Psychic Attack Protection

Being under psychic attack means so many things to so many people. Nonetheless, you need psychic attack protection. When you’re under psychic attack, you know your thoughts and how you are feeling is not right. The way you think, and feel is not congruent with who you really are.

You could undoubtedly say that your thoughts are not your own as you are hearing or feeling ideas which are contrary to what you know to be true, feeling body system responses that do not represent your actual physical state of wellness, and you may even have suicidal ideation.

Psychiatry can provide you with a prescription medication following a psychiatric evaluation which will prevent the thoughts and feelings of being under psychic attack and this can be hugely beneficial. Be aware, though, this is likely only to address the symptoms, not the underlying cause of your psychic attack.

Our thoughts are the most intimate thing we have and losing control of them can lead one to lose the sense of one’s self. It’s no wonder that they considered you as being possessed by demons when under psychic attack in the middle ages.

Psychic attack symptoms can appear to be similar to psychological and physiological expressions of mental illness, as the observable signs of psychic attack can easily be misread, though treatment for mental illnesses associated with these symptoms can offer relief for the victim.

Empaths and psychic attacks are more commonly matched due to the highly sensitive nature of the empath. So be aware that your empathetic nature or psychic sensitivities may leave you vulnerable to such energetic onslaughts.

Even though there are such a wide variety of types of psychic attacks, noting that professional help should be sought out if your concerns are indeed troublesome, here are a few steps you can take for psychic attack protection and/or tools you can use to interrupt any style of psychic attack.

Immediately conduct housecleaning on your thought processes. Stop taking in any negative information, find a safe place to fill your mind with positive, loving, or enjoyable thoughts. If you can, put on headphones and watch your favorite comedy and fill your mind with fun and laughter. Watch a good movie, or read a really good book. Push out any negative thoughts with positive ones. Use headphones or earbuds to plug into uplifting music which you control (no negative music) and dance.

Find something small to eat and drink (no alcoholic beverages). Stimulating your mind to reconnect to your body to focus on local operations, instead of the attack coming from without, and move about. Take a walk, or exercise if you can. Reunite yourself with yourself.

Light disrupts a psychic attack. If your psychic attack takes place during the daytime, find some sunlight and stand in it. If it is nighttime, turn on the lights, turn on all the lights. Bathe yourself in light, illuminating yourself and eliminating the shadows in the 3-D, beyond, and figurative shadows of your mind and body.

Pray to God, your higher self, seek connection with source, meditate, visualize yourself as an integral part of the universe, connect with Mother Earth, whatever type of spiritual connection you can make, do that, focusing your thoughts on those things that are good, remaining in a spiritual vibration of love and gratitude. (Do not pray for anything negative, as that will come back to haunt you as another psychic attack.)

Speaking of gratitude, start a gratitude journal, and when you’re feeling an attack coming in, whip it out and start jotting down all the things you are grateful for, taking the time to visualize yourself in the full state of being in the moment of gratitude as you make your notation(s).

If you are being haunted by thoughts of the past or fear of the future, stop and get into the now. Put all your attention on events only taking place at this very moment in time. Nothing else.

Go window shopping in your favorite stores, thumb through catalogs, cut out pictures of the stuff that makes you happy, browse online stores, and save links to those things you find that surprise and delight you, taking caution to stay away from venues which may host negatively-charged media or advertising (i.e., no scrolling through Facebook or other social media).

Create opportunities to conduct acts of kindness. Reach out to a stranger and do something nice for him or her. Reach out to someone you know that you’ve not been in contact for a while, someone you love and respect. Write them a letter, email, or send them a card, letting them know how much you appreciate them and their presence in your life as it is honored and felt even in their absence.

Do something good, make a contribution to the world, even if only in some small way. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, or make a small donation to a worthy cause. In doing so, you are making the world a better place.

And by all means, smile.

Smile because you are loved, you are love, and with every breath you take, everything is getting better.

Of course, there are other detailed actions you can take and processes you can initiate for psychic attack protection which are situation-specific, but in general, these will help in the meantime.





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