Dimensional Crossover Warped Truth

You were there. You remember exactly how it happened. Yet, the evidence, empirical and unquestionable, tells a completely different story. Is this the Mandela Effect, dimensional crossover, warped truth, alternate timeline, or government conspiracy cover-up? Who knows?

There is no doubt that history and the truth from the past are irrevocably changing. No matter how you remembered it. Once you’re gone, the alternate timeline that you were in will be erased forever.

I know this is hard to wrap your head around, and not to worry, there are plenty of “logical explanations” which can readily be found which will convince you that nothing is wrong with you, and that people who believe things incorrectly (especially important details) often suffer from having “false memories.”

Having false memories is a perfectly normal part of human life. You can’t help but misremember things you witnessed with your own eyes and ears. But the “proof” is presented in such a way that any other possibility would be impossible. “believe us,” says the government and the psychological community, “This happens all the time.” You’re not crazy. This happens to everyone.

If you believe that, well, you’re normal.

These phenomena have been commonly referred to as the “Mandela Effect” in present-day society which explains the false memory concept with specific examples of memories that millions of people could share about particular things from the past, who could easily be proven wrong by unquestionable evidence.

For instance, if you were old enough to either witness the Kennedy assassination as originally broadcast on television or the many times the footage was played and replayed on television since then, you remember a front seat and a back seat in the car the Kennedys were riding in.

If you play archival footage today of the event, the limo now has three rows of seats.
Any proof of what you remember, how you remember that event has been erased. It is gone forever, and there is no possibility of recovering proof of how you swear you remember it.

The reason this phenomenon is referred to as the Mandela Effect is attributed millions of people remembering the death of Nelson Mandela in the late eighties, who witnessed his funeral broadcast on television, which today, never happened. No archival footage, no book written by his widow, newspapers gone. Millions were shocked when his death was announced on the 5th of December 2013.

Doing a little Google research on the Mandela Effect will yield many examples of these “false memories” which involve numerous dead people who didn’t die, tragic events from the past which have changed (besides the Kennedy footage) such as the explosion of the Challenger and more.

The reason, they tell you, is because you have a false memory of the event in question. Or do you?

Really? Millions of people remember a past event incorrectly in the same manner? Not to worry, this is just mass false memory, again easily explained by government education and psychologists everywhere. There is nothing wrong with you. You just remember it wrong.

No doubt, there is a lot more going on in this life than meets the eye.

There are multiple dimensions, alternate time lines, and certainly, the government would, could, and has stepped in to change historical records to serve their purposes. Could it be some kind of dimensional crossover warped truth timeline which shifts periodically over time?

That’s why I am a huge proponent of the truth continuum because I don’t know, and unraveling the truth behind the truth, time shifts, alternate realities, and government conspiracies would be all-consuming. Clearly to even attempt such a project would distract me from my life’s purpose.

I am sure someone will appear whose life purpose it is to unravel all the details of the dimensional crossover/warped truth conundrum. In the meantime, I’ll just attribute it all to being in the truth continuum.

I don’t have all the answers.

If you do, then feel free to share your knowledge with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

Every Thought Is Real

Every thought you think is real. Even your wildest imaginings have already happened somewhere, sometime. Your original thoughts are like memories from vastness of all that was, has been and ever will be.

Think about this: Every thought, hope, dream or fear, anything you have or could ever possibly imagine is not a fantasy but has happened or will happen and you are only tapping into the consciousness of it because you and I, all of us, are connected to the matrix which holds all information of the past, the present and the future, all without the limitation of our minds or time and space.

When we experience what might seem like a random thought, it is a memory from this massive matrix construct which is not limited by time and space. Often in our efforts to rationalize the thought, we color it, shape it, look at it from different angles, and use our imagination to fill in the blanks, such as faces and places that seem familiar to us.

Sometimes something appears in our thoughts to be so real, yet is simply an image from the vast matrix of everything that has been, is or will be and some of us are most sensitive to the thoughts and images that appear from the matrix.

What do Moses, John the Baptist, Muhammad, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Gene Roddenberry have in common? They all shared a sensitivity to the unlimited resources provided via the matrix and were able to interpret the information with a certain degree of accuracy.

Invariably, someone will raise their hand at this moment and ask, “What about Stephen King?” As strange as it may sound, if you follow this train of thought, all those horrible images, monsters and stories, were, are or will be real, somewhere.

What about fairies, unicorns and fairy tales? All real.

Also following this idea is the concept of other galaxies and dimensions which are also connected to the same grid. So someone who sees something that is so far removed from any concept we might have restricted to our timeline and proximity of our planet, could be completely feasible and accurate in another dimension, planet, or time period in the future.

Yet, we are all connected to this intergalactic grid and can access all its knowledge if we only allow ourselves to entertain such an idea and access these unlimited resources using the power of our imagination.

Then, if all of this wasn’t already as fascinating as thoughtfully possible, quantum mechanics throws alternate timelines, worlds and universes into the mix. We have Schrödinger’s cat to thank for it’s not both alive and dead when not observed, but rather one version of it ceases to exist, while another lives on in an alternative timeline.

Any event which could have two or more outcomes could cause such a splinter in time and space.

For instance, a year ago, I potentially was part of a fatal single auto accident. One version of me died last February while the version of me writing these words was spared the accident altogether.

All these realities and alternate realities and multi-verses are all connected via an unfathomable array of possibilities where anything and everything exists simultaneously and some of us tap into these alternate realities and see a vision of such in our mind’s eye.

Not only is anything possible… everything is.

Of course, many of us, disregard such possibilities as science fiction, yet there is no doubt that some individuals have left their mark in this very plane of existence in the timeline you are experiencing right now, who have clearly seen things that were preposterous at the time, which now we know to be true.

How could they have so accurately depicted these things?

Sure, it could have been due to fanciful imagination, fairy tales, hypothesis, or logical projection, but could it also have been a tapping into the infinite matrix?

What if you create your world?