How to Tell Your Story to the World

You have a message and its burning inside you. You know the world needs to hear what you have to say because so many could benefit from your story. You have tried, but it seems that no one is listening, or those who are listening cannot find you amidst the noise. If you only knew how to tell your story to the world.

Lives hang in the balance. If people could hear your message, it could save lives, help people to live better lives, and make the world a better place.

You want to shout it from the rooftops to be heard by those who desperately need to hear what you have to say, but you are haunted by those negative voices inside your head, trying to keep you and your message silenced in fear.

I don’t know how to tell my story. I’m no one. I don’t have the right, the education, the network of powerful people. I wasn’t born into a powerfully persuasive family. Who am I to speak to the masses? I am clearly afraid to even speak in public, and I fear looking like a fool.

Then you slowly talk yourself out of answering your sacred call, which if you could, would make all the things you’ve endured in this life make sense. You came to this world to do this thing, to tell your story, help others, and make the world a better place.

You can do this, but you must stop listening to the naysayers, and start looking for the master within yourself.

When a client comes to me and reveals that their life has been so incredibly challenging and they are the keeper of many secrets, “telling my truth could help so many people,” or lift the veil behind which evildoers hide. I understand that if you could be empowered to tell your story, it would be hugely beneficial to the world.

The best way to unmask the devil (who can appear as the most attractive, beautiful, compassionate, and loving creature) is by telling your secrets to reveal his or her true identity and telling your trauma story. But telling your trauma story can be intimidating, if not frightening.

How to tell your story makes all the difference. This is why you must refine and craft your story or seek out a coach who specializes in helping people to do so.

You should think about how to tell your life story in 5 minutes, and have many segments finely honed to briefly hit key points in 30, 60, and 90 seconds. Preparedness is the key to how to tell your story so the world listens.

My friends at St. Paul’s Free University highly suggest establishing yourself as an undeniable expert in your field to garner attention and credibility, before reaching out in a big way.

Then, to assure that your message is heard, you need to know how to get your message out in strength and honor, appropriately using all the tools which are available to you, then grow your story into a movement which can truly have an impact on our planet in a positive way.

All this may seem like an overwhelming challenge, but the life you’ve endured until now will not make sense until you accept this challenge and embrace your calling which is your reason for coming here in the first place.

This is your sacred destiny.

The world needs to hear your story, now more than ever, and if you need help doing so, by all means, please contact me, and I can help connect you with the people, an appropriate platform from which to tell your story, or at least point you in the right direction.

No time is better than now to start this invaluable process.

The world is listening…

2 Quick Stories About You

It is hugely beneficial to your success to have these 2 quick stories about you locked and loaded and ready to fire at any given time. These two stories are invaluable when your growing, expanding and readying yourself for your ministry, that thing that you do, as you are discovering and developing your own individual brand.

You are starting to wrap your mind and your heart around the idea that you were meant for something greater than you had previously allowed yourself to be.

You don’t need to know it all or have all the answers but what you do need is the experience. We’ve already established you’ve got that.

You need to be able to want to help others so that they could have a chance to increase their quality of life.

You need to be willing to take inspired action, to do the work, to set yourself up as a valuable resource, an expert in your field. And we’re going to help you do that today.

Remember, you don’t have to know it all. Let’s say you faced some tragic unfortunate ordeal in your life and were able to make it to the other side. For example, maybe your home went into foreclosure and your family was at risk of being thrown out into the street, but you were able to turn that situation around, and you made it.

There are people out there, right now, who are losing their homes and are at risk of being thrown out. Do they need you? Could you help them?  Hell, yes.

You don’t need to know more than anyone else about your topic, you just need to know more than the people who need what you have to offer.

If you’ve been following along, you have some lists.

You have lists of drama, trauma and positive outcomes, experiences where it clearly was not easy for you. You struggled. You made a stand against adversity. You persisted against the odds, and you’ve lived to tell about it.

And your lists of power and special abilities, including activities which settle you into your power, and an inventory of your special gifts and abilities. You could teach someone else on any of these topics.

