What’s Important to You?

As you’re trying to pace yourself through life without succumbing to the rigorous stress associated with the rate race or endless running like a gerbil running on its wheel, that than subject yourself to just being another rodent in the maze of life, it can be helpful to determine what’s important to you.

Having a working knowledge of what’s important to you will help you sort out your priorities. Any time you are faced with a decision to do this or that, a quick scan of your priorities can save you from being distracted by those things in life that do not serve your best interests.

In this way, you get back behind the wheel enabling you to be the master of your fate rather than a victim of this life.

How do you know what’s important to you?

The first and easiest place to look for a detailed list of what’s important to you is to review your bank account. Here you will find how you spend your money, which is often a microcosm of what is important to you in life. It doesn’t take much to extrapolate those things which are meaningful to you after taking a look at how you spend your hard-earned dollars.


Are there many extraneous and needless expenditures which indicate you might be taking shopping sprees as therapy? Maybe it is time to reevaluate your spending to be a better representation of what’s important to you.

It may be helpful to find out what kind or money person you are. These are “valuable” monetary clues to who you are, based on how you handle your finances which probably indicates how you deal with life in general.


If you didn’t feel like it was the next step, well, I’m sure you knew that where you spend your time should be the next item up for review. Time is your most precious treasure because while money feel like it’s more important (especially if you’re feeling like there’s a lack of it), time is far more valuable than money.

With money, you always have another chance, can make another go of it, or try to do better the next time, but with every tick of the clock, you’ve lost time which can never be regained. So, how you spend your time is a clear demonstration of what’s important to you as well.

Again, as you review how you are spending your time, you might feel that it is not an accurate representation of what’s important to you. Maybe you’re wasting your valuable time on things that have little substance or do not add significance or value to your life, like you’d like to. Now’s a good time to think about scheduling time in your life for the things that bring you joy or a sense of purpose to your life.

As you get to better know yourself, it’s easy to see that time and money both indicate these things which you give your attention to. These are the priorities in your life.


Where do your thoughts go, when there is time to let your mind wander? More attention… are your idle thoughts serving you in a way that is honorable and meaningful?

Maybe there are opportunities that are passing you by.

What if you had only one week to live? How would you spend those last few days of your life? Wouldn’t this to do list represent things that are important to you? Maybe you should start making these things priorities in your life.

You don’t care?

As important as getting to grips with what’s important to you is also taking a look at those things which have little or no importance to you. What are the things that you do not give your attention, time, or money to?

You might be shocked or surprised to realize that the areas you neglect the most are those that have little meaning for you. Maybe they once did, but they have lost their luster, and are no longer important to you.

Maybe following this review, you will notice things which aren’t important to you, should be. If your attention, time, and money are not being spent on things you think might be important, like family, marriage, and other relationships, now might be the time to make some adjustments in your priorities of life now.

What do you think your priorities should be?

How do people see you, and how might you like them to see you? Are they similar?

I’m not saying that you should let others dictate the kind of person you should be, but I am saying that they should be able to see the kind of person you would like to be known as. This represents your authenticity, people being able to recognize you for who you are. Who are you known as?

Maybe it’s time to make some noticeable changes that will be noticed by friends, acquaintances, and passers-by which depict the real you who is experiencing this life through your body.

This leads to what may even be more significant: How will you be remembered?

When your valuable time is up, and your journey has come to an end, what will you have left behind? You are more than just your will. There are other wills, such as, will you have made a contribution? Will people remember you as the person you are? Will you leave a legacy? Will you have made the world a better place in your own special way?

While there is still breath in your lungs and your heart beats with the energy of unconditional love and life, think about those things that bring you a sense of purpose, meaning, and joy. Focus your attention, time, and money on these things and make your life an accurate representation of who you really are.

Live Your Life

You have this one life to live and you can choose to live your life, full on, as your own, or you can life your life as defined by someone or something else, like a good little human. (I humbly apologize for the sarcastic overtones.)

