How to Reduce the Over 50 Population

Let’s say, purely for the sake of conjecture that someone wanted to reduce the number of 50-year-olds in the United States. Let’s assume that the folks behind this agenda see the over-fifty-year-olds (and those of more advanced age) as an unnecessary drain on our country’s resources. Let’s also imbue this group of individuals with the ability to influence, manage or control media and major industrial markets to create any set of circumstances to get the job done and unlimited resources to do it.


How would you eliminate a bulk of the above 50-year-olds?

And more importantly, how could you accomplish such a feat while being unnoticed and without questions being asked (like, due to natural causes)?

I don’t know… Let’s look at the statistics:

1. Heart Disease
2. Cancer
3. Unintentional injuries
4. Chronic liver disease
5. Stroke
6. Chronic respiratory disease
7. Diabetes
8. Suicide
9. Septicemia
10. Kidney disease

These are the top 10 ways people over the age of fifty are dying.

Now, if you and I were members of this think tank charged with the task of accumulating ideas, methods, and introducing chemicals to accomplish reducing life expectancy of the aged over time, we could come up with some good ideas.

If we were to brainstorm and come up with 100 ideas to cause older people to expire prematurely – while making it appear completely natural – and no one would be the wiser, it would be quite a list.

Having participated in a hypothetical project, like this, was interesting. The group of individuals I participated with (there were four of us) came up with an impressive laundry list of ways to get rid of the elderly to preserve resources for the young.

By the way, I might interject that Mother Earth does come up with natural methods to phase out the aged on her own. Our bodies naturally begin to deteriorate and moves us closer to death after our ability to procreate decreases. She is so very cruel in this manner, so it’s not that big of a step for us to think that we could help her along without being detected.

People are already keen to the idea phasing out the old, but our hypothetical project is to accelerate the process without anyone noticing.

I am not going to share the specifics of our list, only to encourage you to try this project yourself, if your so inclined.

Something so very peculiar happened after reviewing our list.

We recognized that many of the outrageous ideas which appeared on our list of ways to stealthfully cause the premature death of older folks as being possibly initiated and ongoing at this very moment.

Lacking the scientific wherewithal to reverse-engineer all the possibilities we were left only with the question,

What if some group of individuals was in charge of eliminating the aged?

Our little brain teasing exercise began to take on a grim shadow wreaking of conspiracy.

We decided to abort all concern about this idea because it would be a distraction and this project was not in alignment with any of our specialties.

But it does make you wonder…

Is it possible that such a thing could be happening?

The Best Things in Life are Worth Waiting for

They say the best things in life are worth waiting for, and they usually follow up with examples of wine, especially red wines get more spectacular tasting and oxidant-rich with age, as is the case with whiskey which becomes smoother also. Then there is the cheese when aged to perfection has increased levels of vitamins and probiotics. More foods that are enhanced by age include tea, balsamic vinegar and pickles.

Other things get more valuable with age, like our homes and alternative investments (even if we were unable to preserve them through tough times, they do – or have – increased in value over time). Antiques also continue to rise in value over time.

love gets better with age the best is yet to come

Then there is YOU

Yes, you. As you continue to age you get so much better in so many ways. While some of the things that you once took for granted in your youth may be fading away, the you that is emerging, like the butterfly from the cocoon, is a much grander version of you than ever existed before.

In fact, the things you were greatly concerned about in your youth are increasingly less important. Things like being selfishly obsessed with your body image (you are getting more comfortable with the idea that there is no need to maintain your high school appearance), your smile and countenance take on a new sparkle accented by lines chronicling a life well-lived as you embrace the comfort and wisdom of your years.

Your new, more seasoned and transformed self begins to materialize as friendships strengthen and family bonds become cemented. The concerns of your youth fade as you become more tolerant and empathetic as your perception shifts and you see more and more from a wider and wiser perspective.

You are more able to embrace a peaceful state of mind and enjoy less stress because you are more likely to forgive than hold a grudge or judge someone else. Now you have come to the understanding that we’re all just doing the best we can with what we have. In fact most negative emotions are falling by the wayside as you continue to see the folly of holding tightly such things in your youth.

As you embrace this new heightened sense of awareness, you realize your expertise achieving new heights as many of the tasks that took thought and concentration can now be performed with unconscious competence or simple muscle memory.

Your ability to make sound decisions are growing and you find it easier to maintain balance in all things such as your work and play, while adding greater value to the community at large. Now you can enjoy greater degrees of happiness than you might have ever allowed yourself to enjoy before.

And while technology enables you to enjoy all these things even more,

The Greatest of These is Love

You have a greater capacity for love, to love and be loved. Appreciation, acceptance and love of yourself flows outward to family, friends, mankind, fauna, flora, the earth and your beloved.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you and me – and those, like us – who are in search of that perfect person with whom to grow old and enjoy these golden years in each other’s presence.

I look forward to this next incarnation of love to be my highest and best experience, though finding my soul mate can be a daunting, time-consuming task, I gladly accept the challenge in an effort to taste the subtle, flavorful nuances of its fruit when the time is right.

If all the best things in life take time, this appears to be taking the most time of all things that have gone before, and so worth the wait. Because the best life is awaiting us, and we both know that to rush this most important decision – about whom we will spend the rest of our life with – may well be the greatest decision of all.

For it is not just our lives we take into consideration, but the lives of our families and being able to better serve our communities for a better world to come throughout the remainder of our lives.

So much anticipatory love, while I remain awaiting your appearance with open arms because you are worth waiting for, my love.