You do not have to be the top expert in your field or know all the answers to have a massive impact on the world and make a lot of money teaching in your field of expertise. But you do need to know

1. Who you are

2. Why you are here

3. What you have to offer

4. And to whom


Basically, I want you to reduce your life story down to a minute-and-a-half monologue. You have 90 seconds to tell your story. Ready? Go.

I already know, I’m looking out at a sea of deer-in-the-headlight looks (except for a few of you who have already been through this process) so, I’ll tell you what, I’ll go first. Let’s say we’re talking about branding me, today. So, somebody time me…

Who am I?

I don’t know. Many years ago, I was born premature and was lucky enough to be one of the ones who survived, but I had a laundry list of learning disabilities and social dysfunction. But I was blessed to encounter so many challenges and obstacles in my life, and I had no other choice but to stand up and fight against the odds because my family depended on me. I was forced to become courageous.

Life was never easy for me.

Over time, I learned that my disabilities were actually my special abilities, and they helped me to see opportunities and to seize them passionately. So, I have experienced a life rich in adversity, growth, change, and have lived a life with more amazing experiences than most people.

I was gifted with the ability to see people at their highest and best, when no one else, not even they could see the possibilities, but I could see it all, and a map to get from here to there. And so, I started my journey of helping others achieve their highest and best.

I use my gifts and abilities to help people, like you, to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

This is my life’s mission.

But it’s not for everyone. I only help others who are passionate about what they want to accomplish in this life. Let’s say you wanted to work with me. Then you would have to be able to see you, like I am able to see you, at your highest and best. And if you’re willing and able to do the work, then we can work together, step for step, and help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

That’s what I do.

What do you want out of this life?

Now, I don’t know how long that was, but it’s somewhere around 90 seconds.

Get your notetaking equipment out and write out your 90-second script. Ready, Go!

Who Are You?

Why Are You Here?

What Do You Have to Offer?

And Who Needs You, or Is a Good Match for Your Service(s)?

You don’t have to complete this right now, but you do need to do this before you can effectively be a teacher or offer your assistance to others.


Once you have your 90-second life story, you can whittle it down to what we call an elevator pitch which is 20 to 30 seconds in length.

Pretend like you’ve just stepped into an elevator and you have 20 to 30 seconds to give your spiel.

Like, I might trim mine down to go something, like this:

Hi, I’m David M Masters. I’m a Transfiguration Specialist. I help people to envision and achieve their highest and best. I do this using innate special gifts and abilities combined with a lifetime of vast experiences, both which I’ve gone through personally, as well as from a lifetime of doing this work with others. In doing so, I help people, like you, transform into that higher version of yourself, enabling you to live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

Okay, now it’s on you.

Take some time to refine what you do for others, your area of expertise, down to a 20 to 30-second speech.


Dead Men Tell No Tales

An ancient idiom referring to those who hold secrets are unable to reveal them if they are no longer among the living. In effect, if any secret(s) was/were not revealed prior to his (or her) exit from the body one might say, “He took it with him to the grave.”

Indeed, many secrets and untold tales lie beneath the surface of any graveyard.

Today, despite the phrase being used as a title of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean installment, the idiom still rings true. While it may have been (and still may be) an effective way of silencing those who are in possession of hidden truths, there is still no doubt, you will not be left with the ability to say much following your passing.

Which reminds me of the first burial I attended. When I was young, my family never went to a funeral. I heard about people who “passed away” but never witnessed a ceremony. My parents just thought the whole idea was morbid and did not believe in celebrating death. After my parents separated, one of my mother’s boyfriends, (name removed), was called upon to bury his father.

This would the first death ceremony my three younger brothers and I would attend. The boyfriend sold his motorcycle to pay for the unmarked plot. We traveled to Astoria, Oregon to attend to the details. Even though the boyfriend had two other siblings, he (and we) were the only ones to stand alongside his father’s freshly laid grave. The son’s only words spoken over the humble, unofficiated service was, “I wish things could have ended differently.”

