Top 20 Concerns of Americans

Considering the current state of affairs in America, I attempted to discover what the top five concerns were with the average resident of the United States and what I ended up with was the top 20 concerns of Americans without respect to age, race, economic, pollical, or geographic disposition.

In general, Americans are very concerned about the constant barrage of confusing information and are beginning to question the media, even though the media is generally the best method of disseminating information. Even though Elon Musk asserts that Twitter is the only way to get unbiased information out to the public, even though in comparison to Google or Facebook this is probably true, people still have to search diligently or deeply to uncover those unbiased nuggets.

I serve no purpose or gain in disclosing this list of the top 20 concerns of Americans, so this may be the most honestly realistic list. Here is the list of the

Top 20 Concerns of Americans

1. Climate change and destruction of natural resources
2. Declining personal financial resources
3. Lack of adequate food
4. Lack of safety, security, and well being
5. Large scale conflict and wars
6. Religious conflicts
7. Fearful future outlook
8. Lack of clean drinking water
9. General financial crisis / looming economic crash
10. Dangers of artificial intelligence
11. Out of control government power
12. Lack of education
13. Lack of government accountability
14. Catastrophic pandemics
15. Lack of people willing to take action for a better world
16. Nuclear war
17. Censorship and lack of free speech
18. Political polarization
19. Discrimination
20. Lack of political freedom and political instability

Top 5 Concerns of Americans

Concerning the Top 5 concerns of Americans,

1. Climate change and destruction of natural resources

I found it of particular interest that climate change and declining natural resources were still the number one concern of Americans, well overshadowing,

2. Declining personal financial resource

Number two on the list, represented the general concern of Americans who felt as though their access to financial resources was rapidly declining.

This is troubling for many of us who would like to see everyone feeling as though they could feel like they could sustain a somewhat normal state of dignity and independence, especially those who are willing and able to sustain an income via employment of some kind. Then there are those who are, for whatever reason, unable to work for a living, what about them?

3. Lack of adequate food

While I bunched together all the concerns about food as “adequate” the actual variety of concerns about the quality and quantity of food varied from food sourcing to food additives and everything in between. Still, people are deeply concerned about what they have access to that we feel can be represented as “food” and what the government deems is “approved for human consumption.” It does make you wonder.

4. Lack of safety, security, and well being

I think we all have a declining fear of safety and security within ourselves, our homes, communities, and where we live. We all can agree that this is a crazy world that we live in, and the unknowns stretch far and wide, which does make us feel insecure because there is little that is tangible about us having a brighter future ahead.

5. Large-scale conflict and wars

Of course, as always, wars and rumors of wars are just enough to add concern to anyone with access to the media. Note also that this would have been the number 2 concern had I not separated out the threat of nuclear war. The concerns bout the nuclear war threat were so specific that I decided to separate them out and give them their own place on the list.


I was surprised not to find any surveillance or being watched by Big Brother paranoia on the Top 20 Concerns of Americans on the list.

Tell me what you think about the top 20 and what piques your interest concerning the list of Top 20 Concerns of Americans.

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