How Can I Write a Book?

It has never been easier to write your book and get it into print. If you’ve spent any time researching how to write a book on the internet or elsewhere, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the varying advice and systems, leaving you asking, “How can I write a book?”

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If you’re feeling like that, Just stop.

Stop searching for information on how you can write your book.

You already have more information that you need, and you’re suffering from information overload. And guess what? It’s keeping you from writing your book. Right? You already know that’s not working, so just stop. I’m going to give you everything you need to write your book, right here, right now.

Stop making it so complicated.

I know. You’ve never written a book before. The deck is already stacked against you and you’re feeling like you want to do this, but for any number of reasons you don’t feel worthy, so you try to self-educate and look where that’s got you, nowhere.

Stop the negative self-talk.

Just let it go. You are your worst enemy, so stop putting yourself down or second-guessing yourself. This can be hard, but you can do it.

Look there is a book in you and it’s just dying to get out and if you don’t do this, that is exactly what will happen to your book, it will be dead. It probably will die with you, still in there. So, you just have to let go of those inner voices. I mean, you will still hear them, but you just have ignore them for now.

Make a 90-day Commitment

Put your inner voices on notice. You are going to make a commitment to write every day for 90-days. That’s all. Then we’ll deal with those inner voices then. Well, for a minute because there will still be some stuff to do to complete your book at that time.

Write 500 Words a Day

That’s all. Write every day. Write 500 words each day. Just use any document writing program, like Microsoft Word, or anything else you can get your hands on. A pen and a spiral notebook would be okay, just write the words. And you’ll be surprised some days you will be on a roll and the words will come easily, and on those days, you may find yourself writing 2,000 words or more, and not even notice.

Write in No Particular Order

Just make sure to write about your topic and remember who your audience is while you are writing to maintain a consistent tone. This is a very organic way to write your book, it’s like the words are allowed to flow from God knows where, and the book just builds as you keep writing every day. If you want, when you have a little free time, you can assemble your pages in a three-ring binder sorting them by subtopic or chapters. Don’t sweat this. It will all come together later.

Mockup a Book Cover

Make a fake book cover that has your book’s title on it and your name as the author. Use this as inspiration and keep it at your writing station, the place where you have reserved for writing your book, and make copies of it and place them around where you can see them. The photo above is a template that you can fill in and print (or pick from many others at for $3).

Tell People You Can Trust

Tell people that you can trust that you are writing a book so that they can inspire you, and you’ll be surprised at how much you will be inspiring them because they thought that writing a book was just as impossible as you did before now.

Get an Accountability Partner

Find someone who will check in with you regularly to keep you honest and true to your commitment and yourself.

After the 90-days

Now you will need to take a week, or more if you need to. I do this whole process in three days. Again keep this as simple as can be and try not to overcomplicate this. Once you’ve written these words, you need to get ready to publish, then publish your book. Then you can buy a copy to hold in your hands and realize that you have actually done this. This is for real.

Fill in Your Book Template

I’m giving you a free 6×9 trade book template for you to use to copy and paste your words into their appropriate chapters. Once you’ve done that, you now have a working manuscript. You will need to go through your book and write the additional words or tell the stories that tie all the pieces you’ve already written together.

Just fill in all the areas of the book template as you go. Once you are done, you are ready to publish and print your first draft.

Already? Yes, now. Don’t worry. This is your first draft.

Write a Brief Description of Your Book

We will use this in the next step which is the publishing process.

Publish on Amazon

Using this template, publishing on Amazon is the quickest and easiest way I know of to publish and print your book in a heartbeat. To start, you will need to go to to log in, and if you don’t already have an Amazon account, you will have to create one.

Printed Book 6×9 Trade Format

Select publish a printed book in the 6×9 trade format which matches your template. Be sure not to publish a Kindle version of your book at this time. If you decide to publish in Kindle, Amazon’s proprietary eBook format, only do so if you are satisfied, then submit your edited version. Amazon will provide you with your ISBN number, as one of the first parts of the submission process. At that time, you can put the number they provide into that area of your book template and save it.

Fill-in the Forms

Keep moving through the process of filling in the forms with the pertinent data, including copying and pasting your description into the appropriate field.

Upload Your Manuscript

Upload your manuscript and use their digital previewer to see what the interior of your book will look like when they print it. You can repeat this stage as many times as necessary.

Get a Free Book Cover

Notice that I didn’t even have you design a book cover because one is not needed. Amazon provides some book cover templates to choose from in this submission process, use one of those. They even provide images that you have the right to use for their book cover templates. So use them.

You can change the cover later if you want to.

Price Your Book

Set the price for your book.

Publish Your Book.

Just click the button.

You will have to wait to receive an email from Amazon before you can purchase your book.

Buy Your Book

I suggest that my clients buy a book from Amazon at full retail because you will get that one in a few days. Then buy some author copies for yourself. The author copies are much less expensive but they take 10 to 14 days to get them.

Now you can show your friends your book.


When the author copies arrive you can enlist the aid of friends or hire an editor to edit your first draft.

After you’ve completed your rewrite, you can edit your previously published work, submit the revised manuscript and update the details and cover again, even change the retail price if you so desire.

I make this so uncomplicated for my clients that they can’t help but write and publish their books.

So, now you have no excuse.

Congratulations to you, in advance.


It’s Easier to Find What You’re Looking For

You might like to grow, expand, and evolve into your highest and best version of yourself. If so, you might expend a lot of thought, time, effort and financial resources in attaining such a desire. This may lead you to embark on a journey which leads you across the land in your pursuit, but there is a part of you to knows there are no great lengths that you must go through, no need to crawl on broken glass, walk across hot coals, or climb the highest mountain to find what you are looking for.

It’s easier to find what you’re looking for than you might think.

Everything you are searching for is inside of you. Even though you may feel like it is not, or if it is within, it must be deeply hidden and inaccessible. This is the lie. The biggest conspiracy of all time.

You can see this powerful light of light within if you look for it and will allow yourself to see it within. Finding it requires a journey, not without, but within yourself. This evolutionary journey leads to the exposure of you, all that you are, could have possibly imagined, and somehow knew was there all the while.

It requires some inner work, which will turn out to be your most important, deep, and best inner work which is necessary to unite yourself, the self that you’ve known until your awakening, with the you which is the culmination of all this life has offered you thus far, your most highly evolved self, and the unlimited treasure which awaits you as you become who you were meant to be in all your fullness in this life.

What, you might ask, is this deep inner work?

There is a tool which you were born with called your “imagination.” Your imagination is not the silliness of youth as you’ve been led to believe. The truth is THIS is the most powerful tool you have within you to access all the power and love of the universe to overcome and embrace any challenge you may have in this life, as well as opening all doors to your heart’s desires to you.

To overcome the programmed separation of your selves, you will need to go within, quieting the chatter of your programmed mind, using the power of your imagination. Doing so will allow you to view, even if vaguely at first, your highest and best self and the infinite power and possibilities which are available to you.

We call this process meditation, the quieting of your mind, looking to find solace in the space between your thoughts, enveloping your self in the nothingness. In this non-restrictive state of consciousness, you are able to access the pure power and sacred divinity of all that is, and begin to see yourself in the center of it all.

From this vantage point, all things make sense. Outside of it, well, all you can see are the inconsistencies and chaos of it all. Inside is quiet, calm, exquisite synchronicity, perfect timing, peace and harmonic balance in all things.

If you like, you may go into your place in space with me.