After a moment of silence, it was off to the recently passed father’s apartment for a bit of treasure hunting. We opened the door to the apartment and were overcome by the rank odor of formerly thick, stale cigarette smoke which lacquered the walls, revealing an extremely small studio, just a desk, a bed, and a small room housing a toilet and a sink. The sliding window was painted shut. In the closet was an ironing board (the iron was in the desk, along with two pairs of tidy whiteys [not so tidy, nor white] and two pairs of socks), two ironed pairs of slacks, two dingy shirts, and a sports coat.

The only other belongings were some toiletries, an empty bottle of orange juice (the kind delivered by the milkman in a glass bottle) in the wastebasket (along with empty cigarette packs and a Baby Ruth candy wrapper) and the entire area was littered with empty bottles which once held a wide variety of booze.

I thought we might collect the bottles to clean up to fill with colored water to sit in the window sill, which I remember being in fashion in those days, but the son insisted on us gathering them to discard in the trash.

This was a defining moment in my younger years and unanswered questions remained with me ever since. Who was this man? What tales could he have told? What secrets or wisdom could he have passed on? Why were there no unsmoked cigarettes, was a Baby Ruth candy bar his last meal, and why was his bed made? Those among many other questions, I or others, will never know the answers to because he took them to the grave with him.

In a previous post, I mention a friend and mentor who I helped to tell his story, only he died a few days before we were able to publish it. I still have his unpublished work.

I’m pretty much an open book, not prone to keeping secrets of my own, maybe because I hold so many secrets that I keep on the behalf of others. In my many years in the ministry, counseling, coaching, and consulting, I have heard a great many tales to which I have a sacred oath to uphold in the guarding of these secrets.

But I have lived a marvelous life, which has been an incredible journey with many tales yet to be told.

And you have, as well.

Your journey has been so amazing. You have lived a life no one else could even imagine. That is, unless you tell your story.

Have you ever wondered, “Should I write the story of my life?”

Oh, YES, you should… and you needn’t stop there. There are a great many stories you could tell. Tell them all (at least the ones that won’t get you killed). Write your book, share your wisdom, speak your truth, and tell your story.

It’s never been easier to write a book than it is right now. So, now is the time to take action, write your story, not because you are going to die one day, but because

your story is dying to be told.

Let it out.

See: How to Write a Book about My Life

Join Us Share Your Message

Join Us ~ Share Your Message
and Shout it from the Rooftops

For years I’ve been shouting, “Achieve your highest and best,” and, “Live a better life,” and lately, I’ve been adding, “And make the world a better place,” because those of us who are doing the work, can’t do it alone. If these things resonate with you, then I encourage you to contact me, and let’s find a way to light the path, so that you, too, can help carry the torch for others who are lost in the darkness.

If you’ve recently experienced an awakening, and you’re seeing this life for what it is, unveiled and exposed to your consciousness for the first time, it’s easy to get over-enthusiastic about spreading the word to others who cannot see it clearly, as you are beginning to do.

If you already haven’t figured it out, I would caution against this. As you may have already figured out, by experience, society has built into it a self-policing subconscious trigger, and when you suggest that things may not be as they seem, this trigger is tripped, and any socially-programmed individual will try to fervently correct you, and place you safely back in the fold. It is a knee-jerk reaction to a lifetime of programming, and this is so ingrained, that they feel obligated to do so, as if their very life depended on it.

In many cases, someone gets a glimpse of what’s behind the veil, they share it with someone they know and trust, and BAM! They get attacked, ridiculed, called a fool, threatened with mental illness diagnosis, exile, or imprisonment. It’s no surprise when they slip back into the life they were programmed to live since birth. This is the only way to feel supported by one’s family and peers, there’s a sense of safety and security there. This social structure is very effective and every bit as real as any prison, only better; because it’s invisible and only exists in the mind.

But if you are somewhat stealthy, you can exist among your family and peers, while becoming more aware, expanding and evolving without much trouble. Still there remains an urge inside you to share what you are learning, which is what we all want to do, but be careful.