You came to this planet to live your life, to do so in such an individualistic and magnificent way. Along with you, you brought certain talents, gifts, and special abilities, all to support your purpose and to enable you to best sing your song. Not that your song might be a melody to be sung with your voice, but more like your unique message to be shared by you will have an extraordinary perspective, look and feel, unique to you.

There are forces which abound on this planet which would like to eliminate the inkling of a thought which you might entertain about having anything of significance to contribute to the world. So, they start programming you via social engineering to stamp out any hope of remembering your life’s purpose.

This programming is so effective, that your parents, caretakers, teachers, coworkers, family, and friends, are all under the spell of the powers that want to control you, and they are all trying to prevent your authentic, inspired self from emerging and making an impact. Of course, all this effort is heart-felt concern, as if to be looking out for your best interests.

You can’t really fault or blame people for exerting their beliefs in an effort to “save you from yourself” because they love you, and they so sincerely believe their efforts to prevent you from being who you really are will save you from pain, suffering, and utter disaster.

Live Your Life

The real you, the you that you were sent to this planet to be, is aching to be acknowledged and released. You hear that still small inner voice, that resides in the deepest part of you praying that you will be able to hear it among all the noise. It is sometimes so very hard to hear because it is buried so far beneath the loud inner voice of ego, which is easy to be manipulated and programmed by the powers and their social engineering.

And if that weren’t enough, your conscious mind is under constant attack of a barrage of distracting details, data, media, drama, and trauma, that you couldn’t find a gap in the space quiet enough to hear the voice of your true inner self.

Yet, you know it is there. You can feel it.

Even with all the efforts, supported by all the money and power in the world to suppress the real you, you know there is more to this life than what you’ve been allowed to think of or believe in. And apart of you longs to

Live Your Life

If you really want to live your life authentically and be true to yourself, you might consider creating some sacred space for you to tune in to who you really are. Getting in touch with you, “the you” you were meant to be, will take separation from the things in life which have been placed there to distract you and keep you in a state of trance, or panic.

Your feelings easily distract you, so find ways to reduce or eliminate (at least momentarily) any of the things in life that make you feel bad. Anything that makes you feel angry or sad, find ways to get these things out of your life, at least in the beginning. Later, once you are able to identify and connect with your true inner self, then you can find ways to disempower anything that might try to distract you from your purpose, message, passion, and/or mission (pmpm).

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Make a concerted effort to disassociate yourself from the mediocre life you’ve been programmed to accept for yourself. Take a look at all the programming which you have subjected yourself to which may not be supporting your authentic self. Things like bad habits which may not serve you, but are so effective at distracting you from the authentic frequency and vibration of the real you, that you may have physiological connections or dependency on these substances and/or activities keeping you even more separated from who you really are.

Now is the time to make some clean and pure psychological and physiological space for you to enable you to authentically connect to the real you, allowing you to truly live your life in a genuinely empowered and effective life, free from the social engineering and powers which desire your blind subservience.

As you learn more about what you really want in life, know this is your birthright. All the things you desire (when free from the programming, and some which you were drawn to while under the influence of the programming) are yours to be enjoyed in this lifetime. These desires would not have been placed in your heart of hearts, endearing you to them, if you were not called to enjoy them in their fullness.

All these things are waiting for you to have them and frolic fully in the joy of possessing them and/or living in the energy of them. It is on you to close the gap between where you ware and where you want to be, between what you have now and what you want to have.

Since all you want, and have ever wanted, has already been provided for you, all you have to do to close the gap is to align yourself with what you want and to remove anything which is blocking you from seeing it or having it. When nothing stands between you and what you want, and you are in the vibration of whatever it is, you find yourself in the fullness of it.

Doing a little something-something every day moves you closer and closer to what you want, enabling you to live your life authentically and abundantly.

Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Who can I be? Who have I been called to be and what is my message?

Only you can discover the answers to these questions for yourself.

Be open and prepared for evolutionary changes within yourself, which will affect not only you, but the world around you.

This is your life. Start living your own life today.

