Are We All in One Big Video Game?

Are we all just game pieces in the virtual reality game called “Life on Planet Earth?”


How fascinating would it be, if you and I could get together, create a galaxy (or hundreds of them), cause a planet to be formed and place a fake moon in it’s orbit? What if we designed and manufacture the planet by experimentation and introducing different elements and components to generate an Eco-system capable of sustaining life?

How interesting would that be?

Next up we experiment by introducing different types of flora and fauna to see what can survive and thrive in the Eco-system which we have developed.

After a while we’ve developed a palette, a background and underlying system to sustain life. This is where the fun begins.

First we drop some animated beings on the planet and see how they fare. They seem to adapt fairly well, but they don’t have much going on. Now that we have a basic structure to work with, we can take them into the lab and create a hybrid that is far more interesting by mixing in a bit of our own DNA, maybe some other components of other types of life that we may have access to for flavor.

What do we come up with? Our own unique design of a person.

Wow! I never had so much fun!

You and I have been so clever in developing these beings, that we’ve built-in all kinds of features, like the ability for them to multiply on their own, and for us to be able to access the life of any of these beings in the first person to share their experiences.

How much fun is that?

And it gets even better…

As this system is both physical and virtual, our sense of time is very different from that of the big video game construct. For instance, a lifetime for them (which lasts approximately 100 years) takes only about 10 minutes in our time, but if we’re playing the game in the first person our sense of time matches theirs. In this way, we can play out 100 years in the game, but have only actually expended about five to ten minutes of real time.

Sure, we had fun when we first started the game, but it was a little boring when it was just you and I playing in the game, but as they multiplied and word got out, we attracted all kinds of folks from all over the place who wanted to play the game.

Of course, we let them log-in and play.

While it has become wildly fun, it has become somewhat problematic, too. Some of the other players are not happy with just playing the game, they want to control it, manipulate it, even cheat, while others (who were not invited or had previously been banned) proceed to hack into the game.

Now what started off as one big video game, that could have been the best video game of all time, has become quite complex and it’s taking a great deal of attention and effort just to try to keep it under control.

All the while, there is an evolutionary process taking place from within the game; the game pieces are becoming more aware.

Certainly, we cannot allow them to see us – or themselves – as we really are, so we must keep them distracted by any means not to consider such a scenario.

There is no doubt, this is becoming the most exciting game ever created.

What happens next?

Elon Musk claims to be one of the awakened, aware game pieces, and he’s not embarrassed about shouting his truth from the rooftops about us all being players in one big video game for the amusement of some other superior race.

Are you an awakening game piece?

What If You Create Your World?

Let’s say for a moment (I’m not expecting you to fully embrace this concept at the outset, only proposing that you follow along and consider the point of view momentarily, to think about it) that you have 100 percent control of your life. I’d expect you to immediately respond with a Scroogesque, “Bah! Humbug.”

What if you create your world... every detail of it?
What if you create your world… every detail of it?

But just for fun, let’s say there is a person in a massive control room who can orchestrate and influence every detail of your life, not unlike The Truman Show.


If you’ve seen the film, it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to consider the possibility that in some ways – in this life – that you are playing the part of Jim Carrey unaware that you are participating in a sophisticated, “reality show.”

Only, it’s not quite as simplistic as all that. This is merely an introduction. What if we kicked it up a notch and made it much more sophisticated, along the lines of The Matrix.

THE MATRIX, Carrie-Anne Moss, Keanu Reeves, 1999. (c) Warner Bros./ Courtesy: Everett Collection.
THE MATRIX, Carrie-Anne Moss, Keanu Reeves, 1999. (c) Warner Bros./ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

Ugh, “thanks a lot,” you think, but the main component in this scenario is to consider that you could be in two places at once. There could be two parts of your self running concurrently, one on-camera and one off-camera so to speak.

Either way, you are living out a dramatic life somewhat scripted (if not completely scripted) by a director who is manipulating all of the players and scenarios with whom you interact. All the people, nature, coincidences, personal achievements, surprises, pain, suffering, accidents, random events, natural disasters, all carefully played out before you for someone’s viewing pleasure.

