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Wrapping up the month of July, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Life is either a daring adventure or nothingWhat an Awesome Life innovative ideas from the universeInnovative Ideas You are in the right place at the right time to receive the idea what will you doYour Great Idea
playing the piano unconscious competence masteryUnconscious Competence Slow moving vehicle smv relax slow moving vehicles daySlow Moving Vehicles are you psychic do i have psychic abilitiesAre You Psychic?
Consider making new friends for a better lifeFriends and Success What have you done today to accumulate financial successWhat Have I Done Today? celebrate celebration celebrity celebrations celebrate good timesCelebrate Good Times Come On
one day at a time one breath on step antonio guillemOne Day at a Time Trust-Betrayal-David-M-Masters-dealing-with-breach-of-trust-healing-how-to-trust-againDealing with Betrayal innocent prisoner released after 18 yearsInnocent Prisoner Released After 18 Years
Do you want to make the world a better placeWant to Make the World a Better Place? how to make a million dollars make money one million dollars 1 million dollars how to make money million dollarHow to Make a Million Dollars self healing non medical treatment medical alternatives self help therapy naturopath homeopathySelf Healing and Health Care
intention activities friends energy vibration communicationIntention Activities Friends love magnet vibrationLove Magnet Vibration starting a business ideas open for business craigslistStarting a Business Ideas
hypnosisHypnosis with great power comes great responsibility spider man super powers abilities voltaire quoteWith Great Power Comes Great Responsibility burning bridges mending fences relationships bridge burningBurning Bridges
power of complaining pessimistic whining complaint take actionPower of Complaining weaponizing spirits aliens ghosts government paranormal cover up conspiracyWeaponizing Spirits Aliens and Ghosts truth honesty consequences imagination sincerityTruth and Consequences
personal development quantum spirit science expansion of consciousnessPersonal Development Quantum and Spirit Science intuitive intuition heart 7 seconds mind 3 seconds precognitive intuitionIntuitive Intuition digital romance social media and relationships romantic relationship technology boundariesDigital Relationship Questions
integrity intuition imagination heart centered business holistic entrepreneursIntegrity Intuition Imagination haters gonna hate cyber bullying sadistic internet trollsHaters Gonna Hate PFC Aaron Eli Fairbairn 20 Aberdeen Washington Died July 4 2009 Paktika AfghanistanRemembering Aaron on the 4th of July
let it go walk away tough love letting go of someone you love stupid things know when to walk awayWalk Away Let It Go im done i dont know what to say when you feel like giving upI’m Done

what an awesome life innovative ideas your great idea unconscious competence are you psychic

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Wrapping up the month of June, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

perception purpose prosperity empower attraction lightning strikes awakeningPerception + Purpose = Prosperity polarization enitlement victim mentality you don t know me tolerance intolerancePolarization and Entitlement confused subliminal messages mind control subliminal advertising subconscious mindConfused? Subliminal Mind Control
My own worst enemy self sabotage vs positive thinkingMy Own Worst Enemy why do people commit suicide depression suicide suicidal thoughts commit suicide why do people kill themselvesWhy Do People Commit Suicide? spiritual awakening god holy spirit spiritual gifts spirit science enlightenmentSpiritual Awakening
The Secret law of attraction rhonda byrne positive psychology self improvementLaw of Attraction Positive Psychology dangers of social mediaDangers of Social Media dysfunctional family children and family marriage divorce social services abusive relationshipDysfunctional Family
anxiety depression agoraphobia ptsd ocd panic attackAnxiety Depression Fear enter the counter leader growing underground enlightenment love peaceEnter the Counter Leader You are human evolution in action sui generis dnaYou Are Human Evolution in Action
Make money doing what you love i get money doing what i loveMake Money Doing What You Love life sucks or not your choiceLife Sucks serving target market customer avatar laser focus advertisingWho Do You Serve?
unbelievable truths science fiction technology that became realUnbelievable Truths What is love if true love dies romantic love signs your marriage is overWhat is Love If True Love Dies? We interrupt this program emergency broadcast system distraction law of attractionWe Interrupt This Program
I say yes to my highest and best inclusive law of attraction exclusive decision makingSaying Yes to your highest and best disappointment stop the drama find the treasure look for something betterDealing with Disappointment my life meaning of life purpose driven life how to change your lifeMeaning of Life
dating over 40 how to find a good man you attract what you areDating Over 40 soul mate relationship truth soulmate broken heart lonely awakenings the truthRelationship Truth and the Soulmate List It might be late but the best is yet to comeBroken 50 Years Old and Alone
Unworthy Self Doubt BreakthroughUnworthy Self Doubt Breakthrough actual non photoshopped picture of levitating man on public streetThings Aren’t Always What They Seem let it be mindset no need to engage in negativityLet It Be
deer crossingDeer Crossing The right kind of life coach counselor therapist consultant for youThe Right Coach for You Awakening there is more to this life than this purpose message mission meaningAwakening There is More to This Life

June 2016 perception purpose prosperity polarization entitlement subliminal mind control spiritual awakening


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Wrapping up the month of May, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Story of my life how to write a bookStory of My Life How to Write a Book Spiritual connection between people known and unknownConnection 5 senses to success attraction attenuation prosperityThe 5 Senses of Laser Focused Concentration
Am I too shy to be massively successfulAm I Too Shy to be Massively Successful? Preserving the servants heart self respect healthy boundariesPreserving the Servant’s Heart Personal SWOT Analysis strength weakness opportunity threatPersonal SWOT Analysis
Toxic relationships toxic people just say noToxic Relationships How to Deal With Toxic People Holistic entrepreneurs heart centered business higher productivity numbers upHolistic Entrepreneurs will work for foodWill Work for Food
Thought leaders dont fit in like a stranger in a strange landStranger in a Strange Land Syndrome Spiritual growth businesses spirit led entrepreneursSpiritual Growth and Business What is your marketing budget average 10 to 40 percentBusiness Last Ditch Effort
Love Mick Jagger You Can Get What You Want photographed by Gered Mankowitz 1966You Can Get What You Want Your friends are against reconciliation like an angry mobNot Just the Two of Us When your ex- comes knockin' do you send him a-walkin'?Second Chances
broken heart when someone breaks your heartBroken Heart Ultimate pet rescue matching at risk dogs and cats with pet parents in needUltimate Pet Rescue Childhood friends can form meaningful deep friendship for lifeConnecting with Friends
I found my soul mateI Found My Soul Mate! Dont quitQuit Now Don’t Quit What you see is what you get see the best feel goodWhat You See is What You Get
Free full length youtube video 2 hours you are the star best movie everFree Full Length YouTube Video Vive la resistance resist the resistance and continue to evolveVive la Resistance Loving Mothers every day mothers are the gateway to lifeMothers Are the Gateway to Life
spiritual abuseAre You a Victim of Spiritual Abuse? Sui Generis collective evolution of body mind and spirit individuallyYou Are Sui Generis Fear of failureFear of Failure
Thank you for letting us do this life together you are not aloneYou Are Never Alone Carmen is safe and secure Who is CarmenCarmen is Safe and Secure Stress free top 10 stress free life hacksLiving Your New Stress-free Life
Stress freeStress-free

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Wrapping up the month of April, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

How to relieve stress eat right good nights sleep nutrition rest
How to Relieve Stress
Penny for your thoughts
Penny for Your Thoughts
Stressed out
Stressed Out
MIss More I Need a New Drug
Miss More I Need a New Drug
I am so sorry for your loss of a loved one and grieving
Everyone is Dying
Scientific experiment of life expereincing life as a science project
The Scientific Experiment of Life
How to be confidant self talk
How to be Confident Self Talk
Happiness how to be happy
Happiness How to Be Happy
Hurtful words when words hurt
Hurtful Words ~ When Words Hurt
Live and love like its all that matters because it is
Love Like it’s the Only Thing That Matters
End of the World if the world ends tomorrow
Are You Ready for the End of the World?
What is a Psychopath
What is a Psychopath?
7 Steps to Effective Marketing
7 Steps to Effective Marketing
Your Contribution is the missing piece
Contribution or Distraction
Conspiracy Theories The Truth area 51 aliens
Conspiracy Theories The Truth
Men dont kill other men... its just a game.
Men Don’t Kill Other Men
Till death do us part marriage divorce love you are not disposable
Are You Disposable?
What would you do with 20 million dollars
What Would You Do with 20 Million Dollars?
I cant trust anyone
Why is Everyone Always Bugging Me?
We coexist here there on the other side and other dimensions simultaneously
Is It Possible to Be in Two Places At Once?
Steve Martin Special Purpose Bernadette Peters The Jerk
I’ve Got A Special Purpose!
whats right with me are my strengths special abilities super powers
What’s Right With Me?
Judeo Christian businesses supported by God Almighty
Why Judeo-Christian Businesses Are More Successful
Thats not what he meant to say Miss Interpretation misinterpretation
Meet Miss Interpretation
They are watching you What do they know about you Lack of privacy
Lack of Privacy What They Know
Success what it really looks like
Dream, Team, Laser Beam
What does your superhero mastermind group look like
Is It Time for TEAM?
overcoming fear courage builders prayer visualization modeling tapping affirmations
What Are You Afraid Of?
Branding You dot Com

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Wrapping up the month of March, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Do you believe in angels
Do You Believe in Angels?
7 Steps to get out of your way and get what you want
Get Out of Your Way
There is more unseen than seen The unseen is waiting for you
Believing in Things Unseen
Love is a Terrible Thing to Waste
When Things Couldnt Get Worse They Do and then butterrflies emerge from caterpillars
When Things Couldn’t Get Worse, They Do and then…
Quantum mechanics theories and mysteries
Quantum Mechanics Theories and Mysteries
Guard your heart and mind Defend your right to live laugh love
Guard Your Heart and Mind
You want to live how long shocked baby how long do you want to live
How Long Do You Want to Live?
thought is precgnition you can see the future
Thought is Precognition
To blog or not to blog my favorite blogs
To Blog or Not to Blog My Favorite Blogs
Are scientific discoveries a distraction Take the high road Be Open
Scientific Discoveries and Distraction
Media Distraction Challenge
Media Distraction Challenge
Vegetarians vs Carnivores
Vegetarians vs. Carnivores
We are doers we are heroes God bless the doers
God Bless the Doer
If I had a dollar for every person
If I Could Just Get One Dollar from Every Person…
Love is all there really is everything else is an illusion
Love is All There Really Is
You are my favorite super heroes
Acts of Kindness Superheroes
Beware Individuality Psychosis DSM IV mental illness disease question authority
Beware Individuality Psychosis
operation cookie drop girl scouts cookies jaycie wakefield thankyouaaron
Girl Scouts Operation Cookie Drop Supporting the Troops
The best way to help someone in crisis is to listen to them until they are done sharing
Listen: Help Someone in Personal Crisis
Your highest and best specialize on purpose determine define specialize
4 Steps to Specialize on Purpose
Everything is connected everything happens at the right time everything is perfectly perfect
Everything is Connected and Perfect?
You are such a blessing to others offering love support and assistance
What Can I Do for You?
Which kind of cat are you cat personalities purr sonality
What Kind of Cat Are You?
Im not interested in what you say about me unless its true
What Are They Saying Behind My Back?
The war that we wage is not against flesh and blood
Looking for a Fight?
Question How does it make you feel when someone tries to bully you
Should Believers Be Bullying?
Anything is possible youre almost there Everything is
Anything Is Possible… Everything Is
Cant we all just get along
Can’t We All Just Get Along
Dave Michael Valentine with acoustic guitar
Sing Your Song
I am whats wrong with the world
I Am What’s Wrong With the World

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Wrapping up the month of February, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

If you cant think of anything positive to say repeat these words I see what you meanThe Truth and Nothing but the Truth you can be or do anything you wantBe or Do Anything You Want When lightning strikes will yu be readyWhen Lightning Strikes Will You Be Ready?
When facing a desperate situation rise to the challenge change growthWhat Do You Do When Facing Difficulty? You already have everything you will ever need embrace it take actionThink You’re Not Good Enough? Who am I having an objective opinion about ones self is the first step of wisdomWho Are You?
Go with the flow life as a river raft trip personal spriritual professional businessGoing With the Flow

February 2016 wrap up images