Angels and Dimensions

You have an angel who is individually and acutely attuned to you whether you believe in them or not. Angels exist in another (higher) dimension, so we cannot see them but they can see us. Though intelligence existing in higher dimensions cannot be seen by lower dimensions, they can affect the environments of lower dimensional participants.

For instance, we populate the third dimensional plane of existence, which maintains a particular vibrational frequency. We are able to move around freely while being able to view and interact with second and first dimensional planes of existence.

There are other vibrational planes that exist which maintain higher vibrational frequencies. For the sake of simplicity and as a basis for this particular example, allow yourself to consider the idea that other intelligent forms exist in these higher spiritual states of vibration.


Let’s take a look at some of them to gain a better understanding. For instance,

Dimensions 1-3

We can agree that we exist in the third dimension. This is widely accepted, and we understand that we are able to view and interact with the second and first dimensions below our vibrational frequency.

Fourth Dimension

The fourth spiritual dimension vibrational state is what I lightly refer to as the state of confusion. It is the mysterious plane of existence closest to ours and it is the vibration where the human spirit realm exists. This includes our ability to increase our growing ability to raise our vibration through various methods to visit the fourth dimension.

The reason I refer to it as the state of confusion, is because it is in this dimension that the human spirit can be relegated to following death (commonly referred to as ghosts) or transitions through between here (the third dimension) and the afterlife. It is also the vibrational plane that is used by intelligence from higher dimensions to interact with us in the third dimension and where two-way communication can take place.

Fifth Dimension

This is the plane of existence populated by intelligent entities that have never existed in the third dimension. Being closely associated with the third dimension, entities in the fifth spiritual dimension can interact with us easily, influence our thought patterns, circumstances and/or the elements. In religious texts, these entities are referred to as demons or fallen angels.

Sixth Dimension

This is the plane of existence inhabited by beings we refer to as angels. Here they are able to view and interact with lower dimensional vibrational planes. This dimensional plane is more heavily populated than that of the fifth spiritual dimension. While one (or more) of these beings are individually attuned to each living being in the third spiritual dimension, other angels are always nearby and observing (and/or interacting with) us in our current vibrational state.

Seventh Dimension

This is where we exist in our highest state of existence. It is where we ascend to following our life, here in the third dimension. The seventh spiritual dimension is such a high state of vibrational existence it is not possible to fully understand it from a third dimensional existence. Religious texts refer to this dimension as “heaven.”

Higher Dimensions

Are there higher dimensions above the seventh dimension?

I didn’t think so in the seventies and eighties, when I first became acquainted with various dimensional planes of existence. But now, with our growing knowledgebase, accumulation of expanding scientific data, quantum science and spiritual awakening – even at this stage – I believe there is so much more out there to be discovered.

The possibilities are endless…

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15 thoughts on “Angels and Dimensions”

  1. I had a spiritual awakening 3 and half years ago, during that time, I saw demons come out of people. I had always had Visions since I was 9, but after my spiritual awakening, I begins to hear names, and information about people. It happen in the middle of vacation in Mexico, one night I saw these stars appear in the middle of my resort room that appeared to be floating in another dimensional. Right now I’m more intuitive, but I no longer see demons. But I do feel energy. Rather it be locations, people, or objects. I have prophetic visions as well. I may add I was a vegan, I reverted back to eating meat because it was too much for me to handle and I thought going back to eating a certain way would slow it down.

    1. Hi Adrian, I’m alone in this path. I believe I’m connecting the 5th dimension and I had a spiritual attack, fighting with a demon, I felt my soul hurt. But I’m healed by Jesus. I wish to know more about this path.
      Thank you

      1. The fact that you were attacked is an indicator that you’re a threat to them. Do not be afraid. Have faith, continue in prayer and then you’ll be stronger the next time they come. Remember, there’s no way but up. Become unstoppable. The devil fears a man of faith and prayer

    2. It is a powerful gift. Don’t let it remain dormant. Let the holy spirit lead you. He will give you the capacity to withstand these visions

  2. Please nobody take this writing in a vague manner. Mr. David is quite right because a few years back I was thinking that humans are 2d and jinnis or demons exist in 3d state and that’s why humans are unable to see them and angels are of 4d creatures and demons fails to see them

