Teach No Experience Necessary

No experience necessary? Okay, let’s say you’ve gone to college and received your degree which authorizes you to teach a college course, you ARE authorized to teach students anything you know nothing about, anything you have no experience with, personally, using the textbook(s) selected by the college you are working for.

Don’t get me wrong, I have huge respect for academics and academia, I mean no disrespect here. I am just saying that I, taking responsibility for my own education, if given the option, I would rather take a course or a class from someone with real experience with the topic at hand.

I have such a thirst for knowledge that you might just find me studying the same topic with two different instructors so that I can get a full spectrum understanding of the topic, if I am truly intrigued by the topic, or feeling somewhat passionate about the subject.

So, you might not need the experience to teach, and thank God we have teachers that are capable and willing to teach subjects they have no experience with because we, those who want and need to access data and information that we would not otherwise have access to, can learn about these things. So, if you’re a formally trained educator, God bless you.

Today, we are talking about a different kind of teacher, those who are qualified either by experience or sacred calling who may not have been formally trained to teach others.

In this respect, experience is absolutely necessary and qualifies you in ways that no one else could possibly learn from a textbook or college course.

This is for you. I am talking to you, right now. You have experience in a particular topic that no one would have unless they had lived the life that you lived and experienced what you have, and there’s very little chance of that.

At this moment in time, you do not have a certificate from a University authorizing you to teach the subject which you are clearly an expert on. And you’re not having this single piece of paper is preventing you from going forth and sharing your message with the world. And if you decided to forgo the certificate and answer your calling anyway?

OMG, here comes everyone you know, trying to dissuade you from answering the call. “You’re not qualified! You’re not a teacher! You didn’t go to school! You’re not worthy!”

For over a thousand years, the university has been used as a method to separate academia from the working class, and no one will be more enthusiastic about using this method to determine the difference between these two classes of people than the academics.

They will be the first ones who will attempt to disregard anything you might have to offer with a snide remark such as, “Who are you?” or, “Where did you go to school?” You’re nobody. You have no right to speak to this or anyone. “While I, on the other hand, have…” then they reveal a laundry list or qualifications, degrees, and certifications, which I guess, are supposed to imbue them with the ability to put you down, or kick you to the curb, for they are superior, and you? Well, you are nothing.

It’s up to you, whether you will decide to let them intimidate you, and keep you from answering your call. Fulfilling your Purpose, sharing your Message, with Passion, and accomplishing your Mission. It is up to you. And your path to fulfilling your sacred mission may include putting off going forth with your message until you’ve accomplished your formal training.

While University was previously thought of as an institution for young minds, now many people are deciding to take on the task of getting their credentials later in life, and they do so in an effort to feel as though they could be counted among those who are worthy to speak, teach, or share. At the very least, having formal training does quell the objection that you might be uneducated or unworthy.

But you don’t have to do that today.

You don’t need to spend the next four to ten years at University to make you feel better about sharing your message. You’ve received your training from a higher source. The highest source, which far surpasses academia. You have spent your whole life, up to this point in time, training, like a master student. You’ve been in the trenches.

You know what it’s like to look the devil in the eye and find a way to survive, in spite of the odds that may have been stacked against you.

Experience is necessary. In fact, it is your unique experience and perspective which is invaluable and cannot be taught in any school.


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