Are You Exclusive or Inclusive?

When you’re going through life doing the best you can there’s a good chance you have a general lifestyle which is exclusive or inclusive. Are you exclusive or inclusive? Both are very good and revered styles of living your life. Exclusive people tend to repel or exclude participants while traveling along their life’s journey, while inclusive people have a tendency to attract or include people to play in their lives. What do you think?

Are you exclusive or inclusive?

There are highly successful people in both camps, those who prefer to maintain a high level of creativeness and productivity in isolation, and those who are more brilliant when they are surrounded by others. There is no right or wrong way to do it as it depends greatly on your basic personality and personal preference.

If you are either exclusive or inclusive due to some negative experience from the past, then you could be operating in exclusivity or inclusivity in a negative vibration. In this scenario, you could be doing yourself a disservice if your intention is to live a highly expansive life.

Isolating yourself, or huddling people around you as a means of self-protection based on low level (fear) vibrations, only helps to support and maintain those negative frequencies around you, preventing you from having access to the higher love vibrations/frequencies.

Establishing an exclusive or inclusive lifestyle in opposition of your natural expansive energy field might be important to do in response to a negative experience or influence for a season because doing the opposite will help you have a sense of safety and security while you readjust. Following a time of healing or reprieve, you and your life are better served by getting yourself back in the expansive flow.

If you get stuck into your oppositional energy field (though you will feel comfortable) your expansion and growth will be hindered. If you are one of the exclusive people and you’ve huddled many people around you in order to protect yourself, you are limiting your ability to live your life “in the zone” and likewise, if you’re normally in a high vibration when surrounded by others, then retreat to hibernate in isolation, you are not supporting your best interests long-term.

Exclusive People

Exclusive people tend to prefer to work alone and do their best work in private but if you’re an inclusive person acting exclusively, you are not operating at your highest and best and your exclusion of others will be more or a pushing away.

There is a distinct difference between exclusively maintaining a high vibratory frequency in private, and pushing others out of your life to isolate yourself when you know you are more of the inclusive persuasion.

Inclusive People

Inclusive people always operate at their highest and best frequencies of love and above when they are surrounded by others and they are often inviting others to come along to play in their game(s). This is when they do their best work.

But if you’re an exclusive person (you know you are better served and can reach your highest potentials with a higher degree of privacy) acting as if you are inclusive and surrounding yourself with others based in fear (fear or loss, exposure, risk, failure, etc.) you know you could do better.

Whether you are exclusive or inclusive, the key factor is your highest vibration and motivation for being either exclusive or inclusive.

It might be a good idea to review your tendency to be more exclusive or inclusive and ask yourself,


Because in the “why” is held the key which can open your life to more love, happiness, growth, and abundance in your more evolutionary expansive life.

Maybe it’s time to say, “Yes,” to your highest and best.