Building Your Success Acumen

If you want to change your life, and make massive strides toward the life you desire, you’re going to need to exercise your success muscles, which means, just like bodybuilding, you will achieve the best results when you push through. Exercise and push through the pain to failure, then rest, rebuild, and start again.

Exercising can take many forms, from introspection, study, and research to physical action and practice.

Pushing through to failure, as they say,

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

This persistence, doing the work, moving forward when you don’t feel like it, in integrity, this is one of the most valuable keys to achieving massive success, this is building your success acumen. This often is the difference between those who don’t make it and those who ultimately breakthrough and do.

To empower you to achieve your highest and best, you will want to engage in a mission that inspires you.

You will want to increase your attentiveness, constantly scanning your local landscape and the horizon for clues along the way, as you continue to move forward and take the action necessary to bring about the changes you want.

As you are scanning for opportunities to present themselves, your being more aware will help you respond appropriately when they begin to appear. Often, being prepared to respond to an opportunity at the first glimpse of its unveiling can keep you from missing such an opportunity.

Organize the opportunities as they present themselves into categories to make it easier for you to review, evaluate, and manage these valuable resources with boundless possibilities. Consider these as categories to get started:


Keep notes and use comprehensive logic balanced by your intuition, your gut feeling, to evaluate, make decisions, and take inspired action on these potentialities.

If you want to change your life, you will need to make changes in your life. The most significant changes you can make would be to stop doing those things that you know from experience do not serve you. It may be time to change your social structure, let go of old friends who are distracting you or holding you back.

If your neighborhood is keeping you down, maybe its time to move somewhere else where you can have a fresh start and not be held back by your former life and the ties that restrain you from being who you want to be.

Your current relationship may be a trap that keeps you from making your dreams come true. Take a close look at this and ask yourself if it’s time to sever these ties?

Maybe the job you’re working at today does not feed you and your life with the kind of energy and satisfaction that you need to pursue your dreams. If your job is not feeding your soul or enabling you to do something that you’re enjoying while supporting someone else’s dream, then it may be time to find something else.

You need all the energetic support you can garner in your everyday life to help propel you in the direction you want to go.

You would do well to self-evaluate you, the who you want to be, and make sure that the person you want to grow into is in harmony with who you really are inside. Sometimes people who want more out of life let their desires overshadow their inner knowing and higher self. These people embark on a journey that is primarily an uphill battle, and the result, if they do end up making it happen, even if by the brute force of will, is not as satisfying as they thought it might be.

Why? Because they forced themselves into an end result which was incongruent with who they really were. All that effort wasted. Yet, all is not for naught. Because even if you do arrive at a destination which is not “you,” you can always chart a new course for the real you, and you are now better equipped than ever to do so.

You will be so much further ahead if you can stay in resonance with your inner knowing and higher self-coherence.

This is often a necessary step toward finding and doing the right thing.

What Are Type A Personalities Hiding?

You know those Type A over-the-top powerhouse performers? I shouldn’t really say this due to confidentiality (so I won’t use names or personally specific information) nonetheless most, if not all, of these amazing demonstrative people on the outside, are harboring deep emotional wounds on the inside.

I’m not passing any judgment, or encouraging you to judge or challenge these kinds of people in any way. I’m just trying to point out that even the people who we might look up to, those who are the superheroes in our organizations and communities, are commonly acting out these magnificent feats as a sort of self-medication, or to keep up such a pace so as not to give them much time to face the issues that remain hidden under the skin.

We all do this to some degree, but these folks seem to have the market cornered on their deep unresolved personal issues. In my work, I often find myself working through a lot of surface issues before ever even getting close the deep work these people need. When we get there, though, the work is always highly rewarding and freeing.

And here’s the interesting part: In most cases, the super-human demonstrations of wildly enthusiastic workaholism tends to fade as they migrate to a more calm and peaceful state of mind. They still retain all their talents, strengths and super abilities, but find more cause and time for relaxation, stopping to smell the roses, and generally experiencing the joy life on another level.

Most of this work is related to issues that have crept into the psyches at an early age, and that little boy or girl who got his or her feelings hurt is still alive and well inside of you. You might be surprised at how much of who you are and how the world perceives you are attributable to the child inside of you.

The most successful people, to whom we look up to, are amazing, it’s true. Even so, they lack a sense of happiness or fulfillment if their excellence is due to their dull out exertion in an effort to cover up, disregard, or deny the need to address their own deep inner work.

If they have a tendency to express rage (at sometimes inopportune moments) the good news is, they will live longer, because this kind of lifestyle is terribly incongruent and causes a great deal of turmoil within. Releasing the tension helps to mitigate the damages. If they forever hold it inside, the body and its internal chemistry begins to breakdown.

Doing the deep inner work helps to resolve these issues that are warring against each other inside of you. All of us have degrees of inner turmoil that is the result of childhood inconsistencies, hurt feelings, trauma, abuse or other issues that leave us feeling unworthy of love, have low self-esteem, fearful of being victimized or having a lack of control. We create magnificent personas, wearing masks and costumes and acting the part of someone else so that others would not think we have this wildly conflicting inner pain.

In an effort to cover up, these folks exert a great deal of energy to take on attributes that do not come naturally, while their innate skills may be repressed because the inner child keeps them locked away. By resolving these issues, work that used to be difficult may come much easier, while others are outsourced to others whose talents make them better suited to complete certain tasks. In this way, the lone wolf becomes the orchestrator and valuable teammate.

We are all WIPs (works in progress) and we all need to do the deep inner work to resolve our inconsistencies, enabling us to fin our natural frequency of flow. This will allow our lives to align and prepare our DNA to change and evolve into the greater version of ourselves that is yearning to emerge.

Your true purpose awaits your seamless union and a better life and world is welcoming your participation. Watch you and your world open like a beautiful flower as you learn to enjoy life, seeing what you have been too busy to notice and realizing that all of this is for you.