Empowering You

Empower yourself and take charge of your own personal success. Change Your Mind and Harness the power of your brain to Develop Unshakable Confidence, Tap into your hidden talents, create “instant Rapport” with strangers, eliminate procrastination, get more done with less effort.

Empowerment is linked to self-esteem, courage, self-confidence, self-love, and kindness. Self-empowerment is the net effect of the way you conduct yourself, the image you project to others, and the way you improve yourself – and it’s all interrelated. How you feel about yourself determines the image that you project onto others, and the image you project to others determines how they react to you. Remember the law of attraction?

Part of being an empowered person is having intimate knowledge and awareness of yourself as an individual, including your strengths, talents, weaknesses, capabilities, and limitations. How well do you know yourself? You’d be surprised how many people don’t know themselves at all!

David’s goal is to empower you through life-changing and mind-expanding knowledge while providing you with practical tips that you can immediately apply to your relationships, health, career, finances, and spiritual life.

  • Become a truly resourceful and resilient person
  • Face any uphill challenge with comfort, focus, energy, and decisiveness
  • Practice principles while you are here so you can work out kinks and concerns before returning home
  • Apply what you learn specifically to the areas of career, health, family, and relationships
  • Stand up for what you believe, even when others disagree, push back, or appear angry

Empowerment is created in the toddler years therefore if you or someone you know lacks empowerment then chances are it was stripped from them or you in childhood.

Empowering yourself is a simple matter of switching your perspective and choosing to believe that you are not powerless or stuck.

You can reclaim your power if you can recognize that you are the cause of your life. That you have made choices and continue to live by them, and therefore you have the power to choose again and create the world you want.

If you’re intent on accomplishing something in your life, you don’t have to succumb to barriers. Decide to be a warrior – BE A WARRIOR. If you want to succeed, believe that you can.

“Waking state imagination is the connection to the universe… It is the evolutionary communication of the future and proactive basis of the law of prevision.”

You may be at a crossroads in your life and in need of some real mental firepower to proactively navigate it. You might be stalled in your pursuit of an important goal (finding your life partner, changing your career, etc.). Or maybe you’ve noticed that you have difficulty standing strong for what you want when faced with opposition.

It’s about giving you the power to take control of your own destiny and live your life how you want to live your life.

What can you do today to empower yourself? How can you add some much-needed positivity to the universe each and every day?

The more positivity and love you bring to the universe, the and more happier and joyful your life will be. Everyone around you will also notice it because your very being will be shining with light and positivity, which will energize them as well.