When People Show You Who They Are Believe Them

People can be very mysterious, and even though it’s impossible to know what’s going on inside someone’s head, you might be surprised to know that it’s easy to see people as they really are, if you are paying attention. Often they will clearly show themselves to you and when people show you who they are, believe them.

It’s easy to be impressed by someone’s presentation, how they talk, walk, dress, what kind of car they drive, the house they live in, job, or financial independence they exude. Even if your first impression and instincts were over-ridden by appearances, if you’re paying attention, you will often be seeing them clearly showing you the type of person he or she really is.

This is a common occurrence amongst the dating community. When a relationship falls to pieces since hindsight is 20/20 the love-seeker is saying something like, “I saw it, I just didn’t want to believe it,” or see it for what it was. We tend to project our best view of a person onto the people we desire to admire. We overlook the warning signs, in the beginning, to hold a sacred image of them in our minds.

Little inconsistencies that don’t seem to be important, and are easily overlooked in the initial phases of getting to know someone, were likely clearly communicating what to expect from this person.

Little things like, not having same-sex friends, not communicating with family members, or everyone they know is “crazy.” Maybe it takes a while for him or her to respond to your text, but you notice when they are with you, that he or she responds to texts from other people immediately… and other things that make you go, “Huh?”

Even though you might write those things off negligible inconsistencies at the outset, after a while you start asking, “Why?”

When you start asking why, your projected image of them is starting to fade and you’re starting to see them as they really are, and you’re likely to wonder why it appears that they have changed. Only they haven’t changed, though your perception of him or her is changing as you’re allowing yourself to see them in a more realistic light.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see the best in someone, to believe the best about someone, but when you realize that they are who they really are and see clearly that they clearly showed you who they were from the outset, don’t beat yourself up too much. It only means that you have a heart, and you were caught at a time when you wanted to believe the best.

You may have let down your guard and been vulnerable, possibly even feel as though you were taken advantage of, but you can’t put yourself down for loving too much.

You didn’t want to not believe in someone’s best possibilities. You didn’t want to give up on this person or give in to believing that they were any less than you believed was their best possibility. You’re not a quitter. You saw the goodness that was in them, which they could have fully embraced, but when it comes down to it, they just couldn’t go there.

Not that they couldn’t grow into their evolutionary highest and best, but they just weren’t ready to do the work necessary to be the amazing person whom you envisioned coming to life in your mind’s eye. And nothing you could do for them could change them. Change can only be accomplished when the changer sees change as inevitable. No one has ever changed by being nagged to make a change.

No one has ever changed by being nagged to make a change. (Okay, maybe for a moment to defer a particular consequence, but not meaningful, lasting change, which only comes from within.)

Love is a delicate balancing act of loving without reservation, and self-preservation. It’s different for every person, and only you can decide where your boundaries are.

You are awesome and your strength is in the power of your love, and sometimes loving might empower you to let someone go to find and make their own way. This is really the best, most supportive thing you can do. Nobody is wrong, broken, or in need of fixing (plus, you couldn’t fix them if you wanted to).

It is up to you to determine what people and characteristics that you want in your life. So, it’s good to have an idea of what you want and what you don’t. When you start seeing undesirable attributes in people in your inner circle, you can start making plans to clear your sacred space of their influence.

You might be surprised to learn that someone might see some of your attributes as being undesirable. I know, it’s crazy, but its true. We all have our own unique flavor, but we’re all in the same soup, which would be bland if not for us.

While some things are tolerable, it’s up to you to decide what is intolerable or referred to as dealbreakers. These are the characteristics that are red flags indicating that you need to move someone out of your inner circle to make room for someone who is more compatible.

All that to say, don’t be surprised when you lift the veil of best intentions to see that almost every person is being honest, showing you their true colors at the get-go, and if you’ve given them the benefit of the doubt and viewed them in their highest and best form, don’t beat yourself up about it. See them for who they really are.

“When people show you who they are, believe them.” ~Maya Angelou