Transition from 3D to 5D

The Earth is in a transition from 5D to 3D and you play an active part in the transition. The planet and life upon it is very much the same in 5D but very different. In comparison, the 3D world is a barbarian world where the few profit wildly off the exploitation of the many. This is unsustainable in the 5D world, where there is only freedom and love. Anything that is not freedom and love just fades away and there is no way to profit from negative energetic systems long term.

Otherwise, everything looks the same.

The people look the same but are very different. The way people interact is very different. A family in 3D may be exactly the same configuration in 5D (most are) but be very different. While a family member may be exploitative in 3D, that same family member is loving, caring, and compassionate in 5D. If not, that family member will not be present in the 5D world.

Celebrities and politicians? Same thing. They are loving, compassionate, faithfully serving the greater good, or they are not there.

3D humans are in the process of transitioning into the 5D world via an energetic transformation where your frequency changes, which will take some metamorphosis on our part.

The transition will take place, but some of us will be able to manage the transition sooner than our peers, and once the planet reaches the tipping point, we all transition into the 5D.

There are 3D energetic vibrations that will anchor you here in the 3D and these negative energetic systems will keep you from the evolution that is necessary to transform to 5D vibrational frequency.

You can assist in the transition to 5D.

When you become aware of a negative vibration, when you witness or become aware of something that upsets you, because you know it’s not right. If you think of something that is bad or evil. When something unjust, abusive, manipulative, or something that feels like victimization or exploitation interrupts your awareness, take transitional action.

Transitional Action

If you do not take transitional action, you promote the negative issue which you are giving your attention to.

If you are upset and you respond to any negative issue in any way, negative or positive, you add energy to it, and the purveyors of negative energies don’t care what kind of energy you add to it, negative or positive, it makes it bigger. It’s a 3D-thing.

If you participate, you make it bigger, and you further anchor yourself in the 3D.

If you want to allow yourself to evolve and transition to the 5D, you can remove yourself from the 3D vibrational prison that you are in.

7 Seconds to Act

When you become aware of a negative issue, especially if you are “aware,” you can eliminate the energetic impact of the negative issue by taking transitional action within 7 seconds of becoming aware of it.

You can neutralize your initial reaction in the first seven seconds. Any attention given to it after that adds energy to it.

How does this work?

When you become aware of a negative thing, you will have an initial reaction, you will feel it in your body. When you get this jolt of negative energy, that is your trigger to take transitional action.

Break your awareness free from the negative energetic trance which has been forced upon you, encapsulate the issue, using your instinctual power, take it outside the atmosphere and do your transitional work.

You have the ability to uncreate that negative pulse, in essence, zero-point it, recreate it as pure positive love energy, and bring it back into the atmosphere and redistribute it anywhere you think it could be used and beneficial to the raising of the vibration of the Earth’s inhabitants.

I know I am being brief in the “how to” part of this and this is intentional, because everyone has a different way of doing this high-energy-work.

The how-to part of it is not as important as the exercising of the transitional action within the first seven seconds you become aware of you’re being anchored in 3D negative energy.

Just take transitional action. Use any method that is right for you.

Use prayer, meditation, or some other energetic method, as any other response other than taking transitional action, you allow the anchoring of yourself in 3D, and make whatever you are upset about more powerful.

Think about learning how to live in the 5D world while you are in the 3D world. If you can do this completely, your body responds, and you will find yourself stepping into the fifth dimension.

5th Dimensional Living in the 3rd Dimension

If I am visiting the 3D world from the 5D world, don’t be surprised if I see things in the third dimension differently than you do. So, what’s it like to be a 5th Dimensional Living in the 3rd Dimension?

In the fifth dimensional world, it looks so very much like the 3D that a 5D being can move fairly freely between both dimensions. The third and fifth dimensions are very similar. Most of the same people populate both dimensions, though their personalities may vary widely.

Most of the real estate, roads, methods of transportation are the same, so a five-dee’er will be able to navigate and interact somewhat normally.

Note there are some shocking differences between 5D and 3D realities.

The biggest difference of all, is that people in 5D are really nice, are more open, honest, expressing more caring, sharing, and connectedness one with the other.

There’s no struggle for supremacy, and the government system (yes, there is one) is run by us (the people) with some of the same people that are in power in 3D, but even though they have the same names, faces (though looking much younger than their 3D likenesses) and mostly hold the same or similar positions, they are very different people.

