s)

Everyone has a talent and most talents can be monetized. The key is to find your talent and then turn it into a scalable business.

The best way to discover a hidden talent is to think about what you love to do. What have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet? What do you see others doing that you wish you were doing? The best tip for discovering your hidden talent is simply to think about what you love to do!

In order to find your unique talent, think of those things that come easy to you. To you it’s no big deal, but to others, it’s incredible. What are those things that others come to you for that for you, it’s as easy as breathing and you’d do it for fun whether you were paid or not? When you’re in your zone of genius, your true talent will shine!

Through my mastermind group (filled with business owners and entrepreneurs), I instruct each member how to quickly spot the “Hidden Talents” of other members. Fellow mastermind group members are great listeners and are quick to reveal other group member strengths (Extremely powerful and highly successful technique).

Think about and write down the best accomplishments, achievements and activity successes you are most proud of, even back to childhood. Patterns will emerge as you scan all of them and your hidden talents will come up.

It’s essential to understand how to distinguish your natural talents from things you can learn. The first thing you should do is identifying your natural talents. After that, you should acquire the required knowledge and skills to refine your talents.