Early believers have had this problem when getting excited about sharing their faith with others, and there are many religious passages warning believers that non-believers will not be able to hear them, nor understand them. It’s as if the non-believers speak a different language and are unable to understand what you are trying to say. So, believers are instructed not to waste your efforts on whose who are incapable of hearing what you are saying.

But, then the texts go on to refer to those who are not only willing to listen to you, but a open, yearning and looking for the truth of the words that you long to share. These people represent the fertile soil waiting for your nurturing and will be part of the garden you will cultivate, which is part of your mission.

The urge to share what you’re learning and to be able to grow among others who are like-minded is very natural and may very well be a part of your calling (and it probably is, or else you wouldn’t feel so compelled).

Likewise, those of us who doing the work, making the sacrifices, taking the risks and sharing our message; we, too are looking for individuals who would like to join us in spreading the word.

So, if that is you, and you are feeling this enthusiasm about joining the unveiling brigade of truth, then by all means, find someone you resonate with and join the team. Don’t be embarrassed about not feeling good enough, worthy enough, talented enough, or any of those other programs running in the background designed to keep your ideals hidden away and never shared.

Don’t let your voice be silenced. God gave you a voice, and a mission. You came to this planet with a divine assignment, and it’s up to you to take hold of it, embrace it and share it.

Find someone you resonate with (it doesn’t have to be me) and reach out to him or her. Send an email, a text, a letter by snail mail, or smoke signals… reach out and let them know you have a message. We are always looking for others who are willing to stand up and share the message of growing awareness, expansion, and evolution.

And if your first attempt appears to not be as good a fit as you thought, then find someone else you resonate with and offer to team up with that person. Keep doing this until you find someone, and if your message is so unique, that it’s difficult to find someone to team up with; no problem. Go it alone, and look for others who will be attracted to you and your message.

Do not be silent.

The world’s best symphonies are buried six feet under, never to be heard, because they did not exercise their gift and deliver their message to the world.

This is your time to share your mission with your voice.

Tell your story.

Take action, now.

Story of My Life How to Write a Book

Rarely does a day go by that someone doesn’t ask me about writing their book. There is no doubt – and I firmly believe – that every person whose heart yet beats has a book inside them dying to get out. The key is allowing the book to be born before you die.

I’m not just randomly saying you need to get your book out before you die because it sounds like a catchy phrase. I’m saying that because I am holding in my hands – right now – the unpublished manuscript from a client and friend who has passed away and it disturbs me greatly.

Story of my life how to write a book

One’s life is comprised of not just a single story, but many stories potentially beneficial to the community at large… or at the very least, preserving your thoughts in your voice, in effect leaving something meaningful behind. And for god’s sake, don’t wait until it’s too late.

People approach me because part of what I do is to help people tell their stories, transitioning to published author. As the author of the out-of-print book, 7-day Author: You Can Write and Publish Your Book in 7 Days, somehow people still get their hands on the book and contact me. 7 Day Author is no longer relevant due to huge changes in book publishing since the book was released. I still assist clients and friends in telling their stories, writing their books and publishing them within a week, although it is done entirely differently now.

Why don’t I revise the book? The fact is, the industry changes rapidly (as many do) and to commit to a book that may lose relevance or go out of print when the shift happens is no longer a compelling motivation for me. So, now I focus on writing books that are more evergreen, having a longer shelf-life and relevancy.

Story of My Life

Back to your story, the story of your life, stories or life’s lessons yearning to be told. When is now a good time to take action?

You never know what life will bring. Every day I thank God for another chance to continue living this life, doing my part –in some (even small) way – to help make the world a better place and to fulfill my life’s purpose of helping others achieve their highest and best.

Hopefully, as you read these words, you are also listening to that voice within beseeching you to, “Please write our story.” The only difference between authors and those who are not authors is that the authors took the action(s) necessary to write and publish their words.

