Are Humans Experiencing a 24 Evolutionary Shift of Vibration

As you know, I am somewhat of a multidimensional coach and serve a quite expansive community that includes a variety of scientists, explorers, healers, and freethinkers. I am seeing these particular individuals feeling as though they are amid some physiological energy-shift. I am feeling as though I am feeling it, too, though I must admit that I can’t tell for certain that it is just because I am picking up this energetic feeling from the people I work with or I am actually part of this 2024 evolution.

What are the Signs of the 2024 Evolution?

Since I am not privy to any official word or reports on this evolutionary shift in human vibration in the year 2024, though I am not an expert on the subject by any means, I could tell you what I am seeing and hearing from the personal reports according to the people that I am working with. Here are some of the indicators that I have been hearing about and seeing in my clients.

    1. A Sense of Ease
    2. Media Hiatus
    3. Increased Sensitivity to Energetic Technologies
    4. More Concerned About Their Sense of Purpose
    5. Awakening

1. A Sense of Ease

Up until now, and especially since the end of 2019, there has been an increasing angst among my clients. There seemed to be a lot of uncertainty and fear concerning the state of affairs post-pandemic. Even though things have lightened up somewhat, they are still far from “normal,” yet my people started 2024 with increased ease.

They are relaxing into the idea that things are just how they are. They are sleeping better. They are less concerned with what they are going to do about it or anything outside their control so much as what they are going to do next. They are no longer waiting or hoping for things to get better, not that they’ve given up hope for a brighter future, just that they are no longer waiting, and they are not easily upset by any fear-engendering reports in the media.

2. Media Hiatus

In my work with individuals, if they are embroiled in emotional states of unrest concerning the world at large, as a part of my therapeutic involvement, I am likely to suggest to the client or the team that the individual separate him or herself from negative news for an agreed upon segment of time, while other processes and procedures are being implemented.

Among the people reporting a sense of vibrational frequency evolution of their human bodies, most, if not all, have wandered away from the frightening media hype and fear-inducing false news and hijinks portrayed in social networks.

It’s not that they took my or anyone’s advice; this just naturally occurred. It wasn’t due to any New Year’s Eve resolution. They just naturally failed to be interested in or participate in anything designed to threaten their personal sense of security or peace on their own.

3. Increased Sensitivity to Energetic Technologies

This is very interesting to me. So many people are reporting that since the new year began, they have become more sensitive to energetic technologies of all kinds in an incredible way. Those who possess electronic healing gadgets, like those introduced by Tesla and Rife, etc., claim that they are experiencing tremendous results from these devices. So, I tested my old Tesla equipment and think they might be right.

The lightworkers and energy healers say that the effects of their work on their clients are far more effective since the dawn of 2024, maybe a three-to-four-times increase in efficacy. That is huge; increasing the confidence of the practitioners, while their clients are in awe of the energy work and exponential gratitude for their services rendered.

Those who have a propensity to seek out a higher power feel as though their efforts are not in vain. They feel an increased connectedness to these higher powers and feel as though their prayers are being heard and the answers they seek are on their way.

Those who possess crystals and amulets or practice with healing herbs and essential oils are all suggesting that the tools they utilize, the crystals, amulets, herbs, and oils all have an increased effect as though the tools have become super-charged in some way. But could it be that they, the receivers of these subtle energies, are far more sensitive to the energies that were always there due to the vibrational “evolution” of their physiology? I don’t know.

4. More Concerned About Their Sense of Purpose

People are coming out of the woodwork in 2024, seeking to align with their growing sense of purpose. A trend that the powers that would be disgruntled by, I fear. It seems more people are concerned about their own purpose, message, passion, and mission in life than, not only since late 2019 but at any time in their lives.

People are looking for meaning. They want their life to have meaning, they want to contribute, they desire to make the world better in some way than the condition they inherited it in. This huge wave of energetic frequency may indicate the beginning of something happening within the human psyches that I have been longing and praying for.

And all this leads to a sense of,

5. Awakening

Not in the sense of some woo-woo awakening, but more of a sense that we are becoming more aware that things are not the way that they have been presented to us. We have been trained and programmed en masse to be good little servants, and we have, for the most part, complied, settling for mediocrity and allowing them to exert their methods of control over us.

As this growing sense of independence causes us to think and act in our best interest, regardless of circumstances and the effort to control us, we and the world could be in an evolutionary process unlike anything we’ve ever seen on this planet.

Or this could all be coincidence and wishful thinking on my part.

Of course, I notice many other shifts, such as increased love, compassion, tolerance, and reduction of harsh judgment, but they vary in severity. These five are all scoring the highest across the board among my people.

My intention is not to challenge anyone, only to provide information and welcome input from others who might be more knowledgeable about a potential energetic shift in humans in 2024.

What do you think?


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