Men Don’t Kill Other Men

Okay, men do kill other men, but it is unnatural to do so. Man, just like other species, are hard-wired against killing their own kind, unless you’re predisposed to disregarding another human life as in the case of a psychopath which only accounts for 1 out of 25 men.

The other men and women who are placed in jobs requiring to take the life of another human being, like the military, law enforcement and other armed security positions, must be trained in an effort to overcome their natural inclination not to take a life, and retrained on a continual basis.

Men don't kill other men... its just a game.
Men dont kill other men… its just a game.

Our most effective military trainers are highly skilled motivators who most likely suffer from Anti-social Personality Disorder (ASPD) a spectrum which includes psychopathy, keenly enabling them with the innate ability to kill without regard to life and motivate others to do likewise. Even so, due to the incongruency of taking the life of another for any reason (even the best of causes) Veterans are taking their own lives every day.

One advantage that these organizations have, is that one might be more willing to take the life of another to save their friend, family or the community at large.

There was a time, while in law enforcement, that I had taken the oath to take the life of another to protect and serve. Thankfully, I was never in the position – in the right time and place – to know beyond the shadow of a doubt if I could have performed that detail of my function as an officer.

I believe that if I had to exercise lethal force, that I would have done so, reluctantly and likely regrettably because I had given my word.

I am so grateful that I don’t wok under those conditions anymore.

My son gave his life in combat in Afghanistan 2009. I was with him when he took the oath. We both wore flags on our arms and had pledged to exercise lethal force (though for separate entities). Aaron was called upon to fire on, “the enemy,” and was killed in battle fighting alongside his brothers in arms.

He was only 20 years old when we laid him to rest as a decorated hero of the armed forces.

There is a great deal of conditioning in our everyday life that helps to prepare young people for life-taking, in an effort to raise potential soldiers with a propensity to take the shot without regard to human life.

Our conditioning has advanced to the point of achieving excellent ratings. In the 1860s (during the Civil War), only 5% if infantrymen took the lethal shot, today, our military is proud to report kill shots administered by 95% of armed soldiers in combat.

An impressive improvement

That’s a 90% improvement in 150 years

far exceeding the 4% with the natural inclination to kill.

At what cost?

It’s no surprise that these service-people return with such high rates of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and suicidal tendencies, because the job they perform goes so against their natural instincts.

I totally respect their answering the call of duty to serve and their dedication to risk their own lives (and some do pay the ultimate price) for the greater good.

They deserve all the resources and support for volunteering to carry out the nastiest work on the behalf of our country.

In the meantime, I will believe and dream or a future for mankind with

no war

A sacred hope of things unseen.

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  1. I don’t know how you can make that assumption about effective military trainers suffering from personality disorders. Where did you do your research?

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