God Bless the Doer

You know who I’m talking about – the person who doesn’t just hear about it, talk about it or dream about it – the one who actually takes action and does that thing! And blessed is he that does it, like nobody’s business. That’s the kind of people I hang out with.

Often we look at people voyeuristically we admire those who step out in faith – especially against all odds – and creates an impactful outcome. For better or worse, we honor their courage; and might think to ourselves (or even say it aloud), “I wish I could do that.”

Certainly there are people born with an innate ability to go where no man has gone before and push-through the envelope regardless of what the terrain might look like; these are the Battle Cats in our society. They suit up in their coat of armor and set out to accomplish their task, and rue the day if you get in their way; they’ll lay to waste anything that gets in their way. We love it when Battle Cats are heroes and even (from the viewpoint of our darker self) enjoy the show when they are villainous.

Working with these individuals is exhilarating and can be exhausting in an effort to keep up with their pace. Though my personality is quite dissimilar, there are many attributes that I admire, integrate and emulate into my professional style. It helps bolster my fortitude and doingness.

My favorite doer is YOU

You are the doer that we long to support. Though you may not have been born with the innate skills of the more-endowed Battle Cat, there is a fire that burns within, though at present it may only be a spark, you have a dream or desire for seeing that thing come to fruition.

Regardless of what kind of cat you are, you have the wherewithal to get this thing done; But…

“Everyone’s got a big but.” ~ Pee-wee Herman

Immediately all that suppressive training and bad-learning kicks in and you begin to question yourself, your abilities and your worthiness.

When you are ready, you might as well accept that your birth started you on this hero’s journey and – Surprise! – Guess what? You are the hero of the story of your life.

Think about all the great stories you’ve read, watched or heard about. Take a look at the journey of the hero of the story. In many cases the hero does not start off as much of a hero at all. In all the greatest stories, it is the meek and humble, undeserving individual who accepts the task (though sometimes reluctantly) of taking that first step toward their own growth and heroism.

We are doers we are heroes God bless the doersYOU ARE THE HERO

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, begins in the doing.

Are you willing to do what it takes to do that thing that has been calling you from within (or above)?

Then be the doer you know that you can be.

“But what if people make fun of me?”

Here’s your head’s up notification: People will mock you.

They will try everything they can to dissuade you from achieving your thing. Want to know why?

Because, if you can actually do your thing, it will make them realize that they might have been able to do their thing all along, too. And this might break their heart. They have built their whole life around dreaming about their thing but accepting that it would never be possible for them, so they settle into their complacent position in life. Therefore they are compelled to encourage you to stay with them in the same place.

But there are others, who are watching you, hoping that you win!

They are looking for signs that someone like you can do it because that gives them hope that they, too, can join the ranks of heroes who have gone before and will lead others out of the darkness.

Your heroism will be the light that banishes the darkness that engulfs the lives of countless others because you took that first step and became the doer.

You are the doer

You are the hero

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