Your Worst Enemy is Your Best Friend

What if your worst enemy was your best friend? Yes, adversity leads to growth, change, even evolutionary expansion, but what if that person who brings you the most grief and trauma really was, above all else, truly your best friend in the universe?

I know, the idea wreaks havoc with your brain, at first, as it does not compute, but bear with me.

A quick review of your life ‘til now will affirm that all those rough spots in your life led you to become the person you are today. And the person you are, while still in the process of growth and expansion, is sacredly magnificent in so many ways. Yet, you would not be so incredible if it weren’t for the hardship and trauma you suffered at the hands of your worst enemy.

Your worst enemy, that person you despise and love to hate more than anyone else played a key role in making you who you are today.

While you have grown, evolved as a human being, and expanded in consciousness, loving your enemy is the key to the doorway which leads to the next level awaiting you on the other side.

This could be too much to consider at this moment in time but just think about putting the idea on the shelf for review later.

While suspending disbelief for a moment while you ponder the idea of your worst enemy being your best friend, contemplate the idea of there being much more to this life than meets the eye.

What if there was a cosmic speakeasy where you hung out with your friends on the other side before you came to this earth?

What if this was the place where you and your friends plotted out the lives and experiences you would have on your next journey?

What if you had decided to add a little more excitement to this life and wanted to face demons and dragons of unimaginable proportions where you knew you would arrive victorious on the other side?

What if, your best friend on the other side, the personage who loves and cares for you more than anyone else, saw the potential for harm and offered to play the part of the “evil one” in this incarnation, to make sure your limits were pushed, but willing to protect that delicate balance, so that you could go through the experience and emerge the victor?

What if there were those from the other side who have entered into sacred contracts to be the focus of all your angst and hatred, all the while honoring your sacredness and loving you all the way?

Now, in this midst of this life, this person may not even understand why they are causing you so much trouble or hating on you as they do. They just cannot help themselves. And there is no way they could conceive of or understand if they were playing out their role in your story under sacred contract prior to their arrival on this planet.

But when you hook up again on the other side you will have a blast recalling the adventures and laughing about the drama as it played out.

Just something to think about.

It’s not an idea you need to adopt for any reason (this whole plotting of your journey before you arrived here) but the part about loving your enemy? That’s for real.

This is the key that unlocks the door, where everything you love and desire waits for you on the other side.

Think about that.

When you can love your worst enemy with all your heart, you discover your enemy really is your best friend.