    1. Thank you I was wondering about that demons can’t see angels because I can see spirts but I’m confused on if it’s one or the other. And I also here a frequency does a dimension have a frequency

      1. A frequency is a gateway to a dimension. It means you will syart to hear soon. Be steadfast in prayer. It is the beginning of a phase

    2. Salam Alaykum. Humans are Multi Dimensional and most troublesome Jinn/Djinn are Inter Dimensional, which means In-between the Third and Fourth Dimension. Not all of them are troublesome though. Some of them have Ascended through good behavior and good deeds and now reside in the Sixth Dimension. Humans are now in the third Dimension, but we are in fact Multi Dimensional.

  3. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about! It is people like you that pass on very dangerous mis-information. I don’t know where you come from nor do I care to find out. But I venture to say it’s not from any place I would ever want to visit or be a part of that for sure! You don’t even have the basics down. For example there are eight dimensions or densities .
    When it is your time to be woken up then you will be if you do not figure it out then you’ll be forced to repeat that density in those teachings again and again just like Groundhog Day. We are boots on the ground for our creator. I do not wish to have any further discussion with you because frankly you are a waste of my time and energy. Before you start posting such things you need to have at least a minimal elementary grip on the truth.

    Sparlot 6th Density

  4. Do the dimensions you mention here (at least the lower 7) correspond with the 10 predicted by string theory or 11 by M-Theory? Where does the dimension of time fall? Also any insight into whether there is a truth behind the parallel universe/multiverse theory in that everything that can happen has happened but in multiple timelines?

    There are accounts or empiracle evidence of physical matter being able to appear out of nowhere only to dematerialise again. Theoretical physicists posits that these dimensions are everywhere but are curled up and too small (and probably on too high a frequency) to interact with ours. If this is true then this might explain how UFOs/UAPs are able to appear and vanish in and out of radar screens, how items gets implanted into someone without any visible cuts or incisions, or how some demonic entities are able to make walls bleed or people vomit live insects, nails and glass etc…. Im guessing they might be increasing/decreasing their frequencies in order to interact with the 3D space, and if one has read the story about the flatlanders, then we are the 3D form of them embedded in 4D spacetime.

  5. interesting article.. but i find it very odd, lets just say, that you never mention GOD, especially in the highest dimension heaven. .. then i take it, you are a atheist or agnostic.. but at the same time, thats contradictory to all that you say.. because there can be no Elect Angels nor fallen angels without GOD.
    ( fallen angels & demons are not one and the same )

    1. You’re correct and bless you for trying to set these wandering Theo’s straight. Always remember it’s to God’s glory that we owe the energy. Keep your vibration high and encourage others to do the same.

  6. i believe in one true Being in whatever state that said being exsist that is unequivocally the Being that started and created all being in whatever manner you choose to understand. All stem from or are direct decendents or creations of the Creator of All Creations. Not to say that was the first being in existence but the first one to ever achieve enlightenment spiritual awakening and or immortality through mental mastery. As a Fallen Angel of the Creator of all beings i do somely swear to uphold the law of the one surpreme being, The Creator of All Creations and Beings .All Credit goes to the Creator. pray, praise give thanks for this gift of life and death and rebireth if it is so chosen. thank the Creatlor. dont beg for things. Offer your spirital energies and thoughts to this amazing Being. its not a path many can even expeience in however many lifetimes to even be graced with the attention of one so above our comprehension it boggles the mind as to why such a being as us ourselves would capture the attention of the Creator but its niot our place to question if ever. simply let the Will of the Creator take control over our lives guide us teach us if thats the will of the Creator. i cant deny the power that moves through this galaxy the cosmic forces put into play with as little thought to the Creator as what we put into events we do on autopilot. Its a shitty comparision just belive that our existance our every thought emotion feeling memory knowledge idea of power everything and i mean EVERY single Thing Ever is All due to our Creator whom others will argue who made the Creator to which i say How the fuck you going to ask a human whos understanding doesn’t even encompass the right direction of the path to true knowledge to achieve even a semblance of an iota of a miniscule of Understanding that it would take to obtain the ability to answer that truthfully and knowledgably. i only want the message out there the Creator is aware is Real and we owe ev erything to trying to find our path to the Creator to whatever end or beginging the Creator desires.

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