Dimensional Crossover Warped Truth

You were there. You remember exactly how it happened. Yet, the evidence, empirical and unquestionable, tells a completely different story. Is this the Mandela Effect, dimensional crossover, warped truth, alternate timeline, or government conspiracy cover-up? Who knows?

There is no doubt that history and the truth from the past are irrevocably changing. No matter how you remembered it. Once you’re gone, the alternate timeline that you were in will be erased forever.

I know this is hard to wrap your head around, and not to worry, there are plenty of “logical explanations” which can readily be found which will convince you that nothing is wrong with you, and that people who believe things incorrectly (especially important details) often suffer from having “false memories.”

Having false memories is a perfectly normal part of human life. You can’t help but misremember things you witnessed with your own eyes and ears. But the “proof” is presented in such a way that any other possibility would be impossible. “believe us,” says the government and the psychological community, “This happens all the time.” You’re not crazy. This happens to everyone.

If you believe that, well, you’re normal.

These phenomena have been commonly referred to as the “Mandela Effect” in present-day society which explains the false memory concept with specific examples of memories that millions of people could share about particular things from the past, who could easily be proven wrong by unquestionable evidence.

For instance, if you were old enough to either witness the Kennedy assassination as originally broadcast on television or the many times the footage was played and replayed on television since then, you remember a front seat and a back seat in the car the Kennedys were riding in.

If you play archival footage today of the event, the limo now has three rows of seats.
Any proof of what you remember, how you remember that event has been erased. It is gone forever, and there is no possibility of recovering proof of how you swear you remember it.

The reason this phenomenon is referred to as the Mandela Effect is attributed millions of people remembering the death of Nelson Mandela in the late eighties, who witnessed his funeral broadcast on television, which today, never happened. No archival footage, no book written by his widow, newspapers gone. Millions were shocked when his death was announced on the 5th of December 2013.

Doing a little Google research on the Mandela Effect will yield many examples of these “false memories” which involve numerous dead people who didn’t die, tragic events from the past which have changed (besides the Kennedy footage) such as the explosion of the Challenger and more.

The reason, they tell you, is because you have a false memory of the event in question. Or do you?

Really? Millions of people remember a past event incorrectly in the same manner? Not to worry, this is just mass false memory, again easily explained by government education and psychologists everywhere. There is nothing wrong with you. You just remember it wrong.

No doubt, there is a lot more going on in this life than meets the eye.

There are multiple dimensions, alternate time lines, and certainly, the government would, could, and has stepped in to change historical records to serve their purposes. Could it be some kind of dimensional crossover warped truth timeline which shifts periodically over time?

That’s why I am a huge proponent of the truth continuum because I don’t know, and unraveling the truth behind the truth, time shifts, alternate realities, and government conspiracies would be all-consuming. Clearly to even attempt such a project would distract me from my life’s purpose.

I am sure someone will appear whose life purpose it is to unravel all the details of the dimensional crossover/warped truth conundrum. In the meantime, I’ll just attribute it all to being in the truth continuum.

I don’t have all the answers.

If you do, then feel free to share your knowledge with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are designed to distract you from pursuing your Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission (PMPM) in life. While many unbelievable truths are true conspiracies, many are falsely spun by the spin doctors to confuse you, they murk up the truth so much that truth can be indiscernible.

There are those who have the ministry of deciphering the deeply coded mysteries of life. They must dig through countless piles of documents, data, soundbites, and information from sources (mostly unknown to us mere mortals) which we just don’t have the psychological bandwidth for. This is a lifetime endeavor, one that only a special few of us are called to.

This particular calling (investigating conspiracies) is an all-consuming preoccupation, which many of us could easily fall victim to, once making the acquaintance of the inconsistencies of life.

It is wise to be somewhat knowledgeable about the real condition of the world and to be aware of the methods used by the powers that be which are used to manipulate the peoples en masse. For those of us who are becoming more aware, we are not easily shaken by such things.

Why are we not shaken by conspiracy theories? The truth is, we know that there is a high probability that the cover story is not true, a cleverly conceived lie, which is spun to manipulate, control, cause us to believe something as a group, or keep us separated, or in fear.

Even amongst all this dark energy, focused on us, to keep us fearful and distracted from focusing on living a better life, our best lives, and making the world a better place, there are those who are able to focus on achieving their highest and best.

A growing number of us are continuing to evolve into the greater versions of ourselves while being aware of the truth and lies of all these conspiracy theories without being derailed of consumed by them. This, thanks to those who have been called to the ministry of demystifying and decoding the mysteries of life.

Yes, thanks to them, we can take the occasional conspiracy theory side-road, enjoy the show, take what knowledge is necessary, then return to our regularly scheduled programming of continuing to expand and evolve, without having to spend our whole lives immersed in this dark energy.

God bless the demystifiers.

Then, in the background, those who have a tendency to entertain the idea of conspiracy theories, they are being tracked and cataloged.

Why would the government want to monitor and track people who are likely to consider conspiracy theories? This is quite a conspiracy in itself.

We are programmed by social engineers to throw off any idea of conspiracies as ridiculous fantasies which can put someone’s ability to be “normal” at risk, to even suggest the propensity for insanity. To believe in the possibility of a conspiracy is to suggest compromising one’s otherwise stable mental health and wellness.

There are drug therapies which can be used to reel a conspiracy theorist back in to make them a more productive (non-resistant) member of society. Problem solved. Even though, in the present day, this normalizing drug therapy is elective.

But, as the mental health community continues to agree to the idea of managing (enforcing) what is “normal,” those who question authority and/or may be rebellious to social standards or beliefs, may be diagnosed with Individuality Psychosis.

This is a valid concern.

Until we uncover what the intentions of the “powers that be” are, or we (as humanity) have evolved enough that their attempts to manipulate and control for profit is no longer effective or sustainable, it might be a good idea to maintain a low profile.

The next time you get access to information about a particular conspiracy theory, listen briefly, take in the key points, and tell yourself, “I care, but not too much.” Why? Because while it may be true, it doesn’t really affect you or your journey, if you are able to keep it filed away and maintain the ability to get back on track of personal growth and mastery.

There are things in life that may (or may not) be true that don’t matter to you. (It’s all in the truth continuum, anyway.)

Be aware, but keep moving forward, focused on you, your personal growth and change in spirit and in truth. Live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

Don’t let the thoughts of an overbearing, frightening, and confusing government or conspiracy theories dissuade you from seeking the truth, or you’re continuing to expand and evolve.

It is your birthright to be happy, to enjoy a bountiful life, and to have and share all the love you desire.

This better world is yours for the asking, for if you ask and believe, you will receive all the good things in this life which are waiting for you.