Sex is Creational

Sex is creational. When you have sex, this is the act of creation. There is potential to create a new life, introducing an extension of yourself to the world. The sex act (when pleasurable) aligns human biology, promoting good health, increasing immunity, healing the body, and encourages weight loss. What’s not to love about sex?

Then, in the world where we live, there is also the dark side of sex, where it can be used as a weapon, to manipulate, and dominate. When used negatively it can cause deterioration and destruction to an unwitting victim and may even result in death.

Sex is far more powerful than you might imagine.

What you might not know about sex being creational is that every time you engage in sex acts, you are building energy within yourself and your partner. This is a higher form of communication and energetic sharing between two beings than is possible otherwise, and when you orgasm you create and release an energetic pulse or entity which influences the world around you.

When two people are sharing sexually in awakened true love, the energetic pulse or entity that is released is of the highest powerful love vibration and this energy is added to the growing energetic field of love which will lead our world and its people into the next evolutionary phase. This powerful love energy promotes all good things.

Recreational sex is still creational sex. There’s no way around it.

When sexual energetic pulses are released without the authentic love component, the resulting energies are still released. Only without the love component, the energy supports the default setting of the planet and therefore could support anything, and if nothing else will not contribute to our evolution. This energy could be used to promote negativity, bondage, and victimization.

The world as it is, is centered around this lower vibrational frequency where the few are able to exploit and profit wildly from controlling the masses. This is the default setting of our planet at the moment in its current evolutionary phase, but things are changing, and you, and everything you think, say or do, either promotes the evolution, or not.

This default setting embraces the idea of non-love-based sexuality. The energetic releases from non-love-based sexuality help to maintain the energetic vibration frequency of the world as it is, and our societal structure supports and promotes the right to do so because it benefits the profiteers.

These truths are coming to the awareness of those who are in the process of awakening, and they are finding themselves awakening to true love.

In the awakening process, you discover that things are not as they appear, and you take full responsibility for your energetic contribution to the evolution of our world and its peoples. We are in a phase of metamorphosis, each of us individually, and as a collective.

We will be seeing a reduction of infidelity, promiscuity, pornography, and extracurricular sexual activity of all types (including astral varieties), as the awakening evolves. This is the new sexual evolution.

So, there is a higher form of love connection which two can share, and the resulting sexual energy which is released can be a powerful contribution to the love-powered evolution which is eager to be revealed.

To get a glimpse of this new sexual evolution, you might consider attending an Awakening to True Love Workshop.