Living Your New Stress free Life

Now that you’re getting back in the driver’s seat of your life, it’s time to do some serious driving.

There are certain things you need to do to ensure your life remains less stressful.

Stress free top 10 stress free life hacks

Top 10 Stress Free Life Hacks

#1 Start your day happy

Put on upbeat, happy music, feel free to dance, or have an upbeat comedy playing on the TV (no news). Feel free to laugh at the funny parts (even if it feel awkward, at first). Be looking for opportunities for creating more joy and laughter throughout your stress-free day,

#2 Dress and prepare for a great day

Shower, dress and get made up like it’s going to be a great day, because it is going to be.

#3 Remove stressors

As you progress through each day of your new stress-free life, look for ways you can reduce or eliminate stressors in your life, even if it means avoiding people in your life who make you feel stressful.

#4. Jot it down


If you run into a situation that makes you feel stressful or overwhelmed, write in down in your little hand-sized notebook that you keep in your pocket or purse. Use the Penny for Your Thoughts routine, if you feel like you need to remove the emotional charge.


As you traverse through your day, record all the good things that happen (or thoughts that occur to you) into a similar notebook. You can make reviewing and updating this notebook part of your wind-down routine in the evening.

#5 To Do List

You don’t have to be super-organized to keep track of a simple (maybe 10 item) To Do List. Keep in mind that this is your stress-free to do list; that means no judgment or imposed self-punishment. If you don’t get a thing done today, transfer it to tomorrow’s list, if you want. If you don’t want to do it…

#6 Outsource

Anything that is unpleasant – that you’d rather not do yourself – outsource it. Trade, barter or pay someone to perform the tasks that you’d rather not do. Enjoy the benefits of doing less. Maybe consider…

#7 Take a 30-Minute Phys-break

Set aside at least 30 minutes every other day (start there, increase to 30 minutes daily, or up to an hour a day, whatever is more meaningful without adding undue stress) for some light exercise. Does not to be rigorous exercise or organized, like going to a health club or yoga class, but something to get you breathing, moving and heart beating.

#8 Hug or Snuggle a Pet

The target for optimal mental, physical health and stress reduction is eight hugs per day. If it is stressful trying to maintain the 8 hug per day goal, replace or intersperse 8 prolonged pet snuggles per day. You and you pet will benefit together.

#9 Treat or Reward Yourself

Try to avoid (or minimize) using food as a reward (for the obvious reasons)and you needn’t go shopping to reward yourself for the continued living of your stress-free life. Consider a bath with candles, do your nails, watch you favorite movie, play your favorite video game, etc…

#10 Recruit a Third-party

Get a counselor, therapist or coach to join you on your journey. Making huge transitions and transformations can be much easier with an accountability partner. Also having someone to bounce off ideas and share frustrations can help you make massive progress toward living your stress-free life.

Stress Free

You have the right to live your life stress-free. You understand the price that can be paid for not dealing with your stress, you have the tools necessary to deal with your stress, now it’s time to get down to the business of dealing with the root of your stress and

Do the Deep Work

Stress free

Define, Realize and Redefine

Get a piece of lined (or unlined) paper, draw two vertical lines down the middle of the paper creating three columns. Above the left-hand column title it “Stressors.” Title the center column “Blessing” and the third column “Affirmation.”

You’re probably rolling your eyes, right now, but stay with me…

In the left-hand column, define by listing all of the things that are stressing you out; the things that make you feel bad and cause you distinct anxiety.

Once you have done this, a quick review of the Stressors column will have you agreeing without these things in your life, you would be much happier and you would be able to life a stress-free life.

The items you have written down as stressors may have pain or discomfort associated with them. How do you feel when you read these statements out-loud? If you feel uncomfortable restating these items, disconnect their emotional impact by using the Penny for Your Thoughts ritual.

After you have disconnected their hold over you, you can state them without the bad feelings associated with them and begin to see them for what they are and further deal with them.

The next step (even though it might seem impossible, may seem a little more possible in this moment) is to write the blessing within the stressors. This could be the blessing hidden within the stressor listed.

For instance the stressor might be, “I don’t have enough money to pay the light bill.”

The blessing within the stressor, is, “It is a blessing to have access to power.”

In the right-hand column, list the opposite of the stressor. In this example, the opposite might be, “I have the more than enough money to pay all my bills.”

Armed with the Blessings and Affirmations, you are ready to experience an effective stress-free visualization exercise. Fold the left column toward the back, so as to expose only the middle and right columns.

Stress-free Visualization

Now (and possibly part of your wind-down ritual as you ready yourself for slumber), put yourself in a totally relaxed position and calm your body and mind by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing.

Breathe slowly and deeply. After you have to taken your first three of four deep breaths you will feel a greater sense of calm. Next we will ramp up your personal power by (visualizing) breathing-in white light from above through the top of your head and into your heart, as you exhale, imagine the white light passing throughout your body, permeating every cell.

Once you can see (in your mind’s eye) your body as full of white light. You can start with the first Blessing on your list. Feel the goodness of this blessing. Then repeat the Affirmation. With your eyes closed take a moment to fully engage all your attention on the highest and best manifestation of this concept. See yourself doing it and imagine with all your senses all of your desires fulfilled, as they are associated with your affirmation.

Visualize your affirmation fulfilled by hearing the sounds associated with it – including hearing and seeing your friends and loved ones congratulating you on your success in this area. Be sure also to engage your other senses of touch, smell, and taste.

When you’ve finished your list, give yourself a big hug… You’re about to begin living your new stress-free life.

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