You Picked Your Parents

Sometimes in life it is beneficial to reverse engineer it to have a clearer understanding of how your life has unfolded, led you to where you are now and prepared you for what lies ahead.

you pick your parents before you are born
You pick your parents before you are born

Your life usually starts with the selection of your parents.

Before your arrival you are aware of what your mission, purpose, message and song will be. You scour the planet looking for just the right parents to maximize your development, to hone your life skills and find the melody of your song.

You know your life will need enough environmental thicket to build your character, compassion, and emotional acumen so that when you exit the jungle of your training camp you will be better prepared to fully engage and assume the responsibility of being true to your calling.

Your parents are a key component in preparing you for your life’s journey and though it may feel accidental, there was no randomness in which family you were born into, the circumstances of your birth, or the journey that resulted from the moment you emerged as your new self.

Prior to your inception you scoured the planet for the ideal circumstances that would lead to building you into the person you would need to be to accomplish your mission. Unfortunately your incarnation separates you from the greater part of yourself which is a necessary part of the journey if you are to train effectively for the mission that lies ahead.

It’s not uncommon for someone to ask, “Why?” Why wasn’t I born into a different family? Why this family? Why under these circumstances? Or any number or variations in the question, but if you can look deep inside that quietest most aware part of you knows your life, beginning with your parents was no accident. You carefully selected them at the right time, in the right place and under the unique circumstances prevalent at the time to assure you would have what it takes to achieve your highest and best.

As you become more aware of the perspective of your higher self the seemingly random acts begin to transform into highly purposeful, precisely timed turning points resulting in either redirecting your path or assisting in your learning lessons promoting personal growth, making you even more prepared for what lies ahead.

Experiences that once perplexed you because of their negative impact on your life suddenly have deeper meaning as you realize they were necessary to fashion you into the person you were intended to transform into.

When things are at their worst and it feels like there’s no way out, no possible way to go on, you know you are at a critical junction in your life’s journey. If you are there, right now, you can rest assured that the best part is about to take place. If you have already come through the bleakest moment of your life, you know it’s true. You would never be where you are now, if you didn’t go through that part of the process.

And it all starts with the parents you chose to launch your mission of life.

If it wasn’t for them, you would not be the person you have become – and are becoming – to fully emerge as the hero of your life’s story.

Could I have picked better parents? No way. If I was to become the person that I am, I couldn’t think of anyone better who could have helped me find my way here. I did such a good job of picking them and now that I am more aware, I am even more appreciative of all the opportunities that I have been exposed to that helped me to have experiences and develop skills I would have otherwise been deprived of, if born under any other circumstances.

And if you are a parent, it becomes apparent how blessed you are that your children chose you at the right place, the right time and under the unique circumstances to maximize their life’s journey.

I send an enormous outpouring of heartfelt gratitude to the children who picked me as their point of entry, as they are the bling in my life and I love them so much. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Mothers Are the Gateway to Life

Where would we be without them?

There’s no doubt (unless you crawled out of an extra-terrestrial spaceship, and even then) you wouldn’t be reading these words, right now, if you didn’t have a mother.

Loving Mothers every day mothers are the gateway to life

I am so impressed with the role of the woman in the creation of life and propagation of the human race, that when I heard that in Europe men could be impregnated, carry babies to term and deliver via cesarean section in 1994 in the tabloids, I extended a certain degree of effort to research the idea with the intent of participating myself.

It turns out the tabloids used creative license, based on actual scientific reports, peer reviewed medical documents and urban myth. In fact, though impregnating a man is theoretically and scientifically possible, the risk to the man and the baby is too great at this point in time to actually go forward with a live experiment.

This is not to say, within the next 20 years, that it may be possible. Since 1994, I resolved my issues and am fairly certain that if I have the opportunity in 2036, I will not be tempted to try it.

You Can Pick Your Nose
But You Can’t Pick Your Mother

You can pick your nose but you cant pick your mother

Some people may not know the identity of their mother (or father, and this can be frustrating when searching for one’s identity and development of one’s self along our life’s journey), but most of us do.

Even Louise Brown (the first “test tube baby”) born July 25, 1978 (about the same time we were told to imagine that a man could fly via Superman: The Movie), owes her life to her mother, Lesley Brown (who passed four years ago).

Though it’s a cute, childlike refrain (you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your mother), allow yourself to consider that you deliberately did select your mother before you started your journey to this planet. If that’s the case, you really did pick your mother.

There is no doubt in my mind that I absolutely chose my mother to be my maternal parent and childhood best friend. She was young, full of life and we grew up together. She encouraged me to be and do anything that crossed my mind – and largely due to her urging me to tray anything – it did (with varying degrees of success).

I owe not only my biological life, but the wildly amazing life that I have lived and continue to enthusiastically enjoy, to her. None of this would have been possible without her. And I am so grateful for every moment… and I couldn’t have done it without her.

Love Your Mother

I see clients who struggle with issues that stem from unresolved issues with their mother, and though I do not go there, many therapists dealing with clients suffering from psychological stress look first at the relationship between the patient and his or her mother.

Regardless, once the chasm (if there was one) is able to be traversed by building a bridge, it is amazing how lives begin to fall into a sense of harmony with the world.

Mothers are the most important (and influential) force on this planet.

If you don’t love your mother with all your heart… build a bridge… find a way…

A Mother’s Love Never Ceases

If your mother has passed, she is loving you 24/7 (even if you don’t know who she is). She is right there.

Even if she wasn’t the best mother on this side, once she transitions to the other, she understands more (not being restricted by her focus on the physical world) and loves you more thoroughly and purely than possible while she was here.

So, as you remember and honor her today; she is aware of it and loving you in return.

To all mothers, here and beyond

We love you with all our hearts

And are grateful for everything you have given us.

I love you, Mom.