There is no prejudice or separation of peoples. 5D is very peace-oriented, and everyone looks out for each other and the world.

I’m not saying its perfect by any means, only very similar to 3D but also extremely different.

So, if I’m visiting the 3D from the fifth dimension, don’t be surprised if I am not up to speed on all the drama and trauma of the third dimension. It’s just that it’s not that important to me because where I’m from, these things don’t exist, at least not for long.

In 5D, if someone or something evil rears its ugly head, it quickly vanishes, as no energy is added to it, unlike here, when something awful takes place you all add energy to it, thereby making it so powerful that it could affect the entire planet in a negative way for a long period of time.

No judgment here. It is what it is, just different, that’s all.

There are those fifth-dimensionals who voluntarily opt to hang out in the 3D to in a sense offer others the opportunity to raise their vibration to such a level that they can join others who are experiencing a life so similar to this one, but far better.

There are those in the 3D who are repulsed by this idea and would do whatever is possible to thwart the efforts of the 5D-ers to do this work. There are those that believe there should be no crossing over between dimensions, and there are those who are pulling the strings in 3D who are content with things as they are.

And while the 3D continues to vibrate at this frequency, things will continue to remain the same, but there is a growing awareness that the vibration of so many inhabitants of the third dimension is raising. Even if not enough to transition directly to 5D, enough to cause a massive evolutionary mutation among your population and the world.

It has been said that if this human growth and expansion continues, there is hope for a far better world to emerge in the third dimension.

This is in the process of taking place now, interdimensional shifts are occurring, and don’t think the 3D powers that be are not taking notice, they are.

Do not let their efforts to keep you subdued and unevolved.

There is hope, and this hope is dependent on you.

It takes a lot of courage to grow and expand, even when it feels like the whole world may be against you (which is not far from the truth, here in 3D), but you are doing it, and so many are joining you in numbers, that a mass worldwide shift is not far off.

So proud of you.





Living in 3D from 5D

There is a part of our population who are living in the 3D experience from the fifth-dimension perspective. They are interdimensional beings living in 3D from 5D.

They are experiencing this life, every part of it, from a perspective of a completely different dimension possessing multidimensional consciousness.

These people are quite different in how they approach living this life.

They feel somewhat disconnected from the human experience.

They look at life happening all around them, yet are not affected by the bad news and circumstances which take place every day around us. They watch the news and are not afraid. In fact, they are so unaffected by the news, that they might not have any interested in what is being reported in the media because they feel as though they are isolated from the emotional impact of the reporting, or feel that it might not resonate as truth to them.

When a normal inhabitant of the 3D living in the third-dimension becomes aware of something shocking or are frightened may respond with an emotional response connected to primal fight-or-flight instincts, someone living in 3D from 5D is more likely to respond with, “Interesting.”

They are definitely experiencing life in 3D, like the rest of us, but they are doing so from the conscious perspective of 5D awareness. For those living in 3D from 5D, their experience is more like watching a movie or playing a part on a movie set, with the full knowledge that their “real” life is waiting for them off stage.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the human race is being introduced to the interdimensional being within us which is in the process of emerging through the process of evolution.

While they might be quickly judged as suffering from dissociative disorders, such as dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue, depersonalization disorder and dissociative identity disorder, they are more likely to align themselves with the idea from philosophical masters.

Jesus is perceived as being a fifth dimensional being, and His quote is often cited, that He was not from this world, and His followers could also transcend the third dimension with Him to the fifth dimension by His statement, “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world” (John 17:16).

Obviously, they inhabit the Earth in the third dimension in a three-dimensional body but their consciousness is aware of life from another vantage point.

Just as the physiological suffering which Jesus endured was very real and painful, He was able (for the most part) to view His own experience from the higher dimension (which could have been as high as the seventh-dimension, or possibly higher) where He and His Father resides.

Today, Jesus would have been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder, or messiah complex, savior complex, or Christ complex, among other mental health disorders, and while He might suffer the same rejection, His end might have been a bit more sanely attained. He might have been assassinated by a lone gunman, or fall victim to an early death from “natural causes.”

Nonetheless, there are a growing number of people who are adopting the “in the world but not of the world” perspective, and to them feeling as though the greater part of them exists outside the three-dimensional grid is a welcomed thought.

Maybe we all could learn a thing or two from the cross-dimensional beings who claim to be “only visiting this planet” from another dimension…

It certainly does empower one to be less affected by the hurdles we all face and the atrocities which we are presented with in the media every day.