Coming Out of the Darkness

You’re a good person. The world needs you. These days? You’re nowhere to be found. You’ve suffered incredible pain, sorrow, and sometimes it feels like you just can’t go on another day. Yet, you know it is time for your coming out of the darkness.

Life and love are laying in wait, buried deep inside you, waiting for the moment you set them free. You, your special gifts, abilities, passionate voice, and unencumbered love are waiting to be let loose. The day has come, and you know it to be true.

No one would blame you for pulling back, withdrawing from the flow, or taking a sabbatical, all necessary for you to heal and recalibrate after all you’ve been through but the time has come for you to reclaim your birthright and reemerge better than you were before, with more love, life, and vitality.

You have survived the most horribly ostentatious challenges. You have survived. And the world needs you now more than ever.

The time has come for you to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

If you’re having trouble remembering what really living was all about, find an enthusiastic, vibrant and exciting child to play with. Remember what life was all about. These little people aren’t restrained by all the trappings of life and see everything as amazing and fun. Playing with a child will help to awaken the child in you who is waiting to come out and play.

Reach out. Make friends. Let your light shine and help to improve the lives around. Start small, be there for one person, then another, and another. Build your organic network one person at a time. It’s okay to be cautious but be fearless and lead with love.

Start giving. Find opportunities to volunteer helping others and enjoy the benefits of performing random acts of kindness. Your giving doesn’t have to be huge, it can be infinitesimally small, starting a chain reaction which changes the world for good.

Look for and find reasons to celebrate the good things in life, even if seemingly insignificant. The time has come for you to celebrate good times. Come on. Invite your inner child to come out and party with you.

You’ve learned powerful lessons from your past and this education came at great emotional expense but now is the time to look for the good, happiness and joy which is all around waiting to reveal all the good things in life to you.

Everything has led to this moment and you are ready.

It’s time to put yourself out there. The new and improved you, ready to believe and achieve your highest and best.

Get a grip on your Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission (PMPM) and prepare to start singing your song proud and out loud.

A whole new world of possibilities is waiting for you.

I am here for you, the whole world is here for you, all the angels and energy in the universe is on your side.

Now is the time to celebrate your coming out of the darkness and into the light, emerging in love and light.

You got this… Now, more than ever.

Embrace Your Passion

You have a fire burning inside you; a desire to tell the world something of grave importance, an idea to present that will make the world a better place, you have no choice, and you either have to let it out or put it out.

Even as that fire burns, the less attention you pay to stoking the fire to keep it ablaze, the more it diminishes, and left to itself, it the flame will eventually burn out.

You might think that you’re not good enough, smart enough, educated enough, old enough, young enough, brave enough or worthy to take on such a project, for if you dared to utter that which burns inside you, and you were met with resistance, you would be crushed. Life has probably taught you that on already.

You’ve found a good enough place in life where you have a job, a place to live, some family and friends… Sure, things could be better, but on the other hand things could be so much worse and you think, “I’m not that bad.” And that’s what you settle for.
The media does a good job of giving yourself much worse circumstances to compare your plight to. When comparing to those who are much worse off, you feel somewhat better about eeking out your basic life which leads to nowhere.

Still, every once and a while, the urge to do something to make a great contribution to the world wells up inside you, and the more that it happens, the easier it gets to push it away, hide in under a bushel, ignore it, and it will go away.

Just disregard it as childish daydreaming. You were warned of that as a child, now you’re an adult, you have no time for such foolish ideals.

Yet, inside you remains a huge storage facility full of gifts, tools, talents and special abilities, which may pop up occasionally and shine for a brief moment while at work, in a crisis, or a special occasion. But this vast cache of treasure is otherwise underutilized or disregarded altogether; more childish foolishness.

You are okay with your job, but not satisfied. There is little pride in being basically just an assembly line worker or cog in the machine, or a sheep in the field. In fact, that drudgery is not only at work, but you find un-fulfillment all around you, at work, at home, in your community. It’s just the same ol’ same ol’, on and on, every day, ad infinitum.

Why not consider this?

The next time you have a free moment, create something, talk to someone about what deeply moves you, find a way to release some of that passion in your life.
If you look at your life, even if you have a full time job, you have excess hours that are spent idly. Why not turn this time into opportunities to express yourself and exercise your special gifts, talents and abilities?

These precious moments are your chance to stoke the fire in you about the things you are passionate about. Even if it feels awkward, at first, start with just a few minutes every day. And keep building on those minutes, until you get to an hour, a few hours, as many as 8 hours or more are just waiting for you to capture them, to achieve your highest and best, and make the world a better place.

You came to this planet with a message and a purpose. They will always be itching at your attention to be engaged in and released. Sure, you can bury them, like you have in the past, or you can bring them to life. What have you got to lose?


Okay, so you’re afraid of being embarrassed, ever been embarrassed before?

How bad was it? Did you live through it?

Compare that to answering this question: What if you’re successful?

What if you actually find fulfillment in your life, a sense of satisfaction, and how good it feels to do something good for the world that will help others in their lives, and possibly have an impact on the world looking for something better than the troubles, tragedies, fear, or sense of worthlessness they’re struggling with on a regular basis?

You have some fear. We all do.

Try this little personal exploration project. Make three lists. One list of all the things you are good at. The second list jot down all the things you like to do, activities and things that bring you joy. On the third list, delineate all the things that make you feel like you’ve accomplished something, give you a sense of meaning, value or purpose.

The things that appear on all three lists? These are the major clues to your calling, especially if they resonate with your hidden treasure chest of skills and abilities that your kept locked away.

Sound scary?

Okay, so what.