Yes, I do help people write their books for a fee, but it is not my intent to sell you anything, as there are many ways to write and publish your book at little or no cost to you. It’s not about me, it’s about you; your story that must be told. It’s up to you to take the action…

Start writing. Use pen or pencil and paper, type on a typewriter, use a computer or your cell phone. You could even get a digital (or tape) recorder and simply speak your words and either transcribe them yourself, have someone else do it or use your computer as a transcription device using something, like Dragon Speak. However you do it, do something… every day. You will be surprised how a few hundred words a day will accrue into what could become your book, which may include an important message that needs to be told. In fact, it may be the reason you have lived the life that you have lived.

How to Write a Book

The “how” in how to write a book is of less concern to you in this moment than the actual writing of your book. The most important first step requires taking the daily action of recording your thoughts. This is more important than not doing it.

Formulating your ideas into chapters and having a beginning, a middle and an end may be something you can handle, though it is always good to enlist the aid of someone to assist in the formatting, proofreading and editing, if that is possible. If not, don’t let it stop you. Speaking of stopping:

Don’t Let Anything Stop You

Don’t second-guess yourself, do not allow self-doubt to creep up, don’t let any sense of unworthiness threaten your progress. You don’t need to be famous, have a fancy degree or even adequate writing skills to tell your story. You only need to tell it and let nothing stand between you and the publishing of your book.

Publishing your book

It is quicker and easier to publish your book today – now – more than ever. Once you have your manuscript you can publish it freely in both eBook (Kindle) format and physical printed books (the kind you can hold in your hands and sit on your bookshelf) on demand via Amazon.

No Excuses

There is no reason you cannot get this done. Dear God, please don’t let your opportunity to tell your story – in your words – lapse.

We and the world are waiting…
Even now, we are listening for your voice, desiring to read your words…

Share Your Book

If you have taken the action to get your message out and write your book, please let us know in the comments section below, so that others can be encouraged by your decisiveness in taking the action to see your thoughts documented and come to life.

See also: How to Write a Book about My Life

Write Your Book

Nothing is more important than your story; it is part of your reason for coming to this planet. Telling your story, in your unique voice, and sharing your life-message is an integral part to satisfying the design for your life.

For some, their life story is simply a documentation of your existence and interactions with others throughout this journey that we call, “life.” Whether your purpose for sharing this information if for generations to come, or just to share with family and friends, your story deserves to be told and preserved.

For others to whom it is important to share their unique message with like-minded people, or to challenge others with your controversial viewpoint, your life mission includes putting your ideas in print and making them available to all readers who dare peruse the pages of your thoughts.

Many people struggle with the idea of putting their thoughts, ideas, or experiences on paper… The idea of actually going to print may be overwhelming… and this cam lead to your work(s) not being shared.

I have helped many people see their works come-to-life on the printed page. I have helped people write their stories, formulate ideas, thoughts and presentations… and helped them bring them to the stage of completed, printed books, including all means of publishing and promoting.

To get started, you must get your story down on paper… Many people may think, “But I am not an author.” You might think this because you haven’t written a book, yet. But you are an author, the author of your life’s story, or message. I will help you get your book written and printed.

You will retain all the rights to you work. And I will walk alongside of you as you see your work come to life.

I will help you get your book into print in less than 30 days, for $6,449.

Stories deserve to be told and shared. Allow me the honor of creating your book that will stand the test of time. Tell me your story through a phone interview, and I will create a narrative that chronicles your story from a First Person point of view.

This service includes the following:

8-hour phone interview with narrative coordinator
120 to 160-page final manuscript

Here’s How It Works:

You will have a phone interview with a Narrative Coordinator.
Your assigned Narrative Coordinator will guide you through a series of relaxed recorded interviews, focusing on the topics you intend to discuss in your book.

Text editors adjust, reorganize, and polish transcribed text to create a first-person narrative with a natural storytelling flow that makes sense. The story is then Line Edited to ensure correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

You retain all the rights to your story.

You can also purchase these add-on services to enhance your chosen package:

Additional Phone Interview (2 hour Session) – $ 1, 599
Each 2-hour add-on interview adds approximately 30 to 40 pages.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail us and tell us what other features you would like to see, here at David M Masters.