Now (just for fun, keep playing along), let’s say it occurs to you that this might be true, you, like Keanu Reeves’ Neo, are becoming more aware. So much so, that you start challenging the capabilities of the sets, equipment and energies that create the construct of the world that you’ve come to believe is “real.”

What if there was a way to breakthrough to the other side to see who is running the show behind the curtain.


Via some magical adventure, you find a way to approach the control room, like Judy Garland’s Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz; only in this pivotal moment you discover it is not Frank Morgan behind the curtain at all.

Oh, you might have expected some gray-haired deity pulling the strings, manning the levers and programming the computers, though there is something oddly familiar about the person who instructs you to, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

It is not a cast member from your set, back home… No, it is you.

From this perspective, it is you orchestrating every minute detail of your life, the way it plays out and how you integrate with others as you travel along your life’s journey. All in an effort to fully experience everything this life has to offer.

Not for a viewing audience, exposed to advertising and commercial interruptions, but for you. For without you, there would be nothing. None of this would exist.

Yes, you are surrounded by the largest cast ever. Some are extras, but most are individuals, just like you, living out their own “reality.”

This is the scenario I play out whenever I am overwhelmed or unable to make sense out of events playing out in my life. You might even catch me breaking character, looking into an unseen camera off-screen and ask, “Who writes this stuff?”

Sometimes, I fall to my knees, look up at the sky and dramatically query, “Another plot twist?”

Other times, full of gratitude, “Oh, thank you. That was a good one.”

Most of the time, I am thoroughly enjoying every experience I can think of to throw at myself.

My hope for you is that you find a way to enjoy the journey as much as I do.

Have a nice day

Only Visiting This Planet

Ever feel like you don’t belong here? Like you’re from another planet?

Do you occasionally look around at all the people around you – and all their stuff – and ask, “Who are these people?”

When you see a falling star do you make a wish or wonder

When you see a falling star

Do you make a wish?

Or wonder

“Are they coming to take me home?”

I am not here to contradict anything you might believe about yourself of your origin. Whatever you believe is absolutely true, though, just for fun, you might like to consider:

You are not from here and you are not from another planet.

You are from another place far above the cosmos, where you can see all the universes at the same time and from this perspective, the multiverse looks like a huge display at the museum of science, where you can walk around and see everything in real time.

It’s a challenge to fathom from this vantage point because here we live in linear time, where outside all that we know (and have yet to discover) time does not exist, as we know it.

This is where you are from.

One of the attractions at the museum of science includes selecting a life to live on any of the inhabited planets. It is a full immersion experience where you will feel all of the feelings and you may not opt out of the ride once you start it. It will feel like you’ve lived an entire lifetime, and on your planet of choice, you will have lived an entire life but in the museum of science, the ride only takes approximately five minutes.

Using my imagination, I pretend this is where I am from:

While I am living this life, here, on planet earth, I feel at peace with the idea that the greater part of me is off-camera, so to speak, back at my point of origin, lying in a recliner, possibly with a headset hooked up to some large equipment (though I realize this kind of technology is likely not necessary, it just makes it easier to wrap my head around it by visualizing it this way from this vantage point).

With this pretext in mind, sometimes, when I am going through the most intense, dangerous or ironic plot points in my life, I will break character, look into the unseen camera, assuming that the greater part of me is watching from afar, and I’ll say something, like, “Who writes this stuff?”

Okay, back to real life; that was just a fun little diversion.

The truth is, if

All Things Are Possible

Either they are, or they are not; it’s up to you to decide whether they are or they are not.

If all things are possible, then all of us/each of us can come from, and go to, anywhere.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re not from here, you’re probably right.

Elon Musk says we’re all characters in one big video game.

Where are you from? Only you can decide what you can live with. Maybe you’re just from dust to dust and that’s all there is to it. Certainly there are those here on this planet who do have that origin and finite life, you could be one of those.

Or you could be one of the many other possibilities.

Think about that for a minute, or not.