You’re only starting by dedicating five minutes a day, then when you feel comfortable with that, try 10 minutes, and keep going until you’re on your way to empowering yourself as a force for good in a world that need you, to hear your message, to feel your presence.

This is your time.

The time is now.

Where is Your Power?

Do you have it, or have you given it away?

The idea of power can be a struggle for enlightened or spiritual individuals. Yet nothing positive comes to fruition without moving forward with a degree of power, such as a seed pushing through the earth, water making its way down a mountain, a baby being birthed, everything that is needs a certain degree of force to be.

And so it is with you, also.

You might be reluctant to embrace your personal power due to life circumstance, experience and learned behavior. Consider it might be time for you to get over it. You emerged into this life with power, society robbed you of it and it’s time you took it back.

Society is man’s attempt to herd and control the people of the earth with as little effort as possible. Keep us divided, in pockets of thought patterns, polarizing each other, and keeping us overwhelmed by a barrage of information to further polarize us (among other things) prevents us from connecting to our higher selves and evolving into our true human potential.

But if you could tap into your own individual personal power, you could see things as they really are (not like they want you to interpret the world) and have the most amazing experiences, enjoying all the good things this life has to offer, unaffected by the distractions (which, for the most part, are not real anyway).

While there is a part of you that fervently desire to expand, the pull of society to make you conform and settle for varying degrees of mediocrity is a formidable foe in your quest for regaining your immutable God-given right to enjoy everything in this life which is meant for you to live life to its fullest.

The struggle between your higher self who knows there is so much more to savor in this life, and your base self which has been programmed to merely be a part of the machine living within a neatly socially designed space, making you easier to manage, ensues. Your base self usually wins out because the social structure is so well conceived and strong. It takes a great deal of personal power to break through the confines of your social prison.

The keys to unlocking your personal power are hidden among the states of creativity and love. If you can ignore the constant flow of that which is not love and focus more on love, seeing the love all around you, in every thing, circumstance, situation and situation, your personal power grows. Then, you can actually start creatively exercising your own individual freedom of thought, making new connections between your brain and your higher self, empowering your true free will. This is the path to your enlightenment, separating you from the pack and leads you to allowing your evolution to continue.

Your journey and your part in the evolution of the human race depends on you focusing on you. You can not be responsible for other people. They are responsible for themselves. You cannot exercise power over anyone to evolve or maintain any level of enlightenment. This evolution is highly individualized and can not be structured or controlled en masse. We may find encouragement or experience new ideas for expansion and growth from others, but your evolution is individually unique and to achieve your highest evolutionary state, only you can do it in the manner which is best for you. Likewise, you allow others to find their own way, too, while being supportive of each person’s individual journey.

Even though, while you grow, you are part of a greater whole which desires to control you. Rather than fight against the machine, you are better off preserving your personal power by finding new ways to integrate with the machine which would not hinder your evolutionary process.

If you dare, do not let the world control you or your mind and embrace all that you are, all that you can be and enjoy all that this life has to offer.


Be or Do Anything You Want

I’ve been in the business of helping others achieve their highest and best most of my life, it’s my life’s mission and it permeates everything that I do or say; it is who I am. I am so thankful that I was raised in an environment at a time when everything was questioned and I was given carte blanche for personal freedom and expression… and I reveled in it.

Momma always told me I could be or do anything I want (as long as I didn’t terrorize my younger brother or burn the house down).

Early on, I knew that I was a more sensitive, loving and caring person and I preferred the company of others who shared and contrasted my personal views, keeping an open mind, maintaining a certain set of beliefs while allowing others to share their views without ridicule and encouraging them to continue to share their ideas with all who can hear them. (Even at an early age, I knew that it would be a waste of time to share ideas with someone who could not understand what you were trying to say.)

you can be or do anything you wantLater in life, people referred to me as a “manifestor” for my ability to make any idea or passion come to life. People think that I am a fearless and masterful creator, when in reality, I am just like anyone else – maybe more inhibited, self-conscious and/or frightened – but refuse to let anything get in between me and my desires. So, I find the wherewithal to man-up and do what I have to do to make a thought (or dream) a reality.

People are drawn to me in search of their “reason for being” on this planet, like I would know the answer. Truth is, if you’re like me (and you are), you are accomplishing your life’s mission every day, though you may not realize it. All you have to do is to look back at your life and review (amongst other things):

• What kinds of people are attracted to me?
• What kinds of assistance do I offer others?
• What activities have brought me the greatest sense of pleasure?
• What do I love to dream or fantasize about?

This will give you an idea about what your purpose is (you can’t help but do it, even if suppressed).

In this moment it is occurring to you that you are not completely in-tune with your specific calling, certainly you could do better, and you can. You have all the skills necessary to perform at a higher level of effectiveness as you were born with the ability to be your highest and best.

You may be feeling the social twinge related to the idea, “but I have bills to pay…” Not a problem; nobody’s asking you to quit the life that you’ve built for yourself ‘til now. This is not the time for reckless abandon. But it is the time to start performing your divine function (I refer to it as my ministry) at a higher level, moonlighting part-time, and you will notice something amazing to begin to take place.

The things that you thought were only far away, distant dreams, without the possibility of being realized for you, will begin to appear, first as possibilities, then as you continue to do your work… will become more and more attracted to your current circumstance.

Then before you know it, your dream (the first of many) has come true as you realize the you can be or do anything you want. This is true self-empowerment, becoming the creator you were meant to be. After a while people will begin to call you a manifestor, and you can help others to do likewise.

Becoming your highest and best… Making all your dreams come true… Will prove to others that they can do the same… even better. That’s a gift only you can give.

Help others to believe that anything is possible.