Pharma Science vs Natural Science

The pharmaceutical companies control the greatest majority of wealth on our planet, so they have the resources to pay for the science that supports their products. Time and time again, we see the long-term results of their studies, as patients have suffered or died from the results of their preliminary studies, then, on the other hand, there is the natural science that does make surprising discoveries and the results of these discoveries are sustainable over time. In the battle of pharma science vs. natural science, the negative ion is one such discovery that hangs in the balance.

There is much ado about negative ions in the emerging sciences that cause you to wonder if there really is something to this energy that surrounds us each and every day and how it affects our bodies and to a certain degree who we are and how we integrate with the world around us.

The health benefits of negative ions have been widely reported since the 1950s and scientific studies have been conducted by accredited and reputable research bodies and medical professionals, which has fostered the experimentation and use of negative ions in the treatment of a variety of maladies. While you might think that this research may have been promulgated among Eastern philosophical circles, the scientific research was conducted in Russia, Europe, and the United States.

What Does the Research on the Effect of Negative Ions Indicate?

Scientific conclusions of these studies have revealed a surprising array of potential medical applications for this unseen energy, which cannot be bottled and profited from by pharmaceutical companies.

Some of them include the effective treatment for

  • Depression
  • Regulating mood swings
  • Respiratory problems
  • Healing wounds
  • Burns
  • Insomnia
  • Cortisol reduction
  • Airborne virus elimination
  • Cancer treatment

Heightening human potential, such as

  • Increased cognition
  • Strengthening memory and recall
  • Reduction of recovery time in athletes
  • Increased reflex reaction
  • Improved musclebuilding

You can see why this concerns the pharmaceutical companies and the medical community they support. The idea that something that is invisible, cannot be seen, bottled, patented, or trademarked, and therefore profited from, can heal or improve the performance of human beings is ludicrous and a threat to their solvency (and superiority). This is no doubt why you will find other studies that may contradict the original findings and scientific conclusions financed by the pharmaceuticals.

A proactively wise person will exercise his or her due diligence by conducting his or her own research before challenging anything the doctor might say or warn you about. It has become a common response to say, if you question a thing, Google it and see. Only you may need to dig a layer deeper when trying to conduct research that may run counter to pharmaceutical science because there seems to be data that suggests that Google might be in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and will alter search results in favor of these corporate giants. So, looking for alternative search engines that do not filter their results may be advisable.

To think that by just walking on the grass barefoot, lounging by the lake, taking a walk on the beach, sitting on a dock, smelling the fragrance of live ocean waves, or taking a stroll outside following a storm, that any of this could have any medicinal benefit is absurd.

They might try to dissuade the medical community and the general populace by propagating misinformation, but the fact remains